Once could be Considered a Mistake

Teen (18+)

Some men would have left my mom, Shannon Bristol, years ago. She was not a mean woman just self-centered. Mom inherited money from her father. In most ways she calls the shots in their marriage because of her money. She owns the holding company where my father, Peter Bristol, works. Mom has never held a job. She was a daughter whose father pampered and spoiled her. Her father’s wealth permitted Mom to continue living at the same level of comfort that she had always enjoyed when she married Daddy despite the fact that he wasn’t rich.

When Mom and Dad married she was 6 months pregnant with me. Until I was 3 years old our family lived with my grandparents. On a return business trip both of Mom’s parents were killed in an automobile accident she inherited all the money from both sides of the family. Mom had never had many friends even though she was rich, beautiful and a gifted violinist. She had money so she did not choose to work. Instead she stayed at home to raise me and keep a close eye on her money and Daddy’s comings and goings. Mom loves Daddy and has no intention of ever letting him go. She holds the purse strings to keep Daddy in line or so she thinks. From time to time she has bragged to me that keeping her money close has kept Daddy from straying with other women. If only she knew.

When I got laid off, she could have helped me financially so that I could have stayed in Maryland but she didn’t and wouldn’t let Daddy help either. So I had to move back home.

I found out that she wanted me to come home because she was very lonely. Three months ago I moved back home because I got laid off my job after my division was eliminated. I had not planned to move back home with my parents but it was best under the circumstances. Fortunately, within a week of being back in my home town I landed a new job in Mom’s firm.

My degree is in marketing. Thank goodness Mom’s restaurant chain had an opening for a marketing manager. The job description and requirements sounded like they had cut and paste from my resume. I went to high school with a couple of the associates who work for me. The marketing director is tough but he knows his stuff so the job along with the benefits that come with it are great. One day I will inherit the company so it’s good to work for a pro. Though he does not fawn over me and expects quality work regardless of my family background, he never forgets that I’m the owner’s daughter treating me with more courtesy and respect than he would have otherwise.

I took back my maiden name, Brandy Bristol when I got divorced. It’s been four years since I got my marriage ended. I am kind of glad to move home for a fresh start. Mom wants me to live at home with her and Dad. I’d prefer to have a place of my own. For now, I will do as my mother asks to keep her happy. Sometimes it’s annoying when she makes veiled threats to leave all her money to charity and cut me out of her will when I won’t do exactly what she wants me to do. Lately she has been asking me for grandchildren. Just yesterday she reminded me that I was not getting any younger. She said, “You’re 34 years old with no man in sight. You rarely go out with people your age. Peter is the only man I’ve seen you go out with since you moved back home. There are many eligible bachelors that you could go out with. I’ve been thinking about hiring a matchmaker for you. As you know there are no other offspring in our direct family line except you. Would you consider going out if we found an appropriate man?”

“Yes, I would.”

I only said that I would go out with someone to get her off my back. Of course, I probably would have to keep my word and appear to be making an effort. I might even have to marry again so that I can produce an heir.

Under normal circumstances I could marry my lover for a happy ever after ending to our long ongoing relationship. But I can’t do that because my lover is my Daddy, my mother’s husband. Neither of us can afford to do anything that would cause my mother to change her will. So I have to consider her idea. It might be the best solution to keep Mom from finding out about the nature of my relationship with my father.

Living in the same house with him around the corner in the other wing of the house would be the perfect set-up. Unfortunately, it’s not because I can’t get as much of his time, attention or sex as I want. He has to think of my future as well as his own. Don’t let anyone fool you. It’s great to have money. Daddy has had access to a great lifestyle since he married Mom. Both us of know that he won’t do anything that would end his way of life or cause a scandal.

He’s a great guy. Kindhearted, generous and handsome. Living here with Mom and Daddy would be perfect but it’s not. Why am I saying it would be perfect but it’s not? It’s because Daddy and I can’t keep our hands off each other. Lately I’ve been more and more afraid that we will get caught. But I can’t stop having sex with Daddy and I don’t want to. Mom and Daddy’s room is on the same floor matadorbet though on a different wing. She can walk to my room any minute which keeps my nerves on edge.

