Original Angels Ch. 19


The Sunday Night Love Fest

Trish and I woke up to the sound of birds singing outside of our window. As always, I had a stiffy and she was quick to jump on it. We were enjoying a slow and comfortable fuck when we heard the front door open and close. A moment later Teri walked into the room and up to the side of the bed. Amy was a few steps behind her and stopped at the door when she saw us. Teri sat on the edge of the bed and Trish sat up with my cock still stuffed inside of her.

‘Hi mom. Can Amy and I go over to the pool for breakfast?’ She asked innocently.

I could tell that Amy was shy about seeing us in the middle of a sex act.

‘Sure honey. Just charge it to our account. Did you and Amy have a good night last night?’

She turned to see Amy standing in the doorway.

‘C’mon in here Amy. Don’t be shy.’

‘My mom and dad always make me go away when they’re in bed together.’

‘Well we’re different honey. We don’t mind. Do you know what we’re doing?’

Amy lowered her head and answered quietly. ‘You’re having sex.’

‘That’s right Amy, and it’s OK if you want to look.’

Amy’s eyes opened wide with surprise at what she as hearing. And then she began to look closer at our naked bodies connected at the groin. I could tell that she was focusing on my cock, which was inserted in Trish’s vagina and exposed from the rear.

‘Are your parents still sleeping?’

Amy smiled. ‘I think they might be doing what you’re doing.’

‘Well that’s a good thing. So if you two want to go have breakfast, go ahead, and have a good time. We’ll see you when you get back and then we’ll see about going for a ride.’

The girls turned and left. I thought for a moment about how it must have seemed odd to Amy and what a cool thing it was to be able to fuck Trish in front of her daughter and her friend. My thoughts were interrupted as Trish resumed her rocking and together we brought ourselves off in a classic morning fuck.

Following our wake up routine, we went outside and sat on the porch to enjoy the sunrise and wait for the rest of our friends to get up. It wasn’t long before Tracy and Tammi appeared and we all shared a pot of coffee. We discussed our plans for the day. I recalled how sore I was after my last horseback ride and announced that I would probably not be going. Trish laughed and told me it as OK.

Soon we were joined by Rhonda and Joe and then Dawn and Tom. They were all up for the ride except for Dawn. We agreed that we would entertain each other while they were gone. When Amy and Teri returned from breakfast, they all bid us farewell and walked off to the stables. Dawn and I looked at each other.

‘What would you like to do Dawn?’ I asked.

‘Let’s go for a walk and then maybe a swim afterwards.’

That sounds like a plan. I think I better go pee first.’

I stood up and Dawn followed me inside. I walked into the bedroom and she followed. She sat on the bed as I went into the bathroom leaving the door open. As I started to pee, I called to her, ‘Did you and Tom sleep well?’

‘Mmm yes we did. And a nice wake up too.’

I was startled to hear her voice so near and turned to see her standing in the doorway. She watched as I shook the last drops into the toilet and then reached for the flush handle. As I moved to the sink to wash my hands, she put down the seat and sat on the toilet to pee also. I was excited by the comfort that we shared in our bathroom moments. When she got up and washed her hands, I held the towel for her. When she finished I placed the towel on the hook and we hugged and kissed. I ran my hand over her smooth ass and pulled her close. My dick began to rise between her legs.

She whispered in my ear. ‘Did you enjoy being tied up last night?’

“As a matter of fact, I did. How about you?’ I wondered if she was going to tell me that she was the one who sucked me off.

‘Mmm, I was fantasizing about you even before I had my blindfold on. And then I as thinking about you again this morning while Tom and I were making love. I think that you and I are going to be fucking together before this week is over. Would you like that?’

‘I think that would be fantastic. You just tell me when. I’m sure I’ll be ready!’

Dawn ran her hand over my ass and then kissed my nipple as we broke our embrace. We went out and spent the next hour and a half walking around the park grounds. We talked about everything from Trish and me, to how she and Tom were getting better fixbet at communicating. I told her about how Teri and Amy had come into our room this morning. Dawn apologized until I told her that Trish and I were OK with it. Dawn admitted that she didn’t know if she could do that in front of Amy or not. I told her not to worry and that we were just glad that Teri and Tracy felt comfortable around us in any situation. I likened it to when she I and were in the bathroom together this morning.

‘You know that’s right.’ She said, ‘I’ve never done that with anyone else before. It just felt natural with you. Have you ever done anything kinky while peeing? Like doing it on someone or having it done on you?’

‘No. I haven’t. Does that turn you on?’

‘I don’t know. I never thought about it until now. But right now the thought of doing anything sexual with you is getting me wet.’

I turned to her and we kissed again.

‘We can’t be doing this out here. The resort frowns on this kind of behavior. I’d take you back to the cabin right now but I’m afraid everyone will be coming back soon. It probably wouldn’t look right if they walked in us making love. We better wait.’

Dawn agreed, and somehow it added to the excitement of knowing that we would find time, and when we did it would be right.

So we went to the pool. I figured that a dip in the cool water would settle us both down. I was right. And our timing was too. We had just laid down in the warm sun when I saw Teri and Amy come running to the pool area. Trish and the rest of the crew were not far behind.

