On a Golden Hill


Frank woke on the first morning of their holiday just as the sun rose and began to light up the room. This was their first trip away from home since his recent retirement. He turned to Jenny dozing quietly beside him and planted a small kiss on her cheek. She smiled in her sleep and he smiled back even though he knew she couldn’t see him.

He slipped out of bed and went to relieve his bladder and take a shower. When he’d finished he opened the bathroom door to find Jenny was up and looking out of the window at the countryside beyond.

“Good morning my Love, what a lovely day,” he said as he joined her at the window.

“Yes Frank, it is wonderful out there. I can’t wait to get into the sun.”

“What do you have planned for us today?”

Jenny pointed out the window towards a tall hill. “I thought we’d walk to the top and have a picnic overlooking the sea.”

“The view is sure to be spectacular from that height,” Frank replied, putting his arm around his wife.

“It certainly is,” replied Jenny. “I remember it from a church outing I went on with Alice.”

“Go on my Love,” said Frank, sure there was more to the story.

“Alice and I fell behind the rest of the party and when we reached the summit we were all alone.”

“Was this before or after Alice married Brian?”


“It was just the two of you at the top of the hill?”

“Yes, just the two of us. It was so beautiful.”

“Did you kiss?”

“Yes, we couldn’t resist a kiss in front of the sea.”

“And did you touch her?”

“Yes, I put my hand up her dress.”

“How far did you put your hand?”

“All the way up until I touched her knickers.”

“What were they like?”

Jenny could see that her husband was aroused by her story, his stiff penis was thrusting out of his dressing gown. “They were cotton”

“Did you see them?”

“Yes, I asked her to lift her skirt and she did. I saw that her knickers were snow white.”

“What did you do then?”

“I pulled her knickers down to the ground.”

“So she was almost naked on top of the hill?”

“Yes, I could see her perfect dark curls between her creamy legs.”

“And then?”

“Then I lifted my own skirt?”

“Were you wearing knickers?”

“Yes, silk ones.”

“Did she touch you?”

“Yes, she pulled my knickers down as well so she could see my hairy cunt. She pushed her fingers inside me.”

“Then what did you do?”

Jenny could see that her husband had begun stroking his penis. “We both kicked our knickers off and then we kissed again.”

“Did you like kissing her while you were both half naked?”

“Oh yes Frank, it was wonderful. I love kissing her.”

“Did you do anything else?”

“No. At that moment we heard voices and we saw that our church group had come looking for us!”

“Did they see you naked?”

“No, we quickly pulled on our knickers and dropped our skirts over them.”

“That must have been a fun day out.”

“It was. And there’s something else I haven’t told you.”

“What is that, my Love?”

“When we got home that night we found that we had put each others’ knickers on! I was wearing her white cotton knickers and she was wearing my sheer silk ones.”

“How wonderful!” said Frank with a laugh.

“I have such happy memories of that short holiday,” said Jenny. “That is why I have chosen your clothes for you today.”

She pointed to the bed where she had laid out a pair of trousers, a shirt and a jacket. But on top of the jacket she had also placed a pair of silk knickers, black stockings and suspenders.

“I see,” said Frank. “And will you be wearing snow white knickers today?”

“Yes, I’m already wearing them. Would you like to see.”

“I would love to see you wearing white knickers.”

She took hold of the hem of her skirt and began to lift. Soon he was able jigolo seks hikayeleri to see her pure white knickers tight against her crotch.

“Are you excited to wear the silk knickers today, Frank?” she asked.

“Yes I am,” he breathed.

“You’ll feel like a girl won’t you?”

He flicked his eyes away from her, “Yes.”

“Then today I will kiss a girl atop that hill again.”

She helped him on with his knickers, carefully maneuvering his penis so it fitted snugly. Then she rolled up the stockings and slid them over his feet, pulling them up his legs. She fastened the suspenders around his thighs and clipped the stockings on. Then he pulled on his shirt and trousers and buttoned up his jacket.

“I asked the hotel to prepare a champagne picnic for us.” she announced. “We can pick it up after breakfast and then set out for our walk.”

“It should be a lovely day,” said Frank with a smile. The knickers felt snug on him and cradled his penis and balls very nicely. The stockings made his legs feel smooth and feminine.

After their breakfast they began their walk hand in hand. Frank carried a cotton shoulder bag into which the hotel had packed their picnic. They estimated that it would take about three hours to reach the summit. None of the route was difficult since there were well kept forest paths that wound round the hill at a shallow gradient.

