Our Distinctive Family Pt. 09


Part 9


Dawson was suppose to be home today so when I woke up to the empty right side of the bed, I was upset. Kole still slept in my arms and I kissed him on the neck. He grinned in his sleep before settling again. I reached over to grab my phone to check the time. Damn, it was 10AM. I never slept this late before. I guess my lack of sleep from the previous days finally caught up to me.

Checking my messages, I saw that I didn’t have anything from Dawson. What the fuck? He didn’t even let me know rather or not he was coming back today. It was the least he could do. I set my phone aside, deciding not the dwell on the issue or else I would get even more mad. I got out of bed, careful not to wake Kole and headed downstairs. Carson was in the living room watching tv. I bent down and kissed him in his messy hair. “Good Morning little bro.” Carson looked up and beamed at me. “Good Morning. How did you sleep?” I walked around the couch and plopped down beside Carson. “Better with one of my brothers in bed with me.”

Carson’s smile dimmed. “You haven’t been getting any sleep” I shook my head. “I’m not use to sleeping alone anymore.” Carson nodded in understanding. “Yeah I don’t like it either. There’s no reason any of us should sleep alone with it being five of us in a house.”

“Yeah but it still happens sometimes,” I said, grabbing the remote in search of something to watch.

“I thought you said Dawson was coming back today.”

“I thought so, but he’s clearly not here and I haven’t heard from him so…I don’t know.”

“Did you try calling him?” Carson looked up at me with his pretty big eyes.

“No.” Now Carson looked at me with the ‘seriously’ expression. “Try calling Manny.”

“I left my phone upstairs,” I said, folding my arms. Carson shook his head and retrieved his phone from…somewhere I didn’t see. He silently dialed Dawson and we waited as if rung, and rung…and rung until it finally went to voicemail.

“See. He’s not even answering his phone. What the hell is he doing there?”

Carson shrugged and put his phone away. “Maybe he’s too busy.”

“Too busy to call his fucking boyf-… brother.” We’d never discussed what we were and I for sure wasn’t going to assume we were more than just brothers who like to fuck.

Carson placed a hand on my shoulder. “Manny, you know he would call if he could. Dawson’s the most responsible one out of all of us. He must be truly busy.” Sometimes I forgot who the older brother was between me and Carson. He always seemed insightful. I let his words ebb my annoyance.

This lasted until Thursday and we still hadn’t heard from Dawson. I waited until it was around noon before calling him from my phone. He didn’t answer once again so I shot him a text stating to call me asap. I wondered if dad heard from him so I gave dad a call as well. His phone went straight to voicemail. That wasn’t a surprise since he usually cut his phone off when he was busy at work.

I decided I was going to stop by and talk to him in person. I put on some jeans and a v neck shirt with my hair pulled back. It was hot outside but I didn’t want to show up at dad’s office with my usual shorts and tank.

Last night, I slept alone and my sleep was shit like days before. I went to the twins room since I could hear their tv on. Inside, they were cuddled up, spooning in their favorite position with Carson as the big spoon. They looked so fucking cute that it put a small smile on my face.

“Manny! Get in and cuddle with us. We’re watching marathons,” Kole said, pulling his cover back and revealing his naked body. Any other day, I would be more than happy to join in and cuddle against their pliant bodies. Not today though.

“Not right now sweetie. I was just stepping in to let you guys know I’m about to go to Dad’s office.” Carson sat up abruptly. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just need to talk to him.”

“Is it about Dawson? He still isn’t here?” Carson knew about my worries obviously.

“No. He isn’t.” I tried not to show my true feelings about the situation, so I changed the subject. “While I’m out, do you two want anything?” They’re thinking faces were so fucking cute. Kole perked up first. “Can you get me a snickers smoothie?” I nodded. “Since he’s getting a smoothie, get me a reese’s one,” Carson said.

I walked over and leaned down and gave Carson a peck on the lips before doing the same to Kole. Except he grabbed my face and deepened the kiss. Again, if this was any other time, Kole’s gesture probably would have me ready to jump in bed with them. Especially with the knowledge that they were already naked under the cover.

After Kole finally let my bottom lip go, I pulled back. “Geez sweetie, I’ll be back.”

Kole grinned, almost shyly. “I know. I just…really wanted to do that.” I smiled back and headed out the door.

Thirty minutes later, I was pulling into the parking lot of my dad’s building. I wasted no time heading up to his floor. The receptionist grinned as I approached her. Seconds before, I overheard her tell a guy my dad wasn’t seeing Lefkoşa Escort anyone. Maybe I should wait until he was off work.

