Oral Pleasures


Oral PleasuresThe Convention part 1My company sent me to a convention in Salem Oregon for this year’s awards presentations. I was receiving an award for highest sales. If they only knew how I got them. I was looking forward to receiving this award because it comes with a very bonus. The banquet was on Sunday evening, and I had two days to go out and enjoy the town.I went out an Friday and did some shopping in downtown Salem. Very nice city and friendly people. After a long day I went back to my room and showered up and decided to go down to the hotel bar/ restaurant and have a drink and get some work down for the awards dinner. I went up to the bar and sat down. The bartender came over and asked, “What can I get you this evening?” I told him and glass of Red Wine please. I looked at him and wondered what he might be doing after his shift, but I would wait to see who else came in the evening. I got out my iPad and starting to do some work for Sunday. Sipping on my wine. The place started to fill up and I was lost in my work. As I was sitting there the bartender came over and gave another glass of wine and said, “This is from the gentleman at the end of the bar.” I looked down and noticed that he was a very handsome man. I raised my glass, smiled and nodded and Lipped thank you. I went back to work and about 5 minutes he was standing next to me. “May I join you beautiful lady? My name is Doug.” I looked up with a smile and said “Please do Sir. My name is Jennifer.” He sat down next to me and we started to chat. I told him I was out here for my company’s awards presentations. He was impressed. After some chit chat he turned to me and asked if he could buy me dinner. I blushed and told him yes. I found myself intrigued by this gentleman. He got up and told me that he would be right back. When he came back the hostess was following him. He picked our drinks and the hostess said, “Please follow me.”I got up and followed her to a table in the corner that was dimly lit. A candle flickering on the table. It was very romantic setting. As I sat down I began to think that this was the guy I was looking for and hoped that he was available for the evening. As we sat there, we chatted, and he told me all about himself. I listened intently and was getting horny. The waiter came over and he order dinner and a bottle of wine. As we waited for güvenilir bahis dinner and chatting, I put my hand on his leg. When I did he leaned over and kissed me. He was a very passionate kisser. His tongue darted in my mouth. I was getting hot for this man. As we were kissing our meal came. As we ate I was wondering what I could do to repay his kindness. I thought the same way I got most of my sales.After dinner was over, I asked him if he would like to join me in my room. He said. “I would love too.”. He paid the bill and off to the elevator we went. I was on the 20th floor. When the door closed, and we started to go up. He turned and put his arms around me. Kissing me. Taking his tongue, my hands immediately went to his crotch. I felt his hardness in his pants. I knew that this was going to be a very good evening. Kissing a groping all the way to my floor. The door opened and went walked down the hall to my room. I opened the door and invited him in. When the door shut, I turned and kissed him. He was so passionate, he knew how to please a lady. As we kissed my hands again found what I needed. Rubbing his hardness through his pants. I knew that I needed to unleash my prize for the evening. While kissing, I undid his belt and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to the floor. There he stood with a rock hard cook just for the taking. I continued to rub it though his silky boxers. The feeling was making me so wet. His precum making his shorts wet. Still kissing, I slipped my finger inside the waistband and lowered his short over his cock. My hands again found my target. I know that his cock was big because my hand barely fit around the shaft. As I played with it and getting my hand wet from his precum, I knew it was time to get some dessert. I broke off the kiss and lowered myself to my knees. When I got to my knees there I was with a beautiful cock that was all mine.I looked up at Doug and smiled. My hands stroking his shaft. The feel of his cock was sending chills through my body. I took one hand away and placed it on his balls, where I massaged them. I leaned in and started to lick the head of his cock. Then running my tongue up and down the shaft to match my hand stroking it. I felt his hands on my head. I love it when they do that because the can tell me if I am good or not. As I continued to lick his shaft, when türkçe bahis I got back to the head he held my head. I knew that I needed to open my mouth and taste