Plastic Wrap


Plastic WrapPLASTIC WRAPDedicated to my true friendsStanding naked before me you have no idea what I am going to do today to you.Firstly I am going to put some nipple clamps on the very end of your nipples, you wince already.Now turn around and bend over from the waist, spread your buttocks for me, thats good now I am putting a vibrating butt plug in you, turned on slow speed.Stand up very straight arms by your sideNow I am taping my electric wand to your body so it is humming queenbet yeni giriş right by your most sensitive button again turned on slow.Now I am going to wrap you completely in cling film head to toe just leaving a hole for your nose to breathe through.Now I am going to lie you down face to the floor so your body is pushing the wand deeper to your clit, good your starting to wriggle now.I am now puttong a pillow under your shoulders to lift your head slightly queenbet giriş and I am putting my laptop in front of you so you can watch as I play some dirty videos you like so much.I am sitting on a stool at your feet and beginning to use my latex flogger on your upper body only gently, as you start to be turned on which I can see by your squirming It will be harder.The more you wriggle the harder it gets, now I am using the leather braided one that you queenbet güvenilirmi hate and you are wriggling madly now. I am now turning both your massagers up to second speed and whipping your buttocks and thighs now. This is fun and you are helpless, trying to groan now difficult when youre all taped up like this.Now for the finaleTurning both up to maximum now , how you wriggle and squirm must be getting nearly there now but I am going to do one last thing.My cane is out now and I am going to cane all your body very hard so the marks will last several days.Good pleased with those results you really are figgiting now i will put a long film on now as I am going to the pub only for an hour I wonder how many times you will come. See you later baby

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