Our first nudist resort visit turned into some ver


Our first nudist resort visit turned into some verWe are a happily married monogamous couple who wants to try new things so we went to our first nudist resort about a month ago. At first we were afraid to take all our clothes off in front of so many strangers so I made a bet with my husband and he stripped instantly. Then I took all my clothes off and we headed for the pool to meet people. Everyone was very friendly and totally nude. Everywhere I looked I saw naked men and woman. Suddenly I didn’t feel nude any more, I felt like one of the crowd. Apparently a lot of other people knew we were new to this and introduced themselves. I had a hard time not staring at the men’s cock when they shook my hand and said hello. I felt a tingling between my legs and felt my nipples spring to life as I was getting more turned on by the second. I looked at my husband and I could tell he was turned on by all the naked ladies and was holding himself back from getting an erection. After meeting dozens of people we found some chairs and had a seat by the pool, relaxed and each had a beer. A few minutes later my husband whispered in my ear, “Look over there”. I looked and there was a man about my husbands age sitting on the steps of the pool with a huge rock hard cock. Next to him was a very sexy large breasted woman in her 40’s reaching over and stroking his hard cock. I began to look away and my husband whispered in my ear again, “Look again”. I looked and she was giving him a blow job. It was the first time I’d ever seen a woman give a man a blow job in person and it really turned me on. I could not take my eyes off of them. He had a nice thick cock that had to be 9 inches long and she was deep throating him. After about 10 minutes she started to gag and I could see his hot cum flowing out of the corners of her mouth. When he was done cumming she licked his cock clean and they both got up and went to the showers. Then my husband asked me to do the same for him and I told him I wasn’t ready to do that in front of everyone. Right after I answered him he whispered türbanlı osmaniye escort in my ear again, “Look over there”. I looked and there was an older man laying on his back next to the pool and a younger woman playing with his cock. Then she got up, squatted over him, sat on his hard cock and started riding him while she made erotic noises. I glanced over at my husband and his cock was starting to get hard so I placed my hand on it and started slowly stroking his cock as I looked back at the couple going at it. It was hard to take my eyes off of them, they were really going at it and she kept getting louder and louder as she rode him harder and faster. He was laying there moaning with a big smile on his face. I looked around and not many people were even paying any attention to them. But we sure were. I noticed my husbands cock becoming hard as a rock so I stroked him softer and slower as I watched the young woman riding the old man’s hard cock. I turned to my husband and whispered in his ear, “Baby, what ever You do don’t cum yet and I surprise You later”. He said OK and removed my hand from his now rock hard and dripping with pre-cum cock. We kept watching the old guy getting the ride of his life from the younger woman. After about 25 minutes the old man yelled, “I’m going to cum!” and we watched the younger woman ride him even faster until his body started shaking and he grabbed her ass and held it down tight on his big cock. Then her body started shaking and she screamed, “You’re giving me an orgasm!” A couple minutes later she slowly moved her pussy off of his big cock and positioned her pussy a few inches above his belly. We were close enough that I could see his cum dripping out of her pussy and onto his belly and there was a lot of it. She reached down with one hand and seemed to scoop more of his cum from her pussy, making it land on his belly. Then she got on her hands and knees and started licking his cum from his belly. She licked up every drop and then gave his still türbanlı osmaniye escort bayan rock hard cock a kiss and ran into the showers. He just laid there with a huge smile for a few minutes before getting up and going into the showers. About 2 minutes later my husband whispered in me ear again, “Look over there”. Sure enough there was another sexy couple going at it. The funny thing was nobody but us seemed to even notice. Other couples and groups of couples were just soaking up the sun, having casual conversations, telling jokes and being laid back. But I was so turned on I could feel the juices running out of my pussy. I whispered to my husband and told him how turned on I was and he said, “Me too baby!”We stayed sitting by the pool for a couple of hours and we must have seen 12 blow jobs, 3 woman on woman sex events and at least 25 couples fucking right out in the open. A couple of times when my husband got up to use the bathroom I could see the pre-cum dripping off his cock as he stood up so I knew he was super turned on too. We talked to quite a few couples and found a few that lived pretty close to us. And we had about a dozen invitations to fuck. But I had made my husband promise we would not fuck anyone else, it was a condition of going to the nudist resort with him. So we nicely turned down the invites, even though there were 5 couples that I would have loved to hook up with and I know my husband would have loved to hook up with them all. But we have never swapped before and we didn’t want to start out doing strangers. While we were whispering to each other about how we weren’t swingers but at that moment we had wished we were a sexy couple sat next to us and said they were the same as us. I didn’t think they heard us so I asked them what they meant. Then they told us that they weren’t swingers either and that they had heard every thing we had said to each other. I know I turned beat red right then and they said it was OK and they were the same as us and had been türbanlı escort osmaniye talking about the same things. After talking with them for a good hour we found out they had been to this place before and they were on vacation from up north and came here every year to spice things up. Then the wife said she knew of a secluded spot near one of the hiking trails where they always went to fuck after getting so turned on and horny they couldn’t take it anymore. I asked her where this spot was and she said she’d show us. So we picked up our things and went for a walk with them. When we reached their spot she said, “Here it is!” and she got on her knees in front of her husband and started sucking his cock while he asked if we wanted to watch. My husband said, “We sure do!” before I could even say anything. So we threw our towels down, sat on them and watched. After a few minutes his cock was rock hard and he asked her to lay down on his towel while he went down on her. I looked at my hubby and his cock was hard as a rock too. So I told him to stand up and I got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth as I fingered my hot went pussy. After a few minutes he asked me to lay down and he went down on me. The other couple were fucking each other by this time and I was so horny I didn’t let my hubby go down on me for long before I asked him to lay on his back. I mounted him as we watched our new friends going at it. They were watching our every move and within minutes the husband said he was going to cum. His wife quickly got up and had him stand and he shot a huge load of cum on her tits. It was so erotic watching all this from less than 3 feet away that I started having orgasm after orgasm. My whole body was shaking and I could tell my hubby was ready to shoot his load so I got off of him, laid down on my back and told him to shoot his load on my boobs. Right before he started cumming on my boobs I looked over and her husband was licking up his own cum from her tits. My hubby saw that and lost it. Shooting the biggest load I’d ever seen his shoot all over my boobs and belly. When he was done he started licking his cum off my boobs. The other couple had finished and were just sitting there watching us. When we were all done we exchanged phone numbers and emails and told each other to stay in touch. We left the nudist resort very satisfied and excited. It was the hottest thing we’d ever done and now we want MORE!

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