Pam Mark Hall


Pam Mark HallINTRO: If the intro looses you, sorry. This is a back story to put the times in context. In the days of analogue technology (i.e., records, cassettes, 8 Tracks), it was possible to eke out a living as a musician. People with a few hundred dollars could make a record, have a few hundred printed, placed in the trunk of a car and go on “Tour.” Selling records as one went along. This was all in hopes of some large producer or radio station would notice the artist and the gravy train would start to roll. Pam Mark Hall, at the time just Pam Mark was an eclectic recording artist that dabbled early in career as a Christian/Gospel singer. This event occurred in November 1981 in Sacramento, CA while the aforementioned artist performed a concert at the Church I attended. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent . Now the Story:The nice thing about attending a moderately large Church in a major metropolitan area was all sorts of things would blow in. Too numerous to mention (as many were forgettable), were recording artists performing a show, sell a few albums in the hopes of getting some public exposure. The big name Christian/Gospel recording artists at the time were Keith Green, The Second Chapter of Acts and Randy Stonehill. The aforementioned charged admission, stayed at nice Hotels and pretty much received the red carpet treatment. Everyone else just performed at a Church or maybe some hall in hopes of raking in enough from the offering plate or album sales to move on. The Church I attended would get the “B” or “C” list acts; one of which was a female gospel artist named Pam Mark. She arrived at 3 PM for the 5 PM concert to set up. I was the techno geek and had attempted to train several others on how to set up and use the equipment. My trainee that day was another Church member, my 19 year old apprentice. As Pam Mark was setting up, so were we with an almost brand new wireless system. As Pam Mark stood in the middle of the main sanctuary conversing with a couple of other people, including the Pastor’s daughter, Lisa, I begun playing the piano (scales and a few bars of the intro to Pictures at an Exhibition) Pam Mark was amazed at the clarity of the sound and commented she had performed there three years earlier and stated the building then was an “Echo Chamber.” Pam Mark and Lisa walked up to the mezzanine floor (i.e., balcony seating) to look at the sound system. I tagged along, lest the wrong button be touched. As they looked at the six channel mixing board, I explained what channel in the mixing board was controlling which microphone. Lisa said, “Mark put this all in. He crawled all over and under to hide the wires. There is also a cassette recording system so music and sermons can be recorded.” I was happy when Pam Mark mentioned the quality was consistent with a high end concert hall. I muttered under my breath to my apprentice, “Sound Physics….basic acoustical majik.” The concert went on without a hitch. I made sure there were plenty of 9 volt batteries on hand as early wireless tech was power hungry. About 500 people showed up. They clapped, prayed, cried for forgiveness for their many and numerous sins. Pam Mark had a beautiful voice. She had no band, used no “Tracks” (i.e., “Tracks” are a musical accompaniment on tape with the singer supplying the voice). The music was just her, the Church piano and her six and twelve string guitar and her beautiful voice. There were different on campus “Baby Jesus” groups’ representatives there and Pam Mark to help the wayward find their lost souls at the end. It was a scene right out of a Hollywood blockbuster or to an atheist, their worst nightmare. The concert ended with the infamous “Alter Call” where Pam Mark said something like, “The Baby Jesus walked up a hill called Calvary for you. You can walk down this isle for him. Show the Baby Jesus you are on his side. Have guts…….walk up here for the Baby Jesus.” When it was all over, Pam Mark sat at a table in the Church entry way, sold records and cassettes $6.00 a pop. There were plenty of takers and she sold out. O f course there was about an hour of hanger a rounds, people milling about but they soon dispersed as I am sure some of the people had better things to do than be at a Church on a Friday. The previously mentioned Pastor’s daughter, Lisa, was usually the ringleader of events; this affair was no exception. Lisa and I had an unusual relationship, which in this day and age would be called “Friends with Benefits” (i.e., hanging out and maybe sex without being exclusive). Lisa tapped a few of the more single people in our College/Career