One Summer_(1)



This story took place over thirty years ago its all true I will change the names. My parents divorced when my sister and I were very young I was 13 my sister not quit 15 one year and 5 months separated us.

The story

After the divorce my mother moved inland from the beach. She went back to work and we were left to fend for ourselves from 6am to 4:30 pm. We moved into a very nice home with a pool it was December just in time for the second section of school. Summer vacation started in June I had a few friends my sister only one. It was hard to make friends in just a few months.

My sister’s name is Sue her only friends name was Jill. My mother was a strict woman she had her rules and we new not to break them. Her big rule we had a problem with was no swimming without an adult so no swimming during the day only after she got home. We tried to get away with it but she always found out wet towels or bathing suits.

One day Sue came to me with an idea she said if we swim without our suits mom would never know we would just air dry. I was shocked and had to think about this for maybe 10 seconds I looked at her with a big smile called her the smartest person ever. The next day we hit the pool early Sue walked to the edge of the pool dropped her suit and jumped in it was so fast all I saw was a blur. I followed her in we swam and played like we always did some racing some polo when it was time to get out Sue just walked up the steps in full view and laid down on the concrete on her back. It was the most incredible thing that had I had ever seen.

It had been a year or so since I saw her topless I always tried to get a look without much success. She had changed a lot her boobs were huge and she had a little hair not much she was a blond so it never did fill in. I got out of the pool and lay down next to her face down. Nothing was said for a long time so I started I don’t remember your boob being so big. She looked at me with a puzzled look and said when did you see my boobs before today I told her I had been checking them out for years. She laughed and said Bostancı Escort it was OK for me to look.

I could not keep laying on my belly my dick was hard as a rock and it hurt so I turned over and it stuck up I tried to cover it but it was not possible Sue looked over and said just relax it was cool to have a hard on it was a compliment to her. Wow what a relief I asked her why I had so much hair and she was almost bald she explained that blonds like her had very thin hair. I sat up and asked her if I could see her Pussy she looked kind of shocked she said I guess it was ok after all she could see my dick and all.

Sue spread her legs and I moved so I could get a good look we started talking kid of like a science class I asked her if the hole she had was as small as mine, she said no it was larger she put her fingers between her legs and spread the lips apart so I could see the hole. Her lips were a light pink color. I leaned in and really looked inside the hole I told her I could see it was wet and shinny I asked if I could touch it she said ok so I put my fingers on her pink lip and spread it a little more she kind of made a noise I looked up at her face she had her eyes closed and she was biting her lip. I touched all around the hole and finally put the tip of my finger inside. It went in easy she was wet very wet it was running down her crack. After a few seconds my finger was all the way in I started moving it in and out Sue kept making noises they got a little louder. Then she got stiff and rolled over on her side.

We did this for the next few days. One day Sue asked me if I jacked off, I didn’t want to tell her but I did. I said yes she wanted to know how often, Several times a day she looked shocked can you do it now I said yes anytime she wanted me to do it in front of her write now. I started jacking off checking her body out as I did she was touching herself as I jacked off it made me weak in the knees in about one minute I came all over the ground. Sue was surprised how fast I came. It was a new thing we did for a few days that weekend Sue spent Bostancı Escort Bayan the night at Jill’s house and everything changed.

Monday morning was the same as always when the door bell rang it was Jill she said she was going to swim with us today I let her in and ran into Sues room and shut the door how can she swim with us Sue said she had talked with her and she new she had to be naked it was no problem just no playing around for today. I was a little disappointed about not fooling around but I would get to see Jill naked it was OK with me.

We all went out to the pool and jumped in Jill was shorter than Sue with dark hair her pussy had more hair than I did her boobs were not as full as Sues but very nice the smallest pink nipples. We finished swimming Jill made a point to touch my dick several times so I did the same to her she never objected to me touching her so I went as far as I could even putting a finger inside her pussy she held my dick in her hand it felt great Sue had never touched my dick before. We laid out talking about sex and body parts Jill said I could finger her just like I had done to Sue she spread her leg and I moved in. Too my surprise Sue moved closer and watched as I fingered her for several minutes she sat up kissed me on the mouth and said that was great but I have a lot to learn.

We laid back and started talking again Jill asked me if I want to have sex with her I thought she was just teasing me so I said no I was a little tired she sat up and took my still hard as a rock cock in her hand she started kissing the tip and then she put the hole thing in her mouth I looked at Sue her mouth was wide open in shock. Jill sucked for maybe a minute I started coming it was the strongest climax ever I kept coming more and more until she stopped pumping and lifted her head It took a little time to swallow it all but she did and a big smile how was that. No words would come out I just shook my head yes.

We got dressed and went in the house for something to eat I made sandwiches and we sat down to eat. I asked Jill how she new so much Escort Bostancı she smiled and said I have an older brother and four sisters. I asked her about her brother I new him he was seventeen just out of high school his name was Kevin she explained at her house clothing was optional most of the time. Her father had past away a few years back. Sue jumped in and asked you guys don’t wear anything with your brother around she smiled and said no not very often. Have you ever you know done it with him? Jill said yes he had been coming into her room for years along with all of her sisters. I asked Jill if her mother new she said I think so but we never talk to her about it. Jill wanted to know if we had done the deed yet I went red in the face no we just played around a little at the pool. Jill had to go home when she was gone Sue asked me if I was thinking about having sex with her when we played around I could tell she was a little freaked by Jill’s story so I said no I was just having fun not thinking about anything she smiled and said good so was she. If I had said anything else that would have been the end of it I think.

The next day was overcast so we stayed inside Sue said it was more fun without our close so we tried it naked all day inside we started off like always me fingering her this time I was rubbing her nipples and squeezing them Sue was quiet every time I touched her she would make a little noise she liked me kissing her nipples she asked me not to stop. With me all over her my dick hard as a rock she starts stroking it very soft at first a little harder as time went on I told her I was coming she kept up a slow even stroke I came all over the floor and on her hand it was perfect. I asked her if I could lick her pussy she kind of said no but not a real no so I laid down on the floor between her legs and started kissing and licking her pussy she pushed me away a little then let go I was all over it she wrapped her legs around my back this went on forever when she came it was to tears she rolled up in a ball and shook for a long time I was afraid I hurt her I was telling her how sorry I was she looked at me tears still flowing and said it was great the best thing she had ever felt.

I’ll wait for comments if you want to know what happened the rest of that summer let me know.

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