Our Family’s Little Secret Ch. 01


It was the sound of the door opening that awakened me, that first morning I was home from my freshman year in college. I was in bed, naked as usual, with my hand on the hard-on that my cock usually sported when I was waking up. I’d just been having a wet dream about my sister Diane (although it hadn’t quite gotten to the wet part yet). The bedclothes had been pushed aside, and I was lying naked on the top sheet.

Diane was a year older than me. She had brown eyes, with the eye folds we’d both inherited from our Asian father, but in most other ways she took after my Swedish-American Mom, with honey-colored hair and fairer skin. And like Mom, she had a great set of tits, smaller but firmer than Mom’s. Mostly, I had to imagine how those breasts looked underneath the bra of her bikini when we swam in the pool, but I’d seen them bare once last summer, when I walked into the bathroom just as she was stepping out of the shower. It was a vision that must have been burned into my brain, because that image of her perfect young breasts was popping up in my wet dreams quite a lot lately.

And there she was, in a red robe, standing in my bedroom doorway, looking at me!

I blinked the sleep out of my eyes. No, it wasn’t her, after all. This woman’s hair and skin were too dark. It was Aunt Dee, my father’s twin sister and my godmother. She was looking at me with my hard cock in my hand in all its tumescent glory. What was she doing there? And then, as my mind shook off its sleep haze, I remembered that she’d been visiting my family for last few days.

The red bathrobe cloaked her slim frame. All I could see was the dark brown hair and burnt-cream skin, the same color as mine. And brown eyes that looked like mine, with their epicanthic folds. She was in her late thirties. The surprise on her face quickly dissolved into an impish grin.

“I’m sorry to wake you,” she said. “I was going to make breakfast for myself, and wanted to see if you were up.”

“I’m sorry, Aunt Dee…” I groped for the sheet to cover myself.

“Don’t apologize, Jeremy. And forget about the sheet. I’ve seen a few dicks before! And there isn’t a man anywhere in the world who hasn’t woken up with ‘morning wood!’ Here, let me see it.” And with that, she moved over and sat on the bed. As she leaned forward, her robe fell open enough for me to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Move your hand, dear,” she said. I let go of my cock. “It’s so beautiful and hard! May I touch it?”

I nodded, and she grasped it in her hand, so delicate and small, and gave it a tentative squeeze, as if measuring its degree of arousal. Then she started stroking it with an index finger, slowly tracing it from base to cap, and glancing up from time to time to see the astonished expression on my face as the pre-cum began to ooze out of my cock.

“You like this, don’t you, dear?” She said with a smile.

I nodded again.

“If we’re going to be this intimate, maybe I should take my robe off.” Without an answer from me, she stood, let the robe fall from her shoulders, and laid it on the bed. She was naked except for some white cotton panties that were just sheer enough to show me the dark hair of her pubes. For a woman as old as my dad, she had a great figure. She’d never had kids, and she’d obviously been staying fit; she was the coach of the girl’s swim team at the high school where she taught English. Her stomach was flat as a board, and her small breasts had just a touch of sag. She had the barest trace of a tan line. She looked splendid!

She sat back down again and grasped my cock again, this time more aggressively, and started moving her hand up and down on it.

“Here, let me give you something to play with,” she said as she moved closer to me. Her breasts, with dark brown nipples the size of jelly beans, were only inches away from my face. “I like to have them sucked,” she said simply. “So suck them, Jeremy!”

I reached up and grabbed her left breast, so soft and warm and pliable, and kneaded it in my hand. Then she bent lower, and my lips touched her nipple. I sucked, and I reached up with my other hand to fondle her other breast.

I’d seen plenty of tits on the Internet by now, and marveled at how they bounced and jiggled, but the only ones I’d actually felt were the small ones on my girlfriend when she let me slide my hand under her bra as we necked. (And second base was as far as I’d gotten with her.) Now I could not only feel the breasts, but see them and suck on them and feel their warmth of their silky skin and the stiffness of their nipples.

Her skin seemed to glow with the light of the morning sun on it, and I caught the whiff of a musky smell, like perfume and yet not perfume, that seemed to envelop her as she leaned forward. The sensations of her aroma, her nipple in my mouth, her breast in my hand, and her own hand stroking my erection were enough to send me over the edge, and before I even knew it was happening, I had shot wad after wad of cum onto my chest that bostancı escort ended with a dribble that ran down her hand. There was a lot of it. I blushed.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“Don’t be sorry,” she said as she gave it a final squeeze. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of! I didn’t realize you had such a hair trigger, that’s all. Let me clean that up.” She licked the cum off her hand and smiled at me. “It tastes pretty good, you know!” With a corner of her robe, she dabbed the rest of the cum off my chest and licked the skin clean.

