Oops! My neghbor heard me!

Oops! My neghbor heard me!I lived alone in a nice, 2 bedroom apartment when I was finishing college at the age of 22. I had a few sexual experiences with men, but mostly stuck to women, I am bisexual. My “gay” side consisted mostly of me dressing up in my favorite lingerie, getting out my dildos and hopping on the gay chatline, trolling for dominant black bulls who wanted to get off over the phone. A couple times a week, when I had no morning classes, it had become my routine from about 9 am until 11. I was sitting on my black bull 9″ thick dildo, suction cupped to my coffee table. I had it completely buried as I stroked my cock and a man on the phone line was telling me how he was going to fuck my mouth and pound my white, bitch ass and I was in a horny haze wiggling my ass around on my dildo while stroking my cock. He was making me moan and beg him for his cock, which I did a little loudly, apparently I had been adana escort doing it too loudly for weeks.The knock on my door brought me out of my haze. I hung up the phone and didn’t move. The knocking persisted. I grabbed a robe of mine that only came down to my ass and figured I would use the door to hide my lower half. I heard a deep, sexy voice saying “It’s your neighbor, please open up” My neighbor was a hot, older black man, and as I opened the door just a bit, he pushed it open and stepped in. He immediately closed the door and locked it while looking down my body at my thigh high stockings and garter belt. He smiled and said “Thought I heard you doing your thing.” I felt embarrassed standing there like that and was extremely confused about what to do before he said “Don’t be nervous, baby, you look sexy as hell. I’ve been waiting for this meting since the first time I heard you through the bedroom wall escort adana begging for that big, black cock.”I didn’t know what to say, but was aware of my cock getting hard again when he looked over at my dildo still stuck to the coffee table. “Take that ass over there and bury that dildo, baby, set that ass right down on it.”As I did what I was told, as soon as my ass met the table, I felt his hand grab my hair and his cock slap against my cheek. “Open that mouth, baby, you gonna blow Daddy’s cock and blow it good, you hear?””Yes, Sir.” I was surprised to hear myself say. I immediately slid my mouth all the way down the shaft of that beautiful cock and began slowly sliding my mouth up and down it while reaching up and cupping his balls. He put both hands in my hair and started pumping my mouth faster, holding it all the way in every few strokes until he knew I needed air. He stopped, lifted his cock and stepped adana escort bayan a little closer so I could swallow his balls while he told me to stand up and bend over the back of my couch.”Yes, Sir” I again heard myself say.”That’s a good little bitch, I like you calling me Sir. You are a nasty little bitch. You know from here on in now, I own this ass? I am going to own this ass whenever I need it and you are going to belong to me, right?””Yes, Sir””Good, now take all this cock, bitch” he said as he had pulled my arms behind me by my wrists, slid his cock in my ass and yanked me back against it as he POUNDED that beautiful, thick, hard cock up my ass. He pounded me furiously and all I remember was hoping he would never stop while moaning like a bitch. He slammed his cock all the way in and held it there as I felt hot cum filling my ass, and I responded by slamming my ass back and wiggling around on his cock as he twitched and all I heard was “Fuck yea, damn!, fuck yea, bitch, work that ass on my cock!” It was over too soon, but now every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning from 9 to 11, I am not on the phone line anymore. : )

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