Out with Dad and Friends 1


Out with Dad and Friends 1As I grew up my dad had a friend named Frank who was very open with his talk about sex. Whenever I would go get something for dad or Frank would call and want me to deliver something the talk always turned to sex. When I started dating Frank wanted details about my sexual encounters. A few times he would tell me about freaky things he and his wife did. He always looked to see if I was hard. One summer when I was in college dad, Frank, Ray and Bubba were going fishing. Ray’s son Ronny was going as was I. Ronny and I shared a cabin at the lake. Dad and Ray shared a cabin and Frank and Bubba shared a cabin. That Thursday when we got to the camp grounds we were unloading the supplies from the boats and pickups. I pulled off my shirt and ran around in some gym shorts. Ronny was still wearing his t-shirt but was wearing gym shorts as well. Frank was talking about how he was going to have to jack off at least three times a day while we were out here. We all laughed. I was at the time experimenting with a friend at college. He and I would get together for a suck session about twice a week. Thinking of Frank beating his meat made a little horny. We launched the boats so we could queenbet güvenilirmi dock them by the cabins. Frank and I took his out. Ronny and Roy took Roy’s out and Bubba and Dad drove the pickups back to the cabin. Frank started moaning about needing to jack off. I laughed but started getting hard thinking about sucking Frank off. Frank told me he had once had a sailor buddy suck him off while he was aboard ship. I turned towards Frank letting my mind wonder about sucking his cock. I was hard and Frank noticed my tent. He shut the power off and we coasted. Roy pulled up to ask what the problem was Frank told him some bs about checking his depth finder and that we would be at the dock shortly. Roy and Ronny left. Frank looked at my crotch again. He was sitting behind the wheel and he fumbled with his shorts and I saw his cock appear out of the leg. He asked me if I was horny? I dropped my shorts and my hard cock bounced there. Frank stood and dropped his shorts his cock was coming to attention. He moved around me as I watched his cock. He said we didn’t have time for anything thing right now but tonight he wanted to continue this. I bent over to reach for my shorts queenbet yeni giriş and Frank grabbed me and pulled my ass cheeks apart and started tonguing my ass hole. That lasted about sixty seconds but I liked it. We started up and Frank told me to meet him at the dock at midnight.At midnight Ronny was asleep I pulled off all my clothes and put on just the small gym shorts I had. I walked down to the dock. Frank was sitting there on a bench. I noticed the top was up on his boat. We moved to the boat and Frank started talking about how much better this was than jacking off. I wonderred if the others had jacked off tonight? Frank dropped his shorts and pulled off his shirt. I dropped my shorts and I knew he wanted to start where he stopped earlier. I bent over and Frank was tonguing my asshole. He was pulling on his cock just like I was. Soon he stood up and sat in the passenger seat with his legs spread. I got on my knees and went to work sucking his cock. I had him wet and he reached into the glove box and brought out some KY and smeared it on my asshole. His middle finger slipped in my ass. It was a little uncomofortable until he started running it in and out. After queenbet giriş a couple of minutes he moved behind me and started pushing his cock in my ass fuck it hurt but he took his time. Finally he was fucking me. He was telling me how it was on a ship, no women, just a few guys who liked to suck and fuck. He told me I was a good fuck. He knew I was bent this way. Aftger a little bit he came in my ass. He licked my asshole again. He then turned me around and told me to jack off. I was jacking off and he watched. He told me that he was going to make me popular on this trip. He told me that when I went back to the cabin to wake Ronny up and suck him off. I couldn’t believe this but I knew Frank would check so it made all that hotter. Soon my cum shot out in long spirts and Frank caught it and smeared it all over his ass. He then had me clean up.I walked into the cabin and woke Ronny up. I told him I was really horny after hearing Frank talk about sailors sucking each other off. Ronny pulled back the covers from his bed and was looking at me. He said he was horny as well and that he would like to get a blow job. He dropped his boxers and his cock was hard soon I was bobbing on his cock. He was moaning. I asked if he wanted to fuck me, he couldn’t he started cumming right then. After he finished I laid on the bed and he started sucking me. Soon I was hard again and he was bobbing on my cock. I came for the seond time that morning we crawled into the bed and fell asleep.

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