Last night I was pacing the floor waiting for my mother to go to sleep so that Daddy could come to my bed. It was 2:00 am before he came in my room. I was naked, wet with desire and ready to start as soon as he walked through the door. Daddy was ready too. He pushed me against the wall and we screwed standing up. Neither of us could wait long enough to get to the bed. There was no way I wanted to tell him to stop or wait till we got to the bed. Ever since the first time that we had sex I have been hopelessly addicted to his penis. Despite the fact that I don’t ever want my mother to find out that I am having an affair with her husband I can’t stop.

I remember what we told each other after our very first encounter. Daddy said that we had made a mistake and that it wouldn’t happen again. But the next night we went to bed together again. Sometimes it gets hard for us to get together because we don’t have any excuse to spend time alone. My mother has a hard time falling asleep and some nights she is up all night reading. At least 2 or 3 times a week she wants to have sex with her own husband. Perfectly understandable. But that causes me to miss out because Daddy is 57. He’s a fabulous lover but he can’t supply me every night and take care of his wife’s needs too. I’m 34 with a big sexual appetite I don’t know what I’m going to do.

The reason that I moved away to Maryland with my ex-husband was to put some distance between Daddy and me. Summer before the beginning of my senior year in high school I turned 18. Mom went out of town because Angela, her college roommate, had to have emergency surgery after being critically injured in the boating accident that killed her husband and children. Since Angela was Mom’s only real friend she went to be with her at the hospital. Angela was in such bad shape that Mom stayed with her for a couple weeks hoping that she would recover.

While Mom was out of town, Daddy and I were at home alone at night, after the staff left at 6:00. Little by little over the last three months Daddy had begun responding to my kisses and touches when we were alone by giving me touches and kisses of his own. Our mutual flirtatious gestures had escalated from his pecks on my cheek to kisses on my ears or neck. I rubbed his behind. His pants sometimes rose when I came in the room. We never discussed or mentioned where our touching and kissing might lead. Though our sensual touching only occurred when we were alone, I told myself that it was just a light weight fun. I’d read in my psychology book that girls had crushes on their fathers and that they outgrew it. My assessment of the situation was that I was going through a phase that Daddy was indulging. I figured that after I finished high school I would go to college meet someone and that would be the end of our flirting.

I didn’t consider that I had a boyfriend with whom I was having relations. But still I found Daddy very sexually attractive. Daddy provided the foreplay to get me ready for my boyfriend although I did not realize it. I used him to get me worked up for my date. My boyfriend and I were novices not knowing how to get the most out of our couplings. If Daddy and I had not had two weeks to be alone every night after three months of building our desire for each other maybe our relationship would not have developed. But we did have that time. The opportunity presented itself when Mom asked Daddy if he would go with me to look at some prom dresses since Mom was out of town caring for her friend. She and I had made an appointment to go shopping weeks earlier before she went out of town.

He agreed to go with me to the formal wear boutique to look for a prom gown as well as a dress to wear to the Daddy Daughter Ball. Daddy was patient giving thumbs up or thumbs down as we looked at lots of dresses. After an hour we narrowed the choices down to 5 dresses. He sat waiting for me to come out to model a dresses for him. The first dress was a coral chiffon princess cut strapless gown that had a low cut bear back and a puffy floor length skirt. When I walked out I heard Daddy gasp. I looked up and saw a familiar expression on his face. He was smiling and walked up to get a closer look. I twirled around for him letting him look at me from all directions. Then he did something that stirred me to the core. He came over to me and ran his hand over my bareback and behind. A shiver ran through me but I felt it most between my legs. Daddy saw my reaction and kissed me on the cheek near my ear. His hot and moist breath sent another pulsating surge through my body.

