Peeping Tom


My sister and I are one year apart but in the same grade; this quirk is the result of me having been held back one year. So we were both ready to graduate this year. One of the benefits of being in the same grade is that we are more or less taking the same classes and studying much of the same things, and so we have fallen into this tendency of studying at the same time in the evening at our dining room table instead of in each of our respective rooms.

Our parents are pretty conservative and very religious, and School is very important to them, and to us – just not quite as much. And they have tied our TV watching privileges to our school performance, including grades and spending time each evening at studies. Not that it’s a problem because we are both good students and neither of us are much into sports (she more than me). We aren’t what anyone would call popular, but we have friends and are not social misfits – we are totally normal, AND we get along really well for a brother and sister.

The last year has been interesting though, in that my sister Julie has caught up to the rest of the girls in the ‘physical’ department. She was slow developing compared to the other girls, and was always worried about being ‘flat chested.’ Sometimes she would even confide in me about it. But not this year, there was no doubt anymore as she filled right out and now had really nice full breasts. She was pretty proud about it and started wearing a little bit more show off clothes, though not too much. Like I said my parents were quite religious, and tended to be pretty strict about such things so they kept some tabs on her wardrobe. But she had found ways to rebel.

This evening we were doing math problems and had divided the assignments up (not exactly kosher but hey) and were working out each of our sets. We were sitting in the dining room like every other day, and our folks were right behind us watching TV. A normal evening. After about an hour and a half of study, my sister and I could watch some TV. One thing caught my eye this evening though that was unlike any other.

Julie was working away, her head down with her tongue poking in her cheek the way it does when she is studying. She had on a pretty tight little white shirt, and a loose red skirt. The shirt was ‘tight’ because she was basically growing out of it. But the deal is – she left the top TWO buttons undone tonight and the result was that the front of her top was pulling open and I could totally see her little lacy white bra, and even that would cup open a bit revealing just the edge of her soft white breast whenever she leaned forward. Cleavage and breast always catches my eye no matter what! At my age it’s like a visual magnet, and even if it was my sister, it was this perfect white soft breast swelling so round beneath this fine lacy fabric.

At first I didn’t really know where to look, and I really could not help myself from peeking. I was getting a mild woody – from my own sister! Pretty weird. At one point she looked up at me, caught my eye and smiled before looking back down at her work. Did she notice? I put my head down and kept trying to do the math – somehow it was harder now. I looked up again and she was leaning forward again, I could see all the way down her top this time so that she was exposed even below the bottom of her bra. I could see her whole breast wrapped in the thin fabric and a little bit of her belly. I even thought I could make out the swell of her nipple. Not much, but for me it was heaven. I was completely muddled now. She caught my eye again, and I went back to my figures. I kept my head down after that.

A moment later I noticed a small square white piece of paper sliding into my view. It was a note. I looked and could see my sisters hand pulling back to her books. She didn’t look at me at all. I looked back at my folks. They didn’t like us talking when we studied unless it was related to what we were doing, and Julie had never done THIS before. I took the note and turned it over. All it said was:


I went crimson. Busted! When I looked up at her, she was quietly giggling to herself, catching my eye again and smiling. Her button still undone, her lacy bra still visible, the swell of her breast in perfect view. But truthfully I was pretty mortified and stayed as focused on my homework as I could. After about another twenty minutes though, I began to think how she had noticed I was looking at her, at her breasts even, and still had not adjusted herself. I glanced again, she caught my eye again and smiled at me. She was still ‘exposed.’

I took the note she wrote turned it over, and scribbled:


and slid it over to her. She looked at me as she lay her hand over the paper, slid the note onto her notebook and turned it over. I watched her read it. She smiled slightly as she read it and looked straight at me, then held her finger out and brushed her other over the top toward me: tsk tsk tsk. And I saw her scribble out her first note, then write something else – turn it over and let it sit there for a little while. What did it say? Now I couldn’t do anything, kartal escort my heart was pounding. Was she blushing?