age group and mentioned we all, including Pam Mark, were going to a late dinner and maybe have some fun later. Lisa grabbed me by the arm and said, “You definitely need to come along.” I had no other plans so I agreed. I figured maybe Lisa wanted to get together and finalize the plans for her teen girl (High School Age)groups 4 PM meet up the following day. Maybe, I hoped, something else as she was spontaneous and Lisa and I had not had any stress reducing sex in about three months.All of us agreed to meet at a now defunct eatery called Carrow’s. The food quality is on par with Denney’s or iHop. We all sat at a big table. We ate, had a grand time and one by one either people decided to pair up or go their separate ways. Soon; the only three at the table was Pam Mark, Lisa and I. When Lisa realized I was sitting at the opposite end of the table, she suggested I sit next to her so I moved over. So the three of us sat there and Pam Mark leaned in front of Lisa, looked at me and said, “So, you play the piano?” I had to confess, I really did not have lesions. I explained that I am auto-didactic, I figured it out. I can read music and once I figured out which key was middle “C.” My self teaching went from there. I mentioned I can’t ‘sight read” and I am more of a memorizer of clips and songs than a piano player. I also mentioned my Mother played the violin and my Father played the piano, each Saturday night was concert night, but they had no patience to teach me. “Well, tomorrow night is concert night, right? I’m performing at Capitol Christian Center, so are you going to be home and hang out with the parents or will you come see me?” Without going into all the particulars, I told her both my parents died three years ago in an auto accident. “No siblings, grandparents, cousins?” “No, sometimes, I felt my Parents were in the witness protection program as they never mentioned parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, it’s like they dropped in on Earth and never existed until they were married. I never even heard anything about their c***dhood, school or even how they met.” “Oh, no!. You poor thing. So, you’re all alone? “At that point, Pam reached across Lisa and grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. I had really let my guard down, in most social situations; giresun rus escort I hold my hands on my lap folded. I felt comfortable with Lisa around. Then Pam asked me, “What made you want to take up Physics and Chemistry?” “Well, I like Chemistry because I like to blow things up. Physics. I don’t know. I interned at a place called Aero Jet and they make rockets. Real cutting edge stuff, most of those people are PhDs in Physics, Chemical experts and mechanical engineers. I originally went to Cal Tech, but when my parents died, I dropped out of school for just about two years.” I figured Lisa was going to be mad at the hand holding, she just looked at me, smiled and said, “Hey, its 11 pm. The night is still young, let’s go out for a drink or two.” I looked at Pam Mark, and her face light up, she smiled and said, “Hey, best idea I’ve heard all night.” There were several seedy bars within walking distance to Carrows. There was no trendy 20/30 something hang outs in Sacramento at the time, just dimly lit dives where people went to get drunk. We walked to a place called “The Raven” (still open on J Street) in Sacramento. It felt nice as I had two women holding each arm as we walked the long city block. We found a table I ordered Rum and coke, both Lisa and Pam ordered the same thing. I had a hard time figuring out where to sit. The two ladies sat across from each other, so I sat at the end of the table in between them. Pam Mark said, “Oh, come on, sit next to me. I don’t bite. Well, I do, but that is another story.” I slid by chair next to Pam’s and Lisa just smiled at me and gave me a wink and mouthed, “Enjoy,” When our order arrived, Pam raised her glass toward the middle of the table and proposed a toast, “To a wonderful end to a fun evening. I certainly hope the fun does not end too soon.” Lisa and I raised our glasses and joined in. As they sipped their drinks, I just sat there listening to their conversation, which was anything but Christian as Lisa was telling Pam about the Church and, as she called them, “frequent flyers” to alter calls. One pathetic ineffectual looser (now doing life in prison for murder and stalking) was always giving his life to Jesus. “I hope the hell he did not try and cop a feel on you,” Lisa told Pam. Pam described this guy, named Karl to a tee and she mentioned he just would not let go. Finally she had to use one hand to