Our Cuckold Wedding Part Two


We were at breakfast and Jen was telling me about her night with Martin; she was squeezing his arm as she told me.“Trevor, sex was amazing last night, it was the best sex I have ever had; Martin is incredible in bed!”I smiled, “I’m happy that you had a good time, babe.”“Oh God, I did, we did! Sex with Martin last night was out of this world,” Jen smiled.Martin quickly replied, “You were pretty amazing as well, babe!”Jen leaned over and kissed him firmly on his lips and my cock was growing.Martin went to go to the restroom and as he got out of his chair, he moved to stand behind Jen. He moved his hands along her shoulders and down to her breasts and he gently squeezed them as he bent forward to kiss her and she groaned with pleasure.While he was in the bathroom, Jen gave me a few details about her night of sex with her black lover.“Trevor, his tongue licked me everywhere and he teased my clit for over thirty minutes with his tongue before he licked me out,” Jen trembled. “He is as good with his tongue as he is with his huge cock!”I smiled and asked her to tell me more.“He has so much cum as well,” Jen went on, “I had to swallow twice before he had finished shooting in my mouth and he never goes limp, his cock is always semi-hard, even after he shoots his load.”“So, you swallowed his cum?” I asked.“Yes, three times.”“And he fucked you bareback, no condom?”“Yes he did, and he came inside me at least four times last night and this morning. It was amazing!”“I’m happy for you, babe and I can’t wait to get you into bed tonight!” I smiled.“Actually, you won’t, Trevor,” Jen squeezed my hand, “I want Martin and he is on vacation for the next two weeks.”I was stunned! “You want Martin? You want him to come on our honeymoon with us?”“Yes, babe, he is amazing in bed and I want as much of him as I can get. Is that okay?”I was shocked to hear this from my new wife but at the same time, I was shaking with excitement.I still had the image of her sucking his cock last night in my head and deep down, I wanted more.“Of course I don’t mind, Jen. I agreed to the cuckold marriage and I want what you want.”Jen squeezed my hand hard, Kurtköy Escort “And you don’t mind that we won’t have sex on our honeymoon. You don’t mind that I only have sex with Martin?”“Of course I don’t mind!” I shouted and leaned to kiss her.“It will be Martin’s and my honeymoon,” Jen smiled.Martin returned and Jen told him that she had told me about him coming on honeymoon with us and he smiled.“She is my bride,” Martin smiled and I agreed.“You know that being in a cuck marriage doesn’t just mean that she can fuck whoever she likes,” Martin said softly, “it also means that you experience a lot of humiliation and denial.”“I know,” I replied.“Tonight, you will get both, humiliation and denial,” Martin said in a dominant tone.“I can’t wait!” I shouted.We ate breakfast and Jen went to the bathroom again, this gave me some time to talk to Martin.“So, what’s her body like?” I asked.“Man, it is beautiful,” Martin replied, “Her tits are just the right size and her nipples are perfect and so sensitive. She climaxes whenever my lips or tongue touch them.”My cock was getting very hard as he went on.“Her ass is fantastic, but you saw that last night. Her pussy is gorgeous! Her clit is so sensitive and her labia are perfect; her pussy is amazing!”“Does she have pubic hairs?” I asked. It felt strange asking a stranger about my wife’s body, strange and exciting.“Ye,s she has pubic hairs; nicely trimmed and they stop at her clit so her clit is clearly visible and not hidden by her hair.”“Wow,” I stuttered.“But I like a shaved pussy so she will probably be shaving it soon.”“Not before I see it though?” I asked.“She will be shaving it on Wednesday, so you won’t see her pussy before it’s shaved,” Martin smiled, “But don’t worry, we will include you in a lot of things.”I felt a little better after he said that.“But you won’t be seeing or touching her naked body, she is my bride.”“Okay,” I replied, “I understand.”Jen returned and we finished breakfast before checking out of the hotel. Jen came with me in our rental car and Martin followed in his car. Our cottage was only ten minutes from the Kurtköy Escort Bayan hotel but it did give me a short time to talk with Jen.“He tells me that he wants you to shave your hairs,” I said.