Double Penetration

Subject: Osito de miel 3 Usual disclaimers do apply. Adhere to the rules if they apply to you & what not. I don’t condone abuse of any kind. I do have experiences myself & always up to talk to others, as I do know they happen in real life and will continue to do so. Open to hearing any kind of fantasies & desires you have. There are many lil actual true life things mixed into this story. Based off a handsome furry mex cub I care for, along with the fantasies I let grow & go about in my mind. Below are some posts to help you visualize the horny tio. Ive been jerking to since I was a teen, and I know many of you have to. And still do as I currently am and will for years. So please do your part & donate to . I know you love this site as much as me, so let’s help keep it alive. So, onto stroking fty/donate.html —————————————————————– I didn’t know what to do as I tried not to breath so hard. It looked soo soo big and I wanted to grab onto it! Nervously, I sat on the edge of the tub inside the dark bathroom, I listened to see if there was any noise or sign of tio being awake. My ear feel like it was pulsing as I strained myself so much. After a few long, quiet seconds, I took the risk again & closed my eyes as I started to move my fingers on my hard lil bulge. Tickling it felt soooo good and bad as I could see the red mountain in my mind. As my fingers took turns going up and down really fast, all the naughty thoughts I had came back. Waves of hot and cold ran through me as my balls felt extra funny, like somehow I had to pee but didn’t. I just couldn’t stop as I remembered that good sting in my tummy when I realized that red mountain was Tio’s weenie!! I woke up feeling so relaxed, and just wanted to cuddle Tio Carlos again. When I turned to my side, I barely saw it right before I reached out to hold onto him. After just plainly staring at it for a couple seconds, I realized it was tio’s morning stiffie like I get! Oh, how I started to breath hard & feel tingly all over! My eyes opened up more when I could see it “jump” a bit every few seconds, and it made my lil weenie so hard. My tummy hurt every time I saw it wave “Hi” at me, my hands wanting to reach out and grab his red mountain. “Just a lil bit” my naughty thoughts said as I looked up to notice tio breathing hard & still asleep. Honest to gosh, it felt like forever as I started to get too warm, too sweaty and too excited! My heart felt like it was pumping extra hard the more I laid there! My hands tingled more as both went and grabbed onto my hard weenie, as I was too scared to grab onto Tio. Quickly snapping out of my daydream, my eyes shot open as my hand froze in place, once again trying to see if Tio had woken up. Aside from my heart beating hard, I couldn’t hear a thing. As pulses ran through me, I tried my best to calm myself down, as my urges wouldn’t let up. Closing my eyes once again, I soaked up the feelings of simply loving the way his big weenie was hiding under the red colcha. Like a big new toy waiting to be discovered! My woodie hurt from being sooo hard! But I just couldn’t help it as I remembered how tio’s big strong body looked like too. Mmmmm, big hairy tio..and right as I was about to tickle myself again, “Sobrino, you in the bathroom?” scared the living shit out of me. My body got smacked with a cold nervous wave as I couldn’t move. Panicked, I tried to figure out how to respond as I wondered if he heard me in here. Somehow, through my tight throat, I managed a weak “Yea tio, I’m just taking a pee” as my voice croaked in fear. With shaky hands, well, my whole body was shaking, I got up and flushed the toilet. I felt how sweaty my face was too so I turned on the faucet to warm the water up. Once the flow of water warmed up, I put my clammy hands under to help me cool down, nervous that Tio would get up and come to the bathroom. Quickly, I splashed some water on my face and hair, to make it look like I was washing up. As I started to dry my face with the hanging towel, I started to beg and plead with my weenie to go down as I tried to figure out how to make it go down. I almost started to cry as it wouldn’t and keep being rock hard. I turned the faucet on again and thought “What if I try to cool it down with cold water!?” But then I remembered how a cool pool felt and didn’t want to yelp. And how would I explain how my undies got wet!? Quietly, I kicked myself for coming to the bathroom in only my calzones. Why, oh why, did I have to strip my clothes off!? I know I wasn’t thinking when I snuck off the bed so excited, but WHHYYYY!? “GASP!” came out of me as my body jumped so hard and scared as the bathroom door opened up