One Drink Too Many.

Big Dicks

“That’s my Dad. I gotta go home,” Veronica says getting up off the bed and scrambling to put her clothes on. I hear my dad come out of his room and go downstairs to answer the door. With just her skirt and shirt on, her panties and bra stuffed in her purse she goes to the door. “But you’ve been drinking,” I claim and stand up. “Oh don’t worry about that, my Dad won’t notice, we’re safe.” She opens the door and leaves, closing it behind her, leaving me alone in my room still drunk and still incredibly horny. * * * * * * After Veronica is gone and my Dad has gone back to his room I am still lying in my bed, still drunk, and still incredibly horny. God, I don’t want to rub myself, but I’m so horny, I think to myself as I get up off my bed, stumbling a little. I pace back and forth for a few minutes and I stop in front of my full length mirror and look at my naked body. I’m so horny. Who can I fuck? I think to myself as I run my hands up and down my body. The only other person in my house is…I look at myself in the mirror and grin. I’ve got a plan. I run to my Anadolu yakası escort closet and fling open the door. I get on my knees and rummage through the boxes and find the one I am looking for, a flat black box with no name on it. I open it and feel the fabric under my fingers, so soft, so sexy. I get up and go to my mirror and slide the fabric on. A couple minutes later and some strange compromising and I have it on. I look at what I’m wearing, a dark blue silk corset tied in the back, with a matching g-string, and black thigh high stockings. I moan lightly to myself and once again run my hands up and down my body. A few minutes later I have my hair and makeup done and I’m ready to go. I come out of my room and start to walk down the hallway, towards my Dad’s room. As I walk down the hall I can feel myself getting wetter. The alcohol running through my veins makes the world just a bit fuzzier and a bit hornier. I get to the door and notice it’s open a crack. I peek in and OH MY GOD! My Dad is watching porn! Kurtköy escort bayan I clamp my lips shut so I don’t moan, and slide a hand down towards my g string. I look at the TV and see that he’s watching Horny Lesbians 3. I bite my lip, trying even harder not to moan. I then look over at my dad and I see that he too is drunk. Beside him I see an empty bottle and a half empty class on the bedside table. I look at him and see that he’s hard underneath his blanket and his hand is resting on top of his hardness over the blanket, but he isn’t rubbing. I stand and enter the room. ***** (Dad’s point of view.) ***** My cock is growing harder and harder watching the two girls on screen. One girl, a brunette, is fucking a blonde with a strap on. Hearing the blonde moan is getting me ready to stroke myself. My hand resting on top of my cock, just as I’m about to slide my hand under the blanket, my 18 year old daughter Aphrodite walks in wearing sexy dark blue lingerie. “Hey Daddy mind if I come in?” she asks while I try Escort Maltepe to hide my boner. I clear my throat. “Yeah, sure sweety, come on in,” I say sweeping my hand about lazily. She crawls onto the bed and I move the almost empty bottle beside me. “You want a drink?” I ask and she nods. I pour her a drink in the clean empty glass beside mine and hand it over to her. “Thanks,” she says and takes it. She takes a gulp and a bit sloshes out. I watch it slide down her chin, drip into her cleavage. I am rock hard. God I hope she doesn’t notice. “Oh Daddy I really like what you’re watching,” she says and I turn and look at the TV where the two girls are now 69-ing. “OH GOD! Sweety! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know!” I stumble for the remote to turn the TV off and my daughter reaches out and stops me. “It’s all right Daddy, I really actually like it,” she says looking at the TV with a lustful look on her face. “In fact…it makes me really horny.” She looks away from the TV at me, finishing her drink and putting it down. “Yeah Sweety, it makes me horny too,” I reply and squeeze my hardness from under the blanket. Suddenly Aphrodite is on top of me, sitting right on top of my hard cock. “Sweety- Aphrodite what are you doing!?” I ask as she squirms on top of me. “Tickle me Daddy!” she yells, grabbing my hands, putting them on her still squirming body, her ass rubbing my cock. “Oooh god.

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