Please Don’t Tell Mum and Dad


Jason came in to the house through the front door and slammed the door behind him. He’d just been fired from his job as a kitchen hand at the local pub and he was itching for a way to vent his frustration. He was still living at home with his parents, who were out of town for the weekend, and his 18-year-old younger sister Ellie. His job was his chance to save up enough money to move out when he finishes his degree in just over a year, and now he was unemployed.

He stalked down the entrance hall and walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge to grab a beer. He downed more than half the bottle immediately before slamming the fridge and leaning back against the bench to nurse the rest of his drink.

When he had nearly finished the bottle, he heard a noise coming from Ellie’s room. He thought she’d still be out for the day. She was meant to be shopping with her friends from school, so he thought he’d go see what she was up to.

Jason walked down the hall with his beer and came to an abrupt stop when he saw through her open door his sister, leaning back against the headboard of her bed, with her knees bent and spread in front of her. She was wearing a pretty little yellow sundress, her long brown hair framed her breasts perfectly, and her spread legs revealed she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Shocked at seeing his sister in this state, Jason turned and went to walk away in disgust, but the warmth filling his body from downing that beer made him hesitate. He couldn’t shake the image of his sister’s waxed pussy from his head. He turned back to take another peek and saw Ellie grab her phone and angle it above her. She was obviously taking dirty pictures, and the thought made his cock swell. He looked at his sister’s naked pussy, perky breasts and nipples poking through the sundress, and her full lips pouting seductively as she batted her eyes at her phone.

Smirking, Jason suddenly got an idea. His cock was now throbbing, pressed hard against his fly, and he figured out how he was going to work out his frustrations from the day.

Jason finished his beer and stepped into his sister’s room. Ellie was still taking pictures, angling her face to find the right pose, and she jumped as Jason slammed his empty beer bottle down on her dresser.

“Jason! What are you doing home?” Ellie exclaimed anxiously, swiftly closing her legs and hiding her phone under her pillow.

He walked closer to her bed with his hands in his pockets. “Finished work early. What are you doing?”

Ellie bit her lip nervously, wondering how long Jason had been standing there. “I-I wasn’t feeling well, so I came home early. I was just texting Chelsea.”

“Is that right?” Jason asked with mock sincerity as he stepped up to the side of her bed. From this angle he could see her large breasts rising and falling with her anxious breathing, her nipples still obviously erect from her earlier arousal. “Then you won’t mind if I have a look, will you?” Jason asked as he shoved his hand under her pillow and yanked out her phone.

Ellie had forgotten to lock her phone in her fear of being discovered, and her shame was laid bare before her brother’s eyes. “Jason please don’t, I can explain!”

Jason smirked down at his furiously blushing sister as he scrolled further up her conversation with some random guy. As it turned out, her pictures in the yellow sundress were some of the tamer images. He was surprised to see several images of his sister’s wet pussy glistening above a thick steel butt plug with a pretty pink crystal on the end.

“What have we got here?” Jason asked.

Ellie was trembling in fear. Their parents were very strict, and Ellie wasn’t allowed to date while she was living under their roof. If their parents found out that Ellie was sending dirty pictures to a boy from school, Ellie might even be kicked out of home.

“Please don’t tell mum and dad Jason, please, you know how mad they’ll be,” Ellie begged, anxiously pulling at the hem of her short yellow sundress to make sure she was covered.

Thinking about his next move, Jason said carefully, “Well, they certainly won’t like it. Dad won’t like to find out that his little girl has been sending such dirty pictures to boys. But I have to tell them Ellie, I can’t lie to our parents. It would be wrong.”

Ellie gaziantep suriyeli escort moved to her knees and grabbed Jason’s shirt desperately. “Please Jason you know they’ll kick me out. Daddy won’t talk to me again, please don’t say anything.”

Jason put his hands over his younger sister’s and gently pulled them off his shirt. “I don’t know Ellie, if they found out I knew and didn’t say anything, I could get in trouble. I live here too you know, and I don’t think it’s fair if I get in trouble for your slutty mistakes.”

Ellie blanched at her older brother’s mention of ‘slutty’.

“Please Jason, I’ll do anything. Mum and dad can’t find out. I’ll do your chores for a month.”

“I don’t know Ellie, I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t mind doing chores, and I don’t think that’s equal to what you’re asking me to do.”

Sitting back on her heels, Ellie bit her lip anxiously before saying, “Then what do you want?”

Jason looked meaningfully down at his crotch, then back to his younger sister’s face.

Ellie was suddenly very aware of her brother’s bulging crotch, his obviously large cock straining against the fabric. “I don’t know what you mean,” she says nervously, blushing.

Jason moved closer to the bed so that her face was lined up with his cock. “Oh I think you do.”

“But that’s gross, you’re my brother,” Ellie said with disgust, but somehow she still couldn’t take her eyes away from his crotch.