get the other one off her wrist. Lisa chimed in, “Oh my gosh, you will be the focus of his masturbatory fantasies for the next six months. Yuck. He thought he could buy me a Shasta cola and a toasted cheese sandwich and bed me down. I had to tell him not in this life.” “Oh,” said Pam Mark, “The guy is not even good looking. He was wearing smelly clothing, has crooked teeth and he definitely needed to brush them more than once a month.” “Mark. You know who we are talking about. Do I have anything to worry about tomorrow?” “I would be on the lookout and tell security. He will be wearing the same clothing. Maybe just remove him from the start and make sure you have someone escort you to your car,” I mentioned. “Well, are you volunteering? You are what six feet four with a pretty good build,” Pam asked. “Well, I have nothing planned for Saturday evening, we will see what happens. I played football with a guy named “Spike” Johnson. You can’t miss him. He is about my height. Just tell him I said for you to look him up. Fill him in and you will not have any problems tomorrow.” The ladies had three more drinks, they moved on to some type of flaming drink called “Harbor Lights.” At the end of their mini Bacchanalia, Pam Mark looked at Lisa then me and said, “Well, I feel pretty buzzed, I think before I go overboard we better head back to base camp. How about you Lisa, are you safe to drive or are you going to spend the night.” It was at that point, I realized Pam Mark was NOT going to her parents’ home in Roseville, she was staying at the Church owned apartment.“I am going to double lock my car and walk home,” said Lisa. “No, I don’t think so. I am going to drive you home and I rather face the wrath of your parents then have something bad happen in that seven block distance.” I matter of fact chimed in. I suggested, since I was not plastered we would walk back to my car, load up and I can take you two to the apartment. We arrived back at our cars, I got out Pam’s guitars, put them in my trunk, poured Lisa in the back seat and Pam got into the front.As I started up that 427 with the headers, four barrel carburetor, straight pipes and glass packs, Pam said, “Wow, nice car. So just how many hearts have you broken in this car?”Lisa wanted to go back to her parents house (about seven blocks away), and Pam Mark was going to the church apartment. As I started going, Pam said, “Lisa told me about this car, she said it really gets her going.” A slurring voice coming from the back seat said, “Yes, it does, better than foreplay, forty miles in this and you get wet and ready.” I could feel my face get flush. Alcohol does bring out the inhibitions. Lisa was always frank about sex, what she wanted, but this was in front of a third party. We got Lisa home, fortunately, her parents were in slumber land; no embarrassing questions to answer.I drove Pam back to the Church owned apartment. She wryly said, “So, you know where this is. Hum……interesting.” I carried her guitars to her door.”So, you and Lisa? Dating? Going out? Or just friendly?” “Friends. We hang out. I am too busy to have any real relationship. Try 12 units of Physics and work to support myself and I don’t have much time to devote to building anything other than a friendship,” I mentioned as Pam unlocked the door and said, “Come in and put my guitars down there,” pointing to a spot near the couch.“I have a wonderful idea. I have some new material. Would you like to hear it? I won’t take no for an answer.” I very calmly sat down in a chair across from the couch she sat on. Pam pulled out her guitar and played a couple of songs. Then she asked me which one of her songs she performed I liked. I had to confess, her closing song (I did not know the title) was nice. Pam mentioned it was a piano piece, but on her album there is a guitar accompaniment, so she sung that song and played the guitar. “You like?”“Yes,” I responded. “I also did an a capella (i.e., just voice with no insturments) of that song. The producers did not like it, so it was dropped from the record. She put down the guitar and did that song again, using just her voice. I leaned back in the chair, tilted my head back and just sat there with my eyes closed, listening to that angelic voice. “You wait right there. I have to powder my nose, that rum and coke and three Harbor Lights have finally hit.” She went to the bathroom. One part of me (the nice boy part) wanted to leave and call it an evening. The other part said, “See giresun rus escort bayan what happens. Maybe you will get a good night hug out of all this.”I could hear the bath running and the faint aroma of the lavender. Despite the fact that I was 23, I was still rather naive as to seduction. About fifteen minutes later, dressed in a nice looking Adidas workout outfit, emerged Pam.