Panties, Pantyhose and Mom Pt. 06


I haven’t written about the wild threesome of Gary, his mom Janice and his girlfriend Linda, in a few months. Now I’m adding Linda’s parents, Cara and Bill, to the story. I hope you all enjoy it as much as they did!


The next two days were devoted to studying. My mom and I had a deal; I didn’t have to get an after school job as long as I maintained a minimum of a B+ average and kept up with my share of the chores. If I did that, she’d give me enough to maintain a reasonable social life each week. My fierce lawyer mom could be very generous with her only child.

As a result, my average was almost straight A. If it wasn’t for classes like Art, where I had almost no talent and little interest at all, I could have been a straight A student. I accepted taking an Art class was part of a well rounded education. As it was I was hovering around an A- average and my SATs were 1390. My mom was thrilled; she’d been an A student back in her day, even through college and into law school, which she graduated magna cum laude. We were both pretty sharp. And Linda was also an honor student, so we fit together that way as well.

I didn’t see much of mom those two days either. As she figured, she had to work later than usual to make up what she missed by staying home that afternoon for our shenanigans. So when Friday night Date Night with Linda finally came around, I was extremely eager. I almost suggested we just stay in and have sex all night, but I also wanted to take her out. We had such a good time whenever we went out together.


She had told me a little in school about what happened with her parents, but we really didn’t have enough privacy for that. Besides, I was sure it was going to be a very dirty story and I needed to be able to attack my gorgeous girlfriend when it was over. Maybe even while she was telling it.

Friday I picked her up at 7 to take her to dinner. I don’t know where she got her money for clothes but either she was a great bargain hunter or her parents were REALLY generous with her clothing budget. She wore a little shimmering green dress that was perfect with her red hair and pale complexion. Nude hosiery, matching green heels and a gold pashmina completed her look, and that look was amazing. Just enough makeup to stand out a lot in any crowd. And she was going to be out with me.

She kissed me lightly in front of her parents. We all knew what was going on, generally speaking, but I still felt odd giving her a big sexy kiss in front of them.

“It’s nice to see you, Gary” Cara said with a sweet and inviting smile. “We’re looking forward to seeing you and Janice tomorrow. Really looking forward” she said with a hungry tone to her voice.

“We’re looking forward to it as well. You don’t mind if Linda spends the night at our place, do you?”

Bill said “Well, I think the time for objecting to that is past. Just don’t wear yourselves out tonight. And always treat my daughter like the lady she is, with respect, no matter what you’re doing.”

I responded “Bill, I understand what you’re saying, and you don’t have to worry about that. My mother raised me right when it comes to respecting women. I would never hurt Linda or abuse her in any way. You have my word on it.” I stuck out my hand and he took it, shaking firmly. No more needed to be said on the subject.

Linda handed me her overnight bag, which seemed heavy enough for a week. “Just a few incidentals and a change of cloths” she teased. “We’ll be here around 1 tomorrow. That should be good, right?”

“It’s fine, sweetheart” Cara told her while giving Linda a long, lingering kiss. “Your father and I will take it easy tonight…well, mostly. Make sure you do the same!”

Lin kissed her father with their own deep kiss while Cara gave me an eye opening and cock hardening smooch, and we were out the door. I held the car door for her and the sight of her luscious legs swinging into the passenger seat was enough to make me want to beg. I got in, and as we had been doing, I pulled a couple of blocks away and parked so we could kiss privately. It was just so incredibly good to hold her in my arms.

“I’ve missed you, baby” I said with a hunger in my voice.

“Mmm I missed you too. A lot, even with the new dynamic at home.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait to hear about that later. I’ve been more than a little curious.”

“I’m sure you have. We’ll talk about it later, after dinner. In your bed.” She licked my neck, slowly. I let out a long moan.

We went to a nice little Greek restaurant, a small family place with great food at reasonable prices. We just caught up on all the little things teenage couples talk about like our friends and how our schoolwork was going. We talked and laughed for well over an hour, long after we finished eating. Being with Linda felt so natural, so right. We already knew we loved each other. But I felt like I was falling in love with her. The fact that she was as wild and uninhibited sexually as I was just was gaziantep manken escort the icing on the cake, or pie in this case. The real stuff, our ability to connect emotionally and intellectually, was the most important part and we were both mature enough to understand that. Lin and I just ‘clicked’.

