Please Don’t Tell Mum and Dad Ch. 02


Ellie was laying facedown on a towel near the pool, soaking up the sun while her parents were out having lunch with old friends and Jason was in the house. Her 19th birthday was coming up soon and she wanted to have a nice golden tan for her party. It had been a month since the day Jason caught her taking dirty pictures and used that to blackmail her into sex.

Neither of them had mentioned it since and nothing had changed in their relationship. It was like it never happened. The only thing convincing Ellie otherwise was that she couldn’t stop thinking about her brother’s cock. She knew it was wrong, but she liked to think about his cock slamming into her from behind when she was touching herself.

Ellie would never fuck her brother again though. They were lucky that she didn’t get pregnant, because she wasn’t on the pill. She couldn’t risk that happening again.

Jason was sitting at the kitchen counter drinking a beer, staring at his younger sister through the glass wall separating the kitchen and the pool area. Tiny blue bikini bottoms only just covered Ellie’s perfect little ass, and the matching bikini top was tied behind her neck and behind her back. The curve of her ass made Jason’s cock start to swell, as he remembered staring down at her cute little asshole a month earlier when he’d caught her in her room.

He hadn’t stopped thinking about that day either. Unlike Ellie, Jason couldn’t wait to do it again; he was just waiting for the right opportunity. Today was finally that day. He finished his beer and got up from the kitchen counter, taking out his phone and scrolling to the video he wanted. Smirking down at the image, he strode out the back door and walked over to Ellie, his empty beer bottle forgotten on the counter.

He stopped when he was close, and she hadn’t noticed him yet, so he took this moment to admire her up close. Her face was tilted towards him and her eyes were closed, and her full pouting lips just begging to suck his dick.

He grabbed the bottle of suntan lotion off the table and walked even closer until his shadow fell over the curvaceous body of his tempting little sister.

Ellie opened her eyes and saw Jason standing above her.

“Hey Jason, what’s up?” Ellie said casually, trying not to let it show in her voice that she was incredibly horny from remembering his cock in her tight virgin pussy.

Jason wordlessly poured some suntan lotion onto his left hand, knelt down, and started to massage it into her back. With his right hand, he tilted his phone screen towards her and hit play.

Ellie’s words from a month ago poured out from his phone. “I want my big brother’s cock in my tight little pussy. I’m such a fucking slut for my big brother. Please fuck my pussy, I need your cock inside me, please, I need you. I need my big brother’s cock to fill my slutty pussy with his hot seed.”

Jason stopped the video there. Ellie’s jaw dropped in horror. She had no idea he had filmed her, and would have never thought that he would do something like that to her. She was mortified that she had begged for her brother’s ‘hot seed’ to fill her pussy, but that didn’t stop the unconscious shock of pleasure through her body at hearing herself ask for such dirty things from her brother.

Putting the phone down, Jason resumed rubbing the lotion on Ellie’s back, using his now free right hand to undo the back strap of her bikini.

“What do you want?” Ellie whispered, and Jason could feel her body tense up beneath his hands. That only made his cock swell even more.

“I want that pretty little mouth on my cock again, and unless you want all your friends to see that video, you’re gonna want that too,” Jason said coolly.

Ellie thought that since a month has passed with no mention, that that was the end of it. She didn’t think Jason would approach her again, and she definitely didn’t think that he’d recorded her last time. She didn’t want to fool around with her big brother, it was so wrong, but what choice did she have now? And the thought of his huge cock in her mouth again had her dripping, even if she thought she didn’t want to do this again.

She ataşehir escort turned and sat up on her side, holding her bikini top on with one hand and using the other to balance. Jason rocked back to crouch on his haunches.

“Fine,” Ellie said, trying to ignore the wetness pooling between her legs. She didn’t want Jason to think she was desperate for his cock already.

Jason grinned. He knew she’d agree. “I’m sure you understand that, just like last time, you have to do everything I say.”

Ellie nodded.

“Good,” Jason said. He stood and walked away from her to a deck chair by the pool. He sat down, undid his pants, and pulled out his huge semi-hard cock. “Well? What are you waiting for?”

Ellie felt a jolt of pleasure in her pussy as she remembered the last time he said that, and then felt instantly ashamed for wanting this so badly.

Suddenly Ellie had an idea. He was looking so cocky, enjoying his little power trip so much, and she wanted to take back some control. Slowly she got on all fours, releasing her bikini top and letting it dangle uselessly around her neck while her full tits swayed beneath her in full view. She started to crawl over to Jason seductively, a predatory gleam in her eyes. She wanted to make him want her as desperately as she wanted him. She wanted him to beg. She was sick of being the one in his power.

