Owen Becomes a Man


I suppose it started with my thirty-ninth Birthday. But firstly I had better give some background information.

My husband and I separated some seven years ago, and as he now works overseas I have rarely even been in contact with him since.

Owen, my son, and his twin sister, Chloe, have recently turned eighteen and will both be going to Teacher Training College in September, so they are still at school at present, as is Owen’s girl-friend, although there seems nothing serious there as yet — they simply go out together when it suits them both, and it is expected to fizzle out when he goes to University. They simply seem to be no more than just good friends I suppose. Chloe, on the other hand, seems to be a little more serious, and she and her boy-friend, Damian, have been going out together steadily for a few months.

Owen is a big strapping lad of six feet and around 154lbs or so, so he is slim and obviously very fit. He also plays rugby, so you can see he is no weakling. Chloe, on the other hand, is of slim build, about 5ft.6inches tall, with a firm bust, and likes wearing the shortest of skirts whenever she goes out, and for some reason has an aversion to wearing jeans.

Anyway, for my birthday Chloe had bought me a lovely brooch, but Owen, with a twinkle in his eye, handed me a small parcel. When I opened it (and both children were present at the time) I drew out the tiniest g-string I had even seen. It was simply a triangular scrap of nylon, about six inches long, and held in place by thin elastics no thicker than a shoelace. Accompanying it was what was supposed to be a bra, but, like the g-string, would show more than it hid, inasmuch as it consisted of two miniscule triangles which would only just cover the nipples, and the rest, like to g-string, was only composed of shearing elastic.

They both seemed amused as they watched for my reaction on opening this gift, so I decided to counter their amusement by saying, “And I suppose you will both want to see me when I am wearing these!”

Owen did not blush, but seemed on the verge of doing so, and then he plucked up enough courage to say, “Please!”

I have always been very open with my two children, and they have always been so with me, but in any case I had been starved of sexual affection since my husband left me, and to a certain extent what I was suggesting would give me a small thrill, as well as them, particularly Owen, I presumed.

For some time I had been aware that Owen, whenever I was in the bedroom and doing something like dressing or changing, was wont to loiter outside the bedroom door thinking that I was unaware of his presence, and it had amused me to occasionally leave the door slightly open, and on those occasions I was aware, even though he thought that he was unobserved, that he was trying to peep inside. I started to leave the bathroom door slightly open as well, especially when I was in the bath or the shower, and again I could hear him just outside, still thinking that I was unaware of his presence.

So perhaps I would be able to see his reaction if I were to openly allow him to see his present “in situ”, so to speak.

At that time I thought that my affection was purely maternal, but I should also confess that there had been times when I had fantasised about him, even to imagining his presence when I was alone and masturbating. I had always tried to shake off this fantasy but it continued to recur from time to time.

Anyway, I had thrown down the gauntlet and it had been accepted. I had committed myself, therefore, to not only wearing the miniscule scrap of material which would transform me into feeling like a harlot, but had also committed myself to parading it for Owen’s lecherous eyes!

I went upstairs to out it on, and felt as if I would be showing more than had I actually been naked, simply because it was meant to be erotic rather than practical.

I put on my bra, finding that my first reaction was to discover that my nipples had responded by hardening in anticipation, followed by an even naughtier sensation from down below when I slipped on the g-string as my pussy immediately began to leak as I began to imagine the scene when I paraded for Owen and Chloe.

It was then that I began to realise that I was actually looking forward to this display of exhibitionism, and that deep down I actually wanted to flaunt myself in this way.

So I slipped on a negligee and called to them that I was coming down, and for them both to make themselves comfortable in readiness for my appearance “on the catwalk”!

I wore nothing else whatsoever, not even shoes, and so padded into the lounge barefoot and faced them as they sat side by side on the settee waiting for my performance.

For some reason I felt no shame, now, as I stood facing them as I suddenly tugged at the restraining tie-on belt and shrugged the negligee to the floor.

So there was I, a thirty-nine year old model wearing the skimpiest of what passed for underwear, the greatest portion of my breasts on view, and even the gaziantep kızıl escort obscene beginning of the slit to my pussy was being displayed owing to the brevity of the g-string, combined with the fact that I have always kept myself smooth down there by regular shaving.