We held hands across the table and I felt her elegant, manicured fingers stroke the palm of my hand, a sure signal that it was time to get the check and go to my apartment. Linda surprised me by grabbing the check. I tried to protest but she said “You always treat. I can pick up the tab once in a while.” That was just so sweet of her. Linda was always full of surprises.

Back in the car we were kissing passionately. Her kisses were lighting an inferno inside me and from her breathing and body language, I knew she was feeling the same raging fire. “If you don’t take me home now, Gary, I’m going to have to grab the next guy who walks out of the restaurant and do him in his car. Even if his wife’s there!”

I laughed and said “I might like to see that. You do him, I do the wife. Mucho kinky.”

“Asshole. Take me home, now.”

When we got there, mom wasn’t home, surprisingly. There was a note on the kitchen table. “Enjoy your privacy. I’ll meet you at Bill and Cara’s tomorrow. Have fun! Love, Mom.”

“Isn’t that sweet. Your mother is giving us the apartment to ourselves for the night. We’re going to have so much fun. Tonight and tomorrow. And who knows from there.” She turned serious then. She wrapped her arms around me as I held her by her hips and Linda said “I love you, Gary. Very much.” She punctuated her words with a tender kiss.

“I love you too. In fact, I think I’m in love with you. Madly.”

That hung there for a few seconds, and tears formed in Linda’s lovely green eyes. “Really? Because I think I’m in love with you too.” We embraced and locked our lips in a long, long kiss. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my hips as I carried Linda into my room and laid us both on the bed as we kept kissing. “I want to make love to you tonight, honey. Nice and slow, nice and tender.”

“Sounds wonderful. Do you think we can do it?” she giggled.

“I’m sure we can manage.” I kissed her neck and her nose and everywhere I could get to. Lin’s skin tasted sweet and salty, and her perfume was light, almost like it wasn’t quite there, like something undefined. Something expensive. I kissed her along the side of her neck and Lin ran her fingers through my hair and down my neck before grabbing my head to kiss me, a long, sexy kiss. Her legs were rubbing on mine, a definite message that Linda was feeling very hot. She could certainly feel my own signal telling her how much I desired her.

Then Linda pushed me on my back and said “Just wait here for me, just a few minutes. Can you do that, baby?”

“I can. I don’t want to, but I can.”

She smiled and said “Aren’t I worth waiting for?”

“Absolutely. All right, But make it fast, please. Can I get you anything? Something to drink?”

“I’d love a Diet Coke, with ice. 5 minutes. I won’t be longer than that.” Lin rubbed her nose on mine and I just about melted for her. She disappeared into the bathroom and I went to the kitchen to get us a couple of cold drinks. When I got back to my room I stripped down to my briefs and just sat back against my headboard.

I was wondering what was taking Linda so long when I heard the bathroom door open and then she was standing in the doorway to my room. Linda was worth waiting for. Well worth waiting for. She stood there in a diaphanous white long gown with nothing on underneath. I was sure none of my friends girlfriends wore anything like this. Lin and I were definitely made for each other.

“What do you think, Gary? Do you like this?”

“I do. I like it a lot. But I love you.”

She smiled almost shyly. “You really do know how to make a girl feel wanted. Now let me show you how much I want you.” She climbed onto the bed on top of me and her curves molded into my arms. Our kisses, despite our eagerness for each other, were soft and sweet to start. My hands moved over Lin’s back, gradually making their way to her plush ass cheeks. I gave them a squeeze with both hands, and Lin just sighed into my mouth and pressed her crotch into mine. I felt her hands fumbling with the waistband to my briefs, then she just pushed them down my legs and off. Lin was caressing my cock, stroking me lovingly, as I touched her all over. Our mutual heat was flaming hot.

“Gary, take me right now” Lin urged. “Don’t make me wait.”

I turned her on her back and hiked up the gown around her hips while positioning myself between her thighs. I rubbed the head of my cock over her moist lips and we both groaned as I entered her very slowly. Once I was in her snug, warm pussy all the way, I pressed my body on top of hers and spread my own legs wide so I had good leverage. Her legs wrapped around my back and I was gaziantep masaj yapan escort sliding in and out smoothly. Lin arched her back and the root of my cock pressed on her clit, sending her through her first climax.

