ORDER TAKING: A True StoryHer eyes watered. Her mascara was starting to run at the corner of her eyes. Her forehead wrinkled. Her blonde hair was pulled back tight into a pony tail and my hands cradled her head, palms against her ears. My cock was deep down her throat, my balls resting against her chin. Her mouth was stretched wide around my shaft, her tongue struggling forward under it, the tip of it just touching the top of my sack.Her eyes looked up at me…pleading? I couldn’t tell. I could feel the subtle vibration in her throat as she struggled not to choke…a low moaning throat gag. I held my cock deep. My palms against her ears and my fingers in her hair. A slow tear leaked out of the corner of her eye mirroring a thick glob of saliva that leaked from her quivering lower lip, slid down her chin and onto the front of her t-shirt.There was a knock on the coffee shop’s bathroom door. I looked over. It was locked. No on could get in. She was still on her knees in front of me, her hands pressed against my hips — urging me to pull out. She was wearing yoga pants and a loose t-shirt with a gold print on it. There were dark saliva drops on the front of her t-shirt where it had rolled off of her chin.My jeans were opene and unzipped, pulled down to my knees. If the door had been unlocked, someone would have gotten an eyefull. But it was locked. And we were alone. And the tip of my cock was still deep in her throat.She began to moan and grunt as she ran out of breath. The noises vibrating my shaft felt good. I could feel her throat clench up…heaving…and then I pulled her head back, my red prick coated with thick ropy saliva and a thin strand of it connecting the head of it to her lower lip. Her lip was quivering as she gratefully gasped for breath. I let her take one, two, three big gulps of air and with my palms still on her ears, pulled her back in to me. Her lips spread and I could feel her teeth widen as my cock pushed into her mouth again…half-way this time. And then back out. I felt her breath gasping on my wet cock as it bounced gently with my heartbeat in front of her lips…and then I pushed back in. Deeper this time — grinding my balls into her chin. She took it all without gagging. She was getting used to it.I shifted my grip, grabbing her pony tail with one hand and my other hand at the base of her neck, still balls deep. I pulled her head back — leaving my mecidiyeköy escort tip in her mouth…letting her catch her breath, and then I shoved it all the way back in again. This time repeatedly. Not a jack-hammer — but a slow rhythmic pumping. She groaned again, sending the vibrations down my shaft to my balls. Her hands stopped the gentle resistance against my hips and she gave in. She slid her hands down my thighs…and her left hand between my legs as I kept pumping my cock in and out of her throat. Her left hand moved up between my legs, her manicured nails tickling my balls, then cradling them and then gently squeezing them…massaging my cum into the base of my cock. I could feel it moving up — a hot liquid fire that began creeping up the base of my shaft.I pulled out quickly…feeling my cum beginning to leak out my tip. I’d almost hit the point of no return, but I wasn’t ready yet. She looked up at me, mouth open and ready as my cock jerked and a tiny droplet of pre-cum squirted out and landed short, on the front of her t-shirt. I tried to think of anything else but what we were doing. Trying to keep from cumming. I held her shoulders and squeezed, encouraging her to stand up. She rose up, back against the sink, as she wiped at her mascara, cleaning up her face. Behind her I saw myself in the mirror over her shoulder. Then I refocuse on her. She was reaching up her back under her shirt and undoing the clasp of her bra. I let her continue as I put my hands under her loose t-shirt and held her waist. Hooking my thumbs under the elastic waistband of her yoga pants I slowly peeled them down, over her round ass and then down to her knees and then to her ankles. As I crouched, pulling her pants down my face brushed by her crotch. She had on white cotton panties and I could smell her wet musky pussy beneath. After I had her pants at her ankles, over her workout tennis shoes, I stayed there, reaching up and pulling her panties down to keep her pants company. My face was right in her crease. Her pussy was shaved and smooth and glistening. She was wet.I stood back up as she dropped her bra into the sink behind us. I turned her around now and she rested her palms on the sink as I gently put a hand to her back, bending her over the sink. We were both facing the mirror now. She still had her t-shirt on but with her bra gone, I could see the hint of her hard nipples mecidiyeköy escort bayan brushing the inside of her shirt. She bent over the sink — looking into the mirror — looking at me — her lipstick mostly gone off