Part XI: Surprises and Offers


Part XI : Surprises and offers

We, Holly Stephanie and I, had watched our porno, and sent it off to California in the mail, awaiting a reply. If we did well enough, we could kiss our jobs and money problems goodbye. It was Thursday afternoon, Holly and I had laid on the couch watching TV since we ate lunch. The phone rang. “Hello” Holly said. Followed by several “Uh huh, yes, uh huh”. “Who was that?” I asked. “Stephanie, she’s coming over, seems she signed up for a certain website, and arranged a meeting.” “Really?” I asked. “She said she wanted to bring him over here, and we could all have sex.” “Okay” I said.

Holly put on her silk lingerie she purchased earlier, It had a hole in the crotch. She sat almost on me, on the couch, waiting for Stephanie. Stephanie knocked on the door “It’s open” I said loudly. The door open, Stephanie walked in, wearing tight jeans and a tight black blouse, no bra. Behind her strolled in her date, ‘Hi I’m Ray” He said, putting his hand out, I shook his hand, and he offered his hand to Holly, who just stuck her hand down into her pussy. Stephanie and Ray sat together in the reclining chair. “So Ray you’ve been using the service long?” I asked. “Ohh for about six months now” He said. “How is it?” Holly asked. “Well every girl I’ve met ahs put out at our first meeting, its only for sex.” He said. “Are they hot, or are there ugly fat girls.” I asked. “There’s some of everything, if you just want hot blondes you can do that, and there’s even couples on there looking for a third party for their marriage or whatever.” He said. “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done?” Holly asked. “Nothing really, it’s been just standard sex” He said. ‘No foursomes or anything?” Stephanie asked him. “Nope” Ray responded. “that’s about to change” Stephanie said. “Well let’s get started then” Holly said. Holly stood up from the couch, and stood in front of me, in her crotchless lingerie. Holly motioned for Steph and Ray to come over. Stephanie sat Ray down on the couch right next to me. Holly and Steph were standing over us now. “Here let me get you out of these” Holly said, reaching for Steph’s shirt. Steph returned the favor, Sex hikayeleri removing Holly’s lingerie. Soon they were both standing over us, naked, rubbing their chests together, teasing the two of us on the couch. Steph lowered herself, sucking on a nipple on her way down, she gave Holly’s clit a few strokes of the tongue. “Ooooh, let’s get started shall we” Holly said, turning to me, and Stephanie turning to Ray. Both girls side by side, on their knees in front of us. Holly between my legs, Stephanie between Rays. They simultaneously reached to our zippers. “Synchronized Blowjobs, the new Olympic sport” I said, smiling, “No?..okay”. The hands unzipped and pulled down boxers, at the same time. Now apparently Stephanie had picked Ray because of his, let’s say features, that were bragged about online. Unlike the loser geek with a small dick, this guy, let’s just say, delivered the package. Like me, Ray had gotten excited from the little show we got, and when the boxers came down, the monsters were free, springing into the air for freedom. Ray’s cock wasn’t as big as he had said it was, but still he was probably about eight inches long, and Stephanie definitely looked happy. The mouths of the blonde and the brunette descended onto the cocks. The wet sloppy blowjobs were heaven, Holly was trying to show up Stephanie by deepthroating me, Stephanie was working full blast both hands jerking mouth going up and down very quickly, slurping and sucking sounds escaping them both. Stephanie stopped and said “Switch”. Suddenly Holly and Stephanie switched positions, and resumed in their styles of sloppy head. Stephanie was shoving her mouth on my cock, and Holly was trying to deepthroat his cock that was a little longer than mine, she couldn’t quite do it though. After a moment of heaven, we all stood up, shedding what clothes remained. Ray laid down on the floor looking up expectantly. “Holly got down on all fours, her face over his cock, her ass near his feet. Stephanie, got down, sitting on Ray’s face, facing down towards Holly. I got down on my knees behind Holly. “This seems like a good position” Stephanie Said. Holly impaled his cock in her Sikiş hikayeleri mouth, bobbing her head. It got so horny watching