Once it started, Oh Well


My name is Karen Wayner a single mother of two. My sons are ages eighteen and twenty. Both live at home and we are or were practicing nudist. However ever since my husband ran off with that slut from his office nearly three years the boys and I have not been to the local nudist camp. I have never been shay around the boys and often walk around nude in the house.

Beryl my oldest has always enjoyed the freedom of nudism. He loved to go to the camp and swim in the nude. Once when he was about thirteen I remember he asked me if he would get to be as big as Daddy. Of course he was asking about this penis size. He has surpassed his Dad in that department. I know that he has been dating several girls and there is no doubt in my mind he has used that tool to enrich many a girls out look on life.

Daryl my youngest is shorter than his brother but stockier. A powerful built young man. He loves to play sports and is now working at the cement plant where he gets to lift all the weight he wants. He also is shorter than his brother in that other department but he is thicker with balls twice the size of his older brother.


It was early one morning when I stepped out of the shower and Daryl was standing in the door way between my bedroom and bathroom nude. He had worked the night shift and I though he was in bed sleeping. But there he was standing there looking at me holding his fully erect cock. He was slowly pumping it as he looked at me. I was not so much shocked at him nude as I was him playing with himself. I took my towel and held it in front of me as I asked him what he wanted. He did not answer he just looked at me. Looking straight into his eyes I realized he must be sleep-walking. I wondered what he was thinking if he was thinking at all.

Dreaming was more like it. Why was he looking at me? He has seen me nude many times and never had an erection before or not that I noticed. I know that boys his age get hard-ons with out even having to think about sex or girls it just happens. I started to step past Daryl when he took me in his arms and pulled me to him. The towel was between us but he was thrusting his hips driving his erection into the towel forcing it between my legs.

Pushing away I walked toward the bed. I remembered hearing that you should not wake a sleep-walker but return them to bed and let them sleep it off.

But then he came up behind me he pushed me forward onto the bed. Before I could roll over he was on me. His erection went between my legs but not into me. It was down too far and his erection was thrusting into the bed. I let him have his way and after only a short time he jerked wetting an area on the bed and on my thighs. He got up and walked out of my bedroom.

I sat up and whipped my hand between my thighs. His sperm was thick and creamy, very warm and I don’t think I had ever seen such a great amount. I was looking at the creamy discharge on my fingers when I did a stupid thing. I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked the sweet tasting cum from my fingers. It was the first time I had tasted sperm since before my husband ran off. I had not dated in three years; I had not had sex in three years. For one split second there came a flash in my mind I remembered how I had at one time enjoyed oral sex.

Back to the bathroom to clean up and then I looked in on Daryl. He was sleeping like a baby however he was on top of the sheet and he still had a lovely full erection. I stood by his bed looking down at his thick solid cock. It was pointing up along his stomach. I saw a drop of sperm still hanging on the tip. I bent over to get a better look at it. That was a big mistake for without thinking I continued down until my mouth was around the large head.

In my head I was screaming “What on earth are you doing? You’re crazy, this is your son. Have you no sense?” But nothing could have stopped me. All of the frustrations of my husband running off and my own sexual desires and needs loomed larger than life. There was nothing I could do. I could not stop. My fingers curled around his cock, my mouth went down the shaft till the head as pressed into my throat. I pushed more the tip of the head entered my throat. I choked; pulling back I think I got my wits about me. I jerked my mouth free and ran from the room.

I remember crying into my pillow. It was near ten o’clock when I woke. Shaken and feeling the pain of what I had done I showered again and left the house. Driving aimlessly I ended up at the City Park and Zoo.

As I walked slowly through the trees the solitude and stillness calmed my nerves. There was beach set back under a tree. I could see the path in front of me and off the right was a narrow path that leads to a feeding station for one of the animals.

I was trying to make sense out of what I had done and why. When I heard voices looking to my right I saw a slim young girl in a brown uniform. Next to her was an older man. He also was dressed in the uniform of a park employee.