and Tio Carlos walked in. I was grateful as he didn’t flick on the lights and seemed to be rubbing his eyes some. The next split second, I looked down and Tio’s bulge was only a foot away from my face! My body felt it was all too much, cuz next thing I know, I squeezed past Tio and made a run for the bed. I pull the cover over myself as Tio yells out something I couldn’t make out. I was feeling a lil dizzy from it all, and it wasn’t helping that the coves smelled like him. I must have gotten lost in my daydreams, as my body was trying to put me back to sleep, but also, I could feel the bed move as Tio climbed on. A couple seconds later, Tio draps his right arm and leg on me and pulls me into him. I let out a moan as he slides his left arm under my head and holds me securely. “Wake up sleepy head” he says as I curl into myself. My woody was finally starting to calm down until he hugged me. “Hump!” I say as he laughs and starts to rub his face into my neck. He makes me giggle as he keeps saying “Wake up osito”, and I keep saying “NO! while laughing. Next thing I know, I feel something so warm and wet on my istanbul travesti neck as I “gasp” once again, making me grab onto Tios arm around my neck. I whimper a lil bit as Tio lightly kisses and licks my neck, and then, I let out a moan as his hand slides between my covered thighs and rolls around. I can feel it move in a cirle motion, back and forth over where my weenie is, making it hard to breath and my legs close harder on his hand. The cover doesn’t help it as it’s so soft, and along with his movements, it’s driving me crazy. Tio’s mustache kinda hurts but feels soooo good on my neck, as whimpers keep coming out more and more. All of a sudden, Tio’s hands stop and his fingers start to flicker like he’s scratching my huevos, but lightly. He plants three more warm besitos, two on my neck, and one on my cheek, before letting me go. “Let’s go eat some breakfast, and after, I get you a lil surprise osito.” With that, Tio gets up and heads out the bedroom, leaving me in bed for a bit to catch my breath and calm down. I don’t know how long I was laying in bed for, as it felt too warm and sweaty by the time he yelled out “You dressed osito?” I shook myself out of my haze and jumped out of bed, getting on my clotes as quick as I could. The lil bit of morning left over seemed to go by so fast, as Tio made conversation about anything and everything. I soooo wanted to ask him bout the besitos and his strong hands tickling me, but I left it alone. I was enjoying us talking, him making me laugh, the warm sun, and most of all, eating pancakes at a place called WildBerry. Tio kept making me blush as he joked around saying “Enjoying our breakfast date mi osito?” as he’d play footsie here and there, or grab my hand softly and wink at me. Once we packed up our leftover pancakes, we took a good drive to the nearest K-Mart. Once we entered the store, I got curious and asked “Is my surprise here Tio Carlos?” He smiled as he said “Follow me” and like a duckling, I was right there behind him. I started to get excited when I realized we were walking to the video game section. Once we entered one of the isles, I felt giddy as I realized we were in the Nintendo section. “You have this game osito?” he asked as he pulled “Pokémon Emerald” off one of the hooks. My face gives a huge smile as I quickly respond “No Tio, I wanted to get it but ma and pa said maybe later this year.” I know money was a lil tough as my brother was born, and was a lil sad I couldn’t get it, as I hardly get games. “Here, this is for you” he says, as he hands me the game. “For real for real Tio Carlos?!?” I ask, hoping he wasn’t joking around as I got ultra happy. “It’s for you osito” he says as he rubs my hair, right as I throw myself to him and give a real big hug. “Thank you Tio Carlos!” I yell out as I can’t contain my happiness. He laughs as he says “Let’s go check out the books real quick, I need to check something.” I hold the game box to my chest as we walk a few isles down, and I can’t believe I’m holding it in my hands. Once in the book isle, I walk absent mindedly down the corridor as I examine the box art and red the words over and over, still shocked that I can play this game when we get back home. Finally looking up to see Tio reading some books, it clicks in my head that I can check for the newest Goosebumps that comes out every few months. With a boost of energy, I saw that number 34 & 35 were there to buy! I quickly set my game down as I remembered I had 3 spare dollars in the zipped up pocket of my shorts. Quickly, I pull out the cash and carefully count them, and notice I have two quarters in there