One Hot Summer with Barbara


One Hot Summer with BarbaraA few years before I started dating my wife Molly, I had a really steamy hot summer with a much older woman named Barbara. I met Barb when I took a job working at a tree and plant farm. I was 21 and a student at the local University, and this was a great part time job. The money was good, I got to work outside. The only drawback was that it was hot and dirty and not in a good way, but I was young and didn’t mind the Texas heat.The farm had several greenhouses and a store. Barb worked in the store but she visited the green houses and the rose gardens where I worked a good bit, pulling orders etc. Barbara was 48, curly strawberry blonde hair that was bobbed to where it was not quite to her shoulders. She was taller than average, about 5 9′ I would guess, nice figure and a great ass, piercing blue eyes and a pretty face. Because she had spent a good bit of time in the sun, so she was very tan. She wasn’t a Barbie type, she was a no nonsense type of woman, but still feminine and very sexy. I was really attracted to her and I noticed her trips to the green house where I worked got more frequent the first few days I worked there. We started talking quite a bit and spent a lot of time visiting on our lunch breaks, etc. After a week or two she asked me if I was interested in doing some small landscape jobs with her. She had set up the jobs, mainly flower beds, etc. for a couple of wealthy ladies that frequented the shop. Barbara needed a pickup truck to haul the dirt and plants and I had one, so it was perfect. Over the next few weeks, we did several landscape jobs together and I learned a lot about her life. She had been a mom and housewife for 25 years. She and her husband started having problems once it was just them alone. It wasn’t just empty nest syndrome, they just weren’t compatible anymore. They had married right after high school because she had gotten pregnant. She was bored and wanted a change, so she left him the previous year, got an apartment and started working at the plant farm. She admitted it wasn’t perfect but she was on her own and happy. The conversations sometimes turned to sex and I found out that she had only been with one man, her husband. I could tell she was curious about what other men could offer, but I think she just didn’t know how to start dating again. Working with her was awesome. She was a really cool person to be around and I the view wasn’t bad either when she was bent over pulling weeds and planting flowers. I often caught a glimpse of her sweat covered, hanging tits as I stood güvenilir bahis over her holding potted plants while she dug the holes. At night she was the focus of most of my jerk off sessions as I fantasized about fucking her. As the weeks went by, the sexual tension grew for both of us. The sexual innuendos pretty much filled most of our conversations at work and our late night phone conversations. I wanted her and I could tell she wanted me. After about 2 weeks I decided I would try to take it to the next level with her. It was Friday night and I gave her a call, like usual to touch base since we had a small flower bed job the next morning. We confirmed everything for the next morning, but then I figured what the hell. I’ll just roll the dice, so I asked her if she would like to come over to my apartment that next night after the job, so I could cook her dinner and we could watch some movies. There was a short pause and what seemed like a long silence, then she said sure, okay, sounds fun. I hung up and immediately started to jerk off. The next day doing the job it was a little awkward. She didn’t say much and neither did I. I couldn’t tell if it was just us both being nervous and that she was having second thoughts. At any rate, we got through it and when I dropped her off at her apartment, she leaned in kissed me on the check and told me she’d see me tonight. She had never kissed me before and even though it was only on the cheek, I was instantly hard and I’m sure I was blushing. She said she’d come over about 8. I had never cooked for anyone before and to sum it up, I sucked at it. It was a chicken dish I had found in a magazine. I was halfway through burning it when I heard a knock at the door. When I opened the door, I was shocked. I mean, Barb was a good looking woman when she was in dirt covered shorts and t shirts, but that night she had on this little white cotton summer dress with pink flowers that fit her fucking good! She had a bag of limes in one hand and a bottle of tequila in the other. I didn’t know what to say, I kind of just stood there staring at her. Finally I told her to come in. I told her that dinner might be a bust. She said that was okay, that she made a mean margarita and she held up the limes and tequila. She took over in the kitchen and salvaged the chicken. Dinner was great, we laughed and experimented with our margarita making techniques. After at least an hour of laughing and flirting and really just having great time. She offered to do the dishes. I told her I’d help but she insisted. I don’t know if türkçe bahis it was the tequila or the fact that I was so horny for her, but as I watched her standing there