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One on one with MoniqueAs I looked over at Monique’s sweaty, naked body, it dawned on me. I just had sex with an athlete, albeit an athlete that I had known since she got her first training bra. She was the friend of an old co-worker that I reconnected with years ago through social media. And here was Monique now, a basketball and field hockey star in high school but finding herself a role player now in college. But anyways, on to the story.So it was about six months ago, when she turned 19, that I really began to notice her. She was finely tuned, and always wore a letterman style jack. She had nice legs, long arms, and a firm ass. One day we’re messing around on the basketball court, and she kept bumping her ass against my cock as she bounced the ball. I could have fucked her on the court she was getting me so horny, and by the look in her eye, I could tell that was her intent. She was schooling me quite good. In any event, she made a shot, it clanked, and both of us went for the ball, and ended up off the court. Basketball by my head, Monique reached down and grabbed my balls.“The basketball is over there.” I said.“I Know,” was her reply, “But I want these balls instead.”Before I could say anything else, she slid my cock out of my shorts, and began to give me one hell of a blow job right there, under the hoop. She sucked my cock as if she’d finally gotten her hands on the prize. She licked and teased my head. She looked up, and quickly let go, and put my cock back in my shorts. She pointed out the campus security car that was pulling into the other güvenilir bahis parking lot. We got up, and I bounced the ball a little, No way in hell was I going to be able to play with this boner. We agreed to go back to her campus apartment.Her roommate was gone. Her name was Shaunna, and as if to tease me a little more, Monique explained that Shauna was a teammate of hers on the basketball team, and she talked how Shaunna swung both ways, and until last week, she’d never been with a woman. Monique explain how Shauna, and stung brunette, would lick her pussy and make her body tremble, What else could I do? As she described the sweaty 69 she had with her teammate, and took my cock out and began to stroke it. Monique then explain how the very basketball we were using had been a part of the fun. She explained that they took turned with a strap on that had been tied to it and rode the lucky ball. Monique moved closer and closer. Just the image of those two 19 year old sexy female athletes exploring her body was getting me rock hard. She saw this, and asked if she could finish what I’d started.Monique took my cock deep into her mouth. This girl can suck cock good, better than most females my age. I ran my fingers through her hair and down her back. I slide my hand down the back of her shorts, and made my way past her asshole and towards her pussy. I began to rub her sweet pink. I was getting hungry, I needed to eat that pussy.Soon enough, Monique was spread eagle, showing off her carefully maintain muff. I slid two fingers in, and began to lick her türkçe bahis pussy lips. I licked and sucked on those things while I finger fucked her. She was moaning and I could tell she was having a great time. My cock was so hard at this time it nearly hurt. I quickly stopped my finger food meal, and stood between her legs. As I like to do, I rubbed the head of my hard cock in her pubic hair. I don’t know why, this always turns me on. I then rub the head against the lips, teasing entry. I pulled away, and stroked it a little more. I slowly push my large cock into her pussy. It still had a little tightness to it. I was in, and it felt good. I fucked her pussy right and hard. Monique wrapped her legs around me, and begged me to fuck her hard. I pounded away, making sure I pleased her. I also knew that I had to make sure I didn’t cum in her. She was on scholarship, and getting pregnant could fuck that up.Leaning towards her, she wrapped her arms around me. She held me close as I fucked her sweet, tight, teen pussy. She droved her tongue hard into my mouth. She pulled it back out and whispered if I could still taste Shauna. Monique told me that Shaunna had gone out for a run before she headed out for the day, but she didn’t want to leave until Monique ate her pussy. If that was Shaunna I tasted, I needed to introduce myself to her.I pulled out, and began to eat Monique’s pussy. It tasted just as sweet as the teased taste of Shaunna. Monique run her fingers through my long mane of hair. She moaned how she secretly dug white guys, especially ones with rock güvenilir bahis siteleri star hair. I kept licking and teasing her pussy, I didn’t want to stop. It tasted so fucking good. But I had to stop, because Monique wanted my cock again, only this time in her ass.Damn that ass was tight. I could just fit my cock in there. She let out a cry, but said she liked it. I fucked her ass for a few minutes, before I could tell it was a little too much for her. I don’t think she’d done too much anal until that point.We fucked and sucked for what felt like minutes but was actually over an hour. Monique was on her back, and I was on top of her, a knee on each side. I titty fucked her, as she requested. She screamed for me to shoot my cum on her face. She wanted me to fire the cannon from there. Faster and faster, and titty fucked her. I kept holding back, cause I didn’t want to cum. Soon enough though, I had to bust. I gave her a heads up. And soon enough, my purely white cum shot out of my extremely red hot cock and landed all over her face and hair. I think that may have been one of the biggest nuts I ever shot. I relaxed, and she smiled. I was tired as fuck and could hardly stand. Monique got up, standing and wobbly legs. She had to hold on to the couch as she collected out clothes. We got dressed and said our good byes, agreeing that we’d do this again, once basketball season was over.Little did I know that our friend Shaunna had never left. She was in her bedroom watching and getting off. Monique called me a few weeks ago, asking if I’d stop by. Shaunna wanted to join our little session. I happily agreed. Who was I to say no? And as I sit here, recalling mine and Monique’s session, I look forward to me, her and Shaunna getting together this summer. The days can’t cum quick enough!

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