You walk up to where I’m sitting, facing away from you, moving closer until your crotch grazes my shoulder.

I smile and turn around, laughing up at you but playing along.

I reach my hand out to your shorts and rub it over your hardening cock. As it stiffens I wrap my hand around it, slowly stroking down to where your balls are and cupping them.

Soon I see you’re getting so hard that your shorts look almost painful where they press against you. I slip a hand up one of the legs of your shorts and grab the top of your scrotum tightly. You close your eyes and take a sharp breath and that’s enough to encourage me.

Keeping a hold of you, I grab one arm of the chair and turn it around until I’m facing you. I slide my other hand up your shorts and take turns playing with each of your balls, keeping one hand wrapped around and pulling down on you and causing your cock to press hard into the front of your shorts

I finally relent and remove my hands. As I try to decide what to do with you I pass the time by leaning forward and kissing you low on your stomach right above your shorts. I lick around your belly button down while I grab the top of your shorts and slowly ease the head of your cock out of them and trap it there with just a couple inches poking out.

I get a thrill from seeing how rigid you are, and gently kiss it, licking my lips first to get them wet, pressing my open wet mouth against it. You put your hands on my shoulders, and I lick and suckle at your cock head until I feel a small spasm go through it, and pull your shorts off of you so I can get a better look at your erection.

I stand up and take off my clothes too, throwing them in a pile with your shorts. Even though my bra and panties are black, you can clearly see my hard nipples poking thru my bra at you.

As your cock points at me, I’m tempted to take the rest off, but instead I sit down in the chair towards the front of it with my legs slightly spread and tell you what I want.

I tell you I want to see you jerk off for awhile. You look a bit nervous, but you’re excited enough that you’re willing to give it a try.

You slowly wrap your hand around your cock and slide it up and down your shaft – as you do I fantasize about your hand being the sheath of my pussy, and your cock sliding in and out of me. I sigh as I watch, and start anticipating feeling the real thing.

My underwear gets wet as I watch you, and I tell you to bursa escort move closer to me. You walk up until you’re in front of me and stop, but I tell you to move in between my thighs, and when you do the head of your cock is just a couple of inches from my mouth.

I reach one hand out and just lightly trace my fingertips over your balls and you play with your cock…you mainly stay on the shaft so I can see the head the whole time. I open my mouth to lick my lips, but can’t resist tasting you, so I reach my tongue out so it can lick you instead.

I open my mouth and let you thrust the end of your cock into it, wetting it with my mouth and lightly licking you till I taste precum, and I tongue the hole and moan in pleasure.

I forget my original goal as I wrap one of my hands around your dick and over part of your hand as I draw you deeper and deeper into my mouth

You move your hand further down over your balls, and I turn my head sideways some so I can slide more of you past my lips. I press my tongue against the side of your cock and I feel you sway a little.

I lean back to look at my handiwork, pleased by the way your cock strains towards me.

I stand up and turn around, glad I left my heeled sandals, since it appears we aren’t making it to the bedroom, and I need the height advantage for what I have in mind.

I turn around, lean over the chair and present my ass to you, and you reach out and grab me. You put one of your hands in front of my thigh, and take the fingers of your other hand and slip it along and into my underwear until the backs of your fingers are grazing my pussy. You wrap your fingers around them and pull them aside until you see my shaved lips. I gasp as the material slides over my pussy, and moan as I feel you slide a leg between mine and kick my feet farther apart until I’m spread for you.

I shudder a little as I feel the head of your cock touch me. You grab your cock, pressing it against me, moving up and down my pussy, coating yourself with my wetness. You pull back for a second, but instead of the hard cock I expected I feel you slip a finger in me first and deeply fuck me with it for a minute. I’m so excited that I clench around your finger, but also so tight around your finger that I wondering how I’m going to fit your cock in me now.

