On my period


On my periodIt was Sunday morning and I had started my period on the Saturday. My husband was going away for 3 nights leaving the Sunday evening. That morning we went to the shops together with my daughter. While shopping we ran into our neighbours son Nick and his gf. Greeting them, and my husband and Nick got into a conversation about his sport and studies as usual. He then told them that he would be away for a few days again. Once they finished chatting we finished our shopping before heading home. Once home we made lunch and then my hubby went upstairs to shower and get ready for his flight. My daughter went to her room to play with her dolls, and I soon joined my husband in our room. He was drying off after getting out the shower when he asked where our daughter was. I told him in her room playing and he then asked if I could please give him head, as i was on my period and couldn’t  do much els and considering he wasn’t going to see me for a few days.I sat down on the toilet and he stood naked in front of me with his cock semi hard. I placed my mouth over it and it soon grew to be fully hard. I sucked his cock deepthroating him, he soon started moaning and not to long till he shot his cum into my mouth. I spat it into the basin and rinsed my mouth out, before giving him a kiss and helping him pack. That evening my daughter and I dropping him off at the airport and then headed home. We had dinner güvenilir bahis and soon were off to bed and asleep. The next morning, I got her ready for crèche, dropping her off and heading to gym. After gym I went home, made myself a cup of coffee and opened emails on my laptop. The doorbell then rang. I went to see who it was.Opening the door, It was Nick, he greet me with a kiss on the lips. I invited him in for coffee and we chatted a little before her moved towards me to kiss me. After the kiss he told me how he enjoys our occasional hookups and that he loves sleeping with me. I replied that I do really enjoy them as well, although it’s a bad time of the month currently. He asked why, and I told him that I’m on my period. He was rather disappointed but said it was ok as nothing either of us could do about it. We continued chatting and then he asked if we could make out, and if I could maybe give him a hand job or head? I walked up to him and asked him do I really make you that horny. Yes he replied. I took his hand and lead him up to the bedroom. I sat him on the edge of the bed and started kissing him. He removed my top and bra before placing his hands on my ass. I took his shirt off and soon he picked me up and laid me on my back. I started pulling my pants off, telling me he just wants to kiss my inner thighs. He kiss them before moving up to my belly. Reaching my boobs, my hard nipples entered türkçe bahis his mouth as he started sucking them. His lips soon met mine again when I told him to roll over. I took his pants off and covered his hard cock with my mouth. I started giving him a blow job, when he asked, can’t I fuck you in your ass. I looked up at him and answered I don’t enjoy anal. He replied can we please try as I really want to have sex with you, and if it hurts then we can stop. I replied ok, but only if I’m on top and in control. He agreed. I went to the bathroom to fetch bio oil, I tossed it to nick while going to lay on my belly on the bed. He started drizzling the oil onto my crack, letting it run to my bum hole. His finger started massaging around my ass and soon he entered a finger into my ass. He started loosing me up soon putting a 2nd finger in and he fingered my bum. I told him to lay on his back and I moved to sit on top of him. I poured oil into my hand and lubed his cock up. I then slowly lowered myself down onto his cock, the head of his cock spreading my ass hole as it entered. I sat down on his lap with all of his cock in my ass. I road him back and forth even though it was uncomfortable for me. He soon started moaning as his dick exploded, shooting his cum in my ass. I fell down onto his chest and our lips met for a passionate kiss. I was rather horny now and wanted to have his cock in my pussy. I climbed güvenilir bahis siteleri off him, some of his cum dripped out my bum as I moved to go to the bathroom. I removed my tampon, and switched the shower on, calling Nick to join me. Hopping into the shower I washed his cock as he washed me as well. Soon I started kissing him again. While jerking his cock. I told him I want him in me. He turned me around and pulled me back that I was bent over, my hands leaning against the shower wall. He entered his cock, unexpectedly to me, into my ass again. He started fucking me from behind, his cock in and out my ass, I soon moved away letting his cock exit my ass. While leaning against the wall still, I took Nick’s cock with my one hand and guided it into my pussy. He started fucking me hard, bring me to orgasm. He soon started moaning as well, and shot his cum into my pussy. Pulling his dick out, his cum dripped out of me. He had a little blood on his dick which washed off as the water hit on it. He moved in and kissed me before washing ourselves clean. We got out and dried off before getting dressed and walking downstairs. We had a glass of cold drink in the kitchen and exchange a few kisses. He placed his hands on my ass and said thank you for letting him fuck me in my back door. He gave me a hug and then was on his way.My bum was a little sore but I actually enjoyed the anal sex to an extent, On this occasion it made me horny, and wanting to have normal sex as well. It changed my mind to the thoughts of anal sex which my husband soon found out as well. Obviously not about my affair with Nick, but my growing likes for anal sex.

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