also. “I think I have enough” I said full of hope, as I pick up a book to see how much they were. Right as I spot the .99 cent sticker, I jump a bit as Tio wraps his arms around me from behind. “Find something you like osito?” he asks as I nod my head real fast. “Uh huh Tio, I’m checking to see if I have enough to buy these goosebump books” I tell him as I check the other book and it was $1.99. I can feel Tio kiss the top of my head as I try to add up the price in my head, counting on my fingers. “Don’t worry, I’ll buy them for you” he says, but not before chuckling at me adding up the prices. “I think I have enough Tio” I tell him, feeling a bit bad he was gonna buy so much things for me. He softly nibbles my right ear as he whispers “No, it’s okay osito, it’s my gifts to you” as my body jerks back a bit into his hug. I drop the book as his nibble feels too good and I grabbed onto his arms. He lets out “Mmmmm” as I feel him move a bit, and next thing I know, I can feel Tio hump into my butt a few times. I gasp a lil as I can’t believe he did that in the open, but more, it makes me feel soooooo warm. I’m snapped out of my feelings as Tio let’s me go, and says “Grab your things, we gotta get one more thing.” I’m a bit confused once again as I scramble to collect the books and game. Yet I can feel this strong warmth..almost like a fire, inside me. And it made me want my Tio Carlos more..to feel his arms and besitos over and over. I was going a lil crazy with feelings as I tried to catch up with Tio, and for the first time, I really noticed how his butt looked like when he walked. Finding it a lil hard to breath, I found it nice to walk into the chilly isle full of beers. Lookin at his butt move made me fluster even more than I already was, as I felt a bit sweaty. My mind was reeling as I stood behind Tio, and saw he was bent over checking out the beers. Trying not to, I couldn’t help but look make out the shape of his nice butt. I wondered what it looked like, as I didn’t really get to see it either. Without knowing why, this lil voice spoke up and told me to set my stuff down and do what Tio did. A part of me felt so shaky and scared that he might get mad, but kadıköy travesti another more strong part said it was okay, as Tio did it and didn’t feel wrong. Without another thought, I turned around and set my stuff on a chip shelf. As I turned back, Tio was still bent over and in position in front of me. I couldn’t breath as my eager hands grabbed onto the sides of his shorts, and instantly and awkwardly, I pulled myself to him and humped a few times. “What the fuck?!” Tio yelled out in surprise right after I finished humping his butt. He quickly turned around and looked a bit mad, when he realized it was me. Angrily, he let out “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” under his breath as he looked around the isle. I kept quiet and started to get a lil sad, realizing I just did something bad. I couldn’t speak as my face fell into puppy mode, and Tio must have noticed, as he seemed to cool down just a tad bit. “You can’t do that osito, okay?” he says as he rubs my head a bit, still looking out the isle and looking nervous. Softly, I respond, “But you did it Tio” to which he got a lil annoyed and said “Let’s go osito.” He snatches up a nice box that said “Blue Moon” as I picked up my gifts, and quickly we walk out from the isle. We were both quiet as we make our way to the register, and my thoughts kept trying to figure out what I could say to him or tell him so he wouldn’t be mad at me. I try to keep my pace, as you could only hear the murmurs from other customers and our quick and heavy foot steps. The silence made me feel so sad, as Tio didn’t even look at me once. I almost didn’t want my gifts anymore..I wanted Tio to look at me and smile..to be happy and not mad at me. As we got closer to the front of the store, all of a sudden “Hey, you there, stop!” was yelled out. I slow down and look back to see a big, tall, strong security guard start to walk to us. “Tio Carlos” I softly say as I look to see him slow down enough and look back. Sternly, he lets out “Let’s go!” as he turns and walks away, and I follow suit. “HEY, I’M TALKING TO YOU!” the big man yells out as Tio tells me “Come on, come on!” in a loud but nervous tone. I feel nervous as we don’t listen to the security guard as we continue to walk fast. “I SAW WHAT YOU DID, YOU BETTER STOP!” he yells out again as I notice Tio looks back at the man. My heart is beating fast I take a look back and see the man start running at us all of a sudden. I stand still in fear as my eyes open up wide as he comes charging at me. I squeeze my gifts to my chest as