“How can I help you?”

“I’m here to see my dad.”

“Your dad? Geez, are you one of his sons. Which one?”

Weird. “Manny.”

“Nice to meet you Manny. Your dad talks about you guys all the time.” The lady checked her computer before continuing. “He has himself block from any visitors right now but I’ll call him anyway. She dialed a number and my dad’s deep voice came through the phone.


“Sorry to interrupt sir, but your son Manny is here to see you.”

Dad didn’t waste one second before replying “Send him in.”

“This way…” she led me to the double doors at the end of the hall. After letting me in, my dad thanked her and let herself out, closing the door.

Dad took his glasses off and backed away from his desk. “Son? What’s wrong?”

I strolled closer to him but stopped at the corner of his desk. Dad must’ve knew from his psychic powers what I need because he reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling me over to him. Instead of simply sitting on his lap, I straddled him. The desk chair creaked now that it was holding twice the weight as before but dad didn’t tell me to get up. He simply rubbed my back. Before I could say anything, Dad gripped both my ass cheeks and lifted me up in one stride, walking us over to his couch. The man was strong because I didn’t feel any strain from him while lifting me. He sat and laid down along the couch. I got comfortable and rest my head on his shoulder, nestling my face in his neck.

We didn’t say anything for a few minutes until he patted me softly on my butt. “What’s wrong Manny? Is this about Dawson?”

Of course he knew. “Have you heard from him?” Dad sighed. “Yes.”

Don’t be upset. Don’t be hurt. I kept saying these two things in my head but it wasn’t working. Why the hell he couldn’t call me? “What did he say?”

Dad continued to rub my back, “That he’ll be back tomorrow morning.”

I lifted my head and peered at my dad. “Why wasn’t he here yesterday like he said?”

“Something came up Manny. They had to deal with it.”

“What came up? Why is he there anyway? Dawson never told me what the ’emergency’ was.”

“He’ll have to tell you. Don’t worry okay? He’ll be back tomorrow and we can leave for our trip.”

“Yeah, if he decides to come home, “I mumbled.

“Don’t be upset Manny.”

“Too late,” I said.

“Cut it out son. He’ll tell you everything once he’s back. Okay?” I looked up to dad and he pursed his lips, silently asking for a kiss. I rested my head on his shoulder again. “Wow, you must be really upset.”

Yeah I was. I’d never refused a kiss from my dad… like ever. But I wasn’t in the mood to be loving right now. The cuddling was enough.

After a moment of silence, I realized where we were and pushed to get up even though it was the last thing I wanted to do. Dad grabbed my arm. “Where are you going?”

“I’m sure you have work to do dad. I’ll…see you later I guess.”

“No. that can wait.”


“Lay back down Manny,” Dad said in his rarely used ‘dad voice’. I obviously didn’t want to leave so I laid back down on my dad’s massive body and got comfortable again. It felt so good to be against him. Like a soft rock. Dad kissed me on the forehead and we laid like this until I was satisfied before going back home.


The following day, my hope wasn’t even up anymore. Up until last night, I slept in Dawson’s room but last night I decided to sleep in mine. I realized I was getting too attached to Dawson so I made the decision to begin changing that.

I could hear everyone up and about, most likely doing last minute packing. I didn’t get out of bed. It wouldn’t take me long to throw some shorts and tanks into a bag. All of the supplies were already packed and waiting in the garage. There was no need for me to get up right now.


Finally, I was back home and damn have I missed my family. Being around my friend’s Oby’s family reminded me how lucky I was. Not only did my dad accept my sexuality, but he also embraced it. We are a close family in every way possible and I was never taking advantage of that.

As soon as I walked through the front door, Kole saw me and ran full speed fully naked. Who gets to come home to a beautiful, naked little brother? Me.

I opened my arms and lifted him up in a bear hug.

“Where have you been? We missed you.” I squeezed Kole tight to me, patting his bare ass before releasing him. “I know. I missed you guys too. Where’s my kiss?” Kole gave me a thorough kiss and I could tell how much he missed me because he wouldn’t let me go. I grabbed his hair and pulled him back, “Okay Kole geez.” I chuckled and he plastered himself to my side. By now, Carson walked into the living room, also naked. “What is up with the nakedness, not that I’m complaining.”

Carson ran to me and gave me the same welcome. “When we woke up, we were going to put clothes Girne Escort on until we heard dad cursing so we ran down here. He cut his finger,” Carson said sadly.

“What? Is it deep?” I pulled away from my brothers and headed towards the kitchen. Dad was sitting at the table reading the news on his tablet sporting a blood-stained wrap on his index finger.

