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online fantasyMonica was sitting at her computer wishing for some excitement in her life. She creates her own chat room with her screen name Madam Chantel, under Towns Square called LonelyHouseWife, hoping for someone to jump in so she can find some excitement on-line.After 8 minutes of waiting, she has a hit. TeaseMeplease answers her cries for some fun. He asks if he can send her a picture of himself and she answers with a quick “Yes, please do!” She admires his picture as he describes himself. He is 30, 5’11” and weighs 180lbs with blonde hair, blue eyes. He is 8″, thick and cut, and a smile that make you cream. He lives for the moment and right now, she is in it. His name is Austin. She describes herself. Then she sends him a picture of herself which he quickly opens it and admires the beautiful woman in his mail. She is 5’9″ and weighs 150lbs with long light brown hair and mood eyes and a hunger that needs to be satisfied.She asks him are there any limitations and he answers “No, Mistress. Anything you want to do to me, please do. He wants her to dominate him. She begins by telling Austin to beg for her time. He does it so willing, immediately becoming aroused. Chantel begins her cyber Dominatrix scene with her telling him “This is how things will go when we meet. You may only answer when spoken too. Do you understand!” He replies “Yes Mistress”.Chantel is in only thigh high leather boots and a smile on her blood red lips. She tells him to clean her boots, starting at the heel. He begins to lick them, slowly working his way up to her thigh. He is forced back down to the ground by the heel on the other boot. “Stay”! She commands.She grabs the leather cuffs off her table of torture, tells him to put his pinbahis yeni giriş hands behind his back. He does as commanded and she secures them into place. Austin moans and begins to lick the toe of her boot. She kicks him in his chest knocking him backwards, forcing him to sit on his ankles. She screams “I DIDN’T TELL YOU TO DO THAT! BOW YOUR HEAD DOWN! STAY!”He lowers his head as she goes to her table and chooses the cat of nine tails with metal beads. When he tries to see what is next she strikes him. “DO NOT LOOK UP! LOOK AT YOUR DICK!” The sting of the cat across his back almost makes him explode. He yells out without thinking and WHACK, she whips him again for speaking when not being called upon. She encircles him, making him feel smaller by the minute. She stops in front of him and lifts his chin with the handle of the cat of nine tails. She allows him to look into her eyes. “You will lick your Mistress’ pussy like a good little puppy, won’t you?””Yes, Mistress!” he says, half barking.Chantel undoes the cuffs and makes him walk around her room on all fours, head bowed, barking. She pats his head and scratches his ears because he is such a good puppy. Austin is enjoying this embarrassment and can only whimper, as he is lead around the room. After about a half an hour, she leads him to a blanket that is lying on the floor. Ordering him to SIT, he places his hands between his feet on the floor. Head bowed. “You may now continue to lick my boots, slave.”He slowly moves toward her, like a scared little puppy, and begins to lick them. He starts at the ankle and works his way up. She sighs barely able to contain her enjoyment.He continues the painfully erotic act until he reaches pinbahis giriş her inside thigh. He can smell her scent and it seems to be calling is name. He moans, wanting to please his Mistress, as she is pleasuring him. He begs “Mistress may I taste you?” “You may, if you pant like the little puppy you are.” She tells him wryly. Her excitement is now building from his obedience. Pant PantHe begins to lick her clit. She grabs his hair and forces him to lick her deeper, further down. He lets out a little whimper, enjoying her torment. She yanks his head back, her juice dripping from his face, and commands him. “TOUCH YOURSELF” Grateful, he begins to stroke his stiff cock. He knows how he can touch himself and still be in control of himself.She loves her little puppy.She inserts two fingers into her cunt, puts them to his nose and asks him “If you want more, stroke yourself harder, PUPPY!” His hand moves faster and harder sending a tingling feeling through him. “WHACK” She didn’t tell him to cum yet. He bows his head and pleads, “Forgive me Mistress”.She commands him to sit back on his ankles. She then ties his hands behind his back again and begins to touch herself. He licks his tongue wishing it were his tongue. She moves closer inserting two fingers inside her cunt. He fights back a moan. “Recline backwards, NOW!” She orders making his cock stand up and lunge at her.He complies almost painfully. She turns from him and slowly backs up to him. He nearly cumms from the mere sight of her pussy juices running down her leg. She grabs his cock and lowers to insert it into her pussy. “GOD YESS ” Austin screams. Chantel grabs his balls and yells, “behave or you’ll regret it”. “Oh god help me” comes pinbahis güvenilirmi out of Austin’s mouth before he can think. Chantel rises making him lay there in a puddle of her juices; she walks toward her table of provocateurs. She grabs the small rod off the table and a flex ring.She strolls over to him equipment in hand, Grabs his still throbbing cock inserts it back inside her dripping cunt and grabs his balls again.Pinching the extra skin around his scrotum sack, she takes the rod and rams it through the skin. Austin bellowed out, “OH God, sorry Mistress!””ARCH!”She then inserts the flex ring, pulling it through the rod then pulling the rod out as soon as the ring was through the sac. Chantel locks it closed and starts to ride up and down on his cock. She then starts to rub his sore and swollen balls as she pulls on the ring when she lifts up.She tells Austin to scream her name. “OHHHH MISTRESSSS!”She bounces harder. ” Say it again!” OOOOOHHHHHH MMIIISSTTTTREEESSSSS!” Faster she bounces. She starts to explode. ” Cum for me slave Now!” Chantel says while pulling his sac ring. “OOOOHHHH, YESS MISSTREESSS”. He whimpers out. “AAAuuuuggggghhhhh YESSS, SSSlllllaaaaavvvvveeee, AAAAHHHHHHH”. Are the only words she can say.Chantel falls forward enjoying her orgasm immensely. Austin seeing his mistress satisfied, begins to cum again. “Oh Slave,” she says gasping, ” You are a good slave,”” I think I will keep you”. Austin half delirious, says ” Thank you Mistress Thank You!”Monica realizes that she has been touching herself, making herself wet from all the cyber talk. She tells BeatMePlease that she needs some real live sex now. He replies that he lives in Brockley, a small town in Tennessee. Smiling to herself, she tells him to go to the motel on the corner of Laird and Main Street and wait for her there. He happily agrees and he jumps offline. She takes her hand from her juicy cunt and grabs her bag of toys. She disappears into the night to meet another on-line stranger

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