Subject: One Thousand Men 29 This is the fictional memoir of a gay man, told in the first person. The memoir began with the series C’est La Vie!, which covers the years 1970-1997. This series covers the year the narrator turns 40, 1998, and launches an ambitious project to have sex with 1000 men that year. Some of the stories in this series are based on actual experiences, usually embellished a lot, as well as completely fictional ones. They depict sex between consenting adult males. If this offends you, do not read them. These are my stories. Please respect the copyright. If you enjoy them, let me know at ail. Please Contribute fty and keep this wonderful resource going! In the last chapter I described a call from the escort service for which another escort, a hot Hispanic man, Angel, and I performed a pick-up fantasy for a client, and how Angel went home with me to spend the night for some passionate sex. One Thousand Men: 1998 TUTORING Saturday was unstructured. Angel had a lot of errands to do, and so we said goodbye after having coffee and croissants around the corner. I went to the gym, did some laundry and came back around one to see the message light blinking. It was the service, asking whether I could do appointments at three and five. I called them up to say yes, and later in the afternoon, they called about three more, one at eight, one at ten and one that wanted an overnight. I refused the overnight but took the others, since I had plans for Sunday. Sunday I drove back out to Pt. Reyes to do some more paintings, and then met my friend in Fairfax for an early dinner. Monday would be my birthday, and she wanted to do something special for me. For my part, I had other things I wanted to do later, so we went out around five and I took her home at eight after a dinner–her treat–at an exceptional restaurant in Marin. I then headed over the Richmond Bridge to Berkeley. I wanted to celebrate my birthday at the Steamworks. I got to the Steamworks a little after nine, and again, I had to go on the waiting list for a room. No problem, plenty of fun to be had in the steam room, the hot tub, other rooms, the maze, everywhere. The place was packed, as it often is on Sunday, and as usual, my body attracted a lot of attention from young and old alike. A room became available around 9:45, and after that, I just stayed in my room and let guys come in to suck me, be sucked, fuck or be fucked. I did some three-ways and four-ways there, and a couple of times hit the showers and the steam-room or the Jacuzzi, where other encounters waited. A couple of guys were ones I had seen my first visit there, but it didn’t matter, I enjoyed them anyway and just didn’t tally them up on my road to 1000 men. Around two in the morning of my birthday, I’d had enough fun, and checked out, 22 new men on my list. Monday I woke late, then worked on my drawings, reviewed my notes and PowerPoint slides for the talk I was to do at the Museum on Tuesday, and did three more calls for the escort service in the late afternoon and evening. I told them that I would not be available again until Wednesday. Tuesday, I gave my talk to a good-sized crowd at four o’clock, tried to answer questions, some of them very perceptive and some idiotic, then had dinner with some more museum people, and talked to a dealer in San Francisco who was interested in representing my work. We went over to his gallery after dinner, had a nice chat, and he came on to me. He was attractive, but I don’t like mixing up business and sex, so I politely let him know that I was not interested. Wednesday, I went to the gym, and then to look at some of the other local galleries. Returning home around one-thirty, the message light was blinking. The escort service asked me to do three calls, one at three, one at five and one at nine. I said OK to all three. They said, “The guy at nine sounded pretty young. We don’t get a lot of calls from young guys, just occasionally, and he sounded nervous. If there is any doubt whatsoever that he is at least eighteen, please check his ID. We need trouble with underage clients like a hole in the head!” “OK, I’ll do that,” I said. The appointment at three was a hotel call downtown, a middle-aged guy, obviously married, who asked me to strip and let him jerk me for a while, and then asked me to suck him to completion. We were done in about forty minutes, and he was anxious to get me out. The five-o’clock was in my neighborhood, and I just walked over. It was a with an aging queen, a man in his late 60s, small, slim, elegant and effeminate. He had a beautiful place, and when we went into the bedroom, he couldn’t get enough of my body, like he was starving. He was all over me kissing, and hugging, and in spite of his body with all the wrinkles and sags that age brings, he was really pretty good in bed, making