As she got closer, Jason gulped in anticipation. He didn’t expect to see the lust in her eyes so soon, and his eyes were drawn to her tits that were swaying in time with her motions. Fuck she had great tits. He wanted them in his mouth.

When Ellie finally got to the deck chair she crawled up from the end, dragging herself up his body, making sure her tits dragged on either side of his now fully hard cock until she was laying on top of him, her lips in line with his.

Ellie bit her lip, knowing it would drive Jason crazy. She was right. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and crushed his lips to hers, kissing her passionately. Ellie opened up to the kiss, surrendering herself to him as his tongue slipped in between her lips. Ellie moaned and took Jason’s lower lip between her teeth, biting gently, causing him to groan in pleasure.

Jason opened his eyes and looked at his little sister’s face. He could see that she was feeling smug about something, and he realised what she was doing. He decided to play along for a little while, as he liked how this was going so far.

Ellie pulled back and moved her knees to either side of Jason’s hips, sitting back so that her bikini-clad pussy was directly on top of Jason’s huge cock. She looked up at him innocently and rocked back and forth, causing Jason to groan. He could feel his sister’s wetness through her bikini bottoms, and the slickness combined with the pressure from her grinding made him clench his teeth in pleasure.

Taking Ellie by surprise, Jason lunged for her tits. He shoved her useless dangling bikini top around so it was hanging down her back and grabbed her tits with both hands. He started by kneading her tits, gently at first but getting harder and harder until Ellie cried out. He wanted them to bruise.

Unable to wait any longer Jason took one of Ellie’s nipples in his mouth, licking and flicking the tip, using his fingers to mimic the actions on her other nipple. Ellie’s head was tipped back, her eyes closed and lips parted in pleasure, and every time his tongue swirled and flicked her nipple she moaned.

Jason switched nipples, continuing to use his mouth on one and fingers on the others to drive her crazy, and Ellie started grinding harder and harder on his cock. When Jason was close to cumming, he bit down hard on Ellie’s nipple, pinching the other, making Ellie cry out and pull back. He grinned up at her and noticed a glint of anger in her eyes, before she schooled her face back into one of pure lust.

Ellie didn’t like it when he bit her. She had never really liked pain with her pleasure, and this wasn’t part of the plan. Not to be swayed, she was determined to make him want her desperately.

She leaned in until her lips were next to kadıköy escort bayan his ear, and whispered, “Your cock is so thick, I miss the feel of it in my mouth.”

Jason’s breath caught in his throat. “Then you better do something about that.”

Pleased that her plan seemed to be working, she asked breathily, “What do you want, Jason?”

“I want you to suck my cock,” Jason said, adding a little shake to his voice to make her think it was working on him. He knew his sister. She wanted to take control, and she thought that by making him want her enough, she could do it.

“Beg for it,” Ellie whispered the command into his ear.

Jason grinned. He knew it.

He grabbed her forcefully by the hair and yanked her back, causing her to cry out and lose her balance. He kept his grip in her hair, holding her up by her silky brown tresses, and looked deep into her eyes.

“You’re not the one in charge here,” Jason stated, smirking. “If I show mum and dad the pictures on my phone, they’ll kick you out. You won’t have anywhere to live. There’s nothing in those photos to prove that the cock you’re so desperately sucking is mine, so I’ll be fine. And the video, if I sent that to your friends, they would all drop you immediately. Word would get around and you’d never be able to get another boy to accept your poor, pathetic slutty pictures. Then when you’re cock starved, because no one will touch a girl who’s so desperate for her brother’s cock, you’ll come crawling back to me and beg me to fuck you.”

Tears started trailing down Ellie’s cheeks as she realized he was right. She could either do whatever he said to keep him quiet, and she’d still have a home and friends, or she could rebel against him and lose everything. Either way she’d end up in the same spot, on her knees with her tits out, ready to service her older brother’s cock.

“Now start sucking my cock, before I decide I don’t want you anymore,” Jason commanded cruelly.

Obediently Ellie moved down his body so her face was in line with his cock and her body was laid out over his lower legs. She had to admit that him taking control so forcefully made her wet, and the threat of him humiliating her by showing everyone she knows what a filthy whore she is made her desperate for his cock.

Ellie slowly licked from the base of his shaft all the way to the tip, causing Jason to groan in satisfaction. Resigned to her fate, Ellie started to lick and suck the tip of her brother’s cock. When she could taste his precum coating her tongue she became ravenous for his cock and took it in her mouth, sucking hard and bobbing up and down. Jason put his hand on the back of her head and started to guide her up and down, exactly how he wanted.

Jason’s hand started becoming more insistent, and Ellie found her pussy throbbing with pleasure as he forced her to take more of her big brother’s huge shaft in her mouth.