He caught her by the arm and said something gaziantep escortları I could not make out. I could tell the girl was not too happy when she turned to face him. He took the pail from her hand placing it on the ground. Then he pulled her to him and kissed her. At first I think she put up a token of resistance. But after that it was easy to see she quickly gave in to what were his sexual advances.

Some how it amused me to watch them. I saw her nibble fingers work quickly to undo his belt and run down the zipper. Without any fancy foreplay she dropped to her knees. His cock came free and she was on his member, which was very hard in a heart beat. She sucked it down her throat till her nose was buried a thick bush of black hair. I saw a smile come across his face as he pumped his hips to meet her head motions. She was an expert at oral sex it was no time till he jerked wildly. As he short into her mouth I felt my own mouth form a rolling motion as if I were to receive his sperm. I tasted my son’s creamy sperm all over again. I opened my mouth and sucked air. I felt my son’s thick cock full my mouth and pass into my throat. As the man slowed his cock slipped from the young girl’s mouth as a long dark slim worm. She stood and the man put his trousers back in place. She kissed him again. He turned to go when I heard her say “Now see if your new wife can do as good as that Daddy.” He roared with laugher and walked away.

I was shocked and wonder if she was really his daughter or a girl that called older men Daddy. I wondered if my son would still call me mother if he knew I had held his cock in my mouth. Maybe I would become just Karen or as my mother had called me by my middle name Eater. I could almost hear Daryl calling me “Karen, come suck my cock.” But that was the way his father had joked and teased when we were first married.

Where had it all gone so wrong? What had I done to drive him into the arms of another woman? Was I to blame or was it just his need to feel like a new man as he entered middle age. Maybe if I not allowed my pride to get in the way we could have worked something out. He was a good father and in so many ways a good husband. He was an excellent lover and he certainly knew how to ring my bell.

It was graduation night from high school. Our school, the city school and the county school joined together and have one large dance at the county fair hall.

I had known many of the kids from county but I had not known Curt Wayner before that night. He asked me to dance I did, he asked me to have a drink out back I did, he asked me to come over to his car I did. The rest was history. Oh I was no virgin but Curt did not know that nor did I ever tell him. He always thought he was the only man I was ever with. Oh, my if, he ever knew…I laughed out load thinking what he would have done had he ever known. I think I will tell him if I ever see him again.

But I must say that for the years we were married he did keep me happy. I loved oral sex from the get-go. He loved for me to be the aggressor and just open his pants and suck him off with no foreplay. Kind of like I was raping him. I have always been quick to climax and he would often make me climax two or three times before he let go. He loved to have fun with our sex. We often played rolls and games with our sex. I liked the one where we acted as if we were strangers and I was getting laid for the first time. He liked the one where he was screwing two women. I would play both parts but as if two different woman. A few times I played as if I were a mother and daughter team. There were of course times when we were very loving and serious about what we were doing.

As I let my mind float back into history I recalled once when he wanted me to pretend I was his mother. It was only once and I had forgotten all about it. Then I remember how he had wanted me to suck his cock and when I did he talked to me as if I were his mother. The only problem was that his mother had died when he was very young and I never asked him if maybe it was his stepmother he was thinking about. But I do remember how aroused he had become when I pretend to be his mother. Later he told me that was one of the most erotic moment s in his life.

I wondered how much his son’s were like their father. Would they enjoy their mother in a sexual way? I was smiling when I realized I had thought of both my sons not just Daryl. Could it be that I was really thinking of my sons as sex partners? What would I do if they were to show some interest in me as a sex partner? I sat there on that bench for a long time letting my mind go free as I had sex with both sons. Then I had sex with both at one time. Both my sons were filing me with there liquid love. I was bathed in that creamy fluid. I had it all over me. My face breasts and even in my rear. I jerked back to the present and quickly walked from the park.

On the way home I thought I was going completely crazy. I had had anal gaziantep eskort sex a few times but we had not made it a regular part of our love making as we had oral sex. Once in the house I pushed these thoughts from my mind as I started to prepare dinner for three.

There is a central hall that runs from the front to the back door. The kitchen has an open doorway to the hall and also to the dining room. Directly across from the kitchen in the hall is a small bathroom which is under the stairs at the back of the house.