Next thing I realized, the note came back into my view. I turned it over:


My heart was pounding now, my face red. She was teasing me. Flirting even. I took a chance, this was fun, I was going to flirt back:


When she saw that one, her head literally went back a beat and she looked at me her eyes wide and her brows went up, sort of like ‘Wow! I can’t believe you wrote that.’ And then her head went down, she grabbed another sheet and started writing quickly:

U should not be noticing these things – But . . . do U think so? I don’t know?? I think they are too small I don’t think they are even It’s nice to get a boys opinion though Even if it is U J

I read the note. Absorbed everything in it. We were close, but I had never ever made any kind of physical reference to her body before, and I had no idea how to respond to this . . . where it had gone. She glanced at me a little shy this time, her cheeks were red, and damn her top was still open and she was LETTING me see, smiling at me when she noticed me noticing. My eyes were blinking because my face was getting so hot.

I just wrote back:


She took the note when she got it, and gave me a big smile. She folded that one in half and put it in her pocket – right over her right breast. Our studies were done and now we could watch some TV. Tonight was CSI, and everybody in our family liked that show so we usually watched in the living room.

“Get everything finished up,” Dad said.

“Yeah, they weren’t very hard,” my sister volunteered.

“Good. Good. You two were working pretty hard tonight.”

“Huh, huh.” I nodded my head.

I barely got done with them, with my mind swimming the way it was. My sister sat on the couch and tucked her legs beneath her and grabbed a pillow, looked at me and smiled. She had these cute full cheeks (which were still a little red) and lovely dark almond eyes, very feminine. I was noticing her long light brown hair that fell to the middle of her back and was hanging around her shoulders now. She was playing with her hair. I knew she was pretty. She was barefoot and I looked at her feet, and up her legs past her knees. I noticed the soft swell of her breasts beneath her shirt, the fabric still pulling tight across her chest. Never before had I felt the kind of energy that was between us tonight. Whenever she caught my eye she just smiled tossed her hair back over her shoulders, and I was tongue tied for the first time in my life with her.

I kept thinking about that note – I THINK THEY ARE PERFECT – which lay in her right breast pocket.

I could see the outline of the paper in her pocket.


Our schedules did not allow for an evening study at the dining room table for quite a few nights, almost a week, and I totally settled down from before. But on Monday at school I realized as we were getting our assignment that Julie would be getting the same one and tonight we would probably be at the table again. It would be one of our study nights! I actually could feel myself getting an erection as I got the papers. In fact I had to sit a little while in class to let it go down.

When we settled in for the evening, mom and dad were doing stuff around the house, not watching TV like last time; but there was Julie now in a different top. It was loose, no buttons, but then I noticed. . . It totally fell forward when she leaned over her work. The first time she did it, and then raised herself back up again, she looked right at me. I pretended that I had not noticed – but I had. She did it again. The bra was lacy again, even smaller than before, almost see through silk. I could see the whole curve of her one breast, and definitely the swell of her nipple. We were filling out a questionnaire and then had to write a short paper. What was she doing to me? I could NOT concentrate.

Then the first note appeared:


At that moment my folks came in the room and sat at the couch. I curled my hand around the paper to hide my words. I could be busted big time. I could barely breath.

I responded:


When she got that note she threw her long hair back on her neck and was preening her hair, twirling it in her finger as she wrote:

LOL But You Like it Right?? I had to get a different bra I grew out of the other one!

I turned the note over after I read it, and feeling very brave this time I wrote:

I like it great! I like what’s inside more!

Her eyes got wide again when she read that one, giving me a sideways glance. I laughed this time, and looked down at my work. In no time I was reading her response:

OMG – Jason! I can NOT believe you wrote that! We could get in trouble I still don’t think they are even They look different from each other? What do you think??

Now I was being invited to Look! So I peeked a few more times, and wrote:

I kartal otele gelen escort CAN’T TELL

Her response:


And she got up from her seat and ran upstairs. Now what?? I was really confused now.

When she got back I could not believe my eyes. Sitting over from me was my sister in a different top. It buttoned up the front and it was much looser this time – and it had the top THREE buttons undone.

