Peter fucks my wife pt 2


Peter fucks my wife pt 2See part 1 for the beginningPeters’s cock was raging hard. The veins were now bulging as if a tournequet was tied to its base. It’s as if it knew that pussy was near. Peter was now between her legs, he lowered himself down on her. Their mouths met, he kissed her deeply. She looked as though she was trying to swallow him, that’s how deep she was trying to kiss him. She moaned into his mouth, her arms wrapped around his thick muscular body. Her legs spread wide enticining him to enter her. Her cute feet resting beside his calfs. The head of his cock now was touching her pussy lips.Peter raised up onto his arms admiring his prize. Another man’s wife. The conquest was at hand, her man had already surrendered to his will, utterly. The testosterone was flowing through his body. The sissy had caved to his will rather easily, without a struggle, giving up the only pussy he had to him. He smiled. He could not fathom doing that. What is wrong with these fucking tools. There is nothing more precious in life than women and pussy. I will never understand this fucking loser jacking off on his knees. A mentality he could never, ever understand. An anomaly, a flaw of nature. A flaw. He was more than willing to exploit. Fucking shoot me in the head if I ever become like him. What the fuck is he. Who gives up pussy!! He thoughts returned to her and how bad he wanted to feel her pussy and forgot about the punk on the floor. He began to rub his cock up and down her pussy slit. My wife let out a sweet moan. “Fuck me Peter, fuck me now”, she begged looking up at this amazing man. She had never felt this way with her husband. A hunger she could not describe, one she had never experienced before. He was perfect. Strong and dominant. And a body to die for and OMG a cock like she had never imagined before. Nothing like her husbands, not even close. She couldn’t describe her desire for it. It was, she thought, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I must have it, I must have it in me. It’s so close now. “Come on Peter, fuck me please”, she whispered looking to his steel gaze. I am her for you, for your pleasure. Come and take me.”Ok girl. Here we go”. Peter dragged his head across her clit to her entrance. He paused momentarily and then began to push into my wife’s pussy. Her back arched. I watched her hands grip his triceps, leaving a visible indention. My wedding ring buring into his taut, tanned skin. She pushed her head back into the pillow but her neck was up, looking directly at him. As he pushed in, her pussy spreading slowly, her eyes fluttered. “Fuck”, Peter growled, he slowly began to move into her. 3 and 4 inches. My wife’s eyes shut now. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god”, she gasped repeaditly. Peter groaned his satisfaction. Within a few pumps of ankara escort his manhood, he was buried into my sweet wife. His cock basking in its latest conquest.Peter established a beautiful rhythm, Long strokes,. Sweet long strokes all the way to the tip of his head, all the way down where their respective bushes smashed together. The rhythm was perfect where his balls cocked back on the withdrawal of his cock and smacked right on my wife’s asshole as he plunged into her making a beautiful smacking sound. It was absolutely amazing to watch him fuck. My wife bent her head up now to watch is magnificent cock move in and out of her. Her moans were so sweet and his fuck so awesome that I had to go hands free or I would cum immediately. My wife moved her feet onto his calfs, her hands constantly searching and feeling his body. She could not get enough of this alpha stud. He dropped down and kissed her and she came hard. Her legs shaked, her toes curled up, and she gripped his hard ass cheeks hard, pulling them apart. I sat back and watched him in complete awe still barley able to jack off. He was the man I could never be. I tried most of my life to try to be like him. A real man. And I utterly failed. I was not even close to him. What he was doing to my wife I could never do. Never. For you non beta males, I can’t describe the hole it creates in your manhood, your self esteem when you finally admit this to yourself and accept you are inferior. We are brought up to the man, not to be a sissy, to get girls. But I am not one of those men. I know this now. You can’t pretend this, women know. They see right through any facade you might create trying to hide this.. Good for them as they dont deseve to have us in them. I know why i had no luck getting girls. Its because they were very smart. I dont blame them. I wanted them soo bad, but they were never in reach. Some unlucky women end up marrying some of us, some of this is thru peer presure to get married. There are just not enough Peters to go,around. I knew this and I would not let my wife be denied the pleasure, the unbelievable pleasure that Peter could bring her. I know I did the right thing for my wife even though I had to give up my manhood for her.Peter started to fuck her hard now and started to taunt me. “Your wife’s pussy is awesome. She is fucking loving my cock boy”, he gloated. “You want me to stop fucking her, huh! Want me to stop?”, he asked while driving into my wife ferociously. “Come on, you want me to stop?” Of course I didn’t. “Please don’t stop fucking her, please”, I stammerd. That beta hole slowing growing deeper having to beg him to fuck her.”Fuck yeah. Sit back and watch a real man fuck your wife”, Peter exclaimed while continually fucking my wife. He was sweating a lot now. Dripping ankara escort bayan down onto my wife’s tits which were lunging back and forth with