Overnight Shift Ch. 02 – Toy Department

Double Penetration

Author’s Note: I generally tend to write more graphic/hardcore pieces, but this is a small series about a quirky/dorky husband and wife (and their friends) that is simply meant to be flirty and fun. All characters are 18+. ©WednesdaysCoffin2019. This story cannot be transferred to any other site besides Literotica.com without prior authorization in writing from the author.


Ryan glanced around the Toy Department with shifty-eyes, focusing his attention on the most ridiculous Troll doll that he had ever seen. “This would give me fucking nightmares as a kid,” he cringed as he pointed to the offensive toy. “How can kids stomach this shit?”

Vee batted his tattooed hand away playfully. “We’re not here to shop for toys, Ryan! Be serious!”

She handed him another Funko Pop! collectible to be stacked on their ever-growing pile. There were Star Wars characters and princesses, Horror movie villains and cartoon favorites. They had easily filled an entire, lengthy shelf with all of the new additions when Vee heard Ryan make a sound that could only be described as a girlish squeal of delight.


Vee was certain that they could hear him at the front of the store and that he was absolutely insane. “The fuck is your problem, Rutkowski?” she scowled as she stood at the bottom of the stepladder waiting for him to take the small box from her hands.

Clutching the last box to his chest, Ryan was cooing. “This is mine! MINE, MINE, MINE! You can’t have it, Vee! It’s mine!”

“I don’t want it, jackass,” she snorted as he handed the small box back to her. “What the fuck is this?”

“Mister Poopy Butthole,” he informed her with an ecstatic grin spread across his handsome face. “I’ve been searching everywhere for him!”

Vee glanced at the figurine and rolled her eyes. “Lovely.” She set the box off to the side and sighed. “We need to take a break because my arms are exhausted.”

Ryan climbed back down the stepladder and sighed. “We’ve barely finished unpacking half the boxes that are waiting for us. You know that we’re going to get bitched out if we don’t reach goal tonight. Considering we’re not teen jackasses anymore, babe, I feel super weird when we get lectured for our lack of productivity.”

He was right, and when he was right, Vee couldn’t argue. Ryan’s band had taken off and he had spent the past decade touring the world. She had stayed home, went to college, got her degree, and started teaching. Due to her best friend being eternally attached at the hip to the band’s vocalist, Vee and Ryan had crossed paths endlessly throughout the years. And, one day, what was a good, solid friendship full of flirtation had snowballed into something else; and now, Vee was Mrs. Ryan Rutkowski. Okay, so it was a mouthful, but it was a good mouthful – like her husband.

That husband was staring at her right now, flannel-covered arms crossed over his broad chest. “Why did I let you convince me to take this job again?”

Vee couldn’t help but giggle. “Because we’re saving to buy a house and my salary sucks ass, and your salary fluctuates all over the place. Also, because it’s holiday time and we need the extra cash görükle escort to be able to afford gifts for your 200 insane friends and my 10,000 bat-shit crazy relatives.”

He began running his right hand over his beard and he sighed. “But rock stars aren’t supposed to work at stupid department stores.”

“No one knows you work here, babe, and you’re hardly a rock star,” Vee cooed as she looped her arm through his elbow. “Plus, I was hoping that we might relive some of the magic here.”

At this, he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and chuckled softly. “Mrs. Rutkowski, why, are you suggesting that I be anything but a model employee?”

Vee clutched his much larger hand in her own, leading him towards the small stockroom at the back of the Toy Department. For whatever reason, the store’s designers had opted to make this section have its own stockroom, separate from everything else, and located right beside the five or so small aisles full of playthings for children and weird twenty-something husbands.

Ryan followed her into the tight space of the stockroom, flipping the light-switch and then turning in a small circle. He reached his long arms outward and touched each of the shelves that ran along the walls surrounding them. “Tight space,” he snorted. “Good thing I don’t have claustrophobia.”

Vee had to acknowledge that he was right: this room, with its floor to ceiling shelving units covering every single inch up to the twelve-foot ceiling, was claustrophobia central. If you had confinement issues this was not going to be a relaxing little break area for you, that was for sure. But having no such issues, she glanced around and then winked at her husband. “Doesn’t playing with all of the toys turn you on?”

Ryan considered this with a scratch of his beard and shrugged. “I prefer the toys we have at home, honestly.”

His wife laughed at this and then began to shake her little ass as she glanced over her shoulder at him. He stepped closer to her, running his hands up underneath her short, silky skirt and smirking. “You wore this on purpose!”

“I did.” She purred as he smacked her ass roughly, and the loud ‘smack’ resonated throughout the small space. “I was hoping that I would get to be frisky with my sexy hubby tonight.”

Conveniently, someone had left one of the stepladders set up, and so Vee climbed up two steps and bent over, sticking her ass directly into her husband’s face. His devilish smirk widened. “Do you remember when you sat on my face in the Bath Department?”

“Mmm, yes,” Vee cooed. “You were always great with your tongue.”

Her husband’s ruggedly handsome face filled with pride. “I like to think that I always knew how to please the ladies, sure.”

Vee snorted and bounced her ass off his face. “Please this lady, because she’s all that matters!”

“Demanding,” he scoffed as he grabbed two handfuls of her luscious derriere. “How did you get to be so demanding, Mrs. Rutkowski?”

“I believe that would be Mr. Rutkowski’s fault,” she giggled. “He treats me like a queen.”

Ryan leaned into his wife’s body and quickly ran the flat of his tongue up her right inner thigh. “Huh. I heard bursa görükle escort that that stupid Ryan character had his wife working the overnight shift at some shitty department store so that he could afford to live in luxury and buy Rick and Morty toys.”