“Ready for some more music?” “Sure, you have a lovely voice. I know you have heard that before.” “Here is something I know you have heard before. I changed the lyrics and the arrangement. I can never perform it in public. I have a feeling you will like.” She then started playing Led Zeppelins’ “Stairway to Heaven.” At one point she put down the six string guitar and started playing the twelve string instrument. If it were not for the voice and the lack of drums, Pam was spot on. When she finished, I clapped, ever so lightly. Pam looked up at me and smiled and said, “Thank you. You are so sweet. I’ve had a lot of Christians not like that song as its theme and the people who recorded it. You mention Led Zeppelin and they tear their clothing and cry to heaven.” The Fun Begins!At that point, Pam put down the guitar, stood up and walked across the room towards my chair. I did not know what to think. She sat down in the chair on my lap and put her arms around my neck and without saying another word she kissed me. I could feel her tongue forcing open my mouth so I readily opened my mouth and our tongues met. Tingling went through my body as we just sat there kissing. She moved her mouth down to my neck and alternated between kisses and nibbling.“I told you I bite.” We did that for a little while more. All the time she was at first running her hands over, then under my shirt. “Gosh, you feel real hard. Must spend a lot of time in the gym?” I said, “Well, good genetics. My Mom had the infamous swimmers body and pictures of my Father, even in his late 40’s, he still looked great.” “Well, let’s see if you have a good opinion of me.” At that point, Pam unzipped her top, she wore nothing under the top. I had a great view of her nice “B” cup chest and she had these beautiful quarter sized nipples that I could see were already hard. By this time, Pam’s top was already on the floor and she was straddling me. As we kissed some more, I squeezed her breasts and paid special attention to those nipples. Pam stopped kissing me and straightened out her back. I slowly ran my carresses down her throat and my mouth made a “B” line to her nipples. I sucked on one of them and gently fondled the other. As I did that, Pam moaned and started breathing very heavy. “Oh, God, that feels so firkin’ good, don’t stop.” After a few minutes of that, Pam told me to stop. Ah, I thought to myself. This is where the good Angel on the shoulder of every Christian girl tells her to stop and she is going to very quickly put everything to a halt. Pam stood up. Looked at me with a smile and said, “You know, it’s real hot in here and way too bright. She walked to the light switch on the wall and turned off the floor lamp, just leaving the room dimly illuminated by the light of the bathroom. As she approached me, she stopped for a second or two and slid off her pants.In a very sweet voice, Pam whispered, “You know, I think there is a bedroom for what I hope will happen next.” I stood up and she grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. “You are just a little over dressed.” Pam unbuckled my pants, and like an expert, had my pants and underwear off in a single motion. I was already hard. She touched the tip of my cock and felt the pre-cum and smeared it around and said, “Oh, nice.” I took off my socks and the next thing I remembered we were laying on the bed. As we lay, side by side, just kissing and exploring our bodies, I felt the downy soft hair of her pussy. As I did so, so moved to lying on her back and spread her legs. I soon found her already engorged clit. She was already very wet so I had no difficulty in finding plenty of that natural pussy lube to rub and pull. As I did so, I caressed her breasts.Pam was moaning, very loud. Once again, in fact the only time I ever heard her say God for the remainder of the evening was when I was hitting some spot that she wanted me to pay special attention to on her lovely body. As I rubbed her clit I kept sucking on her nipples, I did it in time synch as I sucked Pam moaned, “Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God.” I noticed as I was doing that, she reached up with one of her hands and shoved my head into her tit, with the other, I could see, out of the corner of my eye, she pulled on the other nipple. I could tell, I was getting the desired response as her breathing became harder and harder. At that point, I did not know what to do except continue on the present course. Pam’s back arched and I finally heard a very soft, “Oh, God, don’t stop….I’m coming.” I increased the intensity and with one final gasp out of her she screamed “Oh, God, God, God, God. I love it when I cum.”