She sat there and I could see her positioning the fabric of her top so that now when she leaned forward I could see her bare breast! She took off her bra! Her breasts seemed smaller now, but it was naked, and I could see her nipple puff out as her breast held this perfect shape. Round like a rain drop. Full and swelling out beneath her top completely fallen forward and open. The whole nipple was totally puffy like a small ball on a bigger round ball. Perfect. Perfect. I was totally hard now and beet red. I looked at her, stared down her shirt. I could NOT help myself. She just kept working on her paper, ignoring me this time, but I knew she knew I could totally see her.

After a little while she wrote another note and slid it to me:



Was all I could think to say.

She quickly wrote back:


And I just turned the note over and wrote on the back of it:


She laughed looking down at her own chest and then at me.

When ‘studies’ were over we got up, and Julie said, “Mom, we’re not quite done yet. I need to look some stuff up on the internet. Jason and I will be at the computer for a while. Is that ok?”

She looked at us, not having any idea of our entire ‘conversation’ of the past half hour. “Yeah, that’s fine. I think I left it on.”

The computer is in the study and she looked back at me. We didn’t have anything else to look up. When we got to the top of the stairs, she took my hand and pulled me along behind into her room. She left the light off and there was only low slanting sunlight coming in through her window. We were standing now behind her door. She turned toward me, stood closer than she ever had before.

“Jason. . .You can Unbutton me.” She was blinking at me now, still holding my hand, breathing hard. Then continued, “To check, I mean.”

I looked at her, put my hand upon her shirt right between her breasts to the first button. My hands were trembling and I started to undo each button until her shirt was open up the middle, and then I opened her shirt and looked at her bare breasts. She just swallowed, and I looked into her eyes and then at her chest.

“You can Touch them.”

I lay my hands one on each breast and cupped them in my palms, drew circles around her nipples, held them in my fingers. I was breathing in ragged gasps. We were both hot, red. I was completely hard in my jeans and had no idea if she could see, but it was so obvious. Just the two of us standing close, both our heads bowed over her breasts. Our warm breath between us mixing with my sisters perfume and the smell of her hair.

“They’re completely even,” I said (the pretense for this escapade). And we stood there a little while longer, I even let my fingers trace a line down to her belly button.

“Ok. . . That’s enough.” And she took my hands away from her. “We better go to the study for awhile.” And then she started to close up her top again. “Thanks.”

And I followed her into the study where we sat and looked up some sights for a little while, not saying one word. I sat very near her, and could feel the heat coming off her body. I could smell her hair. I could hear her every breath.

I sat so my cheek brushed the hairs at the side of her head, and for a brief moment let my hand set on her leg, feeling bare skin. She sighed when I touched her and looked at me, but we said not a word.

That night I kept looking at my hands which had touched my sisters bare breasts.


At breakfast we were both downstairs filling up our backpacks, and Julie stood by me. She said, “I was being kind of stupid yesterday. Sorry.”

I looked at her, “Yeah. I mean, I liked it though.” I was openly staring at her chest again as I said that.

She just whispered, noting where my eyes were, “I bet you did. Thanks for all the compliments,” and followed my eyes with a sidelong glance as she went into the kitchen. We never paid this much attention to each other before school. She was being really weird this morning.

I followed her into the kitchen and wanted to continue, “They . . .”

And she quickly went, “sh..” real quiet, and then I heard mom.

Oh man, that was close! I was going to say they were really soft. Oh my God! If mom had heard.

Just as I left, she took my hand again and said, “I put a note in your backpack. Read it and then throw it away!”


The whole way to school I was in a complete fog. I couldn’t talk with my friends because I kept looking for a place to read this note. It’s not like there is anyplace kartal eve gelen escort you can go in school where it would be like private enough to read a note like that. I finally checked out a media room for myself and sat inside and pulled all the shades. I rummaged around in my backpack until I saw a pink piece of paper:

I’ve never let anyone else do that It felt really good I’m glad it was U This might seem totally crazy but lets watch TV tonight in the basement See you in Geography this afternoon I’m wearing my white top again and my red skirt But . . . I’m not wearing anything Underneath LOL J

P.S. Destroy this note totally!