her give head. I shoved my cock balls deep into her pussy and pounded her mercilessly, as Ray started to eat out Stephanie. Holly’s pussy was fuckin wet, and dripping down her legs. Stephanie was trying to drown Ray. And I was trying to put my cock through Holly’s tight pussy. “Switch” Stephanie said, breathing heavily. Stephanie and Holly stood up and switched positions. Stephanie sucking off Ray, me fucking her tight pussy, and Ray eating out Holly. I was pounding Steph’s pussy slapping together, and I looked up at Holly’s, nearing orgasm, and she just looked back at me smiling wide, her hands on her tits. Suddenly Stephanie stopped pushing back on my thrusts, and she sat up. “You fucker” she said, cum dripping out of her mouth. Holly started laughing out loud. I couldn’t help but laugh too, watching Holly’s tits bounce on her undulating chest from her laughter, as she fell away from his dripping mouth. “Okay shooter, you eat her pussy, even the score” I said, pulling out of Stephanie. I walked over to Holly, as Ray went to town on Stephanie. I stepped into the bedroom and grabbed the anal lube. I came back and bent Holly over the couch. I lubed up my hard juice covered cock, and put some on her ass. Then I plunged into her ass, with a resulting scream. I just kept fucking Holly in the ass, pump after pump in her tight hot ass. She was still screaming, but of pleasure now, and so was Stephanie, getting eaten playing with herself, and watching us buttfuck. Soon enough, the two of them were just sitting and watching us fuck, my hands gripping Holly by her tits. Stephanie suddenly ran into the bedroom, she returned a minute later with the strapon strappedon. Holly and I knew the drill, having done it once before. I was on the bottom, Holly sitting on top of me, Cock in her ass, Stephanie between her legs, dildo in hand, guiding her cock into Holly’s pussy. We double penetrated Holly, for several minutes. Her orgasms spasming her whole body, squeezing both cocks fake and real alike, and her second orgasm came just Erotik hikaye after the first one, neither of us stopping the assault. Soon enough Ray was standing over top all of us, putting his now hard again cock in front of Holly’s mouth. Holly took his cock and deepthroated him as she was getting double fucked. She had a third orgasm, which shook her sweaty body so much she fell off of me completely letting both cocks pull out of her. Ray pursued her, keeping his cock in her mouth, which she continued to suck. I was getting close to coming, and I turned to Stephanie, “No way im not getting in the way of that thing when it goes off” she said. I walked over next to Ray, putting my cock next to Holly’s face, while she was sucking him off. She immediately pulled off his cock, and went balls deep on mine, stroking his with her other hand. She stroked him very vigorously, and sucked me saliva and lube all over my cock, she bobbed her head, shaking her tits and flinging her hair all about. She jerked Ray until he came on the side of her face, and she increased pace to make me cum right then. She pulled off my cock, and put her face right under my cock, still stroking me. I emptied my seed onto her face, drenching her face, she was tonguing it as it ran down her face. The Stephanie stuck her strap on in Holly’s face “Suck this bitch” she said. Holly complied sucking her fake dick, and then rubbing it all over her face and eating the cum off of it.

Ray and Stephanie left, and she was still mad at him for blowing in her mouth, so she didn’t give him any encore. “I wish we would have filmed that” Holly said. “Hey maybe I got a reply” I said.

John, I have watched your tape six times now, I believe it’s the best I have ever seen, I am offering you an exclusive contract, we pay you $5000 up front, and $2500 per film, including this one, so $7500 to you right now, if you sign a contract giving this site exclusivity on your videos. This means that you cannot sell them to anyone else, and this contract is good for your first three videos. I have mailed you the contract, and when I get it back I will cut you a check for $7500.

“Wow” my jaw was on the floor, so was Holly’s. “Now we really should have fucking taped that!” I said. We immediately broke into fucking on the floor again, as we were both very excited at these prospects.

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