“Dad. How bad did you cut it?” Dad looked up and grinned. “Nice of you to return. I missed you son.” I leaned down and gave Dad a few pecks before pointing at his finger. He sighed, “It’s not that bad Dawson. I don’t think I’ll need stitches or anything.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because I know. And because I sent a picture of it to a friend of mine who is a doctor.” I guess he was fine then. “Is everything okay now?”

“Yeah. For now.”


I looked around the room and just then realized I hadn’t seen Manny. “Is Manny home?”

“Yeah. He’s in his room.”

Was he still sleeping? Surely he heard the shrills from the twins.

As if I spoke him up, there he was coming down the steps in nothing but some skin tight cotton shorts that hugged his thick thighs. They left very little to the imagination. I smiled as he walked towards me. “Hey. I miss you…” I went in for a hug and kiss but Manny gave me a half hug and turned his head when I tried to kiss him. He continued his journey and searched through the fridge like nothing was wrong. What the hell?

“Is that all I get?” Dad looked up and between the two of us then back at his ipad. The twins who initially stood nearby hurried into the living room.

“What else do you expect?” Manny said with a bored expression. What the fuck was going on? I knew Manny might be upset at me but this wasn’t necessary.

“Lets talk upstairs Manny.” My brother, my supposed lover ignored me. I grabbed him by the arm and headed up the stairs, making him drop his poptart.

“What the hell Dawson.”

“We need to talk,” I said, now halfway up the stairs.

“Oh now you want to talk.” Manny tried to pull away but my grip on his arm wouldn’t allow it.

Once in my room, I closed and locked the door, staring at my brother. “Look. I know you might be upset…”

“I am upset.”

“Okay. You’re upset that I didn’t call you when I didn’t come home Wednesday. Believe it or not, I lost my phone.”

Manny huffed, obviously not believing me. “Right. So how did dad know about your plans?”

“I spoke with him that morning once I realized I wasn’t going to make it home. Some things happened right after that and I think I left my phone at my friend’s parents house. I didn’t want to go back and get it after what happened.”

Manny folded his arms across his muscular chest. “And what happened? What was this ’emergency’ that you couldn’t take the time to tell me about?”

I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. “My friend Oby got into it with his parents after they found out he was gay. They actually…caught him with the guy at their home.” Manny seemed to wince at that statement. “Yeah. It was a shitshow. He called me crying. The guy is my size and he was crying. His dad hit him after they kicked the guy out and his mom didn’t do a thing. His dad is this big shot that works for the government or something so when I took Oby to the police, they basically said they weren’t doing anything. We spent this time trying to get his stuff out while his parents were at work and to also find him a place to stay. Luckily, there was an apartment that will be available a week from now so I put him in a hotel until then. I also gave him his first months rent until he gets his scholarship money for school. Luckily, he’ll be able to commute by bus until he’s able to get a car because he didn’t want to take the one his dad bought.” Manny nodded at my words. “So…will you forgive me? I promise it wasn’t intentional. My phone must’ve fell out of my pocket when we were rushing or I laid it somewhere. I’m not sure.”

Manny nodded again. “So you forgive me?” Manny shrugged, “I mean. You don’t owe me anything really. You told someone in your family. Dad knew so that’s all that matters I guess.”

“Huh? If that’s all that matters then why are you upset?”

“I shouldn’t be. Just ignore me.” Manny walked towards my door as if trying to leave, but I wasn’t having it.

“What are you talking about Manny?”

Manny sigh loudly. “I’m saying I don’t have a right to be upset. I’m just your little brother. Even the twins not upset.”

Where was this coming from? Even though we never talked about it, I figured Manny knew how I felt about him. “Manny. Baby. You’re not just my brother. I thought you were my boyfriend.” Manny looked shocked at my statement. “Aren’t you?” I slowly walked over to Manny. “My sexy ass boyfriend.”

We were now centimeters from each other. “Don’t you belong to me?” Manny looked as if he was waring with himself. “Isn’t this mine… and this?” I squeeze his ass and squeezed his bulge. “I’m sorry baby. You forgive me?” I asked softly in Manny’s ear. His breathing Magosa Escort increased as I began to stroke him. I pulled on his earlobe with my teeth and led kisses straight towards his mouth. “Can I have my kiss now? I’ve been missing these juicy lips all week.”

Manny instantly closed that little gap and plunged his tongue in my mouth. Fuck yes. I missed him. We tongue battled, fighting for dominance like we sometimes do. I let Manny take control of the kiss, biting and sucking anything he could. The kiss was full of hunger, desperation, and lust with a hint of love.

