Pivotal Points Ch. 02


Author’s preamble:

This story contains descriptions of a sexually explicit nature, consenting mother/son. Both participants are over 18 years of age. The story line and characters are entirely fictional: any similarities are purely coincidental.

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My son, Rob, had almost completed his first year at RADA and soon he would be back with me for the long summer break. We had had only a brief two weeks to share our love before he flew the nest and, although he had come home for Christmas and Easter, his visits were far too brief and I looked forward to having him home and in my bed for two months and more.

A couple of days before Rob was due, I received a visit from Maggie who was the director of the plays put on by Pinchley Amateur Dramatic Society; we had become friends as I tried to fill my loneliness without Rob.

We swapped the local scandals and gossip over tea and biscuits then, out of the blue, Maggie hit me with a question, “Did you and Robbie become lovers, Alex, after Cynthia’s Secrets? I mean you did get to grope each other quite a lot.”

I froze for a couple of seconds but saw no hostility or condemnation in her smile. “What did you just say?” I responded with simulated indignation, to buy myself time.

“Alex,” she said reassuringly, “the reason I’m a good director is that I see the little things that others miss. I’ve seen you when you talk about him and the look on your face is more than a mother missing her son. And I’ve seen you both together. His, and your, casual touches have an air of intimacy. But I’m neither judging nor condemning you. Strictly between us, my father and I were lovers from when I turned eighteen and even now he sometimes joins me and Jake, my husband.”

I took a deep breath, “You will remember that raunchy last act. Well, Rob and I re-enacted that back home and it just went from there. Rob is a young man buzzing with the hormones of his age, and I was a frustrated middle-aged woman … It happened.” I smiled and sighed as I remembered our first time.

“You know that Jake is in the theatre business? He owns a company, which specialises in ‘adult’ drama, with him directing. Would you and Robbie like to feature in one? Jake pays his actors generously, by the way.”

Even now, I don’t know why I didn’t just say ‘No’ there and then. Instead, I heard myself asking, “Just what would that entail? What would Jake have us doing for this ‘generous’ pay?”

“As I said, they are adult productions so, well you would not be wearing that corset you wore for Cynthia’s Secrets, at least not for long; they can be very explicit. Why don’t you and Robbie talk it over, then come to our place for dinner on Saturday, Jake will fill you in. We think you would both do very well in adult theatre.”

My mind was in turmoil for the next couple of days. Could I, would I, do it? My mind did not reject the idea and my body became a little tingly with the thought of ‘doing it’ in public. Should I mention it to Rob when he came, or leave it to Maggie and Jake?

Rob arrived on Wednesday afternoon, looking as beautiful as ever. He gave a low whistle at my dress. I had debated with myself about what to wear to greet my son and lover. My first thought was to wear just that famous corset but I realised it was just a little frustrating to remove quickly. Or should I welcome him with a kiss wearing just a bra and panties. I had been shopping in anticipation and bought some sinful underwear. Eventually I decided to wear the tiniest thong I could find – I had already undergone some serious bikini waxing – a half-cup bra, which gave my bosom a lovely cleavage and a semi-transparent summer dress, open a couple of buttons to reveal a goodly portion of that cleavage.

“Wow, Mum, you look gorgeous.” He stepped close and gave me a bear hug, lifting me off my feet as he squeezed me. He set me down again, wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me into a face-eating kiss which had my toes curling.

“So what do you want to do today? Have you anything planned? We can go to the Golden Dragon if you like. That’s a new Chinese opened a couple of months ago and they say it’s good.”

He held me away from his body, and that bulge I felt forming in his groin, and looked me up and down a couple of times. I could almost read the lascivious thoughts in his mind as he settled his gaze on my face.

“I don’t want Chinese,” he said with a grin. “I’m eating at home tonight, and guess what’s on the menu.” One hand moved to my heaving bosom and the other migrated to my crotch. “But right now I just want a nice refreshing shower and an equally nice cup of tea.”

“Take your bags upstairs and I’ll put gaziantep özbek escort a quick stew in the oven, you’ll be hungry later, and brew a pot. Then come back to me. I want to hear all about RADA.”