I can barely breath, and right when he’s a few feet away, I get pushed to the ground. I barely catch myself on the floor as a man runs away after knocking me onto the ground, and the security guard runs past me and tackles him to the floor. They struggle for a bit as I stare in disbelief, but the guard over powers and cuffs the man. He pulls stands up and picks up the man who’s cursing, begging to be let go as girl underwears fall out from his jacket. The tall guard looks at me and asks “You okay son?” to which I nod my head. “Sorry bout that, I didn’t mean to scare you either” he says in a comforting tone. As he hauls away the man, Tio picks me up and makes sures I’m okay. I nod my head and almost gonna cry till he hugs me and says “Let’s go osito.” Tio looks nervous and shaken up like me too, as he picks up my gifts. In no time, we get to the register and he buys everything. I calm down a bit more as Tio hands me my bag and holds my hand, whispering to himself “Everything’s okay, it’s all good” as we make our way to the car. Once in and we drive away, the air still seems nervous as he grabs onto my hand and plants a besito on it. Arriving home, we get comfortable in our home clothes as tio flicks on the TV and puts on netflix. He pops open a beer while he gives me a coke. “Play your game babe” he says after tossing me a pillow and blanket on the floor. I nod my head “Ok” while I plop down and make myself comfy. Without really trying, once I boot up my new Pokémon game, I easily get lost into it as I explore the Hoenn region and pick Mudkip. I guess Tio kept drinking his Blue Moon, as he got me another pop and saw that he had some movie playing. I didn’t really pay attention to it as I really liked playing Pokémon Emerald. Sometime later, right as I got to a town called Mauville, Tio broke me out of my focus just enoughed as he asked “Enjoying your game osito?” I can barely break away from it to say “Uh huh, it’s sooo cool. I love the new Pokémon too” I can hear Tio chuckle as he says “Poke-a-man.” Looking back at Tio, I smile and say “Nooooo, that’s not how you say it!” as he takes a swig of his beer. In a split second, he reaches down and takes his socks off before taking off his shirt and tossing it at me. I laugh trying to dodge it, loving the smell of it and also, the fact that we’re happy and smiling. I also love how Tio looks like in only his black sweatpants with the red stripe that goes down the side. My cheeks fluster as he catches me staring at him and winks at me. Quickly, I look back at my game to try and hide my flustered face. Next thing I know, I hear a noise and two steps before realizing Tio Carlos is hovering above me on all fours. Feeling his warmth above me and all over my back, it makes me feel a bit dizzy as I bask in it. Softly whispering into my ear “Mmmmm, that looks so fun” sends a warm rush through me, as he kisses the top of my head softly. It’s a lil hard to breath as I’m loving Tio Carlos all over me..as if protecting me. Without warning, Tio starts to gently nibble my left ear, making a moan escape from my mouth. My eyes close as it feel soooo good as Tio lays his weight on me just a bit more. I “gasp” as his tongue slides out and starts to lick my ear so gently. I can barely hear him moan as he continues to caress bakırköy travesti my ear so lovingly. “You like that osito?” he ask, his voice sounding so nice yet so nervous. “Yes Tio!” I moan out as he nibbles and licks a few more times. I’m pulled out my daze as he pulls off me, my head falling to the pillow while I catch my breath. That warm rush returns as his strong hands start to massage my shoulders and upper back, getting more moans out of me. Just the fact that Tio is touching me like this is too much, as my hands slide under the pillow and hug it to my face. My breathing studders as he rolls up my shirt a bit and continues to massage me. The skin to skin touch is so damn good as I keep moaning, and that seems to tell Tio all he needs to know. Next thing I know, he firmly asks “You wearing any calzones osito?” as his hands massage my lower back. I hate wearing those things when I’m at home. I love to just wear shorts or loose boxers if I can. Somehow, I find the energy to take in a good breath and tell tio “No Tio, I don’t have on any undies.” Quickly readjusting him, he says “Let me check”, and with that, I feel a whiff of air caress my cheeks as he pulls open my shorts. I lay still as I feel so naked, so exposed like to this him. “Mmmmm, you’re naughty osito. You’re supposed to wear underwear” he lightly scolds me before letting the waistband go. Once again, I feel Tio move, but this time, I feel something hard poke my