They told us all about the ride. They had seen some deer and a coyote and a lot of different birds. And they were hungry. We pulled two tables together and ordered lunch at the poolside. The conversation was lively and fun. It was gratifying to see everyone getting along so well together. I felt like a host and I was pleased with everything I was seeing.

After lunch, Trish and I excused ourselves and went back to the cabin. She wanted to shower after the horseback ride. We showered together and then made love. We fell asleep and didn’t wake up until almost four o’clock.

Tracy and Tammi were in the kitchen making just enough noise to wake us. I called to them and asked if they could bring us some sodas. Tracy appeared at the door with two bottles. She came in and gave them to us and then told us about how she and Tammi had spent their afternoon. They had met two boys and played croquet for a while and then went swimming. The boys were younger and Tracy knew that they just loved being in the company of two older and more mature girls. And Trace and Tammi had a good time showing off for the guys.

We decided that we should have a pizza party for supper. Trish told Tracy and Tammi that they were in charge of ordering pizza for us all and that we could eat around six thirty. She reminded Tracy that we had ice cream in the freezer for desert. We all sat on the bed together for the next few minutes talking about how much they were enjoying being here with us all this weekend. I felt good too. The two teens were a delight to have around.

We enjoyed our supper. It was casual and tasty. And I still marveled at how we all could be so relaxed and comfortable together without clothing.

After we cleaned up the kitchen, we all remained in the living room talking and laughing. Trish spoke up a little louder to get everyone’s attention.

‘I just want to tell you all how glad we are that you are here with us. You are our special friends and I hope that we can enjoy many more days and nights together like this. You are all welcome in our home anytime and we hope that you’ll feel free to stop by and visit whenever you want. Amy and Tammi, that goes for you too. I’m so proud of my daughters and I’m even more pleased that they have chosen to be with fine young people like you. Being a parent today is not an easy thing, and being able to totally trust your children is rare in today’s world. But I trust you all and I’m thankful that I can feel that way. It’s not only a reflection on you, but it speaks well for your parents too. I love you all.’

Trish made eye contact with everyone in the room as she spoke. It was clear that she was speaking from her heart and the room was silent for a moment as her words sunk in.

Then Joe spoke up. ‘Trish, our lives haven’t been the same since we’ve gotten to know you. You’ve introduced us to a whole new way of thinking and living. fixbet giriş Your honesty and openness is contagious. I have a new respect and relationship with my wife and daughter, and I have you to thank for it. I love you too.’

He walked across the room and gave Trish a hug and kiss. Rhonda echoed her thanks. ‘Trish you’re the best. I’m so glad that we have become such good friends.’

Dawn sat forward next to her husband. ‘You know,’ she said, ‘I think that we’re the newest members of this circle and I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me and Tom, to be able to get to know you all better this week. Like you Joe, I feel as though my life has changed. Tom and I have shared things in the past few days that we had never been able to talk about before. A week ago I couldn’t have imagined sitting here, naked, with all of you. And I know that Tom feels the same way too.’

She reached into Tom’s lap and put her hand around his huge penis.

‘This has always been something that I thought was mine alone and although I suspected that Tom might be using it on other women, I was afraid to talk about it. Well now we both know that we have sexual desires that we were afraid to share and knowing that has opened a whole new world for us.’

She was stroking Tom and his cock was growing in her fist. It was at least ten inches long, and although not huge in circumference, it was certainly longer than Joe’s or mine. We were all watching her eyes and her hand as she spoke.

‘I love this monster.’ She held his cock up. Then she got up and sat in Tom’s lap while still facing us all. She opened her legs and pointed it at her hole. Slowly she inserted it as we all watched intently.

‘I never thought that I could do something like this in front of other people, especially you Amy, but right now I feel like you’re all part of a family that I never had before. And the feeling that I get when I have you inside me Tom, is the warmest and most wonderful feeling I’ve ever known. And I just want to be able to share that with all of you.’

She rocked her hips and took his entire length inside of her. We all watched in awe. Then she raised herself up and released his massive member. It was stiff and shiny with her juices.

Teri got up and ran to our bedroom. She came back a moment later tearing open a condom. We all watched as she put it in her mouth and then walked over to Dawn. She knelt down and boldly grasped Tom’s dick. Then she put her head down and inserted the head into her mouth. Dawn was at a loss for words. Tom’s mouth was open in amazement. And then, to the wonder of us all, she took his entire length down her throat! When she lifted her head again and released him from her mouth, the condom was covering his cock all the way down to the base!

‘Oh my God!’ Rhonda cried. ‘Did you just take that whole thing down your throat?’

Teri looked around proudly. ‘Uh huh. That’s so he can have safe sex. I get the feeling that other people here are going to want to feel it too.’

‘But Teri, you just took that whole thing down your throat! Where did you learn to do that?’

Teri looked at Trish for approval. ‘My mom taught me. And I practiced on the rubber one that she has. It’s real long.’

All eyes were on Trish now. ‘I confess. I taught Tracy and Teri how to put a condom on a man using their mouth.’ She laughed. ‘I guess I didn’t know how good a teacher I am! I never imagined that they would be encountering such a huge specimen, and so soon after I showed them how. Teri, how much practicing have you been doing?’

