PartyingThe effect of ‘tina’ had just washed over me. I had never felt such an exhilarating rush of horny in my life. Up to this point I had only ever used rush (amyl’s) to enhance sex.But this was something completely new: sexuality and horniness washed over me in a way I had never imagined before. It was intense and relaxing at the same time.I was to be a party favour for a regular FB who was hosting three other tops. I was being pimped out and trialed to see if I was what this group wanted as a regualar bang-bang/bukkake boy.I had spent the previous hour and a bit at my FB’s apartment. Cleaning up and servicing him as and when the desire took him to take me. It was prepping me for the evening to come as these guys were not interested in me they just wanted a fuck toy to use as they hung around.I was naked, in a collar wearing ankle and wrist restraints should they wish to use them. There were various toys and lots of lube around the room. My job was to wander around serving and servicing them as they desired. I wasn’t to speak, and I was to do anything they wanted of me. I was warned this would include discipline, humiliation, water sports, etc. Although nervous, I totally wanted to take this play to the next level.The idea of ‘tina’ came from my FB who said it would help me relax, make me horny and submissive (and receptive), and allow me to play and be fucked for hours.I had never done it before, but I was game to try.As the group arrived I was paraded out on a leash, naked except for the restraints, and had a pony-tail butt-plug inserted.My FB top then told them about the ‘tina’ and they all agreed (they used, but very intermittently).But first I was paraded around on my hands and knees and told to pose; turn this way and that; and, the guys took turns touching, squeezing, grabbing and inspecting me. All of them were much older than myself: probably no younger than their early sixites: another turn on for me as I LOVE older, dominant, grizzly men…and, they were ALL that.And, ALL well to very-well hung.I was then take to the bed and the ‘tina’ administered. As I said, it washed over me almost immediately. I was tied to the bed, face down, but not too tightly so I could writhe about in horniness.The men were undressing and moving onto the bed. I had never BEEN so excited and horny, but everytime I started to say something I was spanked or slapped and told to shut-up: I wasn’t to talk.I felt hands all over me: rubbing my ass cheeks, wiggling my plu, massaging my shoulders roughly; fingers going into my mouth and spreading my mouth open. And, best of all, cocks rubbing against casino siteleri me, all over my body.I wanted cock so bad, more than I had ever wanted it before.One guy settled sitting down in front of me and another opened my mouth and started to force feed cock into my mouth. I began gagging almost immediately, but they didn’t stop, and just laughed.He was only semi-hard, but he more than filled my mouth and throat. At times he’d leave himself deep down my throat so I found it hard to breathe.I then felt the plug being yanked forcefully out of my hole and almost immediately fingers were exploring me. I t was obvious that there were more than one of them fingering me. They took turns opening me wider and wider, while trying to fist me.They were rough, but experienced and used LOTS of lube.I didn’t care. I wanted nothing BUT this, and more.The guy holding my mouth open suddenly moved and shoved his ass right into my face and told me to rim him. And, I did as I was told shoving my tongue as deeply into his ass as I could. He responded by pushing himself harder and harder against me. I could still see the large cock of the guy beneath him, just seeing it there was a turn on.I found myself slipping in and out of my mind and body–never u*********s, or passed out; but, hyper-aware of the sex and arousal in a way I’d never felt before.As they guy I was rimming moved away and mounted the guy sitting before me (giving me a close-up of fucking that no HD TV can match), I felt someone mount me and, soon thereafter, shove his meat into me with little preparation. However, there was, to my surprise, no resistance. He slid right in.He began fucking me with wild abandon. Rocking himself in and out of me with long but fast and furious strokes. The guy pumping me and the fucking right in front of my face were almost simulataneous.I was just getting into the fucking when I heard the guy yell “I’m cumming,” and without warning he unloaded into me in several deep spasms.As soon as he finished he pulled out and got off and was replaced with another. This guy, however, was harder and much, much bigger. Thankfully, he eased himself into me slowly and with lots of lube.But, once he was in me, he too, began fucking me very, very hard and deep. Again, I was surprised at how easily I took his large, thick cock into me.His strokes were longer and more obvious: he’d pull almost fully out, then slam himself fully into me, bouncing me into the bed with his thrusts. I knew I’d be feeling this the next day, but tonight I didn’t want anything else!I was still amazed at how horny my entire body and mind canlı casino were from the ‘tina’.The couple fucking in front of me were going at it hard when, all of a sudden, I heard “I’m gonna blow!”The guy riding got off, which kinda surprised me (I wouldn’t have ;-), and stroked the guys cock pointing right at my face. Before I was even aware of what was going on I felt hard splashed of warm cum hit my face…one after the other after the other….the guy literally coated my face with cum.No sooner had he done this than the guy fucking me unloaded into me. Between the cum already in me, and the large load just deposited, I could feel the cum squish out of me as he thrust into me…there was just too much.It was sloppy, noisy, and totally fucking hot.As I was taking all this in throughout my entire body and soul, the guy that was getting fucked right in front of me unloaded a second load all over my face. Then, there were 3 or 4 cocks in front of me rubbing cum around my face, slapping my face, and being shoved into my mouth–sometimes two at a time. I was grabbed by the head and told to clean off the cum and juices from their cocks. Two of them were the cocks that just unloaded into me.As I was doing this another man had mounted and entered me. I was trying to lick, suck, and clean cocks and balls all while being bounced around furiously by the guy pounding me so hard we were bouncing into and off of the bed.Two of them started to undo my restraints, but the guy fucking me never stopped and I was still being slapped and force-fed cock. As soon as the restraints were off I was turned over, cock still inside of me, and another guy lifting my legs back and forced himself also inside of me.I was sure this would hurt, but, again, no pain, although there was obviously resistance with two cocks being in me.Because two of them were in me the speed of their pumping slowed, but it stayed consistent. Soon they were in alternating rhythm and the feeling was amazing. Like nothing I had ever felt before, even though I had done DP’s once or twice before. Then, they had hurt a little and I had to concentrate to relax. Now, however, I was simply open for both of them.Another incredibly well hung, but soft, guy straddled above me and began face-fucking me slow and rhythmically. His cock was beautiful: uncut, long and thick, big, low-hanging, shaved balls.I don’t know how I did it because I’ve never been particularly good at deep-throating, but looking at his wonderful cock while getting DP’s allowed me to swallow almost all of his cock without gagging. I was watching his face as he he was kaçak casino concentrating on his cock going into my mouth. He’d slid it slowly into my mouth then leave it in while massaging ym head and face with his hands. It was so hot I, at times, forgot I was being DP’d!I was brought back to reality when I heard one guy fucking me ask the other if he thought he could cum together. He replied yes and they set about trying to unload at the same time in me.The cock in my mouth stayed there as I just let everything happen to me.Soon, I heard one guy say “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” and the other replied “Me, too.”No sooner had they said it when I could feel them both squirting into me.Because I was so opened up no sooner had the cum unloaded into me that I felt it squirt and splatter out all over me and us.When they were done I was tossed aside as they relaxed.The hung guy that was face-fucking me rolled me over without ceremony or saying anything and shoved his cock into me roughly.Even though I had just had several men in me, and just been DP’s, I could feel his large cock fill me almost to my limit. But, I just took it all in. It was sheer and utter pleasure.I was just beginning to loose myself in this guys long, insistent strokes going deep into me when there were 3 or 4 cocks roughly forcing themselves onto my face. I was being shouted at to lick this, suck that, and cocks were interchangeably being forced in and out of my mouth, being slapped against my face and head.I was lost in this when I felt the cum unload in me from the ‘big guy’. I was amazed at how much thicker he got as he came–he got so thick, in fact, that I could feel each and every spasm of his cumming as well as each and every squirt of cum shoot into me.I almost passed out!Unceremoniously, they all got off me, slapped my ass a little, and began talking about me as though I wasn’t there. They were comparing notes and discussing whether I was what they wanted, needed, in a group fuck-toy.At this point I was paying attention to my body and their discussion kind of droned out. I was feeling how loose my hole now was, and how wet with cum and juice. I smelled of man musk and cum.After what seemed like an hour I was told to go wash up and clean out.They had agreed that I was good for their purposes.As I walked to the bath-room feeling all horny, sexy, and used, I thought to myself how wonderful this all was. I never felt so horny, sexy, and used all at once.I came out about 20 minutes later all freshened up. They were all waiting on and around the bed, stroking their cocks–some soft, some semi-hard, and soe hard.It was just after 2:00 in the morning. They had been fucking me for about 90 minutes, and, by the looks in their eyes, the hard cocks, I knew I was in for quite a long night….I was, and I’ll never forget it as long as I live 😉

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