One of “Those” Parties Ch. 01


My girlfriend and I had been dating for two years when she suggested we go to a party her friends were having at their house. I had heard some interesting stories about certain types of parties thrown there and just thought they were mostly exaggerated until last Friday night.

Rebecca is my girlfriend and with auburn hair and grey eyes she was pretty and had all the right curves for my taste. After a year of being together Becca told me how she liked to “play” by having another woman come in and be involved in certain sexual encounters. She also told me she liked to have her partner watch while she played with other women. I have no problem with this but we have not to this date had another person included in our sex life. The most daring we had become so far was for Becca and I to find a strip club that would allow a dancer to get in Becca’s lap and let Becca play with her a little while I got to watch from another chair.

As we walked into the party there were maybe three dozen people all socializing, some with drinks in their hands, some with little snack plates. Becca was greeted warmly by several people and I felt a slight twinge when another woman who Becca called Tasha, came up to Becca and kissed her full on the mouth before Tasha turned to me and smiled introducing herself. Becca proceeded to hold my hand and walk around the party for the next hour as she introduced me to various people and having a few drinks.

Around ten o’clock is when things started getting interesting at this party. I was sitting on a couch in the large living room with Becca curled up beside me when a girl who was dancing decided to take her top off. I stared for a minute, not quite knowing what to think but when I looked at Becca she has this wicked grin on her face. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Watch her Lover. Tina over there with the pretty breasts hanging out on the dance floor is usually the one who starts the fun part of the party…” I wasn’t sure what I was in for tonight but I was already feeling my cock ümraniye escort stir. I looked back to the girl Becca said was Tina and watched as she summoned a guy over to her while she still danced and when he was close enough she put her hand in his hair and pulled him down to her breasts. The guy got down on his knees in front of her and took her breasts in his hands, first licking one nipple until it was hard and then the other. I watched as Tina let her head fall back and leaned her breasts into this guy’s mouth, encouraging him to suck her nipples and play with them.

I felt Becca’s hand stroking my thigh on top of my pants and felt my cock start to harden. She leaned over to whisper in my ear, “I think it would be fun to stay and play tonight. What do you think?” I turned toward her and said, “I will stay as long as you want, and play however you want.” Becca smiled wide and I felt her start to undo my pants right there on the couch. I watched her slide her hand into my pants and felt her hand stroking my hard cock. I looked up across the room only to see a couple on another couch, the man sitting with his pants already down to his ankles while he sat o the couch, and a girl kneeling down in front of him. I watched her take his hard cock in her hands and stroke it a few times before teasing him with a long, slow lick from his balls to the head of his cock. I hissed in a breath when Becca wrapped her hand fully around my cock just as the woman on the couch across the room sucked the man’s cock into her mouth.

I watched the woman suck the man’s cock for a few minutes and then remembered Tina a few feet away dancing and the guy sucking her nipples. When I turned my head and looked Tina had two men in front of her, each one sucking on a breast and squeezing it. I watched one of the guys slide his hand up and pull her skirt and panties down to her ankles. His hand slid back up her legs and right between her thighs. I watched him slid a finger into her pussy and saw how excited she started getting.

Becca pendik escort decided I was ready to participate a little more and started taking my pants and boxers off. I let her remove my clothing completely and set it aside and sat back down on the couch. She was motioning to someone and after a minute or two a pretty blonde woman named Carrie came over already topless and only wearing a pair of blue thing panties. Becca smiled at her when she got near and Carrie stopped in front of me and watched Becca stroking my hard cock. Becca looked at me and said, “I think this might be a long night of fun, so we need to get you taken care of.” I knew that I had a good stamina and could cum three or four times given the right circumstances. Carrie kneeled down in front of me and Becca held my cock out to her. I watched Carrie slide her hands up my legs and then she flicked her tongue out and licked my cock up and down a few times. Carrie slid my cock into her mouth slowly which made me groan a little. It was hot as hell watching my girlfriend feed my cock to another woman.

As Carrie was sliding my cock in and out of her mouth, Becca got up on and knelt behind Carrie on the floor. I watched as Becca slid her hands over Carrie’s hips and puller her ass up into the air so Carrie was on her hands and knees doggie style while still sucking my cock.

I looked at Becca just as she smiled and says in a husky voice, “I want you to feel the difference of how good she sucks cock when I’m playing with her from behind. And don’t worry, she loves sucking cock and loves it when someone cums in her mouth even more. I want you to watch me play with her and when she starts getting really good and makes you want to cum, I want to watch you grab her hair and fuck her mouth until you unload your cock into her mouth.” I felt a sexual punch in the gut when Becca said this. My girlfriend was telling me to fuck another girl’s mouth until I filled it with cum. I let my legs fall open a bit more and Carrie took advantage and started to deep bostancı escort throat my cock, taking it all into her mouth.

Becca’s fingers started paying with Carries pussy while I watched. I noticed the guy who was getting his cock sucked on the couch across the room starting to watch my girlfriend slide her fingers into Carrie’s wet pussy, I saw Becca’s fingers getting coated with wetness and wanted to be down there with her playing. I could feel a difference in the way Carrie was sucking my cock, she was getting better as my girlfriend fucked her with her fingers. I watched Becca slide her fingers out of Carrie’s pussy and look right at me. I watched those fingers go into her mouth one by one and licked them clean. I almost came in Carrie’s mouth right then but wanted to drive Becca crazy as well.

I slid my hand into Carrie’s hair and it caught Becca’s attention. I watched Becca’s fingers slide back into Carrie’s pussy and fuck her for a minute. I started thrusting my hips up and shoving my cock into Carrie’s waiting mouth while I had her head and pulling it onto my cock, making her take my whole length. Becca crawled up next to me and slid her fingers which were wet from playing with Carrie’s pussy over my lips.

I could smell the pussy on her fingers and grabbed her hand and slid her fingers into my mouth as I started fucking Carrie’s mouth harder. Carrie started playing with my balls which only made me pump her mouth harder. Becca slid her fingers in and out of my mouth as I tasted Carrie’s pussy which drove me over the edge. I shoved Carrie’s mouth onto my cock and held her there with my cock all the way in her mouth as I felt my cum explode in her mouth. I felt her sucking my cum as it came out of my cock and then watched her swallow it all which made my cock spasm again as she sucked and licked me clean while rubbing my balls.

When Carrie was done and she sat back on her heels, she smiled up at me and licked her lips. Becca smiled at me and then I watched her lean down and pull Carrie up to her knees and Becca slid her tongue over Carrie’s lips. Becca turned to me and said, “Your cum tastes even better on her mouth.” I doubted I was going to get hard again anytime soon but Becca was determined to prove that wrong…

To be continued…

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