her lips and all over the head and shaft of my cock. She smiled a little. Waiting for me. I looked down, her round ass was perfect, pushed out and waiting. I put my hands on it, working my fingers in toward her crotch, pulling her ass cheeks apart and slowly stepping in toward her, my cock bouncing slightly as it pressed against her leg. I worked my fingers down to her pussy and spread it open as I pressed my cock into her. Her entire crotch was sopping wet at this point and warm against the head of my prick. I pulled her lips apart and pushed my cock in, looking in the mirror now at her face. Her head bowed slightly and she closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip as I thrust all the way in. I moved my hands to her hips, pushing her shirt up slightly to grab her hips and then I began pounding in and out. Pulling and pushing her hard against the sink. In the mirror I could see her small pert breasts swinging with the movement against her shirt — back and forth, matching my movement. She was quiet — but I could tell she was holding it in. She didn’t want anyone to hear. We had no idea how thick these walls were and what people outside might be able to pick up.I kept jamming my cock in and out of her bald pussy, my thighs slapping against her ass. On one outward thrust I paused, cock-head still inside and I spread her cheeks wide to get a look at her tiny asshole. It was tight and wound up like a little red sun. I pushed back into her slowly as I moved my thumb toward her asshole. She sucked in a little air with surprise as my thumb pressed against her tight hole. Reflexively her butthole tightened as my thumb cautiously pushed against it. I could tell this was new to her. Not even a finger had been in that virgin ass.Still grinding into her, I moved my other hand up around her neck and to her mouth. I slid my thumb into her mouth and she obligingly sucked on it, tonging it and coating it with saliva. I think she knew what was coming next. I kept a steady rhythm, pushing in and out of her pussy as I pulled my thumb out of her mouth and pushed my thumb, now wet with her saliva, against her tiny asshole. She moaned, just a little, as I pushed harder. şişli escort bayan It was tight and didn’t want my thumb inside even if she was willing, so I rubbed my thumb in circles around her tight hole, pushing her saliva around and trying in vain to loosen up her hole.I started stroking into her harder and gave up with the gentl approach and just forced my thumb into her asshole up to the first knuckle. I could feel her tighten around my thumb and squeeze as my cock continued to fill her pussy. I held my thumb inside her and shoved my cock as deep as it could go. It was all I could do not to cum at this point. Her hands were on the sink — resisting me as I jammed myself into her holes. She pushed her ass up tight against me, taking all of my cock and most of my thumb simultaneously and that was it. I was done. I hadn’t come for a week and I knew there was going to be a lot of it. The first load burst out of my tip so hard it almost felt painful. I could feel her sphincter tighten on my thumb and her pussy grip my cock tight — squeezing as she came with me. Her pussy was literally squeezing the cum out of me…it felt like huge loads working their way to my tip and then exploding inside her. She gyrated crazily now and desperately pinched her nipples through her thin t-shirt — pulling on them as she came — eyes tight with pleasure and maybe a little pain as my thumb became a helpless prisoner — her ass gripping it so tightly that I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it out.Finally my throbbing cum subsided and I pulled out of her. She reached back with her hand, holding my cum inside her pussy. I pulled my thumb out of her ass and she turned around, smiling. I stood there looking at her, my prick starting to slouch, wet with her juice and dripping the remains of my cum. She had her hand between her legs and worked two fingers up into her snatch. She brought her hand away, and I saw her palm wet with her own juice and a pool of my cum. She held it to her mouth and licked my cum off of her hand, cleaning her hand and swallowing it as she smiled at me.That was it. She pulled up her panties and pants all at once, and put on her bra as I tucked my cock back into my boxers and zipped up my jeans with a little difficulty, as I was still half-hard. She checked her hair, and then opened the door. Back out in the coffee shop she walked back behind the counter and put on her apron. The manager on duty, an older man with a severe face and short grey hair shot daggers at both of us, but he didn’t say anything.I followed her out and walked to the other side of the counter. I stepped up to the register and she smiled at me. “Can I take your order?”

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