I heard steps coming down the stairs and at the same time the back door open. Beryl came in just about the same time as Daryl came down to supper.

They exchanged “Hi” and the Daryl said “Man you would not believe the dream I had today.”

Beryl said “All about sex I bet. Man you have got to get laid. That is the only way to stop having these dreams.”

Daryl said “Ya, Ya but this one was different. This time I dreamed about Mom.”

Beryl laughed and what he said kind of surprised me. “Well they don’t come much sexier than Mom. I used to dream about Mom too. You, remember I told you about the time I saw Mom sucking Dad’s cock and how he told her how great she was. Well let me tell you I dreamed about Mom for a long time after that.”

Daryl went on “Well that may have had some thing to do with this dream because I dreamed I fucked Mom and then later she came into my room and sucked my cock. Man it was so vivid I thought it was true.”

Beryl laughed and said “Brother if Mom ever gave you a fucking blow job you would remember it. Dad said she was the best cocksucker in the whole state.” Beryl moved past Daryl going up to wash up before supper. Daryl said he was going out to his truck. When it was all quiet I slipped from the small room and entered the kitchen.

When we were all seated around the table I was almost shaking as I looked at the boys and thought through their conversation. They were babbling about a ball game down at the sand lot that was to be played under the lights tonight. Beryl asked me if I wanted to go. But I declined saying I had a few thing I had to do around here. Neither boy pressed the issue thank goodness so after supper they went out. Daryl had worked his week so starting tomorrow he had two days off.

After the dishes were done I went up to my room and relaxed naked on my bed. I was soon off to that middle ground between the a wake world and the dream land of lust and sex.

I was naked and I was kneeling between my sons holding a cock in each hand. I sucked one cock and then the other. The cocks stared to cum shooting wet warm sperm all over me. I washed my face with it and licked it from their cocks. I sucked and licked them till they were ready to cum again. I started to cum myself and my whole body shuttered with a climax that had been hiding deep within me for more than three years. I jerked awake to fine I had been masturbating in my sleep. My clitoris was swelled up and sticking out like a little dick. Curt often said that was the only dick he would ever suck. When ever my clitoris gets to that point I know I am really aroused.

I did not pull my hand away but instead I slowly rubbed my clitoris thinking of my sons. In my mind I saw visions of their wonderful cocks. I put two fingers into my wetness thinking of Daryl and how thick his cock was. Then I thought how wonderful it would be to suck Beryl’s long strong cock while Daryl was fucking me. I screamed and climaxed for the second time.

When the boys returned from the game they were dirty and sweaty. When they came in I told them to drop there dirty clothing right there in the hall and I would take it down to the basement and wash it tomorrow. Beryl dropped his clothing right down to his bare sweet ass. I again marveled at the length of his cock even in a relaxed state. But when Daryl got down to his shorts he turned away from my gaze. But I saw he was about half erect with that deep purple head ready to drip that fluid that is always on a stiff dick when it gets hard. With out thinking I said “My, my there must have been some sexy girls at the game tonight.”

Beryl was a few steps up when he turned around and said “I don’t think that is his problem Mom.” He was laughing as he trotted off up stairs. Daryl was blushing as he turned away. I said “Darling you don’t have to blush I have seen an erection before. Besides I know boys get hard all the time anyway.”

Then Daryl seemed to get some strength from within and tuned back toward me. His erection was still growing and he was now facing me. “Mom I am hard because I had a dream today that, well that I had sex with you.”

I acted as if I had not heard him. Picking up their dirty cloths I went down the stairs to the basement. I waited for some time before coming back up. I went up and went to Daryl’s room. I knocked on the half open door. I said “Daryl can we talk?” Smiling he said sure Mom. Daryl had showered and was gaziantep eskort bayan still naked with a towel on the bed next to him.

He leaned back with his arms behind him supporting his body at a slight angle. As I approached I noticed his erection started to grow with every step I took closer. By the time I crossed the room he was fully erect and the bulbous head was swelling to a deep purple color. I must admit it was a lovely cock and it girth was amazing.

