Pen Pals


Rose had just returned from another disastrous blind date, set up for her by a dating company called “Sure Thing Dating Service.” From the five dates she had been sent on by that particular company, she could only assume that the guys that registered there took “Sure Thing” to mean “Guaranteed Sex.” Even if the guy wasn’t butt ugly, which was generally the case, he still expected sex right after dinner, if not before! What annoyed Rose even more was that three out of the five dates had made her pay for the dinner! She considered writing a letter to the “Sure Thing Dating Service,” and suggesting they change the name to “Date A Loser” or “Assholes for Hire”, either one would have been far more appropriate.

Sighing with disappointment, she tossed her handbag onto the coffee table and stretched out on the couch. It was nine-thirty on a Saturday night, and once again she was home alone. She could have gone home with loser number five, but the thought of having sex with a man that looked and smelled as bad as he did turned her stomach more than turned her on. She was lonely, admittedly, and perhaps a little desperate, but not insane enough to find wallowing with a diseased pig even remotely appealing.

Picking up the television remote, she flashed through the channels, and was not surprised to find nothing worth watching. She had never been one to watch much television anyway, but she suspected that anyone as bored as she was just then would probably find watching grass grow interesting. The pile of videos on top of the coffee table beside her handbag caught her attention. They weren’t due back at the store for another couple of days, but she had watched most of them twice already. At least, if she took them back now, she would have something to do. While she was at it, she could check out the candy-counter, and maybe indulge in some ice cream. A girl had to do what a girl had to do. Whatever it took to make it through the night.

Slipping the videos into a bag, she headed down the lift and out onto the street. It was a lovely night; the moon was almost full, and the stars were shining brighter than she had seen them in a long time. From the corner of her eye, she spotted a shooting star as it streaked across the heavens. She smiled softly to herself, remembering a thing she had always done with her sister when she was young. Closing her eyes, she put her hand to her heart, and made a wish. “I wish… that I could meet a man… a gentle man with a kind nature, open mind, and gentle hands. It would be an added bonus if he were a writer, like me, and, if it’s not pushing a wish too far, if he were hot, sexy, and fantastic in bed, I would be most appreciative.”

She opened her eyes again, and giggled a little at the rather childish thing she had just done, but then, her mother did often tell her that she would never grow up. She remembered telling her mother, on many occasions, that grownups didn’t know how to have fun, so she didn’t want to grow up. If only she had known the way her life would turn out, perhaps she would have tried harder to remain a child. At twenty-seven, she had never met a man, or a woman for that matter, that she could maintain a serious relationship with. She was beginning to wonder if she were just meant to become a withered up old spinster, alone and cranky, with an ever-ready supply of batteries for an over-used vibrator. The thought made her shudder. She was quite partial to her vibrator, but she would never accept it as a permanent replacement for a man.

As she walked the two blocks to the video store, she tried not to think about the things that had taken place in her life, deciding instead to watch the people and the world as it passed her by. It was a quiet neighborhood, not a great deal of anything interesting ever happened there, but people in general were always interesting.

When she arrived at the store, she set the bag of videos on the returns counter, and noticed the man behind the counter was not someone she had seen in the store before. Still, she always came for movies on Mondays; perhaps this guy worked weekends. He looked over and gave her a soft smile. It was enough to make Rose want to melt. He was no Adonis, but he was not a swine-herder either, and as he came over to take the bag of videos, she caught the spicy scent of his cologne. He looked to be in his early thirties, well dressed and clean-shaven. Deep brown eyes matched the color of his hair perfectly, and the small scar that appeared in his right cheek when he smiled only seemed to add to his appeal.

Pulling herself away from the counter, her face a little flushed from the thoughts that had been racing through her mind, she went to select more movies to get her through another week of boredom after dark. She selected six that looked worth watching, and on her way back to the counter, she passed the children’s movies section of the store. She loved to watch cartoons, sometimes setting her VCR to tape the morning shows if she had to leave early for work, or bursa escort if she was just too busy to sit and watch them at the time. Picking up two kid’s movies, she afforded herself a little smile once again. Perhaps she was not as grown up as she had thought after all.