Somehow Owen kept his cool, although his eyes were goggling at the wanton display being afforded by me, whilst Chloe was applauding me, and telling me that she had lost her bet — that I would not have gone along with letting Owen see me like that.

I did dress again soon afterwards, but then noticed that from then on, whenever the occasion arose. I would catch Owen trying to peep furtively under my skirt, especially when I was sitting in such a way that afforded him the possibility of a view. But what is more, I found myself actually making such a view possible by deliberately sitting in such a way to make it possible!

I began to have what some would have declared as unclean thoughts, and I actually began to wish that an opportunity could arise whereby I could be made love to by Owen. And then I tried to banish the idea, but it kept returning!

But this is where the story really starts.

Being eighteen, Owen and Chloe were now able to subscribe to the National Lottery, and they have done so modestly since qualifying by age.

And last week Owen actually scored on the Midweek Lottery and won over £700 and was so absolutely delighted.

We were all watching the results on T.V. when he suddenly whooped for joy, and then said, “Mom — you can have that new dress you have had your eyes on after all as a present from me!”

He meant a lovely black cocktail dress I had seen in a boutique window, with a deeply scooped back and about mid-thigh length.

How could I refuse? I did not want him to waste his money, but he knew that I had coveted that dress for some time. I kissed him, obviously, and a little to my surprise I received more of a sexy kiss that a maternal one, but put that down to the excitement of the moment.

But next evening he arrived home with a package which he shyly passed over to me.

“I have booked a table at Luigi’s for late on Saturday night,” he told me. (Luigi’s is our favourite Italian restaurant.) “And perhaps you would like to wear this,” he added. (Immediately I suspected that he had bought the dress I had wanted, and had a feeling that I was right.) “Open it when you are upstairs,” he told me, and I could hardly wait to go there.

But when I opened it I found not only the dress I had so desired, but also a packet containing a pair of black fishnet nylon stockings and a black teddy. But it was on examining this teddy that I had my shock. Granted, it was not an unpleasant shock but more of a thrill, yet nevertheless it took me by complete surprise. The under-wired bra was only a half-cup, and would allow my nipples to be apparent as they would rest over the top of the teddy, whilst the panty section was actually crotchless! A suspender belt finished the ensemble. And he was evidently expecting me to wear this for him! I did not know whether to be excited or to be annoyed with his presumption that I would wear this entire outfit for him. Secretly, though, I was thrilled, and inwardly I was looking forward to being able to display myself in it, even to the extent of showing him how I looked in just the underwear without the dress!

Quickly I tried the outfit on, and was surprised at how well it fitted, although when I looked at myself through the mirror I was also a little apprehensive with the way my now unconcealed nipples were so apparent through the sheer material of the actual dress. But then, I thought, Luigi’s does not have harsh lighting, and it would go unnoticed amongst the remainder of the customers there. As far as Owen noticing, well……….was that not the reason why he had bought the teddy in the first place? And if it were to give him a thrill he probably deserved it for having paid for the outfit.

As for the length of the dress, though, I realised that I would have to be careful when going to sit down if I were to wear the suspenders and stockings, as I could detect just the hint of my stocking tops being discernible owing to its brevity.

I smiled to myself, though, all the time I was admiring myself. Owen had done this on purpose, had he not? And I knew that he probably had an ulterior motive inasmuch as he would be expecting a repeat of the time when he had bought me those outrageous skimpy knickers and I had allowed him to see me wearing them!

“Well”, I thought, “he will not be the only one to experience a thrill when I really do allow him to see me in my underwear.” Notice, I had already decided that he would be rewarded in this way. The only problem, if it were to be a problem, was the fact that the Teddy was crotchless! I would have to be extremely careful as to how I stood or he would be able to see my pussy lips owing to the cut-out crutch! Or did I secretly hope that this would happen? gaziantep köle escort

The other thing that worried me slightly was how much my daughter, Chloe, was in the know. Granted she had not been there when Owen had given me the package, but somehow I suspected that she had had a hand in the choosing of the garments, for I am sure that Owen would not have known my size! At least, not to purchasing an exact fit!