Eventually Jason got impatient. He grabbed her hair with both hands and started violently face fucking her, and Ellie submitted to it just like last time. Jason then shoved her head down until his cock forced its way into his younger sister’s throat.

Ellie’s eyes rolled back into her head with pleasure. After deepthroating Jason’s huge cock last time Ellie had been practicing deepthroating with dildos while she played with her pussy, and the feeling had quickly come to be associated with pleasure.

Eagerly Ellie shoved her hand down her bikini bottoms and started rubbing her clit, desperate for release, as she skilfully stuck out her tongue to lick his balls while his cock was still completely down her throat.

Jason groaned and kept her there until she thought she’d pass out, and then pulled her off his cock. He nearly came just from the sight of his dishevelled sister lying over his lower body, a trail of saliva connecting her bottom lip and his cock, her eyes dazed with pleasure while she still desperately rubbed her clit.

“Cum for me,” Jason commanded, and Ellie did, crying out with pleasure as her orgasm tore through her.

Tired and still trembling from her orgasm, Ellie escort maltepe fell forward on Jason, her tits landing on either side of his cock. Jason had an idea.

He pushed Ellie away and sat up, moving forward so his feet were planted on the ground and he was sitting on the end of the chair. Ellie slid down until she landed on the floor between his feet.

“You’re not done yet,” Jason chided. “I haven’t cum yet.” Ellie got up and eagerly went to suck his cock again, but Jason stopped her. “I want to fuck your tits.”

Ellie’s brain was fried from her huge orgasm, so obediently she got up on her knees, grabbed her tits, and put them on either side of her big brother’s cock. She looked up at him for approval.

The sight of his little sister, kneeling between his legs with her perfect round tits on either side of his cock, was nearly too much. Jason nodded and Ellie started to move up and down, her silky tits gliding effortlessly up and down his shaft because of how wet it was from her sucking his cock earlier.

Ellie was a little unsure at first but once she found her rhythm she really got into it. She forced her tits closer together, increasing the pressure on Jason’s cock, and started to get faster. Jason was groaning in pleasure, and had to keep forcing his eyes open to watch his little sister’s tits bounce on either side of his huge cock.

Suddenly Ellie stopped at the sound of the garage door opening. “Mum and dad must be home,” she gasped, suddenly terrified of being caught, and went to pull away.

Jason grabbed her by the hair. “I don’t care who’s home, you’re not finished until I cum. If I were you, I’d hurry up.”

Ellie desperately started bouncing up and down again, her tits pressed almost painfully tight against Jason’s cock as she glided up and down it. She looked down and spat on his cock between her tits, thinking that the additional lubrication might speed things up a bit. She was partially correct; things were sped along, but not by the lubrication. The sight of his slutty little sister spitting on his cock between her full tits was almost too much for Jason to take.

Without pausing Ellie looked up and noticed their father standing in the kitchen facing the pantry. If he turned around, there was nothing to stop him seeing them like this.

Desperately Ellie sped up, looking up into Jason’s eyes and sticking out her tongue, silently begging for his cum.

Jason came undone seeing his little sister looking up at him, tits around his cock, mouth open and tongue out begging for his cum. Jason came hard, his cum shooting up at her face. Most of it landed in her mouth, with some dripping down her cheek and landing on her tits.

Almost instinctively Ellie swallowed her big brother’s cum and then opened her mouth to show him it was gone. Jason’s cock twitched at the sight and he groaned.

They both heard the back door open, and Jason quickly stuffed his cock back in his pants while Ellie turned and dived into the pool. While she was underwater she retied her bikini top and wiped off the cum that she missed before resurfacing, praying that she didn’t miss anything incriminating.

“Hi daddy,” Ellie said, a little out of breath, as their father walked towards the pool.

“Hi dad,” Jason said, leaning back on the deck chair. He looked cool and collected, nothing to indicate what they had been doing a moment before.

“Your mum and I picked up some popcorn at the store while we were out, come inside when you’re ready and we’ll watch a movie together,” their father said smiling, oblivious to what he had nearly caught his children doing only a moment earlier.

“We will,” Ellie and Jason said together, and their father smiled at them again and turned back to the house.

When they heard the door shut, Jason stood. “Mum and dad are going out again next weekend, same time. I expect you to put that pretty little princess plug in your ass first thing next Saturday morning. I want that perfect ass of yours ready for my cock.”

With that, Jason turned on his heel and walked into the house. His words had instantly aroused Ellie again, especially with the taste of her brother’s cum still coating her mouth and throat.

Ellie hopped out of the pool and started to dry herself off with her towel and, against her better judgement, found herself eagerly looking forward to the next time they could be together.

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