me feel like I was really special for him. He ended up sucking me for a long time, quite skillfully, and then lay on his back, with his eyes closed and a look of ecstasy on his face as I fucked him and brought him off with my hand. I went home and made some dinner and read for a while, and about twenty to nine drove over the hill to my nine o’clock appointment. The address was a beautiful, large, single home in the Pacific Heights district. The service had said that I should park in the driveway, which I did, then climbed the stairs to the front door and rang the bell. The door was answered by a stunning young Asian boy, about 6’1″, slim, broad-shouldered with narrow hips, and a handsome face. “John?” he said timidly. I nodded yes, and he held out his hand and said “Thanh.” He seemed incredibly nervous, so I tried to put him at ease with my most winning smile “Pleased to meet you Thanh.” He just stood there, uncertain what to do. “Do you want me to come in?” and then, “Is my car OK where it is?” nodding toward my car. He recovered himself a little and said, “Oh, geez, I’m sorry. Yeah, the car is fine. Please come in.” He led me into a beautiful living room filled with expensive furniture, and Asian paintings and objects d’art. “Have a seat,” he said. “Can I get you anything to drink?” “No, thank you, I’m fine,” I said. “This is a really beautiful house, and the paintings are extraordinary.” “Thanks,” he said. “I live here with my parents. My father is the collector. He’s a real connoisseur of Asian art.” “I hope your parents are not going to walk in on us,” I joked. He colored a little and said, “They’re in Viet Nam for a month visiting relatives.” “So, while the cat’s away�.” I kidded him, and he blushed some more. “I do have a question, and I hope you will understand and not be offended.” “What?” he asked nervously. I think he was afraid I was going to bust him for something. “Thanh, I just need to see some ID. I think you can understand that there would be problems for me and the service with someone under eighteen.” He seemed relieved, smiled shyly, and reached in his hip pocket for his wallet. He opened it and handed his driver’s license to me. He was nineteen. I smiled and handed it back to him. “Thanh, sorry about that. The service doesn’t get a lot of calls from young guys, especially good looking ones like you. They usually can do OK on their own without paying. So can I ask why you called? I don’t want to offend you, I’m really curious.” He said softly, “I’ve never been with a guy.” I said, “Did I hear right?” He said, “Yes, I have never been with another man.” I said, “You look like you’re in college, right?” He nodded yes. “I would think that there would be guys all over you there.” He said, “Well, guys do look at me, but I don’t know how to respond. I don’t want to come on to a guy who is straight and have a scene, or worse, have him beat me up. And even if I did get that part right, I wouldn’t know what to do when I was alone with him. It would be really embarrassing to do dorky things, you know, or not know how I should do something, like I had never been with a man before.” I thought, “This guy seems awfully sheltered, probably hasn’t even seen any gay videos.” And then I remembered my introduction to sex with men twenty years before with Jason, my sex tutor. I smiled and said to him, “You probably won’t believe this, but I was in a similar situation when I was in college. By chance, I answered an ad on a campus bulletin board posted by a guy a few years older who wanted to tutor an inexperienced young man. It took a lot of guts kurtköy escort to call him, and I almost chickened out, but it was the perfect thing. Being with you will bring back some really nice memories. It must have taken guts to call the escort service.” “Yeah, it did. I was really nervous. I thought I might get ripped off, but I had read a short article somewhere about how they were gay-owned and managed, and really wanted to provide a service for guys, especially guys that couldn’t be out in the open. It also emphasized how discreet and private they were with their clients, which helped calm my worries a little. I called a bunch of times and hung up. When I finally decided to do it, I didn’t use my last name, and I was glad they didn’t ask. When they asked directions to my house, I lied and told them that I was just house-sitting for friends.” “Why do you think you want to be with a man?” I asked. “Well, when I see a really good-looking guy, especially if he is built, I start to get hard. When I was in high school, I had to fight off erections when we showered in gym class. I have a girlfriend, and she’s really nice and all, but when she wants to have sex with me, I have to close my eyes and think about those guys, then I can get hard and reach a climax.” “Sounds to me like