“Well, you said don’t stop, so I didn’t. I am sorry, I really don’t know how to read you.” “You are so sweet. That was fantastic; I don’t have that much fun with my hand.”Pam rolled over towards me, and laid her body across my chest and looking at me said, “You know, everyone, even Christians, have needs too. Everyone thinks you are supposed to wait for your wedding night and be the Vestal Virgin. Let me take care of some of your needs .” As she said that she moved her hand down my chest and started stroking my almost ready to shoot my load cock. I just lay back, thinking O.K., mutual mastrubation, not a bad end to an evening. Pam then started kissing her way down from my nipples to my stomach and just before she clamped her mouth around by cock she said, “Just don’t cum in my mouth.”As she said that, I just kept silent, not wanting to break my concentration, as I had been ready to explode when Pam first grabbed by cock and started stroking in before we had even started foreplay I thought to myself, that is what I get for not doing the afternoon jack off. I was not really expecting anything that evening. Unlike the college girls, Pam just did not go straight to my cock and start sucking, She first ran her tongue up and down my shaft. Slightly pulling on the head with her mouth, I could see her licking with her tongue more pre-cum. “Um, nice flavor, Pam commented, ” She moved her tongue down to the base and started licking then taking each one of my balls in her mouth and very gently sucking. After she did that Pam repositioned her in-between my legs and begun. She started slowly and worked her way into a full blown suck. I had never had such a hard blow job. As she did that, I almost lost it. My solution to helping me from coming was to inventory my Physics locker. Odd, but most guys will confess to finding something else to rus escort giresun focus on when they are trying to last more than a few pumps or in this case, attempts to remove chrome from a bumper.Pam stopped and said, “You are probably not prepared for much else, are you?” I asked “What do you mean?” “I really want a full blown fuck. I am not on the pill. I found out that a diaphragm leaves so much bad tasting spermicidal goo that a guy won’t want to go down on you. So, if you need a condom, I have a couple in my purse.”“Only two?” I retorted. I then got out of bed and walked to the dresser. Lisa and I had purchased a box of condoms that we would use (but I was not going to mention that) It probably seemed odd to Pam Mark that I knew where to find a box of condoms were except for a comment from Pam, “Well, I see I’m not the first one that has been ‘sinning’ on this bed.” As I put on the condom, I felt my anticipation went down a bit. Add to that some numbing rub I put on my penis before placing the condom on. I had seen Pam pile up a couple of pillows and get in doggy style position.“Do you like this position? Or would you like to fuck me the old fashioned way?” I walked over to the bed and grabbed her hips and moved her closer to the end of the mattress. With Pam’s height, I figured I could enter her better. As I penetrated her, she sucked in a gasp. Even with the numbing lotion, I just held that position for a minute as I could feel her wet and tight vagina contracting. I started pumping, I could hear her moan at it went in and out. Then Pam said , “Slap me in the ass.” I did, very lightly. Pam said “Harder,” Providing me more direction Pam said, “Each time you pump, slap me.” I did as she said. With each thrust I slapped Pam moaned and said, “Oh, God, that is good.” Then I heard her say, “Deeper, deeper, stick it all the way in.” So I pulled out, and as I re entered her I drove my penis in as far as it would go. I reached around and rubbed her clit with one hand and slapped with the other. I was having a hard time to keep from coming. More inventory of the Physics locker. Then it was the chemistry lab. After a few minutes, I could hear her reaching climax, again. “God, I’m coming again. Oh, God,” and with that she just collapsed on the bed breathing very hard.“Gee, twice in a night. You are wonderful. How about you?” By that time, I had collapsed next to her on the bed. “Well, you still have on the condom. Most guys can’t wait to get it off.” Pam reached down and felt my cock, “Jesus. You are still hard. Are your little guys having a hard time making an appearance? Most of the time, it’s too fast.”