The man at the counter had finished with the other customer, and was reading the paper with a strange smile on his face. As he scanned the videos and entered them onto her account, Rose stole a quick look at what could be making him smile so sheepishly. The paper was open to the personals, and right at the top of the column was an ad that read:

PEN PAL Nice, clean, well-kept gentleman, seeking a hot, sordid, written relationship with a lady who has time on her hands, and a gift for writing. To heat up your mailbox, write to: DP P.O. Box 3364 Central Post Office

Rose made a quick note of the address, and then turned her attention to the candy and ice cream. When the man behind the counter handed her the videos, and placed the candy and ice cream in a bag, he gave her another delicious smile. Rose could not remember when she had ever blushed so much, but there was something about this man that gave her butterflies in her tummy every time he looked her way. The badge he wore said Derek, a name she had liked ever since she was young. She’d had a cat once called Derek, but this man looked nothing like a cat, more like a well-groomed steed. Yet another thought to make her blush. As he handed her the change, his eyes met hers for just a moment.

“I see that you come here often, Rose, is there anything you would like to see that we don’t have in the store yet?” His voice was smooth, and soft. The kind of voice any woman would love to have whispering her name in the middle of the night.

Rose gave herself a mental jolt. There she was thinking with her crotch again when this nice man was trying to be considerate. “Not that I can think of, off-hand. The range here is pretty good, but if I think of anything, I’ll let you know.” In the back of her mind she was thinking of a something she would like to see that was in the store, but it didn’t involve movies. More, it involved him naked at the end of her bed. She had to wonder at what point in her life did she start conceiving such wicked thoughts? It was supposed to be something men did all the time, but perhaps women were just as bad, just not as obvious.

She thanked him, and bid him a good night before heading back out into the street. A few doors down from the video store was an all-night news stand. For a moment, she hesitated. She knew she had nothing to lose, and writing was not only her business, but also her passion. She picked up a copy of the paper Derek had been reading, and a pack of writing paper with roses around the border, and a small rose on the back of the envelope. There were only three more packs on the shelf, so she bought those as well, thinking it romantic to always write to the man in the personal column on the same stationary. Perhaps the sight of the roses in his mailbox would make him smile a little in anticipation before he even opened the envelope.

Back in her apartment, she tossed the videos on the coffee table, opened the ice cream, and sat down to write.

Dear DP, As I sit and read your ad in the personals over and over, I find my mind filling with wicked thoughts. My nipples grow harder by the second, and my clean-shaven pussy is becoming so wet, I can feel my panties becoming soaked through. I feel very soon that I will have to remove them, and pay myself some up-close, personal attention.

Longing to hear from you,


Hoping the letter was enough to catch his interest, but not enough to make her seem like a desperate slut, she addressed the envelope and sealed it. On the back, she added a small drop of her perfume, then placed the letter in her handbag to be posted in the morning. The thought of getting a letter in reply was exciting, but she had learned long ago not to get her hopes too high, or to set unrealistic expectations on others. She would just have to wait and see. For now though, she had a warm bed, a hot body, and fresh batteries in her favorite vibrator. It may not have been as good as a real man, but unlike some of the losers she had slept with in her life, her vibrator never left her unfinished, and was always there in the morning.

Two days later, Rose was thrilled to open her mailbox and discover that DP had answered her letter. After a long day at work, this was just the thing she needed to brighten her evening. Slipping her mail into her handbag, she hastened to the elevator and the privacy of her apartment. Tossing her bag and the other unread mail on the couch, she looked at the envelope in her hand. It was pastel blue, with a small rose sticker holding the back closed. The handwriting on the front was neat, almost too neat to be a man, but it showed definite style.

With trembling fingers, she opened the letter.

Dear RM, What pleasure untold bursa escort bayan does your imagination hold for me? Do you long to feel the full length of my stiffening manhood in your hand? Does your tongue become moist at the thought of licking and sucking my stiff eight inches of manly meat, or is it your pussy that becomes moist at such a thought?