I sat on the chair at his desk. I was only a few inches away from my son and his lovely cock. In a voice that I tried to keep steady and the volume level I started to explain about his sleep-walking. I told him what he had done and that there was no harm done except I had to wash my bed cover. As I talked his erection started to droop and relax. When I stopped talking Daryl was very apologetic and said he was so sorry for what he had done. I got up and walked to the door turning I smiled at him and said “Daryl thanks for thinking your mother is sexy and wanting me. But I guess most boys think of there mother that way at some point in there early lives.”

I dropped my clothing when I remember I had already taken two showers this day so I stood looking into the mirror on the wall. I was still a relatively young woman. My five foot five frame supported a hefty pair of breasts, cup size 36-d. My waist was still ten inches smaller than my hips; 34-24 not bad for a gal thirty–nine years old.

My husband often called me beautiful and I guess a few others had given reason to believe I was pretty anyway. My hair is dark with a patch of white that runs from above my left eye in a narrow strip down behind my left ear. My back side fills out my jeans just enough to get a few cat calls and whistles when I go down past the firehouse. I keep the hair between my legs trimmed so I can wear a bikini neatly. I stood there looking and thinking I was not too bad for an old broad when Beryl knocked on my open door.

I turned to see Beryl standing there watching me. Our eyes met and for a second I was reminded how sexy his father was. He was so much like his father. Beryl was naked, his cock was not fully erect but it was pointed out about half way up. “You’re a beautiful woman Mom and I do think you’re very sexy and most desirable.”

Trying to be light hearted I said “If you boys are going to start going around the house with erections I will have to insist on you putting on your clothing.”

“It was not my intention when I thought I should talk to you. But when I saw you looking at yourself it seemed to be very sexy. If you don’t mine my saying so your firm ass is just like Mattie’s the girl I have been dating.”

I did not mind at all in fact it seem to stimulate my sense of femininity. Not having sex for three year was one thing but not feeling as if I were a desirable woman did. I think it was that I had the feeling that no one desired me or thought I was sexy. That is until today. Both my sons had expressed some trace of desire for me. Incest or not it had awakened a long lost feeling that every woman wants to feel. I was still thinking of how lost I was in my own self doubts when I started to cry.

Beryl came across the room and hugged me to him. It was the sons need to comfort a mother in need. But something happened as our naked bodies came in contact. Sure we have been naked in each ours presents but had never touched other than a hand. But feeling my son’s warm strong naked body rub me from shoulder to foot set me on fire. I started to shake; my crying gave way to sobs. Beryl held my tighter. My arms went around his waist. My hands seemed to seek out his smooth sleek body. My hands moved rubbing his skin, rubbing as if he were the one needing comfort. His hands were not still either. One of his powerful hands dropped down my back to grasp a cheek tightly. The other came up between us to apply pressure to my breast.

I felt his erection move up along the inside of my leg coming to rest with its head pushing into my small patch of hair. I reached down taking his strong cock in my hand. Beryl whispered into my ear. “Mom ever since I saw you sucking Dad’s cock I have wanted you. I love you so much I have dreamed of this moment for a long time.”

For Beryl it was a given that he was about to have sex with his mother. I knew what he wanted and I felt like I wanted him as much as he wanted me. But there was still a bit of moral repugnance in me some where yelling out that this should not happen. I tried to speak but Beryl covered my mouth with his. He kissed me and I kissed him back. He moved me toward the bed and we landed still arm locked together on the bed. I screamed “No, God No don’t do this, we can not do this Beryl stop please stop.”

But the only words I heard were in my head. Even after he pulled his lips from mine I could not make a sound. Beryl was a master at turning me around getting me in the center of the bed. He was so strong; his hands were between my legs. I may have even lifted one leg to give him more room for what ever he wanted to do.

Swiftly he lifted me up and sat me upon him. I was down on his thighs his cock strong and straight there almost between my legs. His hands were on both my breasts. My hands were on his cock feeling its’ hardness and his every heart beat through it. He said “Mom suck me; Please suck my cock.”

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