“Well, I can control things, but toward the end, I really worked to keep from coming.” I have a solution to your problem. You have made me super happy. Now, I just want you to think about yourself.” She got back on her hands and knees. “O.K., I don’t like anal, but, just enter me and stick your finger in my butt and push down with your finger. I really think you will like how that feels.”There is a first for everything. As I entered her I slowly probed her anal opening. Not having any KY I ran my finger around her sweet flowing vaginal juices. I stuck my finger into her butt Pam let out a little gasp and she was right, it was a wonderful sensation. Feeling my finger rub against my cock was wonderful. Soon, my breathing started really going. All I heard from Pam was “Cum for be baby, cum for me baby.” As I exploded I could hear Pam say, “God, I’m so glad you came. I felt that, it is so wonderful to feel cum in my pussy.” I was worried, Did the condom break? As if on que, I went to the bathroom to see if my worst fears were ready to appear and to flush away the incriminating evidence. Seeing the condom had not broke or slipped off I breathed a sigh of relief. “Can I take it off?” Pam asked. By that time, I had gone almost flacid so it slipped off with ease into her slender and soft fingers.“Wow, that was a lot of cum. You must not jack off that much? I do. Although girls really don’t call it ‘Jacking off.” I have to do it at least twice a day.” Pam just stood there, in the dim light rubbing my fresh ejaculate all over my penis. She smiled and looked at me. Maybe she was expecting me to get hard again. Pam pulled a couple of tissues out of the box on the sink counter and wiped my penis off and dumped it in the toilet. “Well,” said Pam. “I have an early wake up (it was already 2:30 AM), you can spend the night, but you have to pull out early as I am expecting people from the next church at 8 AM.” As I went to various parts of the apartment to retrieve my clothing, I mentioned I have two installs tomorrow (I made a killing on installing TV antennas as Sacramento, despite its top notch billing as a Capitol city had NO cable TV).“Tomorrow night?” I know Lisa is bringing a few members of the teen group.”“I don’t know, I originally thought Lisa and I were going to firm up things today, but I guess I will just wing it.” Pam, by that time had put on her pants and a top. She walked me to the door and we kissed. She squeezed my hand and said, “You are great. I wish so much I could do this again. But for now, I have my memories.” EPILOGUEMy phone rang at 8 AM, it was Lisa. “So, you did not spend the night? The way she was undressing you mentally. Girls know about such things.” I mentioned I received a private concert, she played a couple of songs she was working on and she kissed me when I walked out the door. I omitted the remainder of the evening. Later that day, we met up at the Church parking lot, caravanned to the next church and enjoyed the concert. Lisa and Pam Mark had a few words after the show. In fact Pam whispered something to Lisa and I could see Lisa looking at me and smiling. Years later, Lisa told me that Pam Mark thanked her for the introduction and said, “He is the perfect gentleman; kind, gentle and thoughtful. She also mentioned I would make a great mate.” Lisa told me also Pam Mark said in parting, “Don’t let that one go.” I look back in retrospect. Guys do the same thing Pam Mark was doing. Maybe she did it at every stop. Maybe not. I think everyone spots a person and seduces said person. I confess, I was never good at that. My one nighters (if one can call them that) consisted of pick ups at College dorm parties. Did Lisa “pimp” me? Lisa never asked if Pam Mark and I had sex; even after we were married. Our relationship, at that time, was not exclusive. I don’t know how many guys she was poking while we were, as it is called now, “Friends with Benefits.” As Lisa told me one day, “Most guys she found want to hang out, or go to movies, or have fun; then after a while, they ‘think’ they are entitled to something more than a peck on the cheek. I, on the other hand, was either dense or frigid, we hung out (although we would not see each other every day) and I never tried to bed her down until she mentioned it. Then again, we would hang out a lot (movies, dinners, day trips) and the event, more often than not, did not end in having sex. After about five years of hanging out, we finally looked at each other and decided we would be exclusive. We did get married and had a wonderful 22 years and two c***dren together. That is another story.

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