One happy day v3


My name is Tom and I had just finished a day of school, I was eager to get home as a typical 16 year old would. I guess I was a normal teen; long-Ish brown hair (much like Biebers) With brown eyes and a young face. As I walked back home I felt the soft vibration of my phone against my thin hairy leg, It was a girl (of course). The girl in fact, we would usually start texting at around 4pm due to school and would just chat about anything. As I paced back to my house which was usually a 15 minute walk, in that time I reminded her of the fact that I had a crush on her as I waked up my house pathway… I slid the key into the door and continued my day. Half an hour passed and I grew worried of her no reply. I told myself that she might have been busy, but I was unsure. That day she never replied.

That night I was worried about the non existent reply. Consistently checking my phone for a reply. She was very beautiful! Blonde straight hair, blue eyes, soft pink lips and a slight tinge of freckles. All of the features on her face added together to display a gorgeous girl! Despite her appearance of a typical “blonde bimbo” she was considered to be an innocent girl. Everyone assumed she was a goody girl… But I saw through that act! Her body was unbelievable, her body was shaped like a models, with perfect curves, great hips,  nice thin arms with a toned belly. Her breasts sat perfectly- they were decently sized- her most stunning feature was her ass and legs! Long and thin with great proportions, her ass was tight and had the  perfect consistency to be toyed with, and her name was Chelsea, let’s just say I wanted to fuck her! Hard
The next day was Saturday morning. I awoke in a regular fashion and proceeded to my regular day. My days were quite boring, i would usually just sit at home and play on my PS3, or watch TV and occasionally go out and play some football to keep in shape.

Later I recieved a text at around 3 from Chelsea, I was anxious to hear the reply, I grasped my phone and quickly read the text, she had asked if I wanted to come out, lay down and sunbathe on a field, with a mysterious wink face at the end. I instantly agreed and we met up around four. I was very confused but aroused by the fact that it would be just me and her. I was concerned about how I looked and tried to go out my neatest for her. Wearing a white pair of shorts Göztepe Escort and a blue top I straddled out the door. When I arrived there seemed to be no one in sight and I stepped closer to the destination. We agreed to meet up at the field. I had just seen her in my vision, I scurried towards her to make out this perfect figure. To my utter disbelief I saw her relaxed on the field in a tight pink low-cut bikini that fitted her well, it was so low-cut you could see her shaved pubic region where it had slightly grown back. If it was much lower her flaps and clit would glisten in the sun, that would be a great sight. As I approached her sight she scoped me through her tinted sunglasses. Her body shined in the sun, her glowing brown tan was stunning! I was fully aware of my penis growing, She rested on her elbows on the ground facing me she arched forward to greet me with one leg arched in and inverted ‘V’ shape, she looked fucking hot! As I sat down next to her I re examined my cock it had grown a bulge in my shorts, did she notice my erection?! I hope not! We both leaned back on the grass as my erection subsided to its flaccid state. With my hands holding my head we had some small talk and looked up at the clouds, me and chelsea had a great connection, our banta was electric as we would laugh at each others jokes, we would both occasionally touch each other legs to get attention. half an hour had passed and we discussed that she was self conscious about her body. “I’m sorry for making you see the sight of my body” she said,
“it’s not a sorry sight” I quickly replied as I took in a good glance of her legs.
“well I feel insecure about it, especially in front of you!” she moaned
“don’t be! you have a beautiful body!” I smiled as she took of her sunglasses
“Then you won’t mind?” she whispered
“Mind what?” just as I said this she sat up gracefully and un done her bikini top threw it on my groin and laid back down. I was dazed with excitement, could I be dreaming?