you’re gay,” I said, “but the real test is if you really enjoy sex with other guys. I can show you a lot of things tonight that will make you comfortable with other men and give both you and them pleasure, and I can give you some tips on how to find other gay guys. We can take it real slow, and if you are uncomfortable with anything, please let me know and I won’t go there. There are a million ways to be intimate with a man, so we won’t have a problem tonight. We’ll just take it really slow and easy.” He still looked worried. I asked, “Is there a problem? If you don’t want to go ahead, I can leave, and I won’t charge you for the hour. I really want this to be good for you.” He said, “If we take it so slow, I’m worried that we will go more than an hour and I won’t have enough money for you. Also, do I pay you now?” “You don’t have to pay me until we are done, and don’t worry about running over. Anything over the hour is on me. I’m really happy to be able to return, at least a little, the favor that Jason paid to me all those years ago.” He smiled and looked less nervous, but still sat next to me on my right, about a foot away, not knowing what to do. I made the first move and leaned toward him and put an arm around his shoulders, then moved my hips over until our thighs were touching. I pulled his head toward mine until our lips met. He kept his mouth closed and pressed his lips to mine, like a teenager doing his first kiss. I was certain that he knew how to French kiss, since he had had sex with his girlfriend, but he was really hesitant with a man. Gradually, I could feel some of the tension go out of his body as we kissed. I reached over with my left hand and put it on his chest. He was wearing a button-down shirt and jeans, and I gently felt his body through the shirt. Like a lot of teen-agers, he didn’t have any fat on him at all. He was not muscular, but I could feel the firmness of his light muscles through the shirt, and the ridges that defined the edges of his pecs. He moaned almost inaudibly, and I looked down to his lap and could see a bulge growing in his pants. He shifted in his seat just slightly, to relieve the pressure on his cock, and as he did so, he opened his mouth just a little, and I started to move my tongue into it, slowly and easily. As I did so, I unbuttoned two buttons on his shirt and slipped my hand inside to his smooth chest. This time, his moan was a little more audible as I moved my hand around his chest and down onto his abs. Again, his muscles were not bulky, but they were very well defined and devoid of any fat. His skin was smooth and silky over their hardness. Now he was beginning to work his tongue into my mouth and become more assertive. He was still clearly a novice, but I could tell that he was going to be a quick study. His natural desires were doing a lot toward leading him. I moved my mouth around to his ear, nibbling on his earlobe, probing the inside of his ear with the tip of my tongue. As I did so, he moved a hand to my thigh and let it rest there. I continued to unbutton his shirt as I worked around his ears and down his neck a little. He shuddered as I kissed his neck, and I knew that I had found a spot that really turned him on. I had finished unbuttoning his shirt, and I whispered, “Let’s get this off.” He said nothing but leaned forward so that I could pull the tails out of his pants and he could shrug his shoulders and arms out of it. Then he leaned back again. As we had been making out, he had moved his hips a little forward on the sofa, and he was now slouched back a little with his abs curving up to his broad chest with its flat-slab pecs and nice dark-brown nipples standing out against his golden skin. He was truly a beautiful sight. It is wonderful to gaze on the pristine body of a young man, fully developed but still clear and clean, without scars, wrinkles and imperfections. I said, “Thanh, you look really awesome. I love your body, it’s a real turn-on to me.” He smiled but didn’t know what to say. Then he said, “John, can we take your shirt off too? I want to see you too.” I had a T-shirt on, and pulled it out of my pants and over my head, dropping it on the floor. “God, you have such a hot, muscular body,” he said. “I don’t think I could ever look like that. When I work out I get stronger, but never seem to be able to bulk up at all. You’re unbelievably sexy. I can’t believe I got so lucky for my first experience with a guy.” “I’m happy you like what you see, Thanh. And don’t worry about bulking up. When I was your age, I was just the same. When I got a little older, my body changed, and I was able to put on some muscle that shows. It took a lot of work though. Come on, let’s stand up and you can feel what it is like to have another man’s naked chest against yours.” We stood up, and I took him in my