Online Dating Can Work


Online Dating Can WorkI advertised on a certain porn dating site for an Italian Mature and sure enough I found one in my local area; her name is Antonella (not sure if that`s her real name though). We decided to meet up in a public place, but had to be without underwear. We met at a supermarket car park; parked over the back out of the way. We informed each other what cars we had and arranged that she would get into my car. As her car pulled up I quickly pulled my trousers down and started to masturbate, getting myself semi-erect. As she looked into the car she saw I was semi-naked and smiled and pulled a sexy red g-string out of her jacket pocket and dangled them outside the window. As she opened the door she pulled down her black leather skirt and threw it at me. We were now both half-naked. She has a wonderful pussy and I immediately got a full-erection. We kissed each other and introduced ourselves and then fore played with each other’s genitals. She said she wanted to be really alone and suggested driving around for a while… istanbul escort well I was up for that! We drove around the streets for about 30 minutes while she was stroking my Cock and sucking it…I cum twice and she sucked me clean. After a while she invited me round to her house and we got out of the car semi-naked and went in: It was then I noticed she was married. Her Husband was in the living room watching some sport on television; he looked around and saw we were both semi-naked and nodded to me; that it was okay to fuck his Wife. We went up to the bedroom and fully undressed and got on the bed and again fore played with each other, Antonella then opened a drawer and pulled out a few different condoms and I picked one. She sucked my Cock and rolled the condom over it and sucked my Cock through the condom. Antonella then stood over me and lowered her torso down so her cunt was hovering over my now fully erect Cock, she played with her pussy avcılar escort flaps and slid her warm wet juicy cunt onto my throbbing penis. Fuck…I was so turned on; fucking this beautiful mature woman and her Husband was downstairs not bothered about someone fucking his Wife. Antonella told me they had lost interest in sex since they decided to try Domination; she loved it and got more into it, making him her slave and male whore. She told me how she used and abused him for her sexual pleasure; making him strip naked for her friends and making him get his cock out in public, in bars and other places she liked. When we had finished our second session of sexual intercourse, Antonella called her Husband up to the bedroom and told him to get us some refreshments. When he returned he was carrying the tray of refreshments and she fondled his cock though his trousers and she asked me if I`d like to see his small cock. How could I refuse? He put the tray down and undone his trousers and şirinevler escort pulled his pants down… in fact he had a rather large cock, but as we were under the bedclothes, he was none the wiser. Antonella made him masturbate in front of us and cum on one of the biscuits that was on the tray, she then made him eat it and then stand still naked at the side of the bedroom with his hands on his head. He watched us as his Wife asked if I`d like to fuck her again, I said yes and we fucked in full view of her Husband. After a few minutes he said he needed to urinate, so she made him stand by the bed and piss on the duvet cover. The sight of another man pissing on the bed sound really disgusting, but it really turned me on…. and Antonella knew it as she felt my cock stiffen under the bed sheet. Antonella masturbated me more under the bedclothes until I was about to cum, then she told her Husband to come and Suck my cock and suck the semen off. He did. Once we were finished Antonella asked if I wanted to stay for dinner, I accepted and we got showered and re-dressed, but Husband didn`t, she made him stay naked and attend to our every whim.After dinner we teased each other and told each other our sexual fantasies while her Husband listened on. Antonella then suggested we go and get her car and arrange another meeting. We have met three times so far and intend to keep going.

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