Rob gave me a quick kiss and was off, his hand lingering on my waist as he drew away. I heard him moving about upstairs as I quickly threw the makings of a stew in the pot and set it in a slow oven. I had a feeling that we might lose track of time in the next couple of hours. Certainly that was my hope and intention. I was almost shivering with excitement. After I had brewed the tea, I put a cosy on the pot and made my way upstairs as I could hear the shower splashing. I couldn’t wait for him to finish and come back to me.

The bathroom door was wide open, a clear invitation that I would be welcome. I stood there looking at the shadow of my son behind the opaque curtain, admiring the blurred lines of his trim, tall body. I went in and pulled the curtain to one side, flinching a little at the spray bouncing off his body. My dress was getting damp but I had no care for that. Rob had his back to me, facing into the stream. The foam was slipping from his shoulders, down his back and coating his bum. Rob turned around, squeegying the water from his face with his hands. He opened his eyes and twitched a little when he saw me standing there. Then a welcoming smile hit his face.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” he said, turning this way and that to rinse himself.

“That’s OK, I was enjoying the view.” As I watched, I enjoyed the view even more as his penis grew before my eyes.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the shower stall. “Come and get a closer look.”

He pulled me close and I could feel my clothes getting soaked. My frock would be almost totally see-through.

“Eek,” I shrieked and resisted briefly his attempt to kiss me. “My dress is getting wet.”

He kissed me anyway, one hand snaking down to my groin and massaging me down there. He pulled back from the kiss, grinned and commented, “You’re already wet down here and that has nothing to do with the shower.”

I started the next kiss as he pulled me into his body. I felt his hard lump between us and slowly sank to my knees, oblivious now to the stream of water sluicing over us. His cock was at full mast and bobbing invitingly on my face. I opened wide and sucked the flesh loving into my mouth. I felt just so goddam nasty, here I was fully dressed in the shower with my naked son and wantonly gobbling his weapon like there was no tomorrow. My son must have been feeling just as lusty because he soon took charge of my head and fucked my face, pulling me on until I was almost gagging.

I felt the tension in him build and it didn’t take many more strokes before my mouth was bathed in his sweet seed and I held him there until his final pulse. I felt his legs start to tremble after the exhaustion even of such a quickie. He sank to his knees in front of me.

“Thanks Mum. I needed that.”

I didn’t reply as my mouth was full. I pulled his mouth to mine and shared the harvest I had reaped. This had become a big turn on for us both and he quickly thrust his tongue past mine to savour his share. The kiss was a long, lingering, thorough mutual exploration that was ended by the shower cutting off. We had drained the static tank and we soon became chilled.

Clinging to each other, we stood up then Rob unbuttoned my dress, struggling to pop the buttons through the wet holes. Eventually he was able to fling it in the corner of the shower and, as he was crouching before me to reach the last button, he removed my shoes then my tights and panties, kissing my pussy briefly before standing up. My breasts felt relieved as they were finally loosed from their cage. The bra was one cup size too small because I fell in love with it and they didn’t have my size. It pushed me up and out even more but felt tight until Rob unhooked me.

He grabbed two towels and we dried each other off with much groping and fondling. Rob insisted on drying between my legs several times because I was leaking so much. My pussy had started to get wet as I was dressing myself earlier that afternoon and hadn’t stopped. We threw the damp towels on top of my soaking clothes and I said, half in jest hoping he would say ‘No’, “Still want that cuppa?”

His eyes lit up so I couldn’t refuse him even though my body was hungry for his. Still unconcernedly naked, we returned to the kitchen and sat next to each other at the table, drinking our not-too-cool tea and spare hands wandering where they would. I could feel my wetness making my chair seat slick. I was almost shivering with want as he drank his tea, not slowly but not rushing. Finally, he drained his cup, kissed me softly, sexily, then led me upstairs to the big double bed in my room and had me lying on the bed, legs spread wide. I welcomed him between them, whispering, “Don’t mess about, Rob. porno videolar Just fuck me and fuck me hard.”

I had scarcely drawn breath when I felt his hardness sliding into my haven. Oh god, he was like a machine, banging into my pussy. Exactly what I needed and before I could take a ragged gasp of breath or two I lost track of time as my whole body exploded and my mind scattered through space and time.