“Come on, let’s get breakfast,” I heard her say as she stood up. “Don’t bother to dress. I want to see you naked! Just put a towel down when you sit at the table.”

“But Mom and Dad …”

“They’re not here. One of her friends called, the one who’s having a baby. She called to say that she was going into labor, and she asked your mom to look after their kids while she and her husband were at the hospital. They won’t be back until after sunset, if not later.” She gave me a smile. “We’re on our own here!”

“What about Dad?”

“Gary went with her. Her car is in the shop, so they had to use his, and she can’t drive stick. Are you hungry?”

I was hungry, all right, but it wasn’t just for breakfast. She grabbed me by my arm and pulled me toward the kitchen, stopping only at the bathroom for me to pee and grab a hand towel to cover the kitchen chair. In the kitchen, she donned one of Mom’s aprons and started cooking, giving me a splendid view of her tight ass, covered in those sheer panties, and a generous glimpse of side-boob. It didn’t help my horny state of mind when she served the food, because she hung the apron back on its hook in the pantry and sat across the table from me. I could not tear my eyes from her bare breasts, small but with those fat dark nipples and the slight sag that betrayed her years. Had she see me furtively looking at her while we used our swimming pool yesterday, admiring her figure? She’d worn a swimsuit that she surely wouldn’t have worn as a coach in school, and didn’t match the tan lines I’d just seen on her. This swimsuit was a high-cut one-piece number that showed every curve, and the unmistakable bulges of her nips under the fabric. And a crotch that showed a definite camel-toe. The sight had given me a raging hard-on, and when I adjusted my cock in my trunks, I glanced up to her face and found her smiling at me, so she obviously wasn’t embarrassed by my attention to her.

“You do have a lovely cock, you know!” she said as she sipped her coffee. “You probably caught me staring at it when we were swimming yesterday. Those trunks really didn’t hide it! You were really getting a boner, weren’t you?” She laughed, and I suddenly became self-conscious about my penis, which was swelling at the sight of those lovely tits jiggling. I felt its cap lifting off the towel on the chair as the blood flowed into it. I reached down to touch it, and it swelled even more.

“That’s your fault, Aunt Dee! That one-piece you were wearing … it made your legs look so long. Those leg holes must have gone halfway up to your armpit! What did you expect a guy like me to do?”

“Get a boner, of course! But when I saw your cock this morning, it was like a dream come true! I was hoping to see you nude, and I did! And with a hard-on, too! I felt that the least I could do in return was give you a little tickle and some eye candy.”

She finished her coffee and gathered her thoughts. Then she said, “Jeremy, have you had a lot of experience with girls?”

“Hardly any. I have a girlfriend. Sandra’s her name.”

“What have you done with Sandra?”

“We made out some.”

“Any sex?”

“She gave me a … you know, what you did.”

She smiled. “A handjob? I know the word!”

“Um, yeah. And once she sucked me, and I came in her mouth. That was great!”

“And what did you do in return?”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think I meant? Did you eat her out?”

“Um, no. I kind of wanted to, like I’ve seen in the pornos, but she said she didn’t want to do it, ’cause it looked gross.”

“No grosser than a blowjob … yes, I know that word, too!” she laughed again. “Tell me honestly now, have you fucked anybody?”

I must have reddened, because she gave a knowing smile. I admitted that I was still a virgin. “You know, I’m glad she didn’t want me to…eat her out,” I said. “You know…because I really don’t know how to do it, and I was scared I’d screw up and she’d laugh at me.”

“Well, then, you have a lot to learn,” she said at last. “As your godmother, I’m supposed to be guiding you in your education on things spiritual, and there’s not much that’s more spiritual than sex. I’m going to teach you a lot of things that you need to know to please a woman. And to make the sexual experience better for you, too. You can’t learn it by just jacking off. Are you willing to learn it?”

I nodded.

“So you haven’t done anything that might give you ümraniye escort bayan a venereal disease?” she continued. “You know about that, right? ‘Exchange of fluids’ and so on?”

