One Game for Another


SchmuttleErection here and I have another brother and sister story for you sibcest fans. This one ended up reminding me of PacoFear’s brother/sister stories when I finished it (I’m not claiming to be as good of a writer as him. I’m not even in the same league) which is a good thing considering how awesome those stories are. I decided to try and make a go of this without an editor which may have been a mistake but I think it should be plenty legible. If you find that my grammar is just too shitty to get past let me know and I’ll go back to getting help from another pair of eyes. One last thing, don’t bother telling me about my misspelled pen name, I’m well aware of that and just trying to have fun with it now.


It’s foolish to claim you have a sixth sense when you know someone is coming but after playing this game for so many years I just seem to know when my sister is near my room. I was lying on my bed with my back to my bedroom door and listening as intently as possible. I heard the barely perceptible metallic noise of her turning the door knob and opening my door so I was certain that she was in the room but I wanted to play dumb and drag out the tension a little longer. It probably wasn’t the greatest idea since Kayleigh knew what parts of the floor had creaky floorboards and how best to avoid them, so I was dependent upon my sense of timing to guess how close she was to her objective. After ten agonizing seconds I launched myself from my bed onto my feet without warning to see Kayleigh with my T.V remote in her hands. She flashed me a smile before she took off running out of my room while she giggled uncontrollably. I chased after and caught up with my little sister just before she could make it to the safety of her room.

I reached out and latched onto one of her arms and pulled her back against me before I locked an arm around her midsection. For a little while Kayleigh squirmed in an attempt to wiggle out of my grasp as she continued to giggle loudly. A short time later the will to fight seemed to leave her as she stopped squirming and said, “Alright, you caught me.”

With the hand I didn’t control she held out my T.V remote for me to take back. With the objective of our game back in my possession I released my sister who strolled happily to her room. Before she closed her bedroom door behind her she smiled at me and said, “I’ll get it next time will.” Turning back to my room I looked at the remote in my hand and thought about how our bizarre sibling tradition had started and how it was becoming problematic to me.


Kayleigh was born four years after me which meant that throughout my childhood I had an annoying little sister that worshiped the ground I walked on and followed me everywhere. Whether it was me playing football or hockey outside with my friends or sitting in my room and playing videogames Kayleigh would always cry and throw a tantrum if I dint let her be involved or at least tag along with me.

It was sitting in my room and letting Kayleigh watch me play videogames that became the genesis for what we both just called the game (I don’t believe either of us ever named it.) At the time I was really into a game series called Splinter Cell. Unlike most games that encouraged the player to seek conflict at all times Splinter Cell put you in the shoes of a spy who did all he could to avoid fighting. In that game it was almost always better to stick to the shadows, collect the information you had been sent for and leave without incident. If you had to draw your gun and kill someone it meant that you had made a mistake. That series has taken something of a nose dive since then; because it along with the rest of the video game industry has been substantially dumbed down to make it more accessible to a mass audience, you don’t have to be a fan of videogames to see how that would result in a soulless product that appealed to no one. Another black mark for the series was that your were supposed to be a part of the NSA which was kind of a mind fuck for me when that whole domestic wiretapping story broke out…You know what I’m rambling here I should get back to the story here.

I didn’t realize till later that night that the game had influenced my younger sister till she tried to sneak into my room trying to emulate a level in the game where you had to steal a flash drive from an office building guarded by heavily armed mercenaries from Eastern Europe. Instead of flash drives she went after my T.V remote and instead of mercenaries it was me guarding my room. I noticed my sister’s clumsy effort to sneak into my room almost immediately but at the time I didn’t understand why she had done so. When I asked her why she had come into my room she just smiled at me before she snatched my T.V remote and took off running and giggling.

I caught up with her and overpowered her with ease wondering what had gotten into her; little did I know what had just happened would become a pattern ataşehir escort for years to come. Her ability to go unnoticed by me increased with time but since I learned to be on alert for her attempts at infiltration it only helped her so much. Only very rarely did Kayleigh successfully steal my remote and make it to her room without me noticing. The vast majority of the time of her attempts ended with me tackling her before she could make it to her room or with me grabbing her before she made it to her room or with me dragging her back into my room while she thrashed against me in a vain attempt to get away.

Being the competitive person that I was I never understood why she persisted with the game when she almost always lost, but she seemed to enjoy the game no matter the outcome so I never questioned her about it. The game went on right up to the night before I left for college. I can still remember that night as I lay in bed trying and failing to fall asleep. I was excited to be moving out and looking forward to the increased freedom I would have living away from my parents but at the same time I couldn’t say I really wanted to leave my parents house. I didn’t really know what to expect once I was living out there plus I was anything but sure that my major was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I’ve been told that’s pretty common amongst people my age but it was pretty nerve wracking at the time.

Another negative about moving out was that I was going to miss my little sister. Despite the four year age gap and the occasional squabble between us she had become far less annoying to me as a young teen and somewhere along the line had become my one of my best friends.

As I sat in my darkened room thinking over the consequences of leaving school I became aware of a presence outside my room. As I heard the faint noise of my door being opened an involuntary smile grew on my lips. My sister was initiating the game on what would be the last time we would be home together for years and I was a little touched by the gesture.