I went back to the dressing room to try on another dress. The second dress was a bodycon black and white gown with a ruched mermaid design. I stood looking at myself admiring my reflection. I a saw pretty girl with light brown hair with blonde highlights along with matadorbet giriş natural light pink lips, that looked a little pouty like I want to be kissed. The dress showed my body’s best features – my 35″ bust complimented by a small waist and hips that flare in a way that got me whistles when I walked down the street. To tell the truth even girls said that I’m a fox. Daddy called out to me saying, “Hey, Brandy, how’s it going in there?”

“OK, Daddy I’m coming out.”

I walked out of the dressing room over to Daddy. He stood up put his arms around me and waltzed me around the showroom. After a few moments of dancing to his humming, he leaned back and looked at me. I was smiling so happy that he obviously thought that the dressed looked good on me. Then he did something that set me on fire.

He leaned down and kissed the exposed tops of my breast. I moaned with pleasure and pressed his head back into my breasts. He took my nipple in his mouth with the fabric separating us breathing his hot moist breath stimulating me even more then he stroked my back and the kissed on my cheek. I put my arms around him and drawing him close to me. At that point I wanted to go home. There was no one in the showroom with us but I still felt self-conscious because I was so aroused. My nipples were hard and sticking out and I my face was red and flushed.

Since I had been having sex with my boyfriend for over a year I knew what was happening. But I was little surprised that he decided to escalate our flirtation to this level. I have to admit that I not seen this turn of events. I was not surprised that I was flustered or I wanted to have sex.

It was a surprise who wanted to have sex with me and was making his move to initiate a sexual encounter. My heart was beating very fast and I could feel my that my thongs were very wet. I stepped away from him to catch my breath.

Just then the sales lady came into the room with Daddy and I looking like any ordinary father and daughter there to buy a prom dress. I knew she would be disappointed when I told her that I would not be buying anything because I wanted to go home. Daddy surprised me when he told the sales lady to write up sale for the black and white mermaid dress. I thought that I would jump out of my skin while we waited for the transaction to be completed. She put the dress into a plastic garment bag and Daddy grabbed the dress taking the hanging bag off the rack. We left the store walking to the car in silence.

When we got inside the car I said, “Daddy that was so hot. What was that about,” I asked? I was really asking if he going to continue what he started or was he just kidding around with me.

“What do you want it to be about? You looked so beautiful I got caught up in the moment. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable? I really lost it for little while. Will forgive me.”

“You took my breath away. I got so turned in the store.”

“Honey, it doesn’t have to go any further. We could forget it ever happened and I won’t do that again. Once could be considered a mistake, I’m sorry, Princess.”

“I’m not sorry, Daddy. I liked the way you made me feel.”

He was stroking my hair.

“Are you sure you want this? If we go any further there’s no turning back and we can’t undo it.”

“I know. I’ve never felt like that before. You were on it.”

“On it?”

“Yes, I mean I want more. A lot more.”

“You know what you are asking me for Princess. Don’t you? If we do this no one can ever know. You know why don’t you?”

“You mean because most people would disapprove of us being together because you’re my father? Yes, I can keep a secret; I wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“I mean it Brandy. No one can ever know about us except you and me.”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone.

For a few minutes neither of us said anything. Then to show him that I was absolutely onboard with his desires. I unzipped his pants and took out penis stroking it from the head to the base. Then I leaned over taking him into my mouth sucking and licking him. I had trouble getting my mouth around his shaft because his prick is so thick. I improvised doing first one side then the other. I combined hand action with licking and sucking to be sure that I was making him feel as good as possible. Listening to him moan and seeing his pelvis gyrate in sync to my actions told me that I was making him feel good.

I wanted him to climax inside of me so I slowed my pace. He told me to hold up. I reluctantly stopped. Then he gave me an unexpected treat. Daddy unzipped my jeans and slipped his hand inside my thong. I was already wet so he ran his fingers across my slit flicking my bud between his finger and thumb. I scooted down in the car seat a little spreading my legs so that he could gain easy entry inside me. Two of his fingers found my g-spot which he stroked with wonderful pressure that made me squirt all over the myself and the seat. I loved the way he made me feel. Although I had had an intense orgasm, I was ready for more. I couldn’t wait for him to put his cock inside my pussy. We rode home with him sliding two fingers in and out of me.