I slowed down, easing away from my own nearing orgasm, and we just held still as we kissed and nibbled at each other. We both wanted this to last, since we planned to just make love once that night, saving our energy for the next days fuck fest.

“I love how you make love to me” Lin said with a raspy voice. Her hands were on my upper arms, gripping gently. “So loving. You know just what I need. I hope I’m giving you what you need, sweetheart.”

“Do you really need to ask? I told you I’m in love with you. I must be getting something I need, right? Or everything.”

Lin pulled me down and kissed me and held me. “I love you so much, Gary. Now lets finish this and we can cuddle and sleep together. I want to feel your cum inside me.”

“Your wish is my command.” I moved again, with more purpose, gradually picking up the pace. Both of us were moaning, and we both were approaching the point of no return. I caressed the underside of her thigh and Lin bit her lip as she climaxed again. Her legs got tighter around me and she whispered in my ear “Cum for me, cum inside me, baby. I love your heat. I love you.” The sound of her voice, so seductive, brought me to my own climax and I came in a powerful orgasm, filling her pussy as I kissed her. My body was aglow with warmth and love and I could feel the same coming off from Linda. We silently held each other, touching each other, sharing light kisses. I’d never felt this kind of love from a woman before. It was something very special, and it was the perfect way to end our date night.

We took turns using the bathroom, and Linda changed into a man’s button down dress shirt, down to her thighs. She looked so sexy like that, part of me wanted to have her again that night. But we had a very special day ahead of us. We cuddled in my bed and shut the lights. We were laying there, waiting for sleep to come, and Lin giggled at some private thought. “Want to share what’s so funny?” I asked.

“Just thinking, not one of our friends could have anything close to what we have. I don’t know of any that would be allowed to sleep over at their boyfriend/girlfriends house, especially in their bed, and with parental approval. And what we’re going to do tomorrow…I think we’d be shunned if they found out.”

“I’m not asking any of them to find out. They might take it the wrong way.” We both cracked up before Linda settled in. A few minutes later she was asleep, and I gently rolled her over so I could sleep more comfortably. We needed the rest. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.


My alarm went off at 9 the next morning, and Linda and I grudgingly woke up. “Good morning, honey” I said as we shared a kiss, morning breath be damned.

“Good morning to you too, baby” Lin responded with a kiss of her own.` She gave my morning wood a loving squeeze and said “If we didn’t have plans later, I’d give this such a good time.”

I groaned and said “You’re making it very difficult for me to be good. Keep doing that and I’m going to need a cold shower.”

“If you take a cold shower, you’ll be taking it alone. If you take a hot shower, you’ll have company. Your choice.”

“Hot shower, definitely a hot shower. But we’re still going to have to behave.”

“Yeah, I know” Lin said wistfully. “We’ll make it more fun next time. Do you mind if I use the bathroom first? I feel like my bladder is bursting!”

“Go ahead. I can wait a few minutes.”

“Thanks love” Lin said as she kissed me, then hopped out of bed in her shirt. She looked so damn hot like that and my cock was just aching. I figured it would go down once I peed. I hoped, anyway.

After taking our turns, we took a long, teasing shower together, and then after we dried off, I let Lin alone to do her hair while I went to see about breakfast. I put up some crescent rolls from the fridge in the oven and whipped up some eggs with cheese, green peppers and ham in a bowl. When Lin came in the kitchen, wearing a green satin mid-length robe and looking gorgeous without make-up, the rolls were almost ready and I heated up the skillet with some butter.

“Look at you! So domesticated! You’re going to make someone a great wife one day” Linda teased me, good naturedly.

“Yes I will, and I’ll always put out for my spouse.”

After the eggs were in the pan, Lin wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me adoringly. “I love you, Gary. Very much.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. Now, let me get the rolls out and keep an eye on the eggs. Could you get some plates from that cabinet there? And the forks and knives are in that drawer.”

She got what we needed and I plated the eggs and took the rolls from the cookie sheet. We sat at the table gaziantep masöz escort and dug into our breakfast. “Hey, this is really good!” Lin squealed. “You really do have some serious talent in the kitchen…as well as elsewhere.”

“Thanks, babe. You’re not too shabby yourself.”

“Just you wait until later. I’ll show you ‘not too shabby’. You have three pussies to please today. You’d better bring your A game.”

