Our Morning Banana Pt. 01


Thanks to an older girlfriend and an unripe banana I learned to deep throat a good 7 1/2 inches. I was able to release my throat when that banana touched my tonsils and slide it in just a little bit more. I would gently bite into it before the two of us measured my progress, at which point she would massage my balls, give me a few strokes, and even, if I had been sexy enough in my show, slide her fingers past my balls to massage my butt hole. It was a sheer delight for both of us.

That was then, but perhaps that’s why, when I saw the new bunch of bananas on my new girlfriend’s counter I just couldn’t help myself. She knew I had girlfriends before her, but never knew about the one who enjoyed watching me take one of her bananas deep down my gullet while rubbing my nipples, spanking my own ass and stroking myself for her viewing pleasure.

I was such a slut then. I still am now, but I’ve done a good job at keeping my exhibitionistic desires hidden, or so I thought.

Anyway, I had gone into my girlfriend’s kitchen to make myself some morning tea and yogurt. The sight of the bananas made me smile at first. But when I reached for the honey, It was just too much. I picked a particularly long banana with one hand and reached for the honey with the other. After peeling the banana I drizzled some of the honey over it, just as I had done all those years before. I then raised it up to my mouth and felt the sweet slipperiness of the honey lubricate that banana as it slipped past my lips. A bit of the honey dribbled down my chin, creating a glistening string that I loved the thought of. I ignored my gag reflex as I slid it into my throat and closed my eyes gently pumping it in and out bursa escort a few times.

That was when the sound of my present girlfriend interrupted my reverie with a subdued cough.

When I opened my eyes she was standing there with a smirk and a few fingers touching her cheek as she enjoyed the show.

I gagged on the banana before drawing it out.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” she said past her smile. “I just didn’t know that you had such an affection with my fruit.”

I think I babbled some kind of incoherent response as she simply walked over to me and patted my ass. “It’s okay, we all have our thing.”

I couldn’t hide the fact that I had a raging hard-on that stuck out like a flagpole against my pajama bottoms.

She playfully touched my cock through the fabric. “Your’s just happens to be incredibly hot to watch.”

She leaned against the counter and grabbed her tea, “Anything you want to tell me about?” She asked.

She looked down at my erection and then to the bowl of fruit.

She even motioned on her chin about the string of honey that still glistened under the kitchen lights.

I wiped it up with a finger and licked that finger with my tongue.

“Ummmmmm,” was all I could manage.

I mean there I was caught red handed, with a dribble of honey on my chin and an erection that felt like it was a mile long as evidence for what I’d been doing.

“I really don’t mind. It was very, very hot to watch. I’m just curious as to how far you’ve gone with your deep throat act.”

“It’s just been fun with bananas,” I said.

“Do you want to take it further?” She replied.

I couldn’t believe I was bursa escort bayan hearing this.

She raised her eyebrows as if continuing her question.

“Why don’t you keep going while you think about it,” she smiled her mischievous grin as she put down her cup and sauntered over to me. I could see her breasts bounce as her nipples strained against her thin T-shirt.

She touched my ebow and kissed me deep and long. I felt her tongue as she licked the honey from my lips and carried it back into my mouth as her tongue explored my teeth, my lips and the back of my throat. She draised the banana back to my lips as she backed away and watched me wrap my lips around it again.

I felt her other hand wrap itself around my cock and begin to lightly stroke it though my pajama bottoms.

I really could not believe what was happening.

She leaned into me and whispered “Have you ever tried this with a cock?”

I felt her other hand find my ass and the mover toward the cleft between my cheeks before tracing their outline down to my anus.

“Would you like to suck a big cock as I watched?” She cooed. “I would love to see that,” was all she said as she begin to finger the little wrinkles around my opening, gently pressing into me.

Her lips found my nipple. She began to suckle me as her tongue aroused it to hardness. She took little nibbles as her fingers pushed further and further toward my prostate. She leaned her head back and asked again, “Would you like to deep throat a real hard-on for me as I watched him groan? Go on, tell me what you would do to a real cock.”

At first I mumbled past the fruit that was in my motth. I finally bursa bayan escort pulled it out and tossed it in the bowl. “I would love to lay back as you rode my cock and watched me suck a really big dick. I would wrap my lips around his mushroom head as mu tongue played with his slit. I would watch you ride me as I opened and rammed my mouth straight down his shaft, bottoming out at his balls.,” She began to move her finger around in a circle as I went on.

“I want to watch your pert tits bounce as you fuck me and as I suck him. I want to hold his cock and jerk it off as my lips played with that point where the shaft ends and the tip begins. I want to put on a show for you as you fuck me, licking up and down his hard on, lifting his shaft up so that I can suck on his balls. I want to feel his balls on my chin as he begins to fuck my face,” was what I managed to get out.

Her finger pushed harder into me, sending me into exctasy. I felt her lips encircle the tip of my cock as she began to suck, pressing my dick into her mouth with her finger in my anal canal.

“Oh, God Yeah. Finger my ass. Fuck me as I suck his cock for you. I want you to reach back as you ride my cock and play with my balls. Pump my ass with your finger as you bend over and suck his cock with me.”

I was going wild screaming my own fantasy until I blew a load into her mouth. It was one of the biggest orgasms I think I ever had, and what she didn’t catch was dripping down her chin.

She came up to me and tongue kissed me deeper than before. I could taste the salty sweet cum that was in her mouth as she slid it into mine. I was so turned on that I licked my way down her chin to catch what she didn’t swallow.

We kissed again and again as we held each other, charged by what had happened and what lay ahead for us both.

After a few moments, I felt her slide her finger in and out of my ass as my puckered anus gripped onto her finger before it finally slid out.

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