Unconsciously she licked her full lips. Jason was an attractive guy. He had dark brown hair, the same colour as Ellie’s, and they both shared their father’s rich chocolate eyes. Jason had a few days worth of stubble lining his jaw, and his muscular chest and arms were straining against his t-shirt. Not to mention his strong legs, and of course his huge cock straining the fabric at his crotch. Ellie felt herself start to get wet, much to her disgust.

“Y-you want me to suck it?” Ellie stammered.

Jason smirked down at his sister, noticing her eyes melt in desire as she took in his body. It was the first time his sister had looked at him that way and it made him feel powerful, looking down at his slut of a sister, practically panting for his cock.

“For a start, yes,” Jason said.

“Okay,” Ellie whispered, ashamed at what she was about to do, and at her own arousal. “But only if you promise that you won’t tell mum and dad.”

“If you do everything I tell you to, then I won’t tell mum and dad. We’ll be even.”

Ellie nodded and reached forward to unbutton her brother’s pants.

“Wait,” Jason said, getting an idea. “Get that pretty pink butt plug from your pictures.”

Ellie froze and felt a shock go through her pussy at her brother’s words. Remembering that she had to do everything he asked, she wordlessly reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out a surprisingly large steel butt plug. She handed it to her brother.

Jason took the butt plug from Ellie’s hand and was shocked by the size and weight of it. He looked down into his sister’s eyes and thought about what a slut she must be to have worked up to a butt plug this large and heavy.

Taking her jaw in his hand, Jason pressed the tip of the butt plug to his sister’s mouth. Ellie pulled back, but Jason kept pushing it forward insistently.

“I want you to suck it. Get it all nice and wet. I’d hate to hurt you when I put this in that perfect little ass of yours,” Jason warned.

Obediently Ellie opened her mouth and Jason watched his younger sister enthusiastically suck the large metal plug.

After a while Jason pulled it out of her mouth, a trail of saliva strung between her lips and the tip. “Good girl,” Jason said. Feeling buzzed from the power and the beer from earlier, he got a little braver. “Now turn around. I want you on your knees with your face in the pillow, and I want you to use your hands to spread your pretty little ass for me.”

Ellie’s breath caught in her throat, and she hesitated. She knew this was the turning point. Whatever had happened up this point, they could go back from. This moment would change her relationship with her older brother forever. It was so wrong. She had always been taught that it was wrong to do this with anyone, let alone family, gaziantep türbanlı escort but Ellie felt a thrill go through her at the thought. She had always had a thing for humiliation, and the thought of spreading her ass for her brother made her pussy throb in pleasure.

Ellie turned and obeyed her brother. Her sundress fell away from her ass as she bent over, exposing her pretty white cheeks, and she grabbed her ass cheeks. When she spread her ass, Jason groaned. The sight of his little sister’s pretty pink asshole almost made him cum immediately, but he held himself back. He couldn’t resist a taste however.

Ellie cried out in surprise, quickly followed by a moan, as her brother’s tongue rimmed her asshole. She struggled to hold still and keep her ass spread, and as her moans became louder, Jason took his cue to start fucking his sister’s ass with his tongue. Ellie couldn’t believe what was happening. Her own brother was tongue fucking her asshole, and like the little slut she was, she started grinding her ass back against his face.

Jason pulled back with a lusty grin and gently pressed the tip of the butt plug against her ass. He pushed gently and Ellie’s ass quickly swallowed up the plug. Jason was amazed by how easily it went in and took a moment to slowly draw the butt plug halfway out, causing Ellie to moan in pleasure, and swiftly shoved it back in.

He pulled back and undid his pants, pulling his huge cock out of his pants, gently stroking his pulsing manhood.

“You can turn around now,” Jason said to his panting sister.

Ellie turned around and remained on her knees, her eyes filled with lust as she took in the sight of her brother’s huge cock. The familiar weight of her steel and pink crystal princess plug heightened her arousal as she stared unabashedly at her brother’s shaft. A glistening pearl of precum on the tip of his cock made Ellie gasp. All she wanted to do was lean forward and lick it off his thick cockhead.

The humiliating and degrading thought of her own brother’s cock in her mouth while his precum coated her tongue made Ellie shiver with anticipation. She had forgotten why they had started doing this in the first place and, in her lust, would have done anything her brother asked of her.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” Jason asked.

Eagerly Ellie leaned forward and licked the precum off Jason’s cock, causing him to tip his head back and groan. Wasting no time, Ellie sealed her lips around the tip of his cock and worked her way down his shaft slowly. It wasn’t Ellie’s first time sucking cock, but it was her first time with one so big. Her lips were stretched almost painfully around his thick manhood, and she pressed forward eagerly, taking as much of her brother’s cock into her mouth as she could before it hit the back of her throat. Working both of them up to go deeper, Ellie took her time rolling her tongue around his cock, gently bobbing up and down while stroking his cock with her tongue.