And if she, too, had been part of the conspiracy I began to wonder how much part of the whole plot was she instrumental to?

I decided that perhaps I should not enquire too far, but just sit back and relax and wait for one or the other of them to make a slip and practically confess.

Chloe, too, has a friend of the opposite sex with whom she seems more than just is friendly, and she seems to be even more into a relationship then Owen is, but it is Owen whom I really want to educate in the ways of the world, although Chloe’s boy-friend, Damian, has a face and body which sometimes comes to mind whenever I masturbate, even though the face I usually see is that of Owen.

I decided not to call either of my children, though, to view my new gift from Owen. I shall leave that until Saturday night and play it by ear when Owen and I sit down to dinner to celebrate his good fortune.

It turned out that I was right when I surmised that Chloe had had a hand in choosing my underwear and dress for Owen to buy. She came to me last night, just after coming home from her date with Damian and said straight out to me: “Mom – did you like the outfit Owen has bought you? I know you always wanted that dress, but how about the undies? You do like them don’t you?”

‘How would she know about them unless she had been part of the conspiracy to purchase them,’ I wondered. But then she answered that herself. “I did pick the right sizes, didn’t I? After all, we are so similar in build so I used my own measurements!”

So she had been present when he had bought them! But then she really brought me back down to earth when she continued: “And he bought me a similar one but in white, and said that perhaps I could tease Damian with it. But I thought that perhaps I should tell you about it before you find it amongst the laundry!”

For a moment I did not know what to say, but then remembered how promiscuous I had been at her age. I remembered that I was no longer a virgin either (I had to assume that she was not) and that I enjoyed many a fumble from boys, and how sometimes they found it difficult to get at me when I was wearing my tight elasticized school knickers. I also remembered the number of occasions when boys found the fastenings of my bra to be difficult until I changed to front-fastening ones on hooks and eyes instead of the rear ‘twist and slide’ clips.

But then she actually astounded me further when she suggested that we both put them on and to give an honest opinion as to how the other one looked!

A few minutes later saw us both in my bedroom, me wearing my black teddy, nipples resting on the half-cups, plus my black suspenders and stockings.

Chloe was wearing a similar teddy to mine but in white, but without stockings at all, except for white ankle socks as per her normal school wear. Her nipples, I could see, were pinker than mine, which had now become a dark brown, and her pussy lips, so visible through the open crotch, were also pink, but as equally smooth as mine, as she evidently keeps her pubes shaved like I do.

Then she said, “You really are going to show Owen what he has bought for you, are you not, Mom? I’ve shown him mine already, as I felt it only fair after he had paid so much for it!”

This astounded me more than ever! Owen had seen Chloe like that! Her nipples and her pussy lips on view! But as my head spun a little with the implications she laughed and re-assured me by saying, “Don’t get upset, Mom. We are not into each other in that way, but we have seen one another naked on many occasions. He has often come into the bathroom for a pee when I was in the bath or the shower, and I have done likewise, for as you know none of us ever locks the door!”

“But, Mom — you will not mind if I wear this for Damian when we go out on Saturday night, will you? Owen is paying for us to go out as he felt that he did not want to be seen to be treating just you out of his winnings. So he is paying for us to go to the cinema and then on to a disco afterwards. I have not told Damian that Owen has bought this teddy for me though as yet — he will find that out for himself when we are in the cinema!” she chuckled. Immediately I had lewd thoughts of them sitting side by side in the cinema, Damian with his hand underneath Chloe’s skirt, and her hand wrapped round his stiff cock, and involuntarily and subconsciously my hand crept down towards my exposed cunt. I had actually begun to finger myself before realising that I was doing this in front of Chloe. But she brought me back to earth by saying, “That’s it, Mom. Think about gaziantep kumral escort me and Damian, and think of you and Owen when you show him how much you appreciate what he has bought for you. Satisfy yourself, go on!”

