Ramon invited me out for a night out on the town. I couldn’t wait to accept his offer. This was a new relationship and couldn’t wait to jump his six foot seven fine ass. Ramon was a smoldering tower of hotness. He was sweet with his words and his hands. For the past few months we have been at a PG-13 rating and I was ready to take it to the XXX level.

He was so sexy and there had been times when I wanted to give up the panties but we stop just short of doing the damn thing. I was determined to make tonight the night, I even put my teddy on under my clothes.

Ramon loved the VFW Club, so it was no surprise that was where we were headed. He loved to go dancing, and he was always the smoothest brotha’ out on the floor. He loved my curvaceous body and would have his hands all over me. I loved the way they felt, caressing my breast, slim waist and big ass. He would always remark how he liked my thickness. I received his call, Ramon was outside waiting. I finished getting ready.

As we rode down Virginia Beach Boulevard, Ramon had his hands resting on my thigh as I put my hand around his neck. At every red light, he leaned in for a kiss. I knew tonight was going to be our night. His kisses were hot and I could tell he was in the mood for fucking.

At dinner, we played footsie with each other. I took my foot out of my platform pump and put it on his rock hard thigh. Ramon worked out three times a week and I couldn’t wait bahis siteleri to see what he was working with. While leaving the Cheesecake Factory, he whispered in my ear, that he had a surprise for me. I was pumped at the idea of what it might be.

Ramon was beside himself as he looked at his watch. He smiled and it just added to my curiosity. He pulled into the Marriott Hotel and the valet took the car. We went straight to the elevators. He had this all planned out. In the elevator, Ramon kissed and licked my lips all the while we walked to room 519, hand in hand. You would have thought we were teenagers in love.

He opened the door with the key and we entered the room. To my shock, there were three other women already there. Two of them were naked and the one with bright red hair, she was wearing a red fishnet body suit. I sized them up, we were all thick, red and with big asses. I looked at Ramon who was taking his jacket off. I went over to him and asked him, what the fuck was this? He said they were here for me. He wanted me to experience the sex of a lifetime. I was stunned.

The women came over to me and sat me down on the couch, while Ramon poured me a drink.

“I told them how sexy you were, and they wanted to be with you,” He expressed.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“Friends of Ramon,” one remarked.

“Have a drink,” He said as he pulled me over to him. He put the glass to my lips as I sipped my drink canlı bahis siteleri and then he kissed my lips so tender.

“There you go,” He said as one of the women began kissing my ear and my neck. I felt very warm down there; I hoped it was from the drink. I wanted to fight her off, but now the chick with the Kool-Aid red hair began pulling my skirt down to the floor. Ramon pulled my halter top down and began caressing and sucking my titties. I was so wet. I couldn’t believe this freaky scene.

I had never done anything like this before, but it felt great. I was being kissed by a woman and I like it. Kool-Aid licked me from my face to my lips and then I felt something tighten around my neck.

“Come here,” She said. I realized she had put a choker around my neck, with a leash, as she pulled me to the bed. OMG!! What just happened? I looked around the room and now everyone was naked, including Ramon. His dick was almost to his knees. He walked over to me, with my glass in his hands, as I lay on the bed.

“Didn’t I tell you she was fine?” Ramon asked.

“Yes, she is, she has a pretty pussy too.”

Ramon poured some of my drink in my mouth as the women began to devour my body. One was licking my breast, as they took turns eating my pussy. I closed my eyes as the pleasure arose in my body. This was a powerful feeling, I had not felt before. I opened my eyes and found Ramon sitting in a chair whacking his canlı bahis big long stick. I moaned with pleasure as they poured chocolate syrup over my body and licked it like a sundae. The one with the dragon tattoo and micro braids, laid beside me as we both got our pussy ate. She played with my titties as she came. I am not going to lie, It felt like the Fourth of July watching fireworks with all the ooh’s and aaw’s.

Ramon walked over to the bed and the women parted like the Red Sea. He told one of the women to lie on the bed and told me to get on top of her, face to face. She began swallowing my breast as he parted my ass. He took some strawberries and put them into my crack and ate the strawberries and my bootie too. I could tell this was not the first time he’s done this. I screamed from ecstasy. He started eating the both of us. I had let go of any inhibitions I had and I too sucked her breast and she begged me not to stop. She was enjoying the feeling I was giving her. As the three of us pleasured each other, the other two women were in the sixty-nine position, taking turns licking and sucking. I could imagine the sounds coming from this room. I felt my self cuming so hard.

“That’s it baby, cum for me,’ Ramon expressed as he pulled me close to him and then on top of his “big ol’ Thang.” He hoisted me on top and then went deep. I felt the “Thang” OMG!! I told him to “fuck me harder, I can take it.” I was staring eye to eye with Ramon, as I slid my pussy up and down on the “Thang.”

Our other partner began kissing Ramon’s chest and using her fingers to stimulate mine, we both came. The freakin’ earth shook; this was the sex of a lifetime.

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