As I sit and breath in the delicate scent of your perfume, my erection in my right hand and my pen in my left, I can’t help but wonder what your womanly juices smell like, what they taste like, and I find myself hungering for a taste of you. Would you have me remain a starving man? Or would you quench my thirst for your sweet nectar?

Hungrily Yours


Rose found herself almost breathless reading the words. Never had she thought that mail could be so exciting. Holding the letter to her chest, trying to calm her rapidly beating heart, she could smell the soft scent of a man’s spicy cologne. It was the same one the man at the video store had been wearing, and the thought that DP could be as smooth and sexy as Derek made her blood run all the hotter. She could not wait any longer. Opening the drawer she had set aside for stationary, she took out the rose paper and pen. With a trembling hand, and a racing heart, she sat to write a reply.

Dear DP, Never let it be said that I would not feed a starving man, or quench the thirst of one whose mouth was dry and parched. I, too, hunger. I hunger for the feel of strong arms to embrace me, the heat of a manly body to warm me, the feel of a strong tongue to lick clean the tears of a lonely pussy. She is such a pretty pussy, all clean and neat, but she is as yet unloved, and wet with sweet juices that are yet to be tasted by one worthy of the gift. I hunger for the feel of a cock as solid and hot as I imagine yours to be. I long to take such a delicious piece of meat into my mouth and milk it of all the seed it has to offer, only to entice it to hardness once again so that it may appease the demands of my hot, wet, throbbing, lonely pussy.

Wet for you


Feeling more wicked than she had ever felt before, she lifted her skirt, pulling aside her panties, and slid a finger into her depths. She was incredibly wet, and so ready that she could easily have brought herself to a climax right there at the table. But there was no time for that. If she was quick, she could make the evening post; he would have her letter in the morning delivery. Taking her finger from her hot slit, she wiped the juices over the paper, covering the letter in her own personal scent. She then used the same juices to moisten the envelope and stick it closed. It felt so wicked, and so hot, she could not wait to post it. Grabbing her purse, she headed for the newsstand to buy a stamp, and catch the afternoon post.

At work the following day, it was all she could do to keep her mind on her job. She watched the clock almost constantly, waiting for the moment when she could leave for home, and check her mail. Upon opening her mailbox, she was not disappointed. Another blue envelope, stuck down with a rose sticker, sat nestled neatly amongst her other mail. With a feeling of heated anticipation, she collected the mail and headed for her apartment. Opening the letter carefully, so that she didn’t damage it, she pulled the letter free and opened it.

Dear RM, You are the most amazing woman… not only are you wonderful with words, you are deliciously wicked. I can only imagine how delicious a pussy such as yours would taste, and my mouth becomes desperately dry and parched at the thought of never tasting such a treat. At the smell of your tantalizing odor on your letter, my cock swelled and all but exploded in my pants. It was all I could do to tame the beast that is held captive in my tightening pants. How I long to explore you, to discover your hidden depths, and delight in every discovery. I long to hold your body close, to make you so hot that your body would burn for only me. I yearn to feel your soft skin, to tease and caress the dark peaks of your breasts until they scream for my mouth to suckle upon them. I desire to take you to places within the realms of pleasure that you have never experienced before, and delight in treasures that have yet to be discovered. I want to make passionate love to you, and I want to fuck you like a wild animal. There would be no boundaries when it comes to our passion. Imagine my throbbing cock buried deep within you, thrusting and driving into you. I am leaving you a small sample of what my cock contains when thoughts of you fill my mind.

Throbbing with Lust,


By the time Rose had finished reading the letter for the second time, she was more aroused then she had been in a very long time. Splatter stains covered the letter, smudging the writing in places, but it was more than obvious what had caused the stains. It was cum. He has jerked off and cum all over the letter for her. In her mind she could visualize bursa bayan escort the image of him sitting in a chair, the letter in one hand, and his cock in the other, pulling and stroking himself with thoughts of her filling his mind. Fucking his cock with his hand until he came all over the page. She could feel the heavy moisture in her panties, and her clit was throbbing against the fabric. She wasted no time in retrieving the rose stationary. She had always liked the pretty pink paper and envelopes, but now, she found just handling it turned her on. With a pen in her hand, she began her reply.