While Ellie was too busy sucking his cock to notice, Jason had another idea. He quietly pulled his phone out of his pocket and snapped a couple pictures of his slut sister sucking his cock. While you couldn’t tell it was Jason’s cock in the photos, Ellie was completely recognisable, which could work to his advantage later on. Smirking, he put his phone back into his pocket, and enjoyed the obviously experienced mouth and tongue teasing his cock.

When Jason started getting more into it, pressing forward against Ellie’s lips, Ellie smiled around his cock and tried something she had only ever done with dildos before, never a real cock. She worked her mouth down his cock until it hit the back of her throat, and then to Jason’s surprise and pleasure, she kept going.

The feel of her brother’s cock in her throat was so hot to Ellie that she moaned, and the vibrations in her throat caused Jason to cry out. Eagerly Jason grabbed his sister’s head and started to fuck her throat. Ellie opened her throat as best she could and submitted to her brother’s will as he roughly fucked her throat.

When Jason felt like he was about to cum, he quickly pulled back.

“Turn around. I want your ass in the air. I want to fuck your tight fucking pussy from gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort behind,” Jason ordered.

Obediently, Ellie followed her brother’s directions. Jason groaned in pleasure when he saw his sister’s ass in the air, the pretty pink crystal plug covering her asshole, and her dripping pussy below it. Quietly he pulled out his phone again and decided to really go for it this time. Ellie’s head was tilted to the side and Jason could see her face. Her eyes were closed in anticipation and her mouth was parted in lust. Her dark brown hair was splayed seductively over the pillow.

“Keep your eyes closed,” Jason said as he switched his phone’s camera to video mode, not recording yet. “I want you to tell me how badly you want your big brother’s cock to fuck your tight little pussy. Tell me what a slut you are Ellie. Beg me for it, make me believe you really fucking want it.” Before Ellie could speak, Jason silently set his phone to record.

“I want my big brother’s cock in my tight little pussy,” Ellie moaned desperately. “I’m such a fucking slut for my big brother. Please fuck my pussy, I need your cock inside me, please, I need you. I need my big brother’s cock to fill my slutty pussy with his hot seed.”

Jason grinned at that last addition, pleased with his slutty little sister. This was going to be fun, and he had a feeling this wouldn’t be the only time. Discarding his phone, he grabbed her hips and positioned himself at her entrance.

Jason waited until Ellie was making desperate little noises and trying to press back onto his cock until he impaled her pussy with his huge cock.

Ellie screamed at the sudden intrusion. She hadn’t told her brother this, but Ellie was a virgin. The most she’d done with other guys was oral sex, and sending slutty pictures and videos with her toys. She was secretly glad her brother was the one to take her virginity, and fuck it felt good.

Jason closed his eyes in ecstasy as he felt his sister’s surprisingly tight pussy clench around his cock. Her asshole opened so easily to the butt plug that he assumed her pussy would be similar, but fuck it was tight.

He grabbed her hips hard enough to bruise and started to thrust slowly and gently, working his way inside as his sister’s pussy got wetter and wetter, until he was able to roughly fuck her pussy with ease. He worked up a rhythm and decided he wasn’t going to wait long to cum. She almost made him cum several times already that afternoon, and he was eager to cum in his younger sister’s pussy.

He picked up the pace until his animal instinct took over, and he started fucking her as fast and rough as he could. Ellie was bucking beneath him and her moans had turned to screams of pleasure.

“I want you to cum, Ellie,” Jason growled through clenched teeth. He didn’t think he could hold out much longer but he desperately wanted to cum at the same time.

Ellie started thrusting back against him more frantically, panting and crying out until finally she thrust back and screamed his name. At the same time Jason thrust into her pussy and shot his load inside his younger sister. Ellie was shaking with pleasure and her body collapsed, but Jason’s firm hold on her hips kept her pussy sealed tight on his cock, and her pussy milked his cock for every last drop of cum.

When he had drained himself entirely into his younger sister’s pussy, Jason gently pulled out and flipped Ellie over. Her hair was a beautiful mess and her face was a picture of ecstasy. He could see his cum dripping out of her pussy as her body trembled and she smiled contentedly. Her tits had spilled out from the top of her sundress sometime while they were fucking, and they were displayed temptingly in full view.

Jason moved up the bed until his cock was directly above her mouth. Ellie opened her eyes and knew what Jason wanted. Lazily she parted her lips and took his softening cock into her mouth. Ellie took her time gently sucking and licking her own juices and her older brother’s cum off his cock.

When she was done, Jason pulled back and smiled down at her. He had always had a soft spot for his younger sister. As Ellie drifted off to sleep, Jason pulled his pants back up and left, making sure to take his phone and beer bottle with him as he gently shut the door behind him. His frustrations from earlier had been drained when he emptied his balls into his sister’s young pussy.

Jason opened his phone and replayed the video with a calculated smile on his face. If Ellie did all that so that he wouldn’t tell their parents she had been sending dirty pictures to a boy, he couldn’t wait to find out what she’d do to keep these pictures and video out of their hands.

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