Teri beamed with pride. ‘I practice every night. I love the way it feels in my mouth and throat! I showed Amy too.’

She looked at her friend. Amy dropped her head in embarrassment. Dawn looked at her.

‘Can you take that much in your throat too?’

‘Yes I think I can.’ She got up and walked over to her mother. ‘Is it OK dad?’

Tom was speechless. Dawn held his rigid member and offered it to her daughter. ‘Here Amy. Show me what you can do.’

Amy put her mouth on Tom’s dick and then dove forward. Like Teri, she took the whole thing and stroked it back and forth three times before withdrawing it again.

‘Oh my God!’ cried Dawn, ‘I can’t even do that! Can you do it Trish? Can you Rhonda?’

Looking at Dawn holding Tom’s cock in front of her gaping vagina, I had to admit, even I wanted to give it a try. But I let the girls do the talking and wondering. Trish got up and walked over to them. This was becoming a game of who could suck the most and so far it looked like Teri and Amy were in the lead!

Trish put it in her mouth and went down. She got about two thirds of it in before she nearly gagged and took it back out. She smiled at Teri.

‘You certainly learned well honey! That’s more than I can handle.’

Rhonda was next. She gobbled about as much as Trish had and really did gag. ‘I don’t believe it! I’ve never seen one so big before. It’s more than I can eat! But I might be able to take it somewhere else.’ She winked at Dawn and then at us all. The conversation and innuendo were getting spicy.

Dawn looked around the room. Tracy and Tammi had yet to try Tom’s mammoth cock. ‘Tracy, do you want to taste this before I finish fucking him? How about you Tammi?’

Her bluntness and open attitude were shocking, but exciting too. Trish had moved back and was sitting in my lap. She held my growing dick and shoved it inside of her cunt.

Tracy moved across the floor and took Tom in her hand. She opened her mouth and took a few short strokes inside. Then she dove down and took the whole thing! She bobbed her head up and down four times before she ran out of breath and came up for air. She looked around with a huge smile on her face. We all cheered. Now Tammi had to try it.

She took Tracy’s place and licked it a few times before she put it inside her mouth and then, like Tracy, she went down the whole length. We were all amazed at the talent these teens were demonstrating. When she finally let go, Rhonda got up and gave her daughter a big wet kiss on her mouth.

‘Honey, that was incredible! You’re going to have to teach your old mom how to do that. Do you suppose your dad will mind if we practice on him?’

We all laughed and looked at Joe. ‘You can practice all you want,’ he said, ‘but you’ll need two of mine to equal what Tom has there!’

We laughed again. Then Dawn, stood up again and sat down on Tom’s cock. She was still wet, and he was slick from all of the sucking he had been enjoying and he slipped all the way in easily. Dawn started humping and we all watched in awe as she worked the two of them into a frenzy.

‘Oh yes Tom! Yes! Oh you feel so good!’

He was bucking and the sight of her open cunt being stuffed with his huge cock was turning us all on. Rhonda was kissing Tammi again. Tracy took Joe’s cock in her hand and rubbed it into a hard one. Trish was now bouncing on my dick and Teri and Amy were fingering each other while watching Amy’s parents put on a show. The sound of squishy cunts and slapping skin were filling the room and complementing the noise of our grunts and cries of pleasure as we all neared our climax points. Tom was the first to cum and he let out a yell when he shot his first load into his wife’s tight hole.

Tracy put her mouth on Joe’s dick and sucked him into an orgasm. Rhonda and Tammi kept up their kissing and touching in the middle of the room as Teri and Amy increased the pace of their fingering to an orgasmic level. Meanwhile, I could hold back no longer and let go a spray of cum into Trish’s juicy cunt. She ground herself down on me until I could shoot no more.

The room held a heavy aroma of sex and sweat. Dawn was collapsed on top of Tom. Rhonda leaned over and kissed her. Tammi went over to kiss her father and Tracy. Amy and Teri were kissing with their fingers still diddling each other. And as Trish leaned back against my chest, I reached around and pinched her nipples. My cock slipped out of the opening at the top of her spread legs.

As everyone stirred and stood up to stretch, they all came over to us and like servants worshipping their master, one by one, they each bent down and kissed Trish’s vagina. Licking our cum and tugging on her clit ring. She writhed in my arms as slowly they all brought her closer to another orgasm. Dawn was the last one in line and when she put her face between Trish’s legs, Trish grabbed her head and held it there as she came again in waves and our cum spurted into Dawn’s mouth. As Trish calmed down, Dawn stood up and leaning around Trish, gave me a big wet open mouthed kiss, filling my mouth with a load of my own cum.

Tracy went into the kitchen and took out ten bowls and spoons. Then she got out the ice cream and toppings that Trish had brought down.

‘Just in case anyone has room for another dessert…Come and get it!’

Slowly we all got up and fixed ourselves some personalized sundaes. Since every one was different, we all wanted to share and so we moved about the room tasting each other’s dishes. It only seemed natural. We had tasted almost everything else that we each had to offer.

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