arms and pressed my lips to his again, feeling his warm chest against mine. He sighed with pleasure, and involuntarily pressed his hard cock, encased in his pants, into my pelvis. “Oh yeah, Thanh, that feels good, doesn’t it?” “Uh-huh,” he said, “this is so exciting. It’s like a dream.” I said, “I want to show you something else,” and lead him over to a beautiful side table with a big mirror over it. I got behind him and put my hands on his chest, bending to kiss him on the neck as we faced the mirror. I ran my hands up and down slowly over his torso, letting them move down to gently brush against his crotch. Then I moved them up to his nipples and gently swirled my fingers around them, then took them in between my thumb and forefinger and gently pinched them. A look of intense pleasure came over his face, and he whispered, “Oh God, that feels so fantastic. How did you know about that?” “No big secret,” I said. “A lot of guys have nipples that are really sensitive, and some don’t. You just have to try. Some guys can cum if you work their nipples right. Some guys like theirs pinched hard, or even bitten. Some guys get them pierced, and like you to pull on the rings. I like lip and tongue work on mine, but nothing rough. You learn what a guy likes while you’re exploring each other’s bodies. And of course, he can tell you, but a lot of guys are not very verbal about letting you know what turns them on. “Let’s try this,” I said, as I moved around in front of him and bent down to work his nipples with my lips and tongue. He was moaning loudly as I did it, and I became worried that he might just cum in his pants before we got to the really good stuff. I worked him for a while, and then he asked if he could do me. As he lowered his lips to my nipple, I coached him on what I liked: I told him what to do with his lips and tongue, and how to nibble very lightly with his teeth from time to time, how to move from one nipple to the other, and how to vary the experience by coming up for kisses occasionally, and working around my chest and abs with his hands. I then suggested that we move over to an upholstered chair, and told him to sit down. I knelt in front of him on my knees, pulling his mouth to mine and kissing him some more. For the next ten minutes or so, I worked his aydıntepe escort nipples, explored his chest with my lips and tongue, worked my way down to his navel, and then back up again to kiss some more. He squirmed in the chair, and I knew he was ready for more. The next time I worked my way down to his navel, I started to unbuckle his belt. He knew what was coming, and sighed, leaning his head back against the chair and closing his eyes. I pulled his belt out, and unbuttoned then slowly unzipped his pants. I whispered “Lift your hips up,” which he did and I pulled his pants down around his thighs. He had a light crop of straight back hair on his legs, and was wearing a pair of white jockey shorts that now had a prodigious bulge in them. I bent down to untie his shoes and remove them and then finished taking his pants off. I sat back up to kiss him and work his nipples some more, this time, letting my chest rest against the erection in his shorts. He involuntarily pushed his pelvis up against my chest as we kissed, moaning a low moan. “Now for a real treat,” I said. “Does your girlfriend ever suck your cock?” “She doesn’t like to do it very much,” he said. “She can’t seem to get me in very far, and sometimes she scrapes me with her teeth, so it isn’t all that good. “Well, I can show you how it’s done,” I said. “Men know what other men like, though different guys like different things. Some like you to go all the way down, some like hard pressure, some soft, some like you to just work on the head a lot. But I can show you a bunch of different things you can try, and you can usually figure out what turns your partner on. Let’s take a look at what you have here,” and I pulled his elastic waist-band over his erect cock, freeing it from its confinement. His cock sprang out, and bounced on his skin, then stood up away from his body at about a 45-degree angle. He was cut, the head was beautifully proportioned to the shaft, a couple of veins on the underside were prominent, and his balls we perfectly matched to the size of his penis, and were hanging low because of the warmth of the room. He was big too: close to eight inches, I judged, and proportionately thick, an exceptional endowment. And his cock was a beautiful, even, light-brown color, with a pinkish head. I settled back on my haunches and smiled at him. He was looking nervously at me as if I might pronounce him inadequate or abnormal, but instead I exclaimed, “Man, Thanh, that is really beautiful, and big too!” “He smiled slightly, and said “Really? I didn’t know. I have never seen another man’s hard cock before. And