Paying for Rent Again


Mike was working as an apprentice at the time, and as I have previously told you all, we had been able to get a top storey of a house, owned by an older couple at a very reasonable price to rent.

Mike often worked away at this time due to him seeking promotion at work.

During this time the old landlords wife, Elsie, had also taken on a job, largely to get away from her boorish husband.

One Saturday morning I visited him (Jim) alone again. I was desperate for some big cock and also we needed help with the rent money again!

This was to be a full day spent with him, during which we fucked for the second time.

I had missed his cock and was desperate for some fun.

I sluttily packed a little bag with some naughty stuff and made my way to his door.

On getting to his, I was saddened to see he had a couple of his mates with him.

I made some excuses about needing to speak to him.

But he knew I was fucking gagging for it and the old sod was beaming like a cheshire cat!

After about an hour of them chatting about football etc., Jim managed to get rid of them, on the premise he had to help me with some rent issues.

Once they left the fun began.

He had guessed the reason I was there and so he began teasing me saying, “Missing your usual mouthful of cum are we then Anna?!”

I replied rather cheaply, “Oh fuck yes, my fanny is aching for a good tonguing from you and I’ve really missed your prick.”

With this we embraced and I could feel his massive stiff cock swelling inside his track suit bottoms.

I told him what was in my bag and he instructed me to get changed.

I went through to his bedroom and put on my old school uniform and stockings, topping the look off with my wedge high heels and my hair in pigtails.

I didn’t bother with panties, what was the point, my fanny was sopping wet already, and I would have just had them ripped off soon anyway!

When I walked in Jim wolf whistled at me as I stood posing at the door for him…

“Fucking hell Anna” he said, “You look so fucking sexy. My favourite slut wife tenant!”

“Glad you think so, ” I replied. “I’ve really missed you and I feel so horny.”

With this he approached me, and we shared a long lingering kiss, our tongues probing each others mouths as we Frenched heavily.

After a good few minutes of snogging and of the old bastard roughly feeling my arse and tits we began in earnest.

He asked, well instructed me to sit and play with myself as he watched … I duly obliged.

My cunt was sopping from our snogging session and I readily spread my bursa escort legs wide as I sat on his settee.

I toyed with my clit, using my finger first, then by using the tip of my vibrator.

As I sat showing myself to my dirty older landlord, he stripped off fully to my delight.

He had an overweight body and his huge, red cock was standing up glistening and stiff.

“Fucking hell, your’e so dirty”, he said to me as he watched me slowly plunging my vibrator up my wide open cunt.

“You want me to stop?” I teasingly asked.

“Fuck no!” came the reply. “Keep going you dirty little slut,” was his lewd response.

I continued toying with myself, plunging my vibrator deep up me as he moved and stood in front of me watching.

I loved the sight of him wanking off, indeed this is something I still enjoy today, the sight of a guy tossing off over me.

I stuffed my vibro deep in me and clenched it in place with my pussy. I then sat, legs spread wide, my heels accentuating the length of my legs, and I ran my hands over my legs, all the time staring at my aging lover.

“Look how dirty I can be” I said to him…”Its all for you, not everyone gets this from me.”

He responded by saying to me, “I know you little fucker, I bet you other cocks and your wimpy husband don’t get as much action from you as I do. I guess the free rent is a big pull for a slapper like you.”

“Not quite as much,” I teased.” Though he gets plenty enough to keep him happy. Oh and the free rent is welcome too!”

With this he stepped forward and began to caress my legs as I again got to work on teasing my clit with the vibro and then slowly easing it up me.

“Lick your juices off,” he told me.

Again I obliged. I slipped the vibro out of my soaking wet snatch and moved it out slowly to my mouth. I then began to lick it up its full length.

My slippery, wet, hot juices coating my tongue as I did so. I then fully gobbled the vibro up and took it deep in my mouth. By the time it reemerged it was clean and all my cunt juice had slipped down my throat.

Once I had finished licking my vibrator clean Jim approached me. He got down onto his hands and knees in front of me and I parted my stocking encased legs wide.

He then proceeded to give my wet cunny a good tongue lashing for several minutes.

My darling, rough, fat older lover used his tongue well, getting it deep into my ever soaking cunt and his licking and nibbling also brought me to my first crashing orgasm, as he expertly licked my clit hard.

I came off heavily on his face, coating his lips escort bursa and chin in my wet fanny juice. After he had finished lapping up my juices we began to fuck in earnest.

I sat with my legs spread wide, my stockings taut against my legs and my high heels still on.