However, because it was a nice day the paths were quite busy and they were never out of sight of other walkers. About a third of the way up, Jenny squeezed her husband’s hand and said “oh”.

“What’s wrong my Love,” he said, turning to her.

“I think I drank too much tea at breakfast. I might need to have a wee.”

Frank looked around.

“Perhaps we can find a bush,” he said hopefully.

“I’m not really comfortable weeing in a bush,” replied Jenny.

“It could be quite difficult to find one anyway,” said Frank. “The hillside is quite steep on both sides of the path just here. Perhaps it will be better when we turn the corner ahead.”

“I hope so, although I really wouldn’t want to have to crouch behind a bush with all these people around.”

“Can you hold it in?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m not desperate. If we walk a bit quicker then I might even be able to last until we get home.”

They continued on their way but after another hour Jenny was holding her tummy in pain.

“Frank, I need to wee quite urgently now, what do you think we should do?” she asked.

They stopped walking and Jenny squeezed her legs tightly together, jiggling up and down.

“There still aren’t any bushes that we can get too,” Frank replied. “The ground falls away very steeply here and I’d be afraid that you would slip down the hill.”

“I think I’ll just have to hold it in. I wish I hadn’t drunk so much tea.”

“Maybe there will be a toilet at the summit.”

“I don’t think there is. There wasn’t when Alice and I visited.”

“That was a long time ago, I’m sure they’ve built one by now.”

“Do you think so? Knowing that makes it a bit easier to bear. I think I should make it to the top and hopefully I can wee there.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I think so”

“I can always stand in front of you with my jacket open,” he offered.

“No, there are too many people still. Let’s carry on to the summit.”

By the time they reached the summit poor old Jenny could barely walk. She held Frank’s hand tightly and her legs were pushed tightly together under her skirt.

“I’ll go and look for a toilet,” he said, seeing her distress.

“Please hurry Frank,” I don’t know how much longer I can hold it in.

Frank jogged around the clearing at the top of the hill. There was no sign of a toilet. There were some picnic tables and holidaymakers were milling around admiring the view. The best they would be able to do would be to hide behind one of the trees around the clearing. He returned to Jenny to tell her. When he reached her he saw she had been crying a little. Her legs were crossed and her hands pressed into her crotch.

“Unfortunately there aren’t any toilets,” he told her.

“What am I going to do?” she asked in desperation.

“We’ll have to find a large tree and I will protect you while you crouch down and wee on the ground.”

“Frank, I think I’ve already wet my knickers a bit.”

“Let’s go and find a tree to hide behind and we can check,” he said taking her hand and leading her away from the clearing. Strangely he found himself getting aroused. His penis was already hard and straining against the silk knickers. He wanted to tell Jenny but she was in too much need for the toilet.

They found a large tree and Frank led Jenny behind it.

“I’m so desperate Frank,” she moaned. She was hopping from one leg to another.

“You can wee here, I don’t think any people will see you.”

“I don’t want to crouch down while people are around. There aren’t any bushes and this tree is too narrow to hide me. Everyone will see my bottom.”

“You don’t think you can hold it until we get back to the hotel?”

“Not at all Frank, in fact a little bit more wee came out. I think my knickers are getting very wet now.”

“Let me check my Love,” he said. “You lean against the tree and I’ll crouch down to look.”

She turned her back to the tree and he knelt in front of her. His stiff penis made it awkward to crouch.

“Shall I lift my skirt up?” she asked.

“Yes my Love, lift up your skirt so I can check your knickers.”

“Will anyone see me?”

“No, you’re hidden by the tree. They might see me but I’m still dressed so it won’t matter.”

“I feel a few more drops of wee coming out,” Jenny said in a worried voice.

Then she lifted her skirt inch by inch, stopping it from flapping around and drawing attention. Gradually she revealed her legs and then the edge of her white knickers.

Frank could see that the gusset was dark and wet. She lifted the skirt a little more and he could see that she had made a wet patch on her knickers.

As he watched he suddenly saw it grow wider.

“I don’t think I can hold it any longer Frank,” she said. “The wind is cold on my legs and I think my wee is going to come out.”

The wet patch spread out across the crotch of her knickers. Her knickers were becoming transparent and he could see the outline of her vagina pressed against them. Then a drip formed on the material and dropped to the ground. It was followed by two more and then several more appeared. She was wetting herself on top of the hill while he knelt in front of her.