Vee wiggled her ass in his face, demanding more tongue action. “I heard a rumor that he works in the same store with her, and they fuck like rabbits each night.” His tongue touched her clit and she gasped. “And I also heard that their goal is to christen every department of the store before they quit and retire into luxury.”

“Mmmhmm,” Ryan snorted into her pussy. He used his large fingers to spread her folds, focusing his attention onto the little bundle of nerves that would make his wife shriek the loudest. Flicking her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, he simultaneously sunk two fingers into her depths and began to pump them slowly in and out. From the sound of it, his wife very much approved of his activities. So, to spice things up a bit, he sucked her left labia into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the flesh.

“Holy schnikes!” Vee began to coo.

He saw her clutching at her perky little breasts as she gyrated her body against his face, so he reached up and grabbed her hips, forcing her roughly down onto his tongue so that he was tongue-fucking her pussy while she mewled passionately. Her grip on the sides of the ladder was turning her knuckles white as she moaned above him and he continued to force her down onto his writhing tongue. He was grinning as her pussy soaked his face, leaking down into the hairs of his thick beard. She was delicious, and now that he’d put a ring on it, she was all his. Her pussy belonged only to him and he was damn proud of that fact!

As if she knew he was thinking dirty, possessive thoughts, she swatted a hand behind her and accidentally slapped him in the face. “What did you do that for?” he snorted.

Vee spun around, looking truly flustered. “I don’t want to cum yet,” she explained. “I want us to cum together!”

Ryan glanced quickly around the room and frowned. “I don’t think there’s really room in here for our acrobatics, babe. Why don’t you let me finish you off and then we can play more when we get home?”

She shook her head frantically at this, jumping off the ladder and shoving at her husband’s chest. “Lay down on the floor!”

He did as he was told, folding his hands behind his head and gazing up at his wife while chuckling. “Demanding, demanding. Mrs. Rutkowski, what makes you think that your husband will stand for this kind of treatment?”

She straddled his knees and yanked the fly of his jeans open roughly, tugging the denim and his boxers down in one quick yank. When his erection sprung free and pointed at the ceiling of the tiny room, she licked her lips. “I think you are, in fact, standing for this treatment, Mr. Rutkowski. Like a fucking skyscraper.”

Ryan blushed at this, running his hands up and over his face and laughing. “You’re such a fucking dork, Vee. Now, come on. Do something with it!”

“Indeed Mr. Rutkowski.” She saluted him as she held her skirt around her waist and lowered herself bursa eskort down onto his length. When he was fully inside her, she kneeled over his prone body and placed her hands down onto his clothed chest. “I like when you let me take control and use your cock for my pleasure.”

“Have at it!” He smirked as he watched Vee move above him, raising herself slowly and then shimmying back down on his hard length. She did this repeatedly, pressing on his chest as she moved. Eventually, he offered her his hands and she intertwined her petite fingers through his much larger ones as she moved herself wantonly on his cock.

Her moans escalated, but she did an excellent job of keeping her voice low. She was certain that no one in the immediate area had any idea whatsoever what was happening in the stockroom, which was a good thing. She certainly didn’t want to get fired for fucking on the job or, worse yet, get busted before she reached her orgasm.

Breaking her free from her thoughts, Ryan began to drive his hips up from the floor, burying his length further into her wet body, and bouncing her roughly on his pubic bone. She smirked. “Is daddy hungry?”

Ryan growled. “Fuck, woman, you’re killing me here!” He clutched her hands tightly, nearly crushing her dainty little fingers in his vice-like grip. “You have to increase the pace!”

Vee slowed her movements, a naughty grin spreading across her beautiful face. “I’m sorry, daddy, what was that? You want me to go slower?”

“Faster.” Ryan gritted his teeth and began to drive his hips upward at a ferocious speed. The end result being that he was bottoming out inside her body, tapping her cervix over and over again and causing her to see stars. As she reveled in the sheer pleasure, he managed to flip them over somehow and was now driving roughly into her repeatedly, causing her toes to curl and a white heat to break out across her skin.

“Fuck me,” she moaned as she sliced her fingernails down his back. Thank God he was protected by his thick flannel shirt, which neither of them had bothered to remove. “Fucking fuck me, Mister Rutkowski!”

“I’m going to make you see stars, little wife,” he growled as he buried his face into her neck and began to gnaw at her soft skin. “Jesus Christ, motherfucker,” he groaned as his thrusts shifted toward something more erratic. “Fucking hell!”

Vee grabbed his shoulders and bounced herself as roughly as she could while trapped beneath his weight. “I’m going to cum, husband,” she purred into his ear, then chewed on the flesh. “Cum with me!”

Achieving simultaneous orgasm was a nearly impossible feat, but Ryan felt himself teetering over the edge just as his gorgeous wife announced that she too was about to race into infinity. To guarantee that she got there promptly, he snaked a finger down to her clit and rubbed her gently as he bit his lip and held back his own orgasm for as long as he possibly could. Thankfully, just as he felt the familiar tightening in his balls, Vee let out a scream and her body clamped around him.

As they lay on the floor, a sweaty pile of bodies and half-abandoned clothing, Vee began to giggle. Ryan snorted as he sat up and raised his weight off her, then helped her to stand and reorient her clothing. “What’s so funny?”

Vee’s eyes shone with delight as she placed a gentle kiss onto his bearded cheek and helped to re-button the fly of his jeans. “Toy Department down, only seven more departments to go!”

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