It was dark inside my room but I had been in the darkness long enough that my eyes had adjusted to the low level of light and I could make out the shadowy silhouette of my little sister stalking through my room. She was headed for the dresser where my television set and its remote control were usually kept and I already had a simple plan in mind. As soon as she took possession of the remote I would move out of bed and get in between her and the doorway. Little by little Kayleigh inched towards my dresser without making a sound, if I hadn’t been able to see her I wouldn’t have any idea where she was. When at last she stood by my dresser and reached towards her target I leapt from my bed and stood in front of her. It was too dark in my room to make out much detail on her face but I could tell that Kayleigh was looking at me and thinking about how she could get past me. I spread my arms out and dug my feet into the carpet in anticipation of grabbing my little sister. Kayleigh surprised me by running straight at me and then ducking down and lunging in between my legs, most people wouldn’t have been able to do that but Kayleigh was defiantly aided by her short stature. I turned around as fast as I could and managed to grab hold of one of her ankles before she tried to get to her feet again.

“No, you don’t,” I said as I dragged her towards me. Kayleigh let out her customary giggle as I pulled her towards me and then positioned myself above her. I sat down on her butt which kept her pinned down so that she was lying on her stomach.

With my sister pinned underneath me I was free to pull the remote from her hands at my leisure which was fun for a little while as a small game of tug o war had started between us but eventually Kayleigh saw the futility of her efforts and gave the remote up to me. With the small device back in my hands I got off of my little sister and let her rise from the floor.

Typically at this point in the game Kayleigh would make some remark about how she would win next time and then run off but we both knew that there wasn’t going to be a next time. Instead she walked up to me and wrapped her arms around me. In a voice that made it clear she was fighting back tears Kayleigh said, “I’m going to miss you Will.”

I’m not usually the sentimental type but I found myself hugging her back and saying, “I know, I’m going to miss you too.”


My four and a half years at school are probably going to be the most miserable and embarrassing episode of my life. During that time I changed majors no less than three times and had come away from the situation even more unsure of what I wanted from life or what to do for a living. I don’t know how it is in other countries but in the U.S everyone is pushed towards a traditional college education even when it’s simply not realistic. You could be dirt poor or be borderline illiterate and your average kadıköy escort guidance counselor would still be trying to sell you a pipe dream of attending a prestigious university that guarantees you nothing more than a useless diploma and massive debt.

After four years in that meat grinder I had no choice but to come home to the parents whose money I had squandered, which was humiliating. Even worse for my self esteem was the fact that there were billions of people around the world that would have killed for the opportunity I had received and I had come away from the experience with nothing but debt. The drive home would be miserable.

About the only positive aspect about coming home was that I was doing so during the middle of the day so I wouldn’t have to face my parents right away since both of them had full time jobs. It wasn’t as though my parents were angry with me or would give me a hard time for coming home it was just that I had wasted a large sum of their hard earned money and I found even just the idea of facing them difficult.

I arrived home around a quarter of two and there was no time like the present to start unpacking and move my stuff from my car back into my room. As I started one of many trips between my car and my room I walked past the open door of my sister’s bedroom and my mind was flooded with memories of my little sister. It had been four years since I had seen Kayleigh and I felt guilty. In the time that I had been away there had been three different summer vacations I had chosen to spend away school instead of at home with my sister. I had hoped to spend those summers trying to iron out what I wanted in life or to find a job that would help pay for my tuition but it never worked out.

Kayleigh was eighteen now and done with High school. As I looked in on the girly contents of her room I couldn’t help but feel another wave of guilt wash over me. She had gone through four years of high school without her big brother to come home to. I should have been there give her advice, to tell her that the pains of adolescence suck but that she would get past them in time. Sure she could have called me or sent an email but it’s not the same as being able to talk to someone in person. I wanted to stop looking in her room and torturing myself for not being there for her but before I could come to my senses and think ‘she has two parents for that you know’ I spotted her high school graduation cap and felt another wave of guilt come over me. That was evidence of just another important part of Kayleigh’s life that I had missed.

Eventually I managed to tear myself away from looking on Kayleigh’s room and carry my stuff to my own bedroom. After unloading my things I made my way back outside to find a car I didn’t recognize pulling into my driveway. At first I wondered who it was that had just drove up to my parents house but it only took the briefest glimpse of her blonde hair for me to recognize my little sister stepping out of the car. For a brief time Kayleigh stood there with her mouth agape in shock but eventually she let out a squeal of excitement before she ran towards me. As my little sister moved towards me I noticed that she had grown quite a bit since I had left home. Not in height mind you, she looked just as short as she had when I had left. The most obvious way in which she had grown was now bouncing up and down as she flew towards me.

“Oh my God, Will your home!” Kayleigh said as she collided with me and nearly toppled me over with a hug. I returned the hug and noticed that I could feel Kayleigh’s substantial bust press against my chest. “I missed you,” I said to her in a voice that still carried some of the guilt I felt from before. Kayleigh’s hold on me only tightened in response as she said, “I missed you too; it was so boring here without you.”