my girlfriend never commented on my size. I think I am the only guy she has had sex with. I guess you can’t tell about size from soft cocks. Mine looked pretty average in the showers after gym.” “Yeah, that’s true, you can’t always tell how big an erection is going to be by looking at it soft,” I said, “but let me tell you that you are way above average, which is usually around six inches, maybe a little more. I think you are close to eight.” He beamed, and it was clear that I had cleared up one of his worries, “You’ll have no problems holding your own in the gay world with this equipment,” I said. “Once your size gets to be known, guys will be beating a path to your bed.” I smiled at him and he beamed back. “Have you had bigger ones?” he said. “Oh, yeah, sure,” I said. “Yours is big but won’t win a prize for size. But actually that’s good. Guys who are really big sometimes have trouble finding guys who are comfortable with their size and who know what to do with it. You won’t have that problem. I had sex with a guy once with a twelve-inch cock, and he confessed that I was the first man in a long time that could satisfy him. A lot of his other partners begged off when they saw his weapon. Let me see what I can do with this beauty,” I concluded, and leaned forward and took him lightly in my hand. It was the first time that he had ever had another man’s hand around his cock, and he sighed deeply when I held him. I let my fingertips trace up and down his beautiful shaft. He held his breath and then shuddered slightly as he let it out, then gasped slightly as I hit a new nerve and he had a quick intake of breath. I was enjoying feeling his hard, young meat, fresh and virgin to man-sex, as it were. I moved my lips closer and blew a thin stream of warm air on his cock, giving him just the most fleeting of sensations. He clearly loved it. I looked up at him and smiled and said, “It’s just so beautiful. One of God’s greatest gifts to men is erections.” He smiled and nodded in agreement. I pulled his cock toward me a little and planted a light kiss on the tip. Then I let my tongue reach out and touch him, slowly licking down its length, around his balls and back up, then around the head, and back down. He was moaning and gasping at these new sensations. I put my lips together and let them trace down the underside, and came back up with multiple kisses then back to licking again. Every so often I would sit up and pull his lips to mine and get lost in a kiss again. “Do you like this?” I asked. “I don’t want it to ever end,” he replied, as I went back to work again. Sometimes, I would abandon my mouth on his cock, and holding it ever so lightly, stroke him up and down for a minute until it looked like he might cum, at which point, I would kiss him, work his nipples and then go back to really light oral on his cock again. After fifteen minutes of edging him, he was almost crying in desperation. I put my lips on the tip, and opening my mouth so that it just lightly brushed the shaft of his manhood, lowered my mouth until all but about an inch of him was in me. Then I gradually closed my lips tighter, pushed my tongue up against him and sucked him in. He moaned loudly, and so I started a rhythmic up and down with him in my mouth, his first blow-job from a guy. By this time, it was close to ten o’clock and we had been making out and engaged in foreplay for a long time and I had brought him close to cumming many times, and stopped him by holding the base of his cock and under his balls tightly between my thumb and forefinger. But finally I knew he couldn’t last any longer. I felt his balls pull up and his cock swell, and I took my mouth off and replaced it with my hand, pumping him as he shot his load. He moaned louder than before while he shot, at a loss for any words. It was so explosive that the first shot landed on his hair with a trace on the chair above his head. The others ended as ropes of beautiful white cum on his youthful chest and belly. I kept stroking him until he made me stop, saying he was way too sensitive to continue. He lay exhausted and smiling, and said “John, geez, I didn’t know it could be so intense. I’ve never cum like that before.” “Just the first of many,” I said and leaned in to kiss him. “So you really liked that, huh?” “Yes, the stuff that you were doing blew my mind. All those light touches, your breath, the different things you did with your lips and mouth. My girlfriend never did those things.” “Well, let’s get you cleaned up, and then, if you’re OK with it, it’s my turn to be pleasured. I can coach you how to make another man feel really great.” He left the room to go to the powder room and get some tissues, which he cleaned up with, and then I said, “Why don’t we go to your bedroom and continue the lessons?” He smiled, and with his new-found