Piece of Meat


My mother warned me about sex. She always said that if I gave it up too early, I would be treated like a piece of meat by my man.Well, Mom, you almost had it right. Turns out I’m the one who treats a man like a piece of meat.Tonight there’s a party at the Sigma Epsilon Xi fraternity house, a veritable buffet of hormones and desire. Nothing beats a frat party for some quick and dirty sex with no strings attached.When I arrive, I look for any guy who isn’t currently sucking face with a chick, and lock eyes with the first I see. His own eyes go wide as he takes in the ebony goddess before him: thick, curly black hair that falls past my shoulders; strong arms and stronger thighs and ample hips; studded heels that could Göztepe Escort kill both metaphorically and literally; and a leopard-print bodysuit that leaves just enough to the imagination while flattering every curve I’ve got.With a single crook of my finger, and he’s following me up the stairs like a lamb to slaughter. We barely make it to the nearest bedroom before his hands are on me and his lips are sucking at my neck. I let him have his fun as I slide the skin-tight garment off, bending forward with a purposeful push of my ass against his crotch as I slip it over my heels. They, of course, stay on.I walk over to the bed and stretch myself out on the edge of it, legs spread an eyebrow Göztepe Escort Bayan raised in silent demand. He obliges without a second thought, dropping to his knees between my legs and pushing them further apart as his tongue darts between the wet folds of my pussy.He then goes straight for the clit, flicking his tongue over and around it before putting his lips to skin and sucking. His hand moves to slide a finger inside me, and I moan appreciatively as my hips roll to grind myself against his mouth and hand.His finger curls against my opening while his tongue traces different shapes with varying degrees of pressure. Oh, he’s good at this, and it just makes me want… “More,” Escort Göztepe I say on a heavy breath out.He slides out his finger and gives one final lick, dipping his tongue inside before he moves up my body. Lips and tongue and teeth make their way along my stomach and chest, and he stops at my breasts to press his mouth to my right breast. He sucks on it eagerly with just a hint of teeth against my skin while kneading the other with one hand.When he moans and buries his face deeper into my soft, ample cleavage, I let out a contented sigh and trace the shell of his ear with my fingertips. I feel him shudder with delight, and his hands move down to my thighs to simultaneously push me onto my back and my knees against my tits.I look down, a little surprised to see he’s already unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them and his boxers down. I barely have time to wonder when he’d done that, because my eyes land on his thick, hard cock and I feel the tight, hot coil in my groin that heralds a fresh rush of wetness.

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