He pulled my arse forward to the edge of the settee cushion, and he slowly began to nudge the tip of his cock against my wet pussy lips. He then teased my cunt hole for a while, sliding his prick up and down the length of my pussy.

My clit was bursting at this point, my sheer wanton lust overtaking me…

“Fucking get it up me!” I screamed at him.

“Get your cock up me and fuck me hard, fuck me hard, fast and just keep fucking me. Oh fuck I bet you Elsie’s cunt is fucking gaping after years of your huge cock.”

With this command he parted my cunny lips with the tip of his throbbing cock and heaved forwards.

His prick splayed up me, hard and fast. I gasped as his full length entered me.

He began a steady rhythm, fucking me in long hard strokes, my fanny tightly gripping around his shaft.

He held my legs, raised and parted them as he ploughed me faster.

“Fucking hell “, he told me, “Your cunt is so wet and tight, much tighter than any girl Ive fucked before.”

“Fuck it then.” I urged him.

“Fuck me like my husband fucks me, fuck I feel so horny.”

After a few minutes of him pounding away at me, we changed position.

Jim slipped out of me, his cock glistening with my cunt juice.

I then climbed on top of him as he sat on the settee. I faced him and slowly impaled myself on his hard, throbbing tool.

I wantonly slid up and down his shaft, easing my cunt to the very top of his cock and then plunging down onto its full, thick, hard, shaft.

We fucked like this for a while. Sharing the odd kiss and tongue probe as we did so.

It felt amazing, I felt deliciously dirty and sexy. I felt amazingly wicked.

After a few minutes. I got up, adjusted my stockings, keeping my uniform on, and bent over the arm of the settee.

“Fuck me hard please,” I urged him.

“Fuck me hard and pull my hair.”

He positioned himself behind me and guided his rock solid cock to my hole again. He then slammed it up me as I grasped tightly onto the side of his settee.

“Fucking hell Jim!” I said as he fully impaled me, thrusting my face into the settee’s back, and he began to forcefully and rhythmically fuck me.

“You said you wanted it hard!” he retorted.

He banged away at me, my fanny getting hotter and wetter with each passing minute. escort bursa Sweat trickling down his forehead as he screwed me fast and furiously.

“You dirty little married slut,” he again told me.

“You fucking love it don’t you, you fucking love my cock up you.”

“I do,” I shamefully admitted.

“I fucking love being shagged,” I said. “I love cock and want you to fuck me hard and fuck me fast.”

With this he began to slap my arse and then he roughly pulled at my pigtails. Pulling them tightly and hard, jerking my head back.

“Fuck me, use me!” I screamed at him.

“I’ve wanted your cock up me for so long,” I told him. “So go on fuck it, fuck it really hard. Fuck me for our rent.”

With this encouragement my landlord continued to tug at my hair, slap my arse and pound me vigorously.

As he did so he also spat on the back of my head as he fucked me.

I turned to look at him and as I did so he spat at me, a trickle of his spit right in my face. This rough treatment was getting me close to cumming off again.

I was on the verge of my second climax as my old lovers cock pistoned in and out of me.

“I’m cumming!” I shouted at him, and with his thrusts and his spit dripping off my face, I came off heavily. Leaking my fanny juice all over his cock.

“I’m gonna spunk too,” he said to me.

He then slipped out of me and I span around to face him, sinking to my knees as I did so.

With me facing him he began to slowly tug at his cock. It was slippery and oozing my cum juice off it as he offered it to me to suck.

I barely had time to get a couple of gobbles on it when he began to writhe and buck.

“Oh fucking hell, you cunt, take it,” he urged me.

The flood of spunk began to jet from his aching cock end.

The first two jets hitting me directly in my open mouth. I tried to swallow fast as his deluge continued, my mouth leaking his cum from it as he spray painted my face with his, hot, sticky goo.

My old school blouse was receiving splash after splash of his spunk as he finished off jetting his creamy, white juice all over me.

“Jesus,” he said as his last spurts subsided. “That was fucking great.”

I agreed, and we both collapsed onto the settee in an embrace.

I was still splattered with his cum as we cuddled and I teasingly kissed him, coating his face with his own spunk.

We then cuddled for ages until we got showered and changed.

The rest of the morning and afternoon was spent in his flat. We fucked again later that afternoon, before I left heading off to tea with the rest of my family.

They were all totally oblivious to the fact my lascivious landlord had screwed me senseless earlier.

Our secret fucking continued for many months, saving us hundreds in rent and I will gladly share more of our dirty sessions with everyone!

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