When I returned to Planet Earth, Rob was still there inside me, now slowly stroking in and out so I just lay there with my eyes closed for a couple of minutes, enjoying those little after-shocks rippling past. Eventually I opened my eyes to see his deep brown eyes looking right back at me. His face wore a arrogant smile. “Did you enjoy that?” he asked. “You seemed ready for it.” His smile turned into a cheeky grin as he ground into me with a circular motion which was lighting small bush fires inside me.

“Oh yes, Rob, that was exactly what I needed.”

Propping himself up on his left hand, and maintaining those delicious strokes, he took a firm grip on my breast and started to knead it like it was a lump of dough. Now my nipples are very sensitive, as my son and lover well knew, but sometimes a mauling of my whole breast is what I wanted. This was one such time, almost as if he could read me. He switched to my right breast and gave that the same treatment before he laid himself atop my body and took my left nipple into his mouth, all the time squeezing my right breast and slipping his tool excitingly in and out of my passage.

He kept this slow, tantalising rhythm, occasionally swapping breasts, for a heavenly age then almost imperceptibly, his speed increased, as did the treatment of my breasts. My hips matched his rhythm as I pushed myself up to meet his incoming plunges and as he quickened, I realised he was close to coming so I thrust back at him even harder. I was getting close, too.

Suddenly he left my breast unattended as his hand pushed between us and his thumb and forefinger clamped down on my clitoris and my rockets fired again with a throbbing I was aware of, even from my orbit, as being Rob’s sperm pulsing deep into my womb. All I could do was cling to him, trapping his hand, still rotating my nub, between us. I felt him collapse and all movement ceased. I was happy to bear his weight; it helped me come down from the heights so I just hugged him softly until he regained strength. His tool slowly softened and left me feeling bereft as it finally plopped out, followed by our combined juices which I felt oozing across my anus and pooling beneath me.

In due course I felt him stir and soon he heaved himself off my body. Lying on his side facing me, his hand stroked my body from face to knees and back in a circular fashion. “I love you, Mum,” he said quietly.

“I love you too, son,” I replied. I stroked his cheek then leant in to kiss him tenderly.

We stayed next to each other cherishing and being cherished with gentle caresses for, oh I don’t know, maybe an hour. Then I gave him a hug and said, “That food should be ready. Let’s go and refuel.” But even I was reluctant to leave that warm nest.

We were both sticky and messy so we called in the bathroom to clean up a little. I sat on the toilet and emptied my bladder while he was sponging his groin right next to me. I had never ‘gone to the bathroom’ in his presence before but it just seemed so natural. He told me not to waste a flush when I was finished and his stream splashed into the bowl while I washed up. I do admit checking his equipment out; I just can’t see too much of the tool I worship, even flaccid as it was. Beautiful.

Our meal, when we returned to the kitchen, was a slow, loving affair. We had not bothered with clothes. We fed each other, casually fondling and touching as we caught up on our gossip. I asked if he had a girlfriend yet, although with just a tinge of jealousy. But when he left, almost a year ago, I knew he was a randy 18 year-old and it wouldn’t be fair to ask him to be a monk while he was living far from home.

He told me he had had a couple of girls back for a night or two but nothing serious either way.

“Then Jenny and I got together one evening while we were watching TV.”

Rob lived in a shared house within easy reach of the Academy. His house-friends were Jenny, a fellow student, and Penny and Pat. They were both students at different colleges. The four of them had got together within a month of that first term. Jenny, Pat and Rob were all 18 but Penny had a year off caring for her dying father before starting uni so was 19.

“Penny and Patrick had started sleeping together a couple of weeks prior to that evening. That night they were going to a party but Jenny and I had decided to stay home and watch some telly so on the way home, Jenny picked up pizza while I got a couple of bottles of ‘el cheapo’ wine which we both liked. We watched a couple of soaps, gaziantep rus escort a nature programme and planned on watching a rom/com dvd she had borrowed. Jenny took the remains of the pizza away as I opened the second bottle of wine and loaded the dvd. She put the living room lights out but left the kitchen light on so the lighting was dim, then curled up next to me sipping at her wine. I started the movie and settled back into my seat with Jenny leaning onto me, head on my shoulder with my arm looped behind her to rest on her shoulder.