what he had to offer. Sticking my tongue out I opened my mouth wide and let the head into my warm mouth. Slowly licking and sucking on his manhood. My other hand massaging his balls. As I bobbed up and down on his shaft, I took a little more each time. His cock filling my mouth. I was enjoying having his cock in me. He did not force me, and I just wanted to make his evening a special night. Working his cock in and out, filling my mouth. I was in heaven. Then I got the point when the head off his cock was on the verge of slipping into my throat. With a little coaxing and a little pressure from his hands I took it all. Working it all the way in and then all the way out. Here we are with Doug fucking my mouth. His breathing becoming heavy and him moaning with pleasure. I wanted to suck his cock all night. After about 20 minutes, I let his cock out and looked up and asked to get more comfortable. I got up and led him back to the bed. I told him to get undress while I went into the lady’s room to freshen up. While in there I changed into a seafoam green chemise with matching panties. I redid my lipstick with a shade in pink and added some lip gloss. When I came out he stuttered that I looked beautiful. He was sitting there stroking his cock. I asked” do you want me to take care of that?”He smiled as I walked over to the bed. I knelt between his legs. With his hand still on his cock holding it for me, he placed his other hand on my head pulling me down to take his cock again. As if it was slow motion, my mouth opened as his cock entered my mouth. He let his hand off and I place d my hand there to take over. I started working his cock in and out again. Savoring his cock. Making sure that this was the best blowjob he has ever had. Looking up as I was sucking his cock, him looking down watching my glossy pink lips engulfing his cock. He was moaning as I worked my magic that I have perfected over so many years. His hips trusting up and I went down on his cock. I was in heaven but wanted more. I worked his cock for about another 20 minutes where I decide that I needed to finish the evening with a creamy milkshake.I let my mouth off of is cock and told Doug that we need to change güvenilir bahis siteleri positions. I stood up and lifted him up off the bed. All the while stroking him with my hand. I laid down on the bed with my head over the bed. I took a pillow and placed it under my head. As I lay there with my head hanging down, I took my hands and guided Doug to me. There I was looking up at his cock and his balls hanging right in front of my nose. This was my favorite position. I opened my mouth and pulled him closer to me. He took his hand and placed the tip of his cock in my mouth. I took over from there. As I started to take his cock deeper and deeper, he put his hands on my breasts. Squeezing them softly. I used my hands to push and pull his body to me. It didn’t take long before his cock was inside my throat. Now I could get to work and make him fill my mouth with a hot creamy load. As I worked sucking his cock, my lips clamed down on his shaft. Feeling him massage my breasts, His balls hitting my nose every time he sunk his cock deep in my throat. I took him all the way. Loving his balls slapping my face. Stroke after stroke he fucking my hungry mouth. I gripped tighter as he rammed his cock in me. I again started massaging his balls to make sure he had a huge load for me. He was starting to tense up so I knew he was about ready to unload in me.Faster and faster he was fucking my throat. As my mouth worked it’s magic, he started to scream. “OMG Jennifer I am going to cum!” Then I felt the first squirt of hot cum hit the back of my throat. Then another and another. His cum was filling my mouth. Then another and another. I tried swallowing but he just had so much to give me. I did the best I could but I felt his cum coming out the corner of my mouth. Still I held him inside still working a suction to get all of his cum. Another squirt and another. This man was giving me what I was dying for. Hot creamy cum. I kept sucking and swallowing. Keeping him buried deep in my throat. Load after load after load. I was in all of my glory. What seemed like a hour his cock started to become limp. I let it out of my mouth and licked all of the cum that was still on it. I took my fingers and whipped the cum from my face and put it in my mouth.I sat up and turn around. His cock half hard and staring t me right in front. I took it in my hand and leaned over to clean of his juicy goodness. I looked up and smiled. “Are you okay/” “OMG Jen you are the best and I am so glad I have met you.” “ Are you ready for round two?” Nodding he said “When ever you are my dear.”To be continued.

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