in that tight little dress leaning over the sink, I decided to make my move. I moved in behind her and slid my hand around her hips and pulled her close. I could feel her relax and I leaned in kissed her neck. She started rubbing her ass against my crotch and she kind of giggled and asked me what I was doing. I slid my hands up to her tits and started rubbing them through her dress. They felt amazing. They were so soft and just the right size; about the size of g****fruits. At this point she turned around and laid a hard warm and wet kiss on me. She was an amazing kisser too. Things got really heated and we were both exploring each other’s bodies with our hands while we explored each other’s mouths with our tongues. We never stopped kissing but somehow we moved to the table. I hadn’t really planned it out, but I ended up picking her up and sitting her on the table. I slid in between her legs and kissed her even deeper. I slid my hands up over her thighs, found her panties and slid them down and off to the ground. I pushed her back on the table and she lifted her legs up and back, exposing her beautiful meaty pussy. I had never seen a pussy with lips like that before, at least not in person. Her lips were wrinkled and puffy. They were nice and pink but dark around the edges. It was a real turn on. I used my middle finger and my index finger and started massaging her clit and the rest of the magnificent cunt. She was so wet, that my fingers slid effortlessly inside her. Barb started moaning and writhing on the table. I couldn’t wait any longer, I buried my face in that wet meaty pussy and started eating her out. I took her ass cheeks in my hands and started eating her cunt like you would a slice of watermelon. I could feel her hands on my head, pulling me deeper between her legs. After several minutes of devouring her honey pot, she sat up and we started kissing. My mouth was covered with her juice, but she didn’t care. As we kissed, she unbuttoned my shorts and pulled out my cock. Her hand felt so good, I was afraid I was going to nut right then. I’m pretty sure I was already leaking pre cum. I could hear it make a splack sound as she slowly rubbed and stroked it. I was really afraid I was going to cum if she kept that up. I stood her up and lifted her dress up and over her head and dropped it on the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her gorgeous tits bounced when they güvenilir bahis siteleri fell out of her dress. They were amazing. I cupped them and started sucking on her nipples as we stood there in the kitchen. She had relatively large puffy, pink areolas and her tits were all natural and had a little sag, which I love btw. I had to get inside her so I led her into the bed room where I laid her down and then climbed on top of her. I went to work on those wonderful tits, sucking and tugging on her nipples. She starting pushing me down towards her pussy. I worked my way down, kissing her tummy and down to her nicely trimmed meaty pussy. I gently started rubbing her clit with my thumb while I found her g spot with my index finger, all the while sucking around her clit. Within seconds she started moaning and gyrating her hips, then she went stiff. I could tell she was has having an orgasm. Her body shuddered but I kept working my magic on her g spot and clit. Finally she pushed me back. She re positioned facing me and spread her legs open for me. I moved in between her hips and entered her pussy. She was so wet, I slid in all the way to my balls. She said something like “Fuck!” from what I remember. Her cunt felt amazing. It was so wet and incredibly hot. I had never been with a woman that mature before, let alone some ones mother. I kind of figured it would be looser. To say the least it wasn’t. My cock fit her pussy perfectly and she really knew how to work it. I hammered her for what seemed like 10 minutes or more. I had her legs pushed back almost to her ears and was laying the wood to her extremely hard. She finally said, let me roll over sweetie. I pulled out of her and she rolled over and got on all fours. Her ass looked great. It was heart shaped and when she spread her legs a bit it looked nice and wide. I quickly got in behind her, my cock was already covered in her woman goo and it was wet and slimy and extremely hard. I took it in my hand and found her pussy and drove it inside slowly. I grabbed her hips just above her ass cheeks and took her from behind. I was pumping her pretty hard; to the point she had buried her head in a pillow and was moaning like a whore. After a few minutes I could tell I was close and told her I was about to cum. I remember her saying God yes Rob! Within seconds I exploded inside her. I remember continuing to pump her as I came. After I had sufficiently emptied my sack, we collapsed together on the sweat covered sheets. Barb and I had many more nights and days like this one and some even better that summer. After about three months though it ended. The age difference ended up being too much to deal with; although it was probably me being too immature to handle the situation. I’ll never forget her or the summer we spent together.

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