each of his thrusts. He wrapped his had around her throat beginning to fuck her aggressively. She bubked up and moaned. Then my wife lifted her feet up onto his ass. Anchoring her heels into his ass as if spurring this mad man on to fuck her harder. His ass cheeks clenching hard with each thrust into her pussy. His cock was a blur. “Come on girl, come on, cum for me, tell me you are cumming! Let your sissiy boy hear you.”, Peter demanded. My wife started to cum again, moaning and babbling incoherently. “I…uhng, ungh, am, unghuh, cah, cah, cummimg! Fuck me Peter!””You ever had a man fuck you before, ever had a real man in you!”, Peter yelled. “Ungh, never, never…oh, oh god never…..never”, my wife screamed as my heart sank. “Eeyeah! Fuck yeah!”, Peter ate it up feeding his alpha efo. Feeding off my wifes submission to him. Live is good as an alpha male.This was only fifteen minutes since his cock entered my wife. I watched him move her around for the next hour. He fucked her from behind, on their sides, and with her riding him. I thought what goes through his mind? How does he decide how to fuck her next. I watched his hand movements when he fucked her doggy style. He spread her cheeks, spit on her asshole, grabbed her hips, her throat, her shoulders, and lowered down to kiss my wife greedily craning her neck back for him. Varying his rhythm, he force, all driving my wife crazy. Sometimes fucking her pussy like a mad man and sometimes slow and rhythmic. My wife was absolutely submissive. She was kissing him all the time. He’d tap her on the ass, she’d flip over. Tap her on the hips, she’d immediately move to doggy.One of the most amazing moments is when Peter made me hold my wife’s leg out while he was Fucking her on his back. “Come her boy, hold her leg out, come on idiot, spread it wide”, he belligerently requested. I placed my wife’s beautiful foot onto my chest and pulled her leg back for him. She was on the edge of the bed and I had a perfect view of her pussy lipis caressing Peters cock. I could see her lips plunging in and out with his thrust. His cock soaking wet with my wifes pussy juices. It was soo cool to feel his thrusts flow thru her leg and foot into my body. I could feel,his fucking! He also Let me kiss her while fucking her from behind. Our mouths smashed together every time he buried himself into her. She moaned into my mouth while a cock was in her pussy! That was one of the most awesome Moments of my life.We were nearing the end of my wife’s fucking. My wife had cum multiple times and she and I sensed Peter was ready to cum. He had my wife at the end of the bed, her feet on his shoulders, escort ankara kissing her legs and feet. He was rubbing her clit, she sounded amazing. His sweaty body was smacking hard into her cunt. His whole body moving into her with tremendous force.”I am going to cum on your face girl, I am going to cum on your face! Open, open your mouth””, he demanded. My wife slid off the bed in front of him onto her knees.I lost it and came on the ground in front of me. I almost passed out. It was the most intense cum I had ever experinced. I had trouble keeping my eyes open and not rollong back into my head, It was the most amazing cum I had ever had, even better than any I had experienced in a pussy. I had Peter to thank for that. I had to see him cum.”Arghhh”, Peter erupted as cum exploded out of his engorged, shiny cock. Rope, after rope landed along my wife’s cheeks and into her mouth. This went on for 30 seconds and as Peter finished stroking and let go of his cock, my wife dove up to engulf his manhood. She sucked it like it meant everything to her. Like it was her dearest possession, Peter let his arms fall to his side. “Holy shit, fuck”, he stammered while his body shook to the caresses of my wifes toungue on his bulbous head and shaft of his coxk. An alpha male basking in his glory, his prize, pussy. Winner take all he thought. Zero sum game. You either get pussy, or you are a loser.My wife’s face was covered in cum. White streams everywhere. On her lips, her cheeks, forehead, hair and in her mouth. I was only two feet from her. She looked stunning and she smiled at me as she let his beautiful cock drop from her mouth. Still fully erect, glistening.”Kiss her, kiss your wife”, Peter said with a sly grin, breathing a bit heavy and catching his breath from fucking the shit out of my wife.”Kiss her.”I looked my wife in the eye and she smiled and she gigled. We crawled towards each other in the presence of the man who fucked her. Standing directly over us, dominant, his subjects, on their knees. Peter looked at me and shook his head. He wiped several streams of his cum off my wife’s cheeks and put it on her lips with his thumb. He took his cock and spread it on her lips, coating them with his seed, taking his time, smacking her lips with his dick. He started laughing which made my wife and I smile. Her lips were thoroughly coated. He let his cock go and it left a long steam of cum off her bottom lip to the head of his cockWe put our arms around each other and leaned towards each other and paused for a second. The stream of cum was still attached to my wifes lip. She looked at me and shrugged. We leaned in and our lips met, our tongues swirled together and we kissed deeply and passionately, Sharing the taste of Peter. His thick cum string broke away from our mouths as we kissed. My wife leaned over and took into her mouth, all the way up to his head, and we began kissing again. Peter patted us both on the head, dressed and left, leaving us together for a while….until the next time Peter fucked her.

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