“Sort of. They talked about that in Sex Education, but they didn’t use those terms, exactly. I haven’t done anything to catch a disease, if that’s what you mean.”

She stood up. “Well, we’ve got all day, and we’ve got the house. Let’s go back to your bed and play some more! Better yet, we’ll use your parents’ bed. It’s a king-size, and we’ll need the room.” I stood up, too, and my fattening cock was plain to see. She gave me a wide smile and said, “First, let’s take care of that!”

“Would you give me a blowjob, Aunt Dee? I’d like that!”

“Well, sure, but I want something in return this time. I am going to teach you to give me head. Maybe you call it ‘eating me out’ or ‘licking me’ or giving me oral’ or even ‘cunnilingus’ if you’ve been reading a higher class of porn. But first things first. You’re not going to be able to concentrate on anything until you get that dick soft again!”

She told me to lay on my back and then straddled me, her head at my crotch and mine to hers. She was still dressed in those sheer panties, but I could see that they were wet in the crotch. I reached up and touched the cleft of her pussy lips as she set to work on my cock. And there were those titties again, hanging down, her nipples grazing my belly. Oh, God. If I wasn’t completely hard before, I was now!

She was much better at it than Sandra was. She not only sucked, but she ran her tongue up and down my cock. She’d stop at that little sensitive area on the underside of the cap and give it quick licks. She’d dig the top of her tongue into my pee-hole. All the while, she’d be stroking my cock with her hand and stroking my balls; the ooze of my pre-cum was giving her plenty of lubrication. She sucked and stroked as if she had all the time in the world. And I got the scent of arousal from her pussy, a scent I’d only read about in porn. Now it was practically filling my nose. The crotch of her panties got wetter and wetter as I stroked her cunt; they were now sheer enough for me to see her pussy lips through the fabric, as plain as day.

And then I came, right into Aunt Dee’s mouth. I couldn’t help it. Instead of stopping and spitting out the cum like Sandra did, Aunt Dee kept sucking and swallowing, milking my cock to get all the cum out of it, and letting it go soft in her mouth before letting me have it back.

“Oh, God, Aunt Dee! That was great!”

“That hair trigger of yours is something that we’re going to have to work on. And by the way, Jeremy, from now on I’m just Dee, okay?” she said as she stretched out beside me on the bed and kissed my shoulder.

“Sure … Dee. Oh, my God! But Jeez, I’ve cum twice today, and you haven’t cum once!”

“Actually, I came this morning, before you woke up. I wanked while I was thinking about your cock. Girls wank, too, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. I see them in the pornos.”

“And they always get off in the pornos, don’t they?” She laughed. “Well, it doesn’t work that way all the time. But it worked with me! The more a girl does it, and the older she gets, the easier it is for her to do.” A pause. “Well, now you can pay me back for those two orgasms.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“What I said before. I want you to give me head. I’ll show you how.” And, raising her legs, she slipped off the panties and tossed them to the side. “Get between my legs,” she instructed as she spread them wide, exposing her naked pussy in all its splendor — hairy, wet and wanting. Her crotch hair was black and soft, just like mine.

“Here’s the part that Sex Ed didn’t teach you: how to please a woman. They probably didn’t even tell you what a girl’s genitals look like, did they?” She spread her pussy lips apart with one hand and pointed with the other. “Here’s my hole … the entrance to my vagina. Above that is my pee-hole, and above that, at the top of my slot, is a little thing called a clitoris. Do you know what that is?”

“I think so. It’s like a penis, right?”

“Well, sort of. You can’t see much of it, though. Most of it is inside me. Remember that; it’s important later. Now look at my pussy lips. See how I have two lips on each side? There’s the big puffy one that everybody sees, and the smaller inner ones that come out when a girl is aroused. Some girls have really big inner lips that are out all the time and hang down. But all those lips like to be sucked and licked. So do it!”

And I did. I’ll tell you one thing: the sight of all that anatomy was familiar from the pornos, but the smell and taste of a pussy was entirely new to me. I’d smelled it through her panties before, but that was nothing compared to how it smelled when my nose was right up against it. And the taste! I’ll never forget it. All the descriptions in those stories … musk, honey, maybe just a tad fishy … couldn’t begin to capture kartal escort what I was tasting and smelling right then. Even after my two previous orgasms of the day, my cock was again swelling.

