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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 109a IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, castles and aristocratic titled personages around England, Scotland or Russia are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titled personages are true. None of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site, then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. fty/donate.html Copyright and content notice. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of the publisher, nor be otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition being imposed on the subsequent publisher. The rights of the author have been applied hereon. ******************** `With confidence in our armed forces-with the unbounding determination of our people-we will gain the inevitable triumph-so help us God.’ `I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday December 7, 1941, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese Empire.’ The broadcast erupted to the cheers of the people in Congress and then went silent as the familiar voice of a BBC newsreader announced they would now return to normal programming. I could barely believe my ears; normal programming? I began to sob. Dexy looked round and squeezed my hand. `It will be okay, Davy, I promise, everything will turn out okay.’ ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 109a � Christmas 1941 In the days immediately after Pearl Harbour, the atmosphere in the United Kingdom; indeed, across the whole British Empire was a mixture of renewed optimism and a weariness. Many people pleased that now with the industrial might of America alongside us as our allies, we could no longer lose a war, which until then the British Empire had been struggling with alone. That relief, sitting an uneasy bedfellow to the horror we knew they had experienced first-hand; the horror Londoners had lived with nightly since the start of the Blitz. But now, we were in it together. The World’s greatest partnership was about to be cemented. ** Gethin picks up the story Why was my heart racing? This was silly, but I hadn’t seen Callum for months; we had barely spoken. He hadn’t even returned some of my calls recently; I had never heard him so angry. I checked my watch again; still not five o’clock; That’s when I had arranged dinner for; well, the meal was going to be delivered for five-fifteen actually, but I expected him a bit earlier. I poured myself a stiff brandy. The little voice in my head was now screaming at me. `CALM DOWN.’ I had been pacing up and down the hotel room so much. You know you get those silly thoughts pop into your head; I actually checked I wasn’t damaging the carpet. I had arranged this our first meeting since the argument. I wasn’t even sure he would turn up; I felt my stomach churn; God, I was going to be sick. Stop. Deep breaths, deep breaths. There was that voice again; Pull yourself together man, you’re a bloody Air Vice Marshall. I took several deep breaths. There it was again; `What are you doing now? Leave the bloody table alone. What are you, some glorified waiter?’ I couldn’t help myself. I adjusted the cutlery; straightening it. Another glance at my watch, only two minutes since I last checked. I stopped in front of the mirror and straightened my tie; again! I went to take another drink from my glass; but it was empty. I crossed to the drinks cabinet; God, at this rate, he was going to find me legless; I sat down the glass and moved away as I heard the door handle turn. You’re wondering what the argument was about; What had reduced me to a nervous wreck? I had wanted him to take a desk job; he had been putting himself in danger too often, but no, he had insisted on staying with his squadron. I had hoped with his promotion from Squadron Leader to Group Captain, he would take more of a backseat role. Then what did I hear? He was leading his “Squadrons” into the attacks. My counterpart in Fighter Command had ordered him not to take such risks, he just ignored the orders. That’s when I thought I could talk to him; oh, the call ankara escort had started cordially enough; right up to when I asked him why he was disobeying orders. He had exploded, shouting down the phone, that he wasn’t a coward. There was no way he was going to hide behind a desk; while sending young boys to their deaths; while he remained safe. Now that had hurt, well, the call had deteriorated from there. Why had we gone for promotion? When we had both been just pilots, life had been so much easier. I watched as the door opened, my right hand involuntarily, reaching to cover the burn scar on my face; then there he was, the man I loved more than life itself. ** Athol picks up the story I had glanced agitatedly at the door, the raised voices out in the corridor, interrupting my train of thought; I went to get up. Archie shook his head, looking at me. He stood and moved towards the door; he smiled back at me and took great pleasure in reminding me I couldn’t run everything at the Castle. Then I am sure it was a dig, as he repeated to me. `A good manager surrounds himself with competent people and leaves them alone, to do their jobs,’ He smiled as he was about to leave; turning back, he winked; I had been about to speak, when he added. `Unless, of course, you’re not a good manager and don’t trust those you give jobs too,’ He quickly vanished chuckling through the door. His raised voice clear as a bell. `You boy; unless it has changed and no one has told me, this school has a no running rule,’ I glanced down at my papers; giggling to myself; That’s my Archie. There was a knock at the door. `Come in, Oh, hello son, how’s things?’ `Hi Dad, just been sorting out the tree. Are the first and second years going to be decorating it again?’ `Those that are staying, yes, I think most are, I am just waiting on the last few letters from parents,’ Forts nodded. `Oh, Forts, have you mentioned this to Davy?’ I handed him the letter; watching as his face broke into a big grin. `No, I haven’t. You’re not going to tell him are you? I wanted to surprise him,’ `No, okay. Just make sure you speak to Gregor and Archie; they will need fed and somewhere to sleep.’ Forts grinned. `I will do it now.’ I gave him a wave as he left the room and turned back to my desk. Right, ENSA wanted to know if they could put on a concert for the local troops in the Great Hall over Christmas. I felt my face light up as I read some of the names they wished me to invite. Major Torcal Farquharson, Colonel Tarquin Mackenzie, his batman; Maitland. Captain Russell Martin, lieutenant Brandt. This was going to be some party, and I was still hoping Gethin, Callum, and Air Vice Marshall Digbey could make it, too. I made a note to speak to Gregor about the concert, then scribbled it out. He would be too busy with the food for the festive period. I would speak to Davy. Right, what’s next? I picked up the next folder. ** Gethin continues where he left off I am sure I held my breath and then there he was, in full uniform; he gave me a nod and stood back. `Hello,’ He turned away; I was about to run at him, but his next comment nailed my feet to the floor. `Come in Stuart, and meet one of the bosses,’ A very handsome young guy came into the room; he was a Pilot Officer. I felt my hand go to my face again to cover my burn scar. `Stuart, meet Air Vice Marshall Gethin Evans; Gethin, Pilot Officer Stuart Burgess.’ I tried not to look stunned; although that voice in my head was screaming; who the fuck are you? He came towards me, his hand outstretched. `Sir, pleased to meet you,’ Callum chuckled and glanced round the room. `You don’t need to call him Sir,’ I made eye contact with the young pilot; he nodded his head, looking embarrassed at what Callum had said, repeating. `Sir,’ Callum came over to me, pointing at the laid table. `Ahh, you don’t mind if Stuart joins us, do you? I was thinking we could all go out for dinner,’ I was still reeling from the shock of Callum bringing someone else with him; but tried not to show it. `Sure, err, let me ring the concierge; cancel the meal to the room and see if he can book somewhere.’ Callum had moved over to Stuart; they were obviously sharing a private joke. Both smirking, with my stomach churning, I spoke. `Look Callum, I can stay here. The two of you can go out,’ He raised his eyebrows and took hold of Stuart’s arm; I felt my heart bleeding. `I told you he would say that; didn’t I.’ Stuart nodded, forcing a smile. Callum continued. `Don’t be silly, we don’t mind having some top brass along, escort ankara should ensure we get the best table,’ I picked up the phone and asked for the Concierge. My ears desperately trying to hear what was being said between the two of them. They were still laughing; both now looking round the room. `Callum, err, why not get Stuart a drink?’ He nodded and picked up my empty glass. `Oh, that was mine. Make it a large one please,’ Callum gave me a strange look and jokingly glanced at his watch. Another giggle between them. I held the phone to my ear, taking a good look at the young pilot. He was around five feet nine; he had blond hair in a short back and sides. The top was longer; it flopped over his forehead; he reminded me of when I first met Davy. His eyes were; gosh, he had heterochromia; two different coloured eyes, one blue the other green. They were stunning and hypnotising. He seemed to sense me looking at him; he glanced at me; then looked away. His pale skin took on a rosy hue as he blushed. He touched his thin blond moustache; as I watched; his eyes went to my scar; my hand went up to cover it again. This bizarre moment, leaving us both looking away from each other. He cleared his throat. `Sorry, but do you think I could use the bathroom?’ I covered the phone receiver. `Yes, through that door,’ I gestured with my head. He nodded and went through, out of sight. That was when the Concierge answered; Damn, I needed to speak to Callum alone. `Hello, Yes Air Vice Marshall Evans, yes, sorry about this, but can you cancel the meal to the room and instead book me a meal for three, somewhere nice? As soon as really,… The Savoy, no, not there, anywhere else, good thank you… a show? Yes, why not? Can you arrange for three seats please? Good, thank you,… Oh and can you get my driver to bring the car round the front in a few minutes?, excellent, thank you again.’ The bloody Savoy, I nearly choked. That was where Callum and I had spent many a joyous night together; I wasn’t about to take Pilot Officer Burgess there. I came off the phone, conscious Callum was watching me. I looked away, knowing my eyes were filling with tears. `Are you okay?’ I stared back, biting my lip. `You could have warned me,’ `What?’ `That you had someone else,’ I felt my voice trail away. Suddenly, he had my arm and was pushing me into the bedroom. `Bedroom now,’ He closed the door behind us. He turned to face me; his eyes locked on mine. `What are you talking about?’ I felt the first tear run down my face. `Gethin, for God’s sake, what’s wrong?’ I looked towards the door. Callum glanced and then his face changed. He turned back to me. `You think Stuart and I?’ He burst out laughing. Throwing his arms round me, he pressed his lips to mine. `Oh, you are a silly Gethin,’ He kissed me again and wiped away my tear. `Stuart is a new young pilot on one of my squadrons. He just lost his best buddy. I thought it would do him good to get out and about, rather than sit at the base dwelling on it.’ `So, you’re not…’ `Oh. Gethin, don’t be silly, you know I love you,’ `But you haven’t even returned some of my calls, I thought…, then when I saw Stuart with you…’ `YOU added two and two and came up with six, or should I say sex.’ I mumbled. `Well, I know you.’ He kissed me again, grinning. `What am I going to do with you?’ `But why didn’t you return my calls?’ Callum blushed and smiled. `Well, it is easier to say no to you on the phone than face to face,’ `Does that mean you’re going to take a desk job?’ Callum ignored the question, instead walking for the door. `Let’s all just have a good night out, fuck I know we deserve it,’ I nodded. He blew me a kiss and winked. `So, does Stuart need a room for tonight?’ `Yeah, book him one for tonight, then we can see how it goes,’ Callum reached for the doorknob, then stopped and bounded back across the room. He jumped in to my arms, his legs wrapped round my waist, he thrust his lips to mine again. `You really are a silly sausage; how could I love anyone but you? I know a boy in Scotland who would never forgive me.’ `Well, he is so handsome and look at me,’ My fingers went to my scar again. Callum squeezed me tight. `Stop, just stop, I love you, no one else, I want a man, not a pretty boy,’ `Better not let Davy hear you say that.’ I watched as Callum’s facial expression changed to one of joy and then lust as his mind transported him momentarily back to a happy memory. `Are you thinking about the trip to the lock? We took him on?’ `This isn’t fair. I can’t ankara escort bayan hide anything from you.’ `Oh, now that you mention Davy and the Castle, I have booked off a couple of weeks over Christmas. Hopefully, you will join me?’ `Already booked.’ I kissed Callum back; he dropped from my waist. `Right, we had better get back to Stuart, I haven’t told him about us yet,’ `Do you think he will mind?’ Callum winked and mouthed, “I don’t think so”. `Now get yourself smartened up; we are hitting the town.’ ** Davy continues the story `Marcus, are you there?’ I heard a scuffing of chair legs and the door opened. `Hello Davy, what can I do for you?’ `Marcus, there is a delivery for you downstairs, a rather posh van just dropped it off,’ `A posh van?’ `Yeah, it had Louis Vittons on it, or something like that.’ `Louis Vuitton, I think you probably mean.’ `Well, they gave your name. This is one parcel; the others are downstairs; it looks like travel trunks and bags.’ Marcus took the box from me and moved to the bed and opened it. On top of the wrapping was a letter addressed to Marcus. He opened it slowly and began to read. `Oh, it’s Drageon’s case, the one I said I would get cleaned up. I sent it down to London, my friend, obviously forwarded it to them.’ Marcus handed me the letter. The letter explained that the case was part of a set of travel luggage ordered by There Highnesses, Prince Pytor Drageonivanov and Princess Nataliya Drageonivanov. The letter hoped they were both well and that the company took pleasure in restoring the small case they had sent as a sample and in forwarding the rest of the order for the luggage; then apologised for the delay, stating they had received no delivery address and that all correspondence to the Petrovsky Palace had been returned unopened. `Well, I suppose this is the last bit of proof Fort’s is a Russian Prince.’ Marcus nodded. His eyes watching me, he moved to give me a hug. `I had hoped it would all turn out to be a big mistake and he would be just plain old Fort’s again.’ I felt Marcus give me a squeeze. `I just don’t think I am set out for the sort of life he could have. Our backgrounds are so different and he is wealthier than Solomon, and I am a poor kid from a poor family,’ `Hey, he loves you Davy, I mean he is not without his faults and sometimes is a bit thoughtless, but he means well.’ I jumped as the door behind us opened. `Ah ha, caught you with the valet,’ Forts came barrelling in laughing and held open his arms. `Put him down Marcus, you don’t know where he has been.’ `Oh thanks,’ Marcus let go of me and I embraced Forts. `What’s all this stuff? Have you been spending money again?’ Marcus stepped forward, removing the tissue paper from the outside of the case. `Sir, this is your small case, the one that had paint all over it,’ `No?’ I nodded as Forts took the case and ran his fingers over the front of it. Marcus continued. `See the monogram cypher of your family, Davy, you tell him,’ `Well, it appears from the letter that your parents ordered travelling luggage from the company Louis Vuitton just before the revolution took hold. It was never delivered, well only this small sample case was, it’s the one that became yours.’ Forts looked stunned `My parents ordered it?’ Marcus and I nodded as Marcus handed him the letter. Forts sat on the bed, stroking the case. `I knew it was special, but not why,’ I watched as a tear drop splashed on the polished surface. Marcus spoke again, quieter this time. `The rest of the set is downstairs, four trunks and various other bags and boxes, all identical in finish to this one and all Monogrammed, with the family cypher.’ I leaned in and kissed Forts. `Well, at least we will have luggage for our next trip wherever that is.’ ************************ Folks, thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story. Please email me to let me know. 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