My eyes went blurry for a moment. It was like the room closed in, the floor was moving.

When I got in Geography I tend to totally ignore my sister – because she is my sister. But today I could not stop stealing glances and I had got another erection. I was so embarrassed. I was even blushing. I had to set my notebook on my lap for awhile. She was acting completely normal. And I like did not even believe the note after awhile. I heard nothing of the lecture. I took no notes. I only hoped that Julie took some notes today.

When we left I walked out of the room so that I ended up next to her. I had to talk to her.

She looked at me, and just nonchalant said, “Did you read what I gave you?”

“Uh, Yeah.”

She was being kind of shy and I was totally tongue tied, but we were trying to be totally ordinary, which was already not the case because we were talking to each other in the hall which we never did. She held her books down in front of her, standing with her feet apart turning her hips back and forth in front of me as I just looked at her legs and tried to think of something to say.

She kept looking at me, a sly smile on her lips, “We can watch TV then? Like I said?”

I just said, “Yeah.”

She smiled, “Ok then,” and started to walk away.

I went up behind her and whispered, “Is it true.”


“What the note said?”

She just smiled and turned her head and walked away, her hips swaying lightly. Do they always do that?

Damn. I had a total woody again.


We were in the basement. It was Friday today and we could hang out in the basement on Fridays until midnight or go out. We rented a bunch of videos (all approved by dad of course). We went downstairs after supper and I sat right next to Julie, after we started the first movie. I was eyeing the red skirt, her body, her breasts.

She looked at me and then pointing said, “Sit over there.”

I was forlorn, and she added, “I mean, not yet silly. It’s 8:00 THEY’RE still up there.”

And so we lounged and watched our first movie. I don’t think that I had retained a single story of the entire show. I kept glancing over at Julie who was sitting on the sofa with her legs curled beneath her the way she does, but now with her skirt up around her legs – and with what she told me – I was watching her soft creamy legs and her top stretching tight across her breasts. She was holding a pillow at her front, her head leaning against a cushion. She was noticing how I looked at her tonight, and I sensed a sort of satisfaction. Of her being watched, of me thinking she was pretty.

At about 10:30 she came over and sat next to me.

“Next movie is kind of scary. Can I sit next to you?” She looked up the stairs, twisting herself and leaning forward in front of me to do so.

I looked down her top again – no bra! Oh my God. I laughed. She looked at me, “Whaaat?”

“When did you do that?” As I oogled down her chest.

She smiled and fell back on the sofa, “Don’t be so bad.” Then a pause followed by, “When we got popcorn.”

Then I looked at her skirt, and asked again, “Is it true?”

She settled comfortably on the sofa, laying her head back on the cushion relaxed with her arms by her side, legs parted lightly, and a very vacant stare on her face looking my way. “Why don’t you Check.”

She just sat there, didn’t move.

I paused for a awhile. We watched the movie. Did she say what I thought she did? I just kept looking at her, but she was just watching the movie, not moving at all. Occasionally putting a little popcorn in her mouth.

Finally, I lay my hand on her leg, just as I had at the computer the other day. I slid a little closer. She did not react at all, but was letting me sit close and lay my hand right on her thigh. I was right next to her and could feel the heat coming off her body. She smelled so good, and I could feel her fine hairs brushing against my shoulder and arm. I started to stroke her leg and let my fingers slide beneath the edge of her skirt.

No reaction, she was just sitting there, perfectly still, watching the movie. I know she could feel what I was doing. I kept stroking and sliding my hand on her thigh, including up under her skirt and back down to her knee. I could literally feel her thighs getting warmer and warmer as I let my fingers reach higher under her skirt and in between her legs. She was letting me do whatever I wanted. So I kept reaching . . . higher . . . Until . . . I brushed into her hair, curly, thin hairs. It was true! I traced my finger across the top outline of her pussy as I was watching her and let my fingers fall right between her legs. It was damp. She was breathing in hard now and I could see her heart beating.

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