Please, Can I Touch It?


I double check the room number at a hotel in Waikiki – I imagine it’s a minor breach of etiquette if you transpose numbers, and ask the * wrong * straight guy if they’re still curious about touching your cock. Not that this specific scenario gets a lot of words in those antique etiquette books – they do tend to bury the lede and natter on about arcane stuff like which fork is used for salad at a black tie function. Like that’s even remotely useful in real life.

Oh. Right. Knock.

The guy who answers the door is surfer bleached blond with green eyes, and wearing faux Hawaiian beach shorts and a moderately loud aloha shirt that no local would be caught dead in. Like, straight out of the first ABC store he ran across in Waikiki. But, he’s almost as tall as me, with a slim muscular build, and the sun is glinting off the blond hairs on his tanned arms, so the clothes look good on him, almost like he’s dressing ironically.

“Are you… umm,” I say. “You know?”

“From the… ad?”


“Well, c’mon in.”

It’s a standard mid-range room, nice but not extravagant, view of the Ala Wai canal. Has a tropical bed spread that looks super clean, but you’d probably not want to view with a black light if you’re squeamish about random cum stains left by a plethora of strangers. No amount of washing is ever going to get every last molecule out, though that is curiously omitted from every tourist brochure, ever.

He has a laptop open with straight porn playing, a compilation of women giving hand jobs, fairly suggestive given the ad he placed. I wave at the computer. “So, that’s what you wanna try? You were a little vague in your ad.”

“Well, not exactly. I just want to feel what my wife experiences when she touches my cock, feels it stiffen. Not, you know, stroke it or anything like that.”

I shrug. “Sure. I get it. I’m married, too. So… how do you want to start?”

“You want to see pictures of my wife?”

I nod.

He taps a few keys, and a montage of nude pictures of his wife in suggestive poses starts playing. She’s good looking, athletic, auburn hair, curvy in the best way. D cup and a phat booty.

“Mmm,” I say. “Day-yam. You’re a lucky guy.”

“Be luckier if she’d let me fuck her more often.” As we’re talking, he edges closer and closer, watching my eyes to see if that… intimacy… is OK.

“What’s the problem?”

“Says she wants me to be more seductive and romantic. I try, but… fuck. I don’t know how to fucking please her.”

By now he’s maybe four inches shy of me, and glances down at the slight bulge in my shorts. “Is it OK if… you know…” he says, his voice soft.

I take a baby step toward him, so we’re maybe an inch apart, close enough to see the gold flecks in his green irises. I lean in, my lips brushing against his ear, feeling the reflected heat of my breath, and murmur, “I’ll show you how to seduce her. Pretend you’re her.”

A long pause. pendik escort bayan “OK,” he whispers.

I slowly kiss his earlobe. “Run your finger along my zipper.”

He obeys. I feel myself getting harder.

“Now ask if you can unzip it.”

“Can I?”

I wait. Finally, “Say please.”

“Please, can I unzip it?”

“Yes. Slowly. Yeah, like that. Mmm. Do you want to touch it?”

“Yes? I mean, yes!”

I wait.

“Please, can I touch it?”

“Yes. Yes, you can. Reach inside. Brush your fingers there, like you did to my zipper… but on the outside of my underwear. Don’t rush. Aaaah. Yes. Do you like touching me, baby?’

His hand freezes, like he’s processing being called “baby”. Did I go too far?

He resumes touching. “Yes. I like it.”

“Now squeeze it. Gently.”

He complies, his hands still outside my underwear.

“Now my balls. Uunnh. God. Yes.” I put my hand on his butt, and when he doesn’t object, I cup one of his cheeks and whisper, “You got such a sexy ass, baby.” I squeeze his firm athletic butt, first one cheek then the other. He’s breathing faster, like he’s getting turned on a bit. “Now be a good wife and reach inside. Unh. Yeah, like that. Feel how hard you’re getting me. Do you like my hard cock in your hand?”

I wait. Finally, he says, “Yes. It’s so big. So warm.”

“Squeeze my balls too. Oh. Yeah. Mmmm. What a good wife. Touch my cockhead. Yes. Yes. Do you want to stroke my shaft, get it harder, baby?”

I can almost hear him thinking. This is as far as he said he’d go.

He slowly starts stroking my shaft.

“Yes. That’s right. Feel how good you make your husband feel. Now, unbuckle my shorts and pull them down.”

He takes his hand out, and pulls my shorts and underwear down a bit, freeing my butt cheeks.

“Pull them all the way down baby. Take them off.”

He leans down to comply, bending at the waist, and soon my shorts and underwear are around my feet.

Which puts his head at eye level with my fully erect cock.

I kick my shorts and underwear off. When he tries to straighten up, I gently put my hand on the back of his neck. “Stay there, sexy. Look at how hard you made your husband’s cock.”

He turns his head sideways, looking me in the eyes, like he was both shocked and puzzled at how he somehow volunteered to bend over and put his face near my cock. He made a tentative effort to raise his head, but I hold him firmly in place. So, he gives in and puts his hand back on my dick and resumes stroking it.

“That’s a good girl. Oh, that feels so good. Now, kiss just the tip of my cockhead.”

He gives me a pleading look, like this is going way too far.

“You’re such a good wife. Kiss it with those sexy lips, baby.”

He finally obeys, gives it a brief peck.