When we got home he pulled into the garage and closed the garage door. We starting making out I could say like teenagers but at least one of us was 18 so technically like a teenager. He sucked my tongue. No one had ever kissed me like that before. His touch felt like electricity running through my body. We stopped kissing so we could go inside the house. We walked through the house to wing where my bedroom was located. The top of my bed is 40″ off the floor requiring a little step stool for me to get on bed. Dad pulled me to the edge of the bed. He kneeled down holding my pussy lips open sticking his tongue inside of me. I held his head grinding my mound into his mouth. I put my legs over his shoulders while he fucked me with his tongue. Then he raised up putting his member at the entrance of my canal but he could not get more than the head in with a single thrust because of the circumference of his penis. I had to adjust so that I could accommodate his phallus. As my pussy opened to encircle him he felt better and better. I was filled unable at move at first. My pussy fluids surrounding his prick. My canal adjusted to his enormous circumference. We kissed with him alternating with kissing my lips and sucking my breast.

My womanhood opened up to him so we were able to move together. We both moaned fucking each other hard. As I got wetter he was able to move in and out with ease. We made each other feel good. Our movements became choreographed so that when his thrusts went in I moved my hips up to meet him getting deeper penetration. I wanted fast strokes but he made my slow down so that I could really experience the total sensation of building our passion slowly while love making. He delayed his climax to ensure that he thoroughly satisfied me. Thanks to the way he taught me to move to let him take his time, we were able to build our sessions to a white hot crescendo. After about eight or nine minutes, his thrust speed increased. His strokes were hard, deep and fast. I was able to keep up with him so that both of us had powerful satisfying climaxes. Our first time together hooked me on him. For me having sex with him was like I was an addict and his penis was like my fix. I feared that if I did not keep the nature of our relationship a secret that it might end. I had to have him as often as I could. There was no way I would tell anyone because I wanted to keep our relationship going.

Every night while my mother was out of town we went to bed together. He stopped each evening to bring some take out for us dinner. As soon as he got home we would take a shower and get in our pajamas. Our third day together I had learned to love a slower speed of penetration because it permitted us to have sex longer. Before Daddy and I started having sex with each other I was used to 2 or 3 minutes of very fast strokes then a climax. But after Daddy and I got used to getting at least 6 or 7 minutes but sometimes as much as 15 minutes of pure pleasure.

I broke up with my boyfriend after our second week. Whenever Daddy and I could sneak an opportunity we had sex. After Mom came home it was more than a month before we were able to be together again. I would wait up for him at night but he could not get away because my mother wanted sex every night plus she had so much trouble sleeping. Then Daddy was able to develop a reason for us to be together alone. Daddy said that he was going to teach me to play golf. Because of our golf lessons we were able to get away twice a week for some one-on-one Daddy daughter “golf” time. He rented a cabin in the woods for us so that we could have a private place to meet. Occasionally we got away to spend 3 to 4 days together to attend golf tournaments which my mother found extremely boring.

Up until the end of our first week as lovers my family had planned for me to go away to college. At the beginning of the second week neither of nor I could bear the thought of us being apart. Instead I attended a local state university and got my BS in marketing and information management. I rented an apartment off campus which gave us the privacy we needed to continue our affair. We almost got caught once when my mother dropped by unexpectedly because she saw Daddy’s car in the parking lot. We had not gone to bed yet so we took the scare as a warning sign.

Daddy forced me to look for a guy at school to date. My ex-husband had asked me to go out several times so I was able to strike up a relationship with him eventually marrying him after dating for five years. Our first three years of marriage were reasonably good. Then we started fighting a lot because of the amount of time that I spent visiting my family – actually my father. To try to save our marriage we moved to Maryland. But things got worse between us because I couldn’t take not having any trysts with Daddy. At the end of the fourth year we filed for divorce. When my job ended I wound up back home. I’m sure that I could have found a job if I had looked harder but I wanted to get back to Daddy plus my mother wanted me to move back home.

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