Please add an ending to my story, Mariel


Please add an ending to my story, MarielToday I am 26, but I want to tell you about an experience I had, 12 years back, when I witnessed a very adult encounter, in a park between some people, where I lay out of sight under a bush, my reason for being there will become apparent, but now as I am older and more experienced in such matters, I can tell my story with a confidence, so you can relive this with me, as experienced through the eyes of a young pubescent girl and hopefully enjoy it as I did.It was on a Friday, and a glorious day with clear blue skies with a full sun beating down. Summer was approaching, so there was that excitement that school would soon be out for summer, as Alice Cooper sang, and I with a carefree heart, decided to have my lunch break alone in the park, as I knew the exact spot I wanted, as I had been there before, lying under a large rhododendron bush.As silly as this sounds, I had done this many years back, and actually fell asleep in my bikini, without anyone knowing I was there.I awoke shielded by those large green leaves, admittedly though not many people occasioned by, I eventually slipped off those two tiny pieces of modesty clothing and lay quietly and completely nude under the bush, and thrilled at the daringness of it, then it became an erotic thing. This experienced thrilled me so much, as if my young body was tempting fate, I thrilled to be naked and my body responded as my fingers played on and around my pubis.That morning in class as I sat dreaming of summer, that particular day kept coming back to me, I don’t know if my periods, which were due, were driving me into a horny mood, but the urge came over me, so powerful I thought I was going to have to touch myself in class.I arrived in the park and went across to where I wanted to go. There were changes and some for the better, as the bush was a tad larger than I remembered, but what the fuck, as I sat down on the warm grass, kicked off my sandles and wiggled my toes, lay back and just melted into the grass.It was so peaceful I could feel my body drain and I forced myself to prop myself onto my elbows and look around.I had just slacked-off my school tie and undid a few buttons canlı bahis on my blouse when I heard a cough, then a laugh, as if in the distance with a slight echo to it.Curiosity made me look, so I got up and waded into the bush, and whilst there I parted the branches and saw a couple having a picnic, an older man and a woman, he in his fifties, she in her thirties, or around that age.What caught my attention was their state of undress, she had removed her top and was in her brassiere, black and see-through, and lying on her back, with her knees drawn up so her skirt was riding high on her thick thighs, so high, her stocking tops were showing, and when she laughed, she sounded drunk.He on the other hand was wearing a white shirt, which was open and his jacket was lying beside her top on the grass.I watched and wished something would happen between them, as that knotted feeling was rising in my stomach, and then it happened.He turned to face her and kissed her, and almost immediately put his hand between her open legs, which just seemed to fall open, and as he rubbed her crotch, she was responding with her bent knees opening and closing around his hand, and her body writhing under chest as he bent over her kissing.Seeing her lying on her back and her skirt now up at her waist, her strong legs and thighs nude above her black stockings, left me in no doubt I was about to witness live sex in the park.She rolled over in my direction and I saw she was wearing tiny thong like panties, until she lay face down on the grass, and he undid her brassiere and bared her back, which he began to kiss, his hand pulling the thin cord from between her ass cheeks and he buried his face into her crotch and began with only what I could describe as a licking session.She lay with her face on the ground as though looking at me, her legs were wide open and her arms were out wide, as if surrendering to this assault on her decency.I had no sooner readied myself to enjoy this sex scene, by undressing fully under the bush, when I spotted another similarly minded person, a man who was masturbating had stepped out from the opposite side of where I lay, he was exposing himself to the couple, bahis siteleri the man stopped licking her and looked at him, then went back to attend to her, she did not even look, she just writhed where she lay.I must admit I was willing this stranger to go closer to them, at school we girls were excitedly chatting about taking on more boys at the same time, and now, here I was witnessing it and my finger strokes were taking me higher and building up to a light-headed experience, as my thighs were crushing my fingering, I rolled over onto my front and ground myself into the cool ground and my fist, that was when I spotted another man, doing exactly as the first stranger was doing, I had to close my eyes, as I burst into an unstoppable orgasm, even my loud gasping, as I heaved and gasped for air while rocking on my clenched fist.As the waves of pleasure subsided and the tightness in my thighs eased off, the three men were now all over this woman, the third man wasting no time had mounted her between her legs and was fucking her, the first stranger, knelt naked over her face having his testicles licked, whilst the original man had rolled off a little and was masturbating, as he watched and listened to her, being fucked and having her breasts fondled.More men appeared and two women stopped and watched as well, some of the men spoke with them and they laughed and left.I shivered as my nudity under the bush, and out of the sunlight made it cold, but I still thrilled to being naked in the midst of this park gang-bang, with so many men thinking about sex, I could so easily have a large group around myself, enjoying what I was witnessing, I started to touch myself again, when two feet appeared about a foot from where I lay.There was a man standing over me, his pants were undone and had dropped to his angles. He was without underwear and his hand was beating on a large erection, well within my reach, if I chose to reach up and alert him to my presence, and start my own little gang-banging.I could smell his cock, so strong was his odour, as he masturbated over my nude body, his cock sticking in-between the leaves, as he stroked, his other hand squeezing his scrotum.I güvenilir bahis stopped and held my breath as he did it. I was petrified of being discovered, so I lay motionless, as his warm semen landed on me, facial and chest, large spurts, thick and yellowish, three in all, and almost immediately he bent down to pull his pants up he stopped and stared at me, then reached in and grabbed my clothes, my blouse, jacket, skirt, tie, panties and brassiere, and moved a few feet away, and did himself up.I was horrified as I lay there seeing my school clothes being folded neatly into a neat bundle, while all the time he stood staring down at the bush where I lay.My heart sank and I felt like crying, I was vulnerable and frightened, being naked in a park in town, how was I going to get home?Within an halve hour the sex show was over, and people dispersed very quickly, once the girl had left, and I lay there under the bush contemplating my next move.’You can come out now’, he said, and I jumped, as the voice came from the opposite direction from which I was facing, ‘My clothes’, I pleaded, but I knew somehow that request would be pointless, so I interjected with a pathetic, ‘Please’. My instinct proved correct, ‘Don’t be a silly girl Mariel’, he replied, ‘I need you to be naked’, he continued, the mention of my name made me jump, then I realised he had my ID and purse, from inside my jacket, he had everything about me, and was beginning to use it to his advantage.After a few minutes, admittedly there was a sense of relief I could get my clothing back, and I also realised I would probably have to commit some sexual act to get them, ‘What do you want’, I asked him?’Be a pretty little thing, and crawl out on all fours, like a dog Mariel, and do as your master wishes’.As with all my stories, I like to know men are enjoying the fantasy of controlling a naked and silly girl, what happens to me after that, I suspect will delight those fantasist’s, but with a little twist to the ending of this story, I want you readers to add your thoughts to my predicament, make me do what you would make me do, add your name so I talk to you before doing your bidding, that way when men read the ending, it’s about you and I in that park, the best comment and idea, will be my demand. I await your pleasure gentlemen, make me your toy.Love Mariel, your naked schoolgirl, shivering in expectation and wet with ideas.

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