I took in the information after a few seconds and I felt a delight of blood rushing to my growing cock, throbbing and pulsating over the situation, my sock was getting rigid and began to press against my shorts, the bikini top elevated on my shorts as my cock pushed it skywards, it started to stand on end, proud and big. And her luscious pink bikini was still placed on it. She Göztepe Escort Bayan giggled and grabbed her bikini top from my groin, I felt the palm of her hand clutch her bikini like picking up a baseball, except she had grabbed the top half of my hard dick, she pulled her bikini away slower than i expected, could she have been purposely gripping my cock, as she grabbed her bikini she placed it beside her. I was a smile on her face but I was unsure what about. I tried to contain eye contact as her breasts took in the sun, the shape of the were awesome, adding to the complex curved, much like a sports car, and i was dying for a high speed ride! she had pink little nipples, they must have felt the breeze and they were a rather perky. With a few seconds of eye contact she quickly rushed to her feet and stood in front of me, I sat up with my quite obvious erection, she spread her legs apart in a sexy fashion, winked at me and slowly pulled down her bikini bottoms. The lightly brushed down her thighs, then dropped to her ankles, my eyes glued to her bikini bottom, my eyes ventured up to between her legs, Heaven was right infront of me, entirely shaved and it looked so pink, so tight, this is the type of pussy I would want a 3 course meal with. The she stepped out of her bikini and remained a standing position. She bent down on her hands and knees over my body, and leaned forward for a kiss, our lips met and the lightly pressed together, kiss lasted a few seconds and it felt so right, her slender belly leaned even more forward and my raging hard cock brushed against it. Her heat was exhilarating, my hand slid down the green cut grass and reached up for her moist pussy, I found her tiny clit and massaged it gently with one hand, I rubbed it in a circular motion, she was wet! Her lush body rocked for more pressure on her pussy, my other hand placed on her hips caressing her ass and waist and i heard light moans escape from her mouth “oooooh yes” she whispered, as she continued to grind on me, she let out another gentle moan. After I had her soaking wet which didn’t take long, she was aching for a hard piece of wood, my hand took their last rub on the surface of her cunt and I slipped my middle finger into her opening, her pussy lips surrounded my finger as it slipped all the way in, chelsea bit her lip and closed her eyes in joy. it was warm and very Escort Göztepe wet and she wanted more. My finger as deep as possible wriggled in her vagina, she gasped as i curled my finger upwards, the G-spot had been located, we kissed and her body rocked on my finger and i pushed it in and outwards, we were both working together to make her orgasm on my fingers, the second finger dipped in for a try, we were now getting pretty hot, her pussy dripping as we worked at full capacity. “OHH YES! OHH YES! FUCK ME TOM! PLAY WITH MY CUNT NOW!!!” Her body shuddered, she had experienced an orgasm! Her body gently rocked on my fingers, I pulled them out, and stuck them into her mouth. It was the first time she had been offered her juices, besides from regularly trying it in fingering herself, she accepted and licked his fingers dry.

“my turn” she said as we broke a deep kiss, as I was already lead down she pulled down my shorts and underwear. Revealing my 7 inch manhood, a smile controlled her face as she stared at my cock, “I can’t wait to taste this” she sniggered, “I can’t wait for this!” I cleverly replied, her hand wrapped around my dick she leaned forward kissed my bell-end, licked her lips and pressed against my cock, she took my bell-end and began sucking, her tongue whirled around my penis, her hand was now tossing me off as her mouth sucked me off, I  put my head back in over excitement as she took her first deep throat, swishing her tongue as lube, she began to get mad on my cock, giving a 10/10 blow job, her mouth sucked and she was going at an incredible speed,  Every slither of her mouth was exploring my cock, it was insane and an orgasm quickly began to build, she was now taking me all in,  I rested my hand on her head as she continued her mission. I held on for as long as I could and I came deep in her throat, she jumped expecting a less explosive eruption, her head slowed in motion but slowly sucked me dry as she swallowed my sperm.
“how was that?” she grinned.
“amazing, but don’t you think it’s about time I slipped my cock into your wet cunt?” I asked
“maybe… But you’ll have to wait till tomorrow, but I’ll remember to think of us having steaming sex tonight when I finger my pussy over and over again” she winked, stood up and took one step so her legs were apart and her pussy directly over my head. She took 2 fingers and pushed them deep up her cunt and made sure they were wet as possible, she leaned forward and stuck them in my mouth. I made sure I took in all of her juice, she then grabbed her bikini got dressed and walked off.

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