I dug my hands into his shorts and squeezed his ass cheeks hard, grinding my rising dick against his. Manny never slowed down and I didn’t urge him too.

Once we got our first taste of each other out the way, I led Manny towards my bed and pushed him down. “I need to get inside you. Now.”

Manny pushed down his shorts and I removed my shirt while he helped with my jeans. “We’re leaving soon though,” he said.

“Don’t care. Hold your legs up.” Manny did as I said and I pushed his legs down towards his chest, raising his hips off the bed so I can get better access to that ass. I wasted no time feasting on Manny’s hole. Enjoying his taste and stretching him at the same time. My tongue swirled, making o’s in Manny’s tight hole.

“Ahh! Dawson! Mmmm!” Manny moaned without holding back, writhing under me. I held him tighter as I plunged my tongue as deep as I could get it into Manny’s tight channel.

“Dawsonnn,” Manny whined. I knew he was getting impatient so I drew back, allowing his hips to rest on the bed again and aimed my dick towards its happy place. I nudged at Manny’s entrance which still felt tight but I pushed in anyway. Manny cried out spreading his cheeks so I could get in easier.

“Fuck! You’re so tight baby.” I swayed side to side, trying to stretch Manny. I wanted him so bad but I still wanted to refrain from hurting him as much as possible.


I took that as what it was and thrusted my hips until Manny’s hole swallowed my dick entirely.

“Yess! You feel so good,” I said and wasted no time showing Manny how much I missed him. I pounded into my lover, causing him to cry out in pain and in ecstasy. Manny obviously didn’t care who heard him so I wasn’t holding back either. I grabbed Manny’s thick thighs and set a frantic pace.

A knocked sounded behind me and I heard my dad’s voice. “Boys we need to hit the road soon.”

I slowed my pace slightly, “Okay. We’ll be done in a minute.”

I pulled out almost completely before thrusting back in. Each thrust caused a sexy moan from Manny’s lips. I realized he came already and I hated that I missed it. “You came already?”

“I couldn’t….I couldn’t hold it.” Manny said. “Hmmp,” was all I said before I bent Manny in half and went to town on his ass, aiming for his spot every time. Manny yelled out, trying to slow my powerful thrusts with a hand to my stomach. I swatted the hand away. “Don’t try to push me away. Take this dick. It’s yours isn’t it?” Manny nodded, eyes shut tight, hair all over the place. I didn’t relent, balls slapping against Manny’s ass was the only sounds I could hear. And Manny’s moans of course.

“Take. Every. Inch. Baby. Fuck!!” I came hard on that last thrust, filling Manny with my cum. I gave a few shallow pumps, ensuring every drop went inside him before allowing him to rest.

Manny’s legs flopped down, one shaking uncontrollably.

“Damn. I need to pack.” I hated I couldn’t fuck Manny as long and as thorough as I wanted, but we would have more time at the campsite. I grabbed my hygienic stuff first before throwing in two shorts and two long pants in a backpack along with t-shirts. I placed my hiking boots beside my bag then looked at Manny. He still laid on my bed, not moving an inch. I walked over to him. “Manny. You okay?”

Manny turned to me, “I love you.” I chuckled, “I love you too.”

“No. I love you, love you.”

I bent to him and kissed his sweaty forehead, “And I love you too.” I smacked the side of Manny’s hip. “Come on. Lets shower really quick.” When Manny finally stood, a trickle of cum ran down his leg. I didn’t like seeing that so I dug into my drawer and pulled out a medium size plug. I swiped up the entire trail of cum and stuck it back where it belonged before plugging Manny’s hole.

“There. Now lets go.”

I put on some cargo shorts with a simple tee while Manny put on another pair of cotton shorts that seem to make his ass bigger. I mean, he already has a nice size ass, we all did but now it look juicier in these gray shorts that stopped mid thigh. I couldn’t help but give his ass a squeeze, noticing he didn’t wear underwear. Damn, I wish I could just walk around with my hand on his ass all day.

When we got downstairs, Dad and the twins were already waiting on us. Dad also had on cargo shorts with a shirt with no sleeves, showing off his massive arms. Damn dick was trying to perk up. Kole had on what look like a girls scout outfit, except this one was just a green crop top and vest with a short pleaded skirt. Carson had on the same thing except with matching booty shorts instead of the skirt. Dad kept pulling the shorts over the bit of cheek that kept showing and Carson just giggled. Why did they have to tease like this? “You guys took forever,” Kole said with a pout.

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