That brought me to my senses. What had I been about to do in front of my daughter? On the other hand I was doing it at her age, and I had no doubts about her being an innocent virgin. Especially when she went on to say, “So let’s do it together, Mom, shall we? You can think of Owen and his reaction to seeing you in that gear, whilst I’ll think of Damian’s reaction to his finding out what I shall have on underneath when we are sitting in the cinema.”

And to my amazement her own hand went to her pussy lips and she began to masturbate right in front of me!

I gasped at her audacity, and then just as quickly changed my mind and joined in the mutual session with her until with a huge sigh she seemed to reach her own climax just as I, too, felt a shudder run right through me.

Although I had felt embarrassed when she had started to do this, I now felt a great feeling of relief, especially now in the knowledge that Chloe was not only sexually mature, but also sexually aware. And what better way to finish this session than we mutually embrace together as we kissed in a very loving and understanding way.

After she had gone, though, and I had chance to reflect on what had just happened one thought did cross my mind. That is, I wondered if Damian would be as loving and tender and caring when he and Chloe were together. I did not want my daughter to get hurt in any way, and there was no way I wanted her to come home crying that Damian had been clumsy or unfeeling. It did make me wish that I could take him in hand and train him into a caring lover. But I was now really looking forward to Saturday, both at Luigi’s and afterwards. And if Chloe were to come home to find me in a state of intimacy with Owen then so be it. She seems already well on her way to becoming a woman of the world!

. . . . .

Saturday night was absolutely fabulous! Owen had dressed quite smartly in a blazer and flannels, not in the least the way most other teenagers would dress, but looking like one who was taking his best girl out to the dinner of her life, which in a way it was! As it was such a warm night he had opted for white flannels and a sporty blazer over his white open-necked shirt, although he took his blazer off immediately we entered the restaurant.

Again, on such a warm night I wore no outer clothing over my cocktail dress, and even the fishnet stockings made me feel too warm, but Owen had bought them and I was wearing them especially for him.

(Chloe, but the way, was out on a date with her beau, and had giggled to me that Damian was in for a shock when he discovered her pantiless state! All she was wearing besides the white teddy was a wrap-over chiffon top and one of the shortest mini-skirts I had ever seen. It was so short that the very act of sitting down would have caused her skirt to rise enough to reveal her most intimate parts, and they were going to the cinema and a disco!)

One of the Italian waiters showed us to our table, fairly secluded, but then, most of the tables in Luigi’s are secluded and it is only just possible to see another table when walking through the restaurant, as they are all situated in their own little alcove, which gives a great deal of privacy to all the guests.

My chair was back to the wall, giving me a view of whoever may approach, but otherwise I was invisible to all the rest of the room and clients.

Not that would make any difference — I am simply explaining that as being the general set-up of Luigi’s, which is why it is considered such an exclusive restaurant.

We had been there before, though, but only on special occasions being so expensive.

I was conscious of Owen’s eyes on my low neck throughout the meal, and the poor boy’s eyes were almost willing the halter neck to snap!

What Owen did not know was that I fully intended to not only allow him to see what lay beneath that cocktail dress, but also to use his hands there as well!

Tonight I had planned to make Owen into a man.

In the taxi, on the way there, he had been very restrained, and I did not encourage him to be otherwise, but I had planned (aided by the warm temperature of this unusual spell of warm weather) to forego a taxi home, but to walk instead, as if we were two lovers out for a Saturday night tryst.

We had a splendid meal, and drank a complete bottle of wine before adding to our alcohol intake with liqueurs as we drank our coffee.

Finally, though, the meal ended, and as Owen paid the bill I went to the ladies’ room to freshen up where I simply applied fresh make-up, even though I knew that this would be entirely wiped off again by Owen when he kissed me.

I suggested to him that as it was a warm and sultry night that a taxi would be superfluous, but that I knew a pleasant walk not too far from the river, but away from the majority of other people would be.

I don’t know if he suspected anything at that stage, but I could tell that he was feeling a little confident that he might be able to go just one step further with me than he had been able to do until now. He was not wrong, but nevertheless he was probably far from the real truth as to how far I would be willing to go tonight.

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