One afternoon

Self Shot

One afternoon18 yo old sitting on my lap and tweaking my nose and ears and saying “remember when we used to do that to each other?” I then messed her hait saying “Yeah and I remember doing this as well!” We continued ‘play fighting’ and ‘tickling each other (I’m not tickly) She was wearing a very low cut top with no bra so I was being carful that it was her hair that I was grabbing and nothing else. As she jumped on and off my lap one of her boobs fell out. Well to be honest it was the top that got pulled downwards but her tit was out there for us both to see. Instead of just saying “Opps” and popping it back in again she just looked down at her cute tit as her nipple stuck up nice and erect. She giggled and asked if I liked. I replied “Yes lovely”” Want to see them both?” She asked. She then pulled her top up to expose both of her tits and 2 cute nipples. “You like them don’y you? I asked,” How do you know?” “I’m sitting on your lap and I can feel how much you like my boobs” She answered. True enough I could feel my cock getting nice and hard. She the reached down and pulled my elasticated PJ type bottoms away from my body exposing my cock in all his glory. “Nice. Very nice” she says. “Do you mind?” she says as she rubs her thumb and fore finger up and down my cock. “Nope” was all izmir escort bayan I managed to say. I then started to gently stroke and massage her tits and tweak her nipples. She looked up at me and smiled. Me playing with her tits and nipples and her with my cock in her hand. We stayed playing like that for some time. I then attempted to slip my hand down the front of her panties. She was just wearing panties and one of my long white ‘T’ shirts. She stood up and pulled her panties down. Legs apart. Shaved pussy. Her pussy lips parted. I ran my thumb up and down her pussy lips. I kissed her lips and licked both side of her shaved smooth puusy. She then pulled off her T shirt and she now stood naked as I kissed and licked her pussy. I also stood up and she pulled my T shirt off over my head and then my trousers down past my knees and ankles. I stepped out of them and we both stood naked just holding hands and looking each other up and down. She then started to stroke my cock and I started to finger her. Fuck she was wet. My finger slipped in and up her. My thumb stroked her clit. We’d seen each other naked several times in the past and I had caught her using my hairbrush to fuck herself and she’s seen me jerk off at least twice. We kissed. Long deep and soft. Our tongues ran izmir escort bayan over each other. We touched each other running our hands over each others body. She bent down and kissed my cock. Standing back upright we kissed each other’s lips with our tongues licking each others tongues. I could taste my pre cum on her tongue. I finger fucked her taking my fingers out to feed her her own joices. She squeezed my cock and my pre cum onto her hand and fed me my own pre cum. Love cum and pussy juices. She said she likes licking out another pussy so do I and she she admitted to like sucking a cock. I love sucking a cock as well I replied. She was stunned then she said we’ll have to invite another cock or a pussy over some time. Maybe both at the same time. I agreed whole heartedly.I finger fucked her, I sucked her clit, I licked, kissed and sucked her nipples and she came. Took me about 30 minutes but she came on my chest of all places by finger fucking herself. Oh fuck me she said. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my ass. Fuck my mouth. I fucked her pussy as she fingered her self and played with her throbbing clit. I came up her cunt and she went fucking wild. She pounced on my still cummin cock. Eating my cum as fast as it spurted out. She went into 69 so that I could eat out her pussy with my still hot creamy cum inside. I came again a second time. Not as messy but it was intense as fuck. We had 10 minutes of some crazy sex eating and cummin in each others mouths. After our wee mad few minutes we cuddled and made small talk; Kissing a little as we went.As we chatted she told me she has a friend who’d love to see me and cock in action. Me and my cock were interested. She got her phone and took a few pics of me and my cock to show her friend. We discussed about finding a guy to join us. We even checked out gay porn vids. We both got turned on just watching. She climbed onto my cock and we fucked as we watched porn. All sorts of porn. Gay, Lez, orgy, swingers, we just sat and watched as my cock rose and fell as we watched. She came and she sat on my mouth. Fuck she’s tasty. I drank her juices and a little pee lol. She leant forward and licked and sucked me off. Just a small load but she turned and we kissed and shared my load.She took pics of her sucking my cock and me licking out her pussy and sent them to her friend. She then called her friend up and we all chatted for a bit. I know her friend. We went onto skype and chatted naked and then we watched her friend finger fuck herself as we wanked each other off. I came but it was only a little cum. We watched as her friend came. All in all it was a nice few hours with the promise of a 3 sum and with the good news there may be a a bi guy interested in making up a 3 or a 4 sum. Happy days

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