I took a step back from our embrace to look down at Kayleigh. Like I had already observed, Kayleigh didn’t look an inch taller than the day I had left but that didn’t mean she looked the same. Along with her large bust or at least the breasts that looked large on her small frame I noticed that her thighs had thickened along with her now substantial ass that were both on display thanks to her summer shorts. It was something of a shock to me but it was quite evident that Kayleigh’s later teen years had been good to her. Her curvaceous and feminine build was sure to elicit male attention, even from her older brother.

“I know I’ve changed a lot, but do you have to stare at me like that?” Kayleigh asked.

I looked up to her face to see that her cheeks were tinged red with embarrassment and I felt crushed with guilt and embarrassment myself. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve been away from home so long it’s hard to believe how much you have changed,” I didn’t see how that was a valid excuse for ogling my little sister but that’s what came out of my mouth.

“It’s okay; I’m kinda used to having guys stare at bostancı escort me.”

Kayleigh’s tone reassured me that I hadn’t offended her but her revelation that she was receiving no shortage of male attention made me think about my little sister going through high school without her big brother there to keep the teenage guys in line.”There aren’t any high school boys that I have to beat up are there?”

“What, no of course not,” Kayleigh answered with an infectious giggle that immediately put me in a relaxed mood. “Come on,” Kayleigh said as she gestured towards my car, “I’ll help you carry in the rest of your stuff.”

Even though I didn’t really believe my parents would turn me away it was still nice to have them welcome me back with open arms. They even insisted on going out to eat to celebrate my return home but that only made me feel like a failure that had found acceptance not victory. The only real positive that night was the warm smile Kayleigh flashed me as she sat across from at our table.

When we returned home Kayleigh surprised me by rushing upstairs instead of staying on the first floor and chatting with our parents. When I went upstairs myself about ten minutes later I immediately understood why she had. Standing there in the second floor hallway was Kayleigh holding the remote to the old T.V remote that I hadn’t even brought to college with me. A playful smile was fixed to her face and she was waving the plastic device to taunt me. I took a step towards her but Kayleigh ran into her room and closed the door behind her before I had gotten within ten feet of her.

I’ll be honest, I was happy there was door between us because I was kind of touched and I’m sure it showed on my face. While Kayleigh had already embraced me and professed how much she had missed me while I had been away, the idea that she would be willing to initiate the game the day I came home made me feel like I was part of my family again. I don’t know why but it was the game that really struck home the fact that no matter what I did with my life or how much of a failure I felt like my sister loved me and would always be happy to spend time with me.

When my focus returned to the present and I walked to Kayleigh’s door and tried the knob to find the door locked. The simple locks on the interior doors of our house had never given me trouble, picking them open simply required something like a paperclip to pass through the tiny little opening and depress the pin that would release the mechanism. After searching for a paperclip in my room I returned to Kyaleigh’s door and unlocked it.

Behind the door I was surprised to find nothing but darkness, some light shown in from the hall but it was difficult to make out anything with any clarity and Kayleigh was nowhere to be seen. Like I had said earlier Kayleigh rarely made it to her room before I caught her but the few times that she had, she hadn’t tried anything like this. She usually just tried and failed to barricade her door or simply ran in to drag out the chase a little longer.

From where I stood in the hallway, Kayeigh’s nightstand with the red glow of an alarm clock was most attention grabbing sight to be seen and I headed towards it thinking that for whatever reason I would find my remote there. Then with only a few steps taken into the dark I felt something collide with my back, once I heard giggling I knew that the something that had climbed onto my back was my baby sister. With her arms wrapped around my neck and her thighs squeezing my midsection, Kayleigh had more or less forced me to give her a piggyback ride. Evidently her hold on me was so tight that she felt confident enough to taunt me by saying, “I got you now Will and you never getting rid of me.”

“Oh?” I said playfully.

“Yep, you’re not going anywhere without me big brother.”

“We’ll see,” I said calmly as I strolled over to stand just before Kayleigh’s bed. For a brief time I contemplated trying to flip Kayeigh off of my back and onto her bed but a simpler and more easily accomplished strategy came to mind. I simply let myself fall backwards onto it. As soon as my weight had shifted so that my collapse was inevitable I heard Kayleigh say, “Uh oh.”

Between the softness of the mattress and the lackadaisical pace of my collapse onto it Kayleigh hadn’t landed with much force but that didn’t change the fact that she was pinned between me and her bed. Kayleigh continued to giggle as she tried and failed to push me off of her but my petite sister stood little chance of moving an adult male. After her customary token resistance she stopped squirming and said, “Alright, you got me. I give up.”

My sister may have surrendered but that didn’t mean that I knew where my remote was and I intended to find out one way or the other. I put my feet to the floor and stood up which took my weight off of Kayleigh and allowed her to move again but her freedom of movement was short lived. Rather abruptly I spun back around and took hold of her shoulders as she was trying to sit up. With a good amount of force I pushed Kayleigh onto her back again as her face took on a look of surprise that slowly turned into a smile as I leaned over her.

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