While we were eating I said “Hey, you still haven’t told me what happened with your parents the other day.”

Lin finished what was in her mouth and proceeded to tell me the story between bites. “Monday, after dinner, we sat down and had a talk. We obviously knew a lot about each other but there were questions. I wanted to know how long my parents had wanted to bring me into their bed, which turned out to be just after I turned 18. I think that’s bull, maybe they had ideas earlier, but they were telling me 18. They asked a few questions about us, especially what role Janice had with us…sorry, your mom. Considering they had their own desires with me, I told them the truth, and obviously they weren’t upset at all. They actually were getting very turned on. Mom made sure I enjoyed sex with women as well as men, and the next thing I knew we were on our way to their bedroom.

“I was kind of nervous at first; I’m pretty sure we all were. Mom made the first move. In case you didn’t notice, she’s much more aggressive than dad is.”

“I kind of got that impression. You’re mom’s not the shy type, is she.”

“Nope, mom’s not a shrinking violet” Linda said with a grin. “So she kissed me first and then she turned me to dad, and he kissed me and then we were all kissing and touching each other, clothes were being removed, and we were all naked on the bed. I’d seen mom before, of course, but dad was a revelation. He’s got a magnificent cock” Lin giggled. “Like nine inches and thick like you. I had to try to suck it so that’s the first thing I did. I could get about half of it in my mouth, and mom was next to me licking his balls, then we switched. Dad was having an amazing time. He couldn’t stay still. Mom stopped before he came and helped me mount him, and I thought I was going to get split apart. But I got him inside me after a few attempts and then we were fucking like it was the last time we were going to get laid. I kept telling him “fuck me daddy” and he loved it. So did mom. She was laying next to dad fingering herself fast and hard. She got three fingers in her pussy and she was actually the first to cum. When dad’s cock twitched inside me before he got off I came three times! He’s a fucking bull! He finally shot off and filled me up, and when he was done, mom pushed me off and sucked the rest from his cock and then ate his creampie from my pussy! I’m telling you, my parents are wild, dirty people. They fit right in with us.”

“Fucking hell, Linda! Now I’m stiff as a board! I hope this thing goes down before we leave! I’m going to have blue balls again because of you.”

“I can give you a blowjob if you want, or need. I don’t want you in pain before we get started.”

“No, I’ll wait it out. But maybe I can live without the rest of the details. We’re going to be living them in 90 minutes or so.”

We finished breakfast and we rinsed off the plates and pan and got them in the dishwasher. We still had an hour before we needed to leave, so Lin called her mom and asked if we needed to pick up anything for later. Cara told her Bill had already been to the stores and they had everything they needed. When she got off the phone, Lin said it sounded like her mother was somewhat distracted. “I hope they haven’t been playing without us. We’ve been so good this morning!”

“As long as they’ve got plenty of strength for us. Do you need to do your make-up before you get dressed? Not that you don’t look great as is.”

“You’re so sweet, baby. Yeah. I’d better do that and get dressed. You’ve got a little time if you want.”

“Look at us, Lin. We’re like an old married couple.” She smiled that sexy smile of hers and gave me a quick kiss.

I got dressed while Lin went into the bathroom again. It was a little difficult getting my pants on with a semi-hard cock. I couldn’t quite distract my mind from what was coming in just a little while, not to mention Linda’s story. I put on a pair of grey slacks with a white with blue pinstripes shirt. Nothing fancy, but nice. I liked to dress well. I called my mom while waiting for Linda.

“Hi sweetheart” mom answered. “How was your night?”

“We had a really nice evening, thanks. We both appreciated you giving us the place to ourselves. Where did you spend your night, anyway?

“I’ll tell you when I see you in a little while. I had a nice time myself” she giggled.

“Cara told Lin they didn’t need anything. Is there anything you need from home or on the way?”

“You’re a dear. No, I have everything I need. I’ll be seeing you soon, Gary. Love you, son.”

“Love you too, mom. See you soon.” I turned on the tv and put on a news channel while I waited for Lin.

She came out 15 minutes later and I forgot about the news. As I’ve said, the lady knew how to dress. She had on a yellow sundress with white flowers that flared out from her hips, bare legged, and yellow low sandals. Her make-up was light as always, except for bright red lipstick. I was already hungry again, but this time for her.

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