She told me to run my tongue into the seam between her inner and outer labia on each side, alternating between the two. The taste and smell became stronger. She had me tease her pee-hole with the tip of my tongue, and give her clit a series of quick licks. “Not too much at first,” she cautioned. I backed off.

“Now put your finger into my hole. The middle one. Always remember to wait until the girl is wet before you do, though. And always ask her first, right?”

I nodded, and slipped my finger into her vagina. It felt warm and slick. “Palm up!” she corrected me. I adjusted.

“Two fingers now. Move them in and out, slowly. That’s it.” I felt her vagina gripping my fingers now, squeezing and then releasing, squeezing and releasing. Was that those Kegels I’d read about? Whatever they were, I tried to match my motions with the squeezes. I must have been doing things right because her breaths deepened and her eyes closed.

“Now feel the inside of my vagina, about two or three inches in, at the front. Do you feel anything different?”

“No, Dee. I can’t.” Was she talking about the “G-Spot” that I’d read about?

“Well, feel for a swelling. That would be my clitoris just on the other side of the vaginal wall. Remember that I said it was a bigger organ than just what you see on the outside. I’ll tell you when you’re on it. Right there! Now start putting pressure on it as you move your fingers in and out.” I did the best I could. I couldn’t honestly say I felt anything different, but I must have found the spot because she started swaying and rocking her hips, and kneading her breasts with her hands. Meanwhile, my cock was once more rock-hard, for the third time that morning, and dripping pre-cum onto the sheets.

“Good boy!” I hear her say. “Now lick my cunt! Up and down! Separate my lips … my inner and outer lips … with your tongue! Just like that! Yeah! Faster! Yeah! Suck … suck my clit! Yeah! Three fingers now! Yeah! Faster! Harder! Push deeper!” I did the best I could, and after a few minutes I was rewarded with a clench of her vagina that crushed my fingers. Her body shook, a sheen of sweat covered her body, and her torso and breasts suddenly flushed red.

I’d done it! I’d given her an orgasm! I regarded her body, still writhing as my fingers were inside her, with something approaching awe. She opened her eyes and chuckled, a deep throaty laugh. “Well, you’ve passed the intro course to Sex Education 101! Now put that hard cock in me! You’ve earned it!”

That was the moment when I realized that the moment had come. It wasn’t that I was scared or anything. It was just that something you’d prepared for was going to happen, like a skydiver jumping out of a plane for the first time, or the first time you got behind the wheel of a car and drove. Whatever was going to happen was something that I never had any first-hand knowledge of. But my aunt, who was twice my age, had a lot of experience in sex. And she was eager to teach what she knew. And she’d loved me since I was a baby, she’d never steer me wrong. I could trust her.

“Um, are you protected?” I asked. “You know…”

“Thanks so much for asking! I have an IUD, dear. You can’t knock me up!”

And in less time than it takes to tell it, my fingers were out of her cunt and my cock was in it. After a bit of fumbling as I probed for the entrance, it slid in easily, the first vagina I’d ever fucked, and I was pumping like there was no tomorrow. She tried to pace it with her Kegels, like she’d done with my fingers, but there was no stopping me.

The sensation of my cock in her cunt was something else the pornos had never prepared me for. I was in balls-deep, and I felt her heels pressing against my butt. I’d masturbated a few times with oil, but this felt ten times better! A hundred times better! I felt her nipples grind against my chest, and I felt her kisses on my neck and her hands caressing my back. I smelled her sweat, and my sweat, and the fragrance of her arousal. I heard her moans of pleasure as I glided in and out of her. I wanted the total sensation, and I wanted it now!

She’d grunt each time I bottomed out. “Am I hurting you?” I asked. I’d read somewhere that if a guy’s dick is too long, it might hit something called a cervix, at the end of her vagina, and it could hurt the woman. I sure didn’t want to do that, on my very first fuck!

“No, I’m fine,” she answered. I was able to get in another dozen thrusts or so before I came into her, my own body’s muscles as hard as my cock. I don’t know if she climaxed again. When I asked her if she did, she said, “Don’t worry. I wasn’t really down from the last one! You did just fine!”

I’d just made love to a woman for the first time! I started shaking, and laughing, and hugging her tightly. We stayed locked together for a long time. And then it was over. The moment I’d dreamed of for years, and now it was gone.

We just kissed for a while as I came down from my orgasmic high. But then she stopped kissing and glanced to the side of the bed. “We have company, Jeremy,” she whispered.

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