confidence, took my hand and said, “This way, professor,” and eagerly led me up the stairs. As he went up in front of me, I looked at his sweet, slim ass, firm but definitely not a bubble-butt, which I found was an incredible turn-on, even though I knew that tonight was too early for a conquest of that seat of joy. We went into his room and I said, “Remember how I worked up to getting you naked downstairs? I want you to do the same to me.” I was still in my jeans, bare-chested, and I coached him through slowly working over my chest and nipples, and gradually undoing my pants and briefs until I stood naked in front of him. “See, Thanh, I’m just a little bit bigger than average, but not nearly as big as you,” as I stood with my cock just touching his, which was now hard again. He reached out and gingerly felt my hard-on, with a look of wonder in his eyes, the first erection he had ever seen on another man. I took him softly in my hand and stroked him a little as I drew his body tuzla içmeler escort to mine, and we kissed some more. “Let’s lie down,” I said, and we went over to the bed and I lay down, spreading my arms in welcome to him. Thanh lay down on top of me, our cocks together, my arms around his back and resting on his ass, and our lips glued together, our tongues wrestling. We stayed in that position for several minutes, and then I rolled over with him and was on top. “Hook your legs around mine,” I said, and as he did, I moved to push up on my arms so that I could see our cocks pressed together down below. I reached over for the lube bottle that I had brought upstairs with me, and squirted some down there, and then started a series of thrusting motions, rubbing against him. Spontaneously, he thrust up to meet me, and I enjoyed watching his slim torso as his abs contracted to bring his pelvis into maximum contact. We rolled over and he performed the same moves on top of me, and I let my hands trace their way down his sinewy arms with their ropes of muscle tensed as he worked his body over mine. We did that, alternating with kissing and working eachother’s nipples for about a half hour, and then I said “Would you like to try sucking my cock? I would love to feel you do it. Just tell me if you don’t want to do it yet, and I will understand.” “I want to John, just teach me what to do,” he said. So I prompted him how to gradually work his way down my body to my cock, making the approach last, priming his partner or the main event. Then I coached him through a lot of the moves I had made when I sucked him. He was a little rough around the edges, but as I expected, he was a quick study, and pretty soon he was taking me into his throat, almost all the way to my pubes, only gagging a little now and then. I was pretty excited, though clearly the novelty that was adding to his excitement so much was not there with me. Just the thought of helping a handsome young man with his first gay experiences was a big turn-on. When he started sucking in earnest, it did not take long until I felt myself being pushed over the edge and I pulled his head off, saying “I’m gonna cum, Thanh, just use your hand now,” and I shot a big load too, but not as forceful as his was. When we were done, he got some tissues for me so that I could clean up, and we lay together in each other’s arms, just kissing and caressing. “Thanh, that was really great, I would love to show you some more things tonight, if you are up for it.” He looked at the clock on the bedside table, and said, “You have been here almost two hours already, I don’t want to take advantage of your offer for the overtime.” “Well, Thanh, I can’t imagine having a better time at home by myself than I am having with you. My offer comes from the heart.” “Well, if you want to stay, I would love for you to,” he said. “Deal!” I said. “Why don’t we jump in the shower, and if you have a snack or a coke, that would make me happy.” “No problem,” he said. “Follow me,” and so we went down the hall to a bathroom with a big shower stall, and two shower heads, a detail that I thought was rather interesting, and showered together, engaging in some light-hearted sex play in the shower. He soaped me up, lovingly running his hands over my more muscular body, while his cock rose to attention again. I soaped him up and sneaked a couple of feels around his asshole which seemed to turn him on. I was looking forward sometime in the future to teaching the pleasures of anal sex, both as a top and a bottom, but not tonight. I had said I would take it slow, and meant it. We got out of the shower and dried off, wrapped our towels around us and headed for the kitchen. Thanh had closed the blinds around the house before I came over, so we didn’t have to worry about privacy. He rummaged in the fridge, and found some Vietnamese summer rolls and a couple of cans of