He reached forward and took hold of the material at her crotch and moved it to one side. Her thick hair burst out, wet from the wee.

“Finish your wee now my Love,” he said. “I’m holding your knickers so they won’t get any wetter.”

“Thank you Frank,” she replied with a grimace and let go of her bladder. A stream of urine gushed out of her and splashed onto the floor between his feet. She seemed to pee for ages and the relief on her face was evident. Eventually her stream stopped and he released the gusset of her knickers, covering up her lush wet hair.

“Did you watch me wee?” she asked him once she had recovered.

“Yes it was wonderful, a very beautiful view!”

“Did the sight of my lovely cunt wetting the floor excite you?”

“It did. Feel how hard I am.”

She unzipped his trousers and grasped his rigid penis trapped in the silk knickers.

“It’s so hard. I’m so happy that I made you excited.”

“I am too.” He took her into his arms and kissed her while she stroked his silk knicker covered shaft.

“I can’t wait to fuck my girl,” Jenny whispered into his ear.

Frank shivered with excitement but over his shoulder he could see some people walking their way.

“Let’s go and have that picnic now,” he said quickly.

They found a secluded spot in the forest that gave them a view over the sea. The hotel had packed a bottle of champagne with two glasses, some cucumber sandwiches and a punnet of strawberries with a pot of cream. Frank opened the champagne with a loud pop and poured their glasses. When hers overflowed Jenny whipped her tongue out and caught the foam before it fell to the floor.

They ate their sandwiches and admired the view. After a while Frank felt Jennys hand creep over to his crotch. He was still stiff from watching her urinate in the woods. She unzipped him again and stroked him through the knickers. Then she leaned over to his ear and whispered “Take off your trousers.”

“Here?” he said, looking around him.

“Yes, I want to see your legs in their sexy stockings.”

“Someone might see.”

“No-one will see. And besides if they do then we’ll just be two girls having a picnic.”

Frank hesitated. He’d worn girls’ clothes outside before but he usually had a skirt on. This time he would be sitting in his underwear. Jenny’s hand grasped his penis and began to pull back on it and rub it firmly. He couldn’t bear disappointing her so he unfastened his trousers and slipped them off. He leaned back a bit, supporting his body with his hands, proudly displaying his stockings and knickers to her.

His legs looked sleek and amazing in his stockings and his penis got even harder inside the silk knickers.

“Kiss me,” Jenny told him.

He leaned over to her and they kissed, opening their mouths to one another and probing lovingly with their tongues. When they pulled apart Jenny looked deep into his eyes with a look that said she wanted to fuck him.

She pulled his penis out of the silk knickers and stroked it while they sat under the trees beside the sea. Then she got onto her knees, put her head over his crotch and kissed the end of his stiff rod. He looked around to see if anyone was near but it seemed the top of the hill was deserted now.

“I don’t think it’s very fair that I have to sit in wet knickers while you don’t,” she said suddenly.

Jenny grabbed the bottle of champagne and tipped it over his penis, soaking him and the silk knickers. Then she took him into her mouth and sucked all the champagne off of him. She pulled off with a little sucking pop sound, took a mouthful of champagne from the bottle and slid her lips over his penis head. The feeling was incredible. It was chill from the champagne but hot from her mouth at the same time. She pumped her head up and down, licking him around the tip, until she felt him become tense as he neared orgasm.

Then she sat astride him and rubbed the end of his penis on her wet white knickers. She could see that he was very close to cumming.

“Tell me how that feels,” she crooned to him.

“I can’t describe how good it is.”

“Do you like the feeling of my knickers on your penis?”

“I do. I can feel your wetness rubbing against me. I’m going to cum any second.”

“Wait for me Frank.”

She pulled the knicker crotch aside and pushed down so he entered her. She was wet through and he slid deep inside until she sat on his lap.

“Look,” she said. “Our girl knickers are touching.”

“That looks beautiful,” he gasped. He brought one hand round and stroked her clitoris as she slowly rose up and down on him. She controlled him, not letting him cum until she was ready. Finally she felt her own orgasm approaching and she gripped his penis with her vagina and felt him spurt his semen inside her. Her orgasm crashed over her and she fell forward onto him, finding his lips with hers.

“Oh Frank my Love,” she sighed. “This is how my visit with Alice should have ended when we came here all those years ago.”

They dressed one another, then sat together on the hilltop until the sun dipped below the crystal blue sea.

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