One Night at Home


This is my first time writing, let me know what you think.


Oh my God! The feelings washing over me were unbelievable. Tina’s mouth was amazing. Her tongue swirling over my cock head then plunging down and sucking hard on the way back up, starting the cycle again.All the while Tina was fondling my balls gently. All this was driving me crazy, bringing me closer and closer to the point of no return. I was in heaven.

I looked down at my sister Tina, her cheeks blowing out as she plunged down, then sucking in as she pulled back up. She was so beautiful, large blue eyes, long auburn hair, and the softest, fairest skin I have ever known. Watching Tina preform her ministrations I began to reminisce of our first sexual encounter. It all started one fateful night shortly after Tina’s 18th birthday… (that’s for latter though)

I was snapped from my reminiscing, by a slight squeeze on my nuts. Tina was looking up at me with a gleam in her eye. but she never stopped what she was doing. Then came the point of no return. My cock enlarging slightly,and my nuts sucking up. Tina withdrew so that only my cock head was in her mouth, and started pumping ataşehir escort bayan my shaft. My hot load bubbled up from my nuts blasting deep into her throat. She began dutifully swallowing shot after shot of my cum. I was euphoric with pleasure.

I simply had to return the favour. I grabbed Tina’s legs and flipped her onto her back. Tina giggled in anticipation of what was to come. I started by kissing Tina deeply, then moving to her neck, then collarbone. I continued to kiss Tina down her body, I paused briefly at her twin peaks, sucking gently of each nipple. Down across her flat stomach, before finally reaching her bare mound. I breathed deeply of her womanly scent. I glanced up at Tina, who had her eyes closed in anticipation. Seeing that I smile to myself, and attack her clit in full force.

My sister screams from the shock, as I suck her clit into my mouth, and circle it with my tongue. Tina starts emitting deep moans of pleasure, from the mounting fiery passion in the very essence of her being. Letting her clit go I probed her lips with my tongue, tasting everything. I fucked her with my tongue as her juices started to really flow. Then I easily escort kadıköy slid first one then a second finger deep into her and started to furiously finger fuck her. Tina started to squirm, and her breathing rapidly increased.

Sensing that she was close I renewed my attack on her clit. I sucked it back into my mouth and hummed, sending her over the top. I clamped my mouth over her pussy and continued to stimulate her with my tongue, as I drank her fluids. Tina clamped her legs around my head, as she thrashed all over the bed; almost breaking my neck in the process. I started to slow my assault to allow her to come down from the violent orgasm that had ripped through her body.

Tina lay there her breasts heaving, with a dreamy look on her face, but I was not done there. I moved up the bed, spreading her legs as went. I positioned my cock at the entrance to my sisters womanhood and plunged in, right to my balls. Both Tina and I moaned out in ecstasy. I pulled out until just my cock head was in her pussy before ramming all the way back in again. I kept this up, starting slow, but in no time I was thrusting hard and fast. The only thing that comes to mind of bostancı escort anything that is similar is the arms of an old steam train pulling the express at full speed down the track.

Tina was thrusting back up at me stroke for stoke, and moaning in time with each thrust. We were both getting a sheen of sweat on us from the exertion. Then Tina’s second orgasm of the night swept through her body. She thrashed her head about and grabbed her tits. I could feel her muscles contracting around my cock, trying to milk my cock. All the while I never let up my assault.

After her orgasm subsided somewhat I decided that a change was needed. I picked up Tina’s almost incoherent form and turned her over. With what coherent thoughts she still had, she must have known what I wanted because she was able to keep her knees under her. I then reinserted my prick into her pussy and started going again. I just continued my on slot, through three more of her climaxes.

Then without warning as her fifth climax of the evening hit I exploded. I pushed in as deep as I could, penetrating her womb and shooting my incestuous seed deep into my sister, and stars clouded my vision. I shot so much cum into Tina that it started to leak out and run down our legs. Both spent and exhausted, we collapsed, cuddled together and passed out with our orgasms still subsiding.


let me know if I should continue. Input is welcome

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