Coke, and we sat down to eat. While we were eating, we discussed his life. He had been born and raised in the US by parents who got out of Saigon right at the fall of Saigon. They had met in a refugee camp in the Philippines and had immigrated to California before Thanh was born. His father had set up a small importing company a couple of years later, and it had grown rapidly, thus their luxurious circumstances and the art collection. Thanh himself was very interested in Viet Nam, had a number of relatives there, and had visited several times. He knew some Vietnamese, but it was not very good he said, and he was studying to become more fluent and literate. He was a history major in Berkeley, and wanted to study the history of South East Asia professionally. He thought that he would like a career in academia or in the diplomatic corps, but that was a long way off. When we were done eating, we went back up to his room and I told him there were a couple more things I would like to show him. We started kissing and grinding cocks together again, and exchanged blow-jobs for a little while. Then I rolled over on my stomach, and asked him to lie on top of me. “Get that sweet cock of yours wedged between my buns,” I said, and when he had done it, I squeezed my buns together to grab his cock with them. I said, “Put some lube down there, and it will feel really good,” and he followed my directions. Back on top of me, he hooked his arms under my shoulders and kissed my neck and ears, and my mouth when I turned my head so that he could reach it. He eagerly pumped his hips up and down in my slippery crack, and I pushed my ass back against him and humped up and down under his body actively. I hooked my feet over his calves to bring him tighter to me as he built to his climax. A few more minutes and he pulled me to him tightly as he shot his load on the small of my back. When he had rested on me for a few minutes, he wiped his cum up with some tissues, and I said, “OK, my turn, get on your stomach.” He smiled a big smile and flipped over, his arms out and his cute tight ass right under me. I squirted some lube in his crack and then let my cock down where I could rub it there, while I was still sitting up, this time massaging his shoulders and back while I whispered how beautiful his back and ass were, how much the sight of him was turning me on, and so forth, just keeping up a running, horny, monologue, letting him know that words could be an important part of a pleasurable experience with another man. I was close to cumming, but I wanted to show him something else still, so I had him turn over on his back, and this time I squirted lube on his chest and lowered myself so that my cock was lying on his lubed chest. I took his hands and had him press down on my cock as I moved it back and forth on his lean chest, a few inches away from his chin. After about five minutes, I felt myself swell, and I began to shoot onto his chest, leaving a bigger puddle than I expected given that I had cum already. He loved the sight of my cock pouring out its load so close to his mouth, and I thought, “maybe before I leave San Francisco, I’ll get him used to the idea of swallowing.” I bent down to kiss him after cumming, and then bent down and licked up my own cum from his chest, looking at him and smiling. “Wow, I didn’t ever think of doing that,” he said. “Doesn’t it taste kinda weird?” “No, it actually tastes OK,” I said, “a little salty, a little sweet, creamy. Try it when you jerk off sometime.” We lay together about fifteen minutes more and then I said it was time for me to go. I got dressed, and Thanh wrapped the towel around him again. He got out his money and gave it to me. I handed it back to him after taking out the service’s commission. I said, “I need to pay the service their fee, but I really enjoyed tonight too much to take any money. It was so wonderful being able to help you out, and to teach you some things that will give you pleasure for many years to come, just like I was taught by Jason twenty years ago.” Thanh said, “Gee, thanks, but I feel bad that you aren’t getting your share.” “Oh, but I got more than my share,” I said smiling. “There are still a lot of things to teach you, including how to find guys yourself. It’s really pretty easy when you know how. There are some more techniques I would like to teach you too, and some other places for enjoying sex with men that I think you will be interested in. Do you want to get together next Wednesday? We can make it a date, and go to dinner or something first if you want.” “Yeah, I wanna do that,” he said. I gave him my phone number and took his and we decided to get in touch on Tuesday to set it up, then I kissed him, opened the door and stepped out into the San Francisco night.

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