You stop and again you surprise me – instead of fucking me, you get down on your knees and pull my underwear off of me. You escort bursa push and hold my legs against the chair, and then I feel your mouth against the back of me, and your tongue plunging deep in my pussy. I instantly get wetter and try to shift my body so my clit is grazing some, any part of you while you tongue fuck me

I hold on to the arms of the chair for dear life as I moan…not just because it feels good but because I’m hoping it will make you so horny you give me the hard fucking im starting to crave desperately now. I sigh as I feel you stop, totally pleased to not know what is coming next, and you grab me and spin me around to you pulling my mouth to yours. You shove your tongue in my mouth and I taste the slight coppery arousing taste of my own pussy – you move your tongue around until all I can taste or smell is my own sex

I try to move closer to you, but you grab my waist and hold me down onto the chair while you kiss me until I’m nearly dizzy, and so wet I can feel my pussy dampening the chair under me.

When you decide I’m worked up enough, you grab me and carry me over to the table, where you perch me on the edge placing me leaning back on my arms, then grabbing my legs and spreading them wide. You look at me and smile at the pleading expression on my face and finally move your cock into position to enter me

Not until I feel the head of your cock slide between my lips do I realize how hot I am inside, and as you enter me I close my eyes and feel the heat shoot up deep inside me while you stretch me wide with your cock. I open my eyes and watch you, taking in your pubic hair grazing and tickling my thighs, and the thick swell of the base of your penis slowly shoving against my pussy lips.

You keep slowly pushing in and out of me, until I get so frantic and I start rocking myself back and forth on you, constantly changing the angle we meet at to try increase your pleasure and to get you excited enough to lose control and screw me without the sense of control you like to keep over the situation – the thought of that makes me moan out loud, and my pleasure triggers eagerness on your part, and I’m rewarded a bit when you start moving faster – ramming deeply into me

I can feel your balls start hitting my ass, and my clit and swelling pussy lips throb every time they touch your body. I’m feeling so close to coming I can barely keep control of myself, and I let my head fall against the escort bursa wall – I stop being active for a bit and just let the sensations course through me until you tell me there’s no chance of me getting off that easy, and pull me off the table and flip me over, practically ripping my bra off and pressing my tits against the table, sliding your cock up and down the crack of my ass before slipping your cock back inside me.

I reach my hands out to the wall and brace myself while you thrust deep into me, and I feel you move your hands over my body, till they are slipping thru my hair. You gather it all up in one fist and raise me off the table enough to get your other hand under me and around one tit. My nipples instantly get hard, and you start moving your hand from breast to breast, taking turns squeezing my nipples and kneading and pulling on my flesh while I nearly whimper in satisfaction.

Your cock seems like its getting harder even now as you pound it deep in me over and over, so hard that the table starts banging quietly against the wall, joining the sounds of your heavy breathing and my moans.

The driving motion is pressing my clit into the edge of the table too, and the combination of your hard cock filling me, and the pleasure and pain of the hard pressure on my clit, your handling my breasts, and your fingers grasping my hair send me over the edge. My pussy clamps down, and all of a sudden it feels like its strangling your hard prick. I get the abrupt feeling of being impaled by your cock instead of just fucked, and it leaves me feeling like I just got the breath knocked out of me.

The sensations in my pussy intensify and I almost collapse against you, losing enough control that my cunt slams hard against you and you hit me deep inside

I can’t help but let a scream escape my lips give in, and you yank me up and to you and start biting my neck and shoulder as I cum, and I nearly claw at the table as the waves of my orgasm hit me. I helplessly fall back against you while I feel my pussy milking your cock with each spasm.

You stop moving for a few seconds and take some careful breaths as my orgasm subsides, and then I feel your take a few deep thrusts, moving slowly through my now very tight and very wet pussy. You insist on prolonging my pleasure for another couple minutes, and keep fucking me until your cock can’t take the tight squeezing anymore.

I feel you stiffen against me, and then the sweet feeling of total wetness as your cum shoots deep inside me, and you finally let go, wildly plunging your cock into me until you’ve filled me up, then pulling me close to your body and leaning us both against the table for a minute while we recover.

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