Dear DP, As I sit, reading your latest letter, looking upon the spots of cum that adorn the bottom of the page, I find I am driven crazy with lust for you. I can take no more; a woman has to do what a woman has to do. I am taking off my slacks, letting them slide slowly down my slender legs and kicking them across the room. Now I am removing my blouse, throwing it into a heap on the floor with my slacks. My nipples are rock-hard and dark, pressed against the fabric of my red lace bra. I can’t stand the ache, so I am removing my bra, letting my breasts fall free. Oh, that does feel much better. I don’t think my nipples have ever demanded attention so much. I am pinching them, squeezing them and rolling them around in the palm of my hand. Oh, that does feel so very nice. But now my clit is crying out for some attention as well, so I am sliding my red lace panties off, letting them fall to the floor with my bra. Much better. Now I can sit here, with my legs spread wide, my fingers opening the folds of soft flesh that hide my dripping hole. I am pushing two fingers deep into myself, imagining they are your cock, or your tongue. But wait, I am sure you are much more endowed than that, so I am adding a third finger. Oh My God that feels good. Feeling you sliding in and out of me, making me cum with just a touch.

Fingering my pussy for you


Now she really was hot. Pushing and probing her hot hole with her long fingers, fucking herself with the image of a man she had never seen in her mind. It felt so delicious, so wicked. Her free hand dropped the pen and reached for her clit, rubbing it in fast circles. Now was not the time for prolonged pleasure, it was time for a fast, explosive orgasm. Faster and harder she fingered her pussy while her clit pulsed and throbbed beneath her fingers. She could feel it building, feel her body crying out for release. In her mind she screamed out the only name she knew for her lover. DP. All at once, she was there. A powerful and explosive orgasm swept through her entire body, making her shudder and close her legs tight about her fingers. Panting and shaking, she continued to gently stroke her clit until the last of her release was past. Taking her cum-covered fingers, she wet the seal on the envelope and folded it over. If she was quick, she could still make the afternoon post.

Before she knew it, it was Saturday once again; time to return the videos she had rented the week before and select new ones for the coming week. Stuffing them into a bag, she picked up her handbag and headed out the door. She was glad that her video day was now Saturday. Derek was standing behind the counter reading the newspaper, just like he had been the previous week. He smiled at her as she entered the store, and Rose felt her tummy flutter and her face blush. She handed him the bag of videos she was returning, and, as he turned to set them in the returns box, she noticed something that almost took her breath away. There, in the back pocket of his jeans, were the letters she had written to DP! The realization hit her, ‘DP’ stood for Derek Porter, the name on his badge! No wonder the cologne on the first letter reminded her of his!

Reaching into her handbag, she ran her fingers over the blue envelopes, wondering if she should make herself known, or if she should leave things as they were. With a heavy sigh, she decided that she really had nothing to lose. When he turned back to her, flashing her a stunning smile, she pulled the letters from her bag and placed them on the counter. His mouth dropped open in sudden shock, and she almost panicked that she truly had done the wrong thing in revealing herself.

To her surprise, he lifted her hand off the letters, and kissed the back of her fingers. “It is a pleasure to meet you at last, RM. I was going to request that we meet in my next letter, but it seems fate has already made that choice for us. If I may, would you do me the honor of knowing what RM stands for?”

Rose was melting beneath his touch and soft words. She found it hard to speak, but from some place deep within herself, she found her voice. “Rose Marie. My name is Rose Marie Millard. It is a pleasure to meet you DP, or should I say, Derek Porter?” Her face was blushing again, and she thought she must have looked like a shy schoolgirl.

“Rose Marie… what an incredible name, and so fitting for a delicate bloom such as yourself. Rose, would you do me the honor of joining me for dinner tonight, say about eight? Please don’t say no, my poor heart would be devastated if I were to miss an opportunity to get to better know the lady of my dreams.” His eyes sparkled, and she could see the honesty in his face.

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