cheeks. I start to whimper as I realize it’s Tio’s hard weenie that’s poking me! Not holding back, I can feel him hump my butt just like he did in the store, and even better, his moans sound so manly and strong. He places his arms on the sides of my ribs, and firmly holds me in place asking “Like that osito? Like how I did that earlier too?” I whimper “Uh huh”, nodding my head to make sure he knows how much I liked it. He sends shivers through me as he leans down, nibbling and licking my ear a bit while he humps my butt. Letting out high pitched moans must have turned Tio on too much, as next thing I know, he lays his weight on me and really sucks on my ear. He quickly wraps his right arm under my neck as his humps get strong and harder, knocking out the “uh uh uh uh” out of me with each hump. His poke feels sooo good, making my lil chorizo hard and rub into the carpet under me. I can’t help but let out a loud “Tiiiooo Caaarrllooosss!” as the feelings make me so crazy. All of a sudden, Tio let’s me go and sits up, stopping the fun when it was so damn good. “Play your game a bit more osito, then we go to bed” he sternly says before getting up and heading to the bathroom. I quickly sit up and watch him, wondering what happened, what I did wrong. For a second, I see the light turn on, and then back to darkness as he closes the door. He flicks on the loud bathroom fan as I sit there in silence. Feeling like something was taking over me, I just had to see Tio. My body was still basking in that warm feeling, but also battling that cold from being left alone there, and the nervousness of wanting to see Tio. And as if all three overwhelming feelings heard me, they take over me as I crawl so fast to the bathroom door. I’m panting in excitement as I quickly toss myself onto my back, and try to align myself with the crack of the door. And right as I do, I sticky my thumb straight into my mouth, as a split second later, Tio steps into my view, but this time, I can see his big hard weenie!! I can barely breath in seeing his weenie hairs for the first time, his plump tummy, his furry thighs, but most of all, his big delicious weenie! I looks so good to me, making my whole body tingle and shake and feel shocks. I almost bite my thumb from how strong I feel, going crazy as my hand tickles my lil palito. My eyes take some many pictures of his weenie, loving how it slightly curves up, how dark red his head is, the wet pee drop on the tip of his weenie, and the extra skin it has. Thank goodness the bathroom fan is on, as he surely would have heard me moan and groan on the floor! Another huge shock of excitement goes through me as I see Tio grab his weenie with his right hand and start to play with himself as he holds onto the wall with his left hand. I’m puffing air out my mouth as I jam my thumb in, trying to stop myself from going crazy. Faster and faster I see Tio’s hands move, my own trying to copy what he’s doing as my body is overwhelmed with excitement. I can see Tio’s knees bend a bit and bounce as he’s saying something, but I can’t tell what he’s saying. I can feel my thumb in my throat as I suck on it fully, wishing I could be in the bathroom with him. All of a sudden, Tio bends his knees more as he let’s out a deep painful “Ugghhh, Uggghhh!” while I see him shoot his pee into the toilet. But I barely realize it looks like a different pee, and also, there’s a good amount of it too. In seeing Tio playing playing with himself, I stop too, as I soak up the crazy feelings still running through me. For a second, Tio’s hand moves up to his face but I can’t see what he’s doing, but he brings it back down to his awesome weenie and holds it in place. Then, when Tio starts to pee, I can’t help but love watching him pee so strong into the toilet. I suckle my thumb as he does so, enjoying the show and taking more pictures with my eyes. As soon as Tio’s pee stops, I realize I’m still on the floor. Getting fully nervous, I get up and run to grab my gameboy, then try to not make so much noise as I bolt for the bedroom. I quickly get under the covers and turn my game off, sweating a bit from all that’s happened. A second later, Tio comes out the bathroom, and must have noticed I was in bed. As he calls out “You asleep osito?” to which I don’t respond, just laying still on the bed. I just stare out the window a bit, as I hear him turn off the T.V. and come to the bedroom. He makes himself comfy, and in no time, I can hear him snoring. I finally let my body relax as I hold my gameboy to my chest. As I stay in my curled up position, I can’t help but wonder what else can happen with Tio.

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