“Yes, he does.”“Will you?”“Yes, Trevor, I will. I will do anything that he wants.”“But I would love to see your pussy before you shave it.”“I’m sorry, babe, but I am Martin’s bride and he wants me all for himself. You do understand, don’t you?”“Yes I do and I will wait if it makes you happy.”Jen smiled and told me that she loved me. We arrived at the cottage and it was just as the brochure had described; three bedrooms and the master suite was huge with a door that opened to the heated pool.“Which bedroom are you taking, babe?” Jen asked me and I chose a bedroom that was opposite their master suite.We spent the day exploring the cottage and the nearby town before they showered in their master bedroom and we went into town to eat dinner. Jen looked sensational in a short white cotton dress that flared out from the waist.We got back to the cottage around ten thirty and Jen opened a bottle of wine before sitting next to her black lover on the couch. Immediately, his hand caressed her knees and they kissed passionately in front of me.We spent the next hour drinking wine and chatting. Martin kept teasing me about Jen being his bride.“I bet you never imagined that she would be your bride for just six hours,” Martin teased.Jen kissed him.“Then she would become my bride,” Martin smiled.“I never imagined it,” I replied.“Are you happy that you are now mine?” Martin asked Jen.“Yes, I am! Very happy about it,” Jen shouted.“And are you happy that she’s mine?” Martin asked me.Strangely, this teasing was making my cock swell!“Yes, I am,” I smiled, realizing that this was the humiliation side of being a cuck husband.Martin had his hand on her breast and he kissed her deeply before standing up and telling her that it was time for sex. Jen smiled and he took her hand to pull her to her feet.“Come with us to our bedroom,” Martin ordered me and I wasted no time in jumping up.My heart was pumping Escort Kurtköy as crazy thoughts rushed through my mind. ‘Is he going to let me watch them make love? Am I going to finally see her naked body?’ My mind was going crazy as I followed them to their bedroom.Martin positioned Jen at the foot of the bed and kissed her deeply.“Trevor, come here and remove her dress.”I hurried to Jen and gently kissed her as I reached around her back and slowly started to unzip her dress. My hands were shaking as I eased her zipper down and I looked at Martin. He was stripping his clothes off and by the time that I had eased Jen’s dress from her shoulders, he was naked!Her dress fell to the floor and I stood with my mouth open as I ran my eyes over her lingerie-clad body. Martin moved me and took my place in front of her before he gently sat her on the foot of the bed. Immediately, Jen took his cock in her hand and moved her mouth to it; her lips and tongue were enjoying his black meat.“God, I love you, my bride,” Martin said in a soft voice.Jen pulled his thick cock from her mouth and looked up at him, “I love you too, babe.”Martin looked at me, “Are you ready for the humiliation?”I smiled.“Get naked!” Martin ordered.I was in heaven, Jen was finally going to see my cock and erection! I quickly pulled my tee shirt and shorts off and I was naked! Martin ordered me to stand next to him.“See what I rescued you from, Jen?” Martin teased and Jen smiled as she looked at my erection.“Look at that tiny white cock,” Martin teased again, “If I hadn’t taken you, you would have that tiny thing inside you instead of my monster.”I must admit that my erection was tiny compared to Martin’s and I was enjoying this humiliation. He pulled her hand away from his cock and told me to get my cell phone. I walked into the living room, pulling my cock as I walked.“Yes,” I thought, “she has seen my naked ass as well.”I returned to the bedroom with my phone in my hand.“I am going to let you take some pictures of my bride,” Martin smiled.My heart was racing!“Really?” I stuttered.“Yes, really.”My hands were shaking as I snapped away at Jen. Firstly, sitting on the bed. I got some great shots of her sexy bra then she stood up and I took some of her bra and tiny thong before Martin pulled her to his face and kissed her. I got some great pictures of her thong-clad ass and even some of Martin’s hands caressing it. My cock was ready to explode.

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