“I looked down at her face as she looked up to mine. ‘Comfortable?’ I asked. She smiled, nodded, snuggled in and we turned to the pictures flickering before us.

“Well,” Rob continued, “Let’s just say we’ve been sleeping together since.”

We had been kissing and cuddling as he told me his romantic story and that’s how I felt now, soft and romantic. I kissed him softly and said, “I’ve got another Hugh Grant rom/com in the drawer. How about we watch that together and you can tell me what led you to bed.” He kissed me back, squeezed my breast and stood up. I was grateful to move: those kitchen chairs were a little bit hard. We decided to put some loose clothing on and light the coal-effect gas fire against the chill of the evening then we sat down with all the lights out except a single lamp on the table in the window. I decided next time I would have a couple of candles burning.

I snuggled into Rob as he had described Jenny doing as we watched the movie. We turned the sound down so we could just hear what was happening as I asked him to tell me the rest of his story.

“Well, we were sitting like this when the movie started. Her hair smelled of open countryside and so soft against my face. After about maybe ten minutes she moved her arm around me and cuddled in. She was almost purring. Her jumper felt so soft and warm to my touch, I found myself stroking her shoulder as she stroked up and down my side beneath her hand. She reached out after a few minutes and finished her glass of wine. I did the same and shared the rest of the bottle between our glasses.”

All the time he had been talking, my movements copied Jenny’s

“Before we settled back again, Jenny took my head in her hands,” he continued, “and gave me a sweet kiss, mouth to mouth but soft and gentle. Then we sat down and made ourselves comfortable. She was lying on her side facing partially aside as she guided my hand to her breast.”

Of course I took the opportunity of kissing Rob myself, as sweet and gentle as you like, my mouth partly open but not demanding, then made sure he could feel my breast as we continued to watch the movie.

“That was a nice loving time as her hand was stroking my thigh, getting closer to my tool which was pretty hard by now. I thrilled to her touch as she held my tool for a second or two and squeezed.”

Yes, I still copied her actions as I felt Rob’s hard tool through his jeans. After that he never really got round to finish his tale, just acted it out on me. He had me sit up and slowly removed my tee-shirt, hands happily exploring the flesh beneath. When it was off he lifted his arms and his tee followed mine.

He smiled, “You’re not wearing a bra. It would have been nice to take it off.”

“Improvise,” I chuckled with a casual shrug. He wrapped his arms round me and gave me a big hug then took a breast in each hand, cupping and lifting them as if to weigh them. Slowly he started fondling them for a while before standing up, beckoning me to do the same.

He found my zipper then got on his knees and removed my skirt. He looked up and smiled at me when he saw my French cut knickers. The blue satin, I was sure, had a large dark patch centred on my crotch. Slowly the satin was pulled down my legs removed and put to one side. He took hold of my hips and pressed his face onto my pussy and kissed briefly. Raising himself a little he pressed a tender kiss on my navel and another on each hard nipple. Standing fully, he kissed both my ears, both my eyes, the tip of my nose and oh so tenderly onto my lips. I returned his kiss in like manner then felt him push down on my shoulders.

I went to my knees and kissed the bulge under his jeans before removing them. I looked up and smiled at him when I saw he was commando fashion. I took both his testicles and kissed them in turn then kissed up his solid tool. I wanted to take it into my mouth but I rationed myself to a kiss on the head and savouring the jewel on the tip. I moved up his body, making all the erogenous stops on the way. My final kiss was more urgent than his had been but that seemed OK with him. He was by then cupping my tit and pinching the nipple and returning my kiss with even more passion.

We both knew where we were going but I was happy to let him take me by the scenic route. A little breathless, I broke off our kiss and started nibbling his ear. I moved onto his neck, fluttering butterfly kisses and used the tip of my tongue to trace wetly down his neck and into the hollow where neck and shoulder met. I felt Rob shudder just a fraction as he held me close to the hard lump between us, cupping and massaging my bum cheeks. I ran my fingers lightly over his upper chest before stooping a little to use my lips and tongue and turning the fine hairs to darken and clump together.

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