“No, kiss it good. Hold your mouth there. Aaah, fuck yes. Such a good wife.” I grasp the back of his neck firmer, maltepe escort and try to push into his hot wet mouth. “Please, take just the head inside your mouth. That’s all. Just the head. God, you’ve got me rock hard.”

He initially resists as I try to press my dickhead inside, but then I feel his neck muscles relax as he surrenders to the moment, and I slide it in, keeping my promise, just the head.

“Mmmm. Yes. Oh, yes. Good girl. Use your tongue, too. Show me how much you love your husband, baby.” I slowly fuck his mouth with my cockhead, sliding in once, twice, a third time.

Then he takes over and starts bobbing his head, taking it like a good wife, sucking and licking, slowly at first then a bit faster, still bent over. He puts one hand on my cock’s shaft, stroking it, and then reaches down with his other hand and touches and kneads the boner he’s sprouted.

“Ooh, fuck. Yeah. Yes. Now get on your knees baby.”

He looks up at me with pleading eyes, still working my cockhead with his mouth and my shaft with his hand, turned on but perhaps thinking that kneeling to take dick was way too submissive, especially for a straight married dude.

I caress his cheeks with both hands while he thinks about it, then I gently run a hand through his hair and use my other hand to nudge his shoulder down. “That’s a good girl. You’re doing so good.”

He resists the nudge at first, then releases my cock and sinks to his knees and stares up at me with an anxious look, his pupils wide open, like he was shellshocked at his surrender and wondering how he’d agreed to all this.

“Good girl. You ready to take just a little bit of the shaft inside your sexy lips?”


I wait, raising my eyebrows.

“Please, can I take some shaft?”

I grunt in approval. I put a hand on the back of his neck while caressing his hair, getting ready to push inside, but instead he grasps my buttocks and his mouth starts moving down my cock. It looks so sexy, my cock slowly sliding between his lips. His pursed lips look and feel almost like a hot wet pussy. He takes my cockhead and keeps going, an inch of shaft. When he pauses, I slide almost all the way out, then he engulfs me again, taking it a bit deeper, working up the courage to take it deeper, fucking his face on my dick.

He goes a bit deeper each time, until I feel my cockhead pushing against his throat. He looks pleadingly up at me.

“You can take it baby. Take it slow. Uhnmn, fuuuck, relax your throat, oh god, yes, almost there, be a good wife and take it all the way in. Oh, fuuck. FUCK! Unh!”

I can feel him trying to suppress the gag instinct, and after a few more thrusts he’s given his face to me fully. It’s all the way in. He’s deepthroated me, and I hold it there just a moment, balls deep inside his mouth and throat, then gently grasp both of his cheeks and pull all the way out. “Aren’t you glad you did that for me, like kartal escort the best wife ever?”

He has a few tears running his cheeks from the deepthroating, but his eyes are shining, perhaps from the tears, perhaps from something else.

“Yes,” he says. “Am I a good wife?”

“Yes, baby. You’re the best. Ready?’ I place my dickhead against his lips.

“Yes. Please.” He parts his lips.

“Ready for me to facefuck you?”

He nods.

I gently grasp his hair and the back of his neck, holding his head still, and start fucking his face, only about half the length of my shaft this time, slowly at first but picking up the pace. He watches me with heavy lidded eyes, taking it like the slutty wife he is, a look on his face like he can’t believe he’s doing it, but also like he can’t stop, he wants to know what it is like to be his wife getting facefucked. I’m doing him a bit rough now. I feel the cum building up, the pressure building.

“Fuck baby, I’m ready to cum.”

His eyes open wide and his brow crinkles.

“You want to take my cum, baby?”

He nods, his mouth full of surging cock. He’s making noises like he wants it, or maybe wants to say something but can’t without breaking the moment.

“You ready for me to cum in your mouth like a good wife?”

Yes, his eyes say. Yes.

I start fucking deeper, and I can hear his sounds of distress, but he’s matching my rhythm, pushing forward as I push forward, letting me know I can use him like the slutty wife he must wish he was in that moment.

I bottom out in his throat. “I’m gonna cum. Here it cums!”

His tongue is sliding on my shaft as I pull almost all the way out and then push all the way in one last time, roughly grabbing his hair and neck. I groan.

“Take it!” I say, spurting into his throat. “Fuuuck!” I spurt rope after rope in his mouth. “Swallow my cum!”

He’s making noises, like he wasn’t expecting to have to swallow, but with my cock jammed balls deep inside his throat there isn’t anything else he can do but swallow.

I shoot perhaps the biggest load of my life down his throat, while he kneels and takes it like he must wish his wife would take it. And perhaps now he knows what to say and do to make that happens.

I collapse back on the bed behind me, spent, gasping for breath, and feeling waves of sleepiness roll over me.

He finishes swallowing the last of my cum, wiping up a bit that leaked out and then licking his fingers, then wiping the last of the tears from the face fucking off his cheeks. He crawls up onto the bed next to me, gently caressing my face as I close my eyes and relax, my breath catching up finally from the sprint of cumming.

“So,” he says.

I open my eyes sleepily, thinking that was a rather short sentence.

“Thank you,” he says.

I raise an eyebrow. It takes a lot of effort. “I should be thanking you. That was fucking amazing.”

“I mean, thanks for showing me how it feels to be my wife.”

I look at him, and despite all the cum I’m given him, I start getting aroused again. “Your wife ever let you fuck her ass?”

He looks at me like he’s wondering if he’s ready for that lesson in… etiquette.

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