Please Don’t Tell My Boy Friend


Please Don’t Tell My Boy FriendIt all started because I’d been posting my stories and a few pictures of myself on reddit using a throwaway account. Everything was fine and I was enjoying myself when I started getting messages from another throwaway account. Initially the the conversation seemed polite and curious with nothing out of the ordinary. I was responding and I answered a few innocent questions he asked, nothing I thought gave away too much personal information. A few days ago I got a message from the same account, subject “I think I know you” and the message just asked “Is your name [insert name]”I just ignored the message and stopped responding, but I got more and more finally I got a message that just said “fine I’ll show your bf and ask if it’s you.”Not sure what I was thinking I responded and said “please don’t, he doesn’t know.”He responded “It is you! I’m going to text you”A few minutes later I got a text from a number I didn’t recognize.”Meet me @ the Starbucks near your place in 20 mins”Followed by another text with a picture of a laptop screen and all my pics in a file folder labeled with my name. I started to panic but I agreed to meet.When I got there a friend of mine from school was waiting with a huge grin and my heart dropped. He’s not ugly, or unattractive but he’s an arrogant asshole who thinks he’s God’s gift to women and rumor at school he also had a large cock , and he’s been trying to get in my pants since the day I met him during my second term.Soon as he saw me he walked up to intercept me, put his arm around my waist, and started walking me to his car.”I knew you were a whore,” he said still wearing that grin.I just lowered my head and let him lead me.”Don’t worry,” he said, “You’re going to like what I have planned.”He unlocked his car and told me to get in.”I couldn’t believe it when I saw your posts” he said, “You are so fucking sexy!”As he said it he put his hand on my thigh and rubbed it up and down. I just nodded”Not very talkative today?” he asked, “Listen just play along and everything will be ok, and we’ll both have a good time.”He slid his hand between my thighs and started rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I subconsciously spread my legs a bit giving him better access.”See, isn’t this more fun already?” He saidHe continued rubbing me through my jeans and I felt myself getting hot.”I can’t wait to get you home” he told me as he took his hand away, “But how about you get me warmed up on the way?”We drove in silence for about 15 minutes until we were at his place. He took me upstairs to his apartment and ushered me in. His apartment was small, but clean. He had a black leather sofa opposite a large wall mounted flat-screen TV. There was a door to the left that led to his bedroom, and his kitchen beyond that.”You already know what I want from you,” He said as soon as he closed the door. “Just so there isn’t any confusion, I am going to fuck you.”I just looked at him and nodded. He moved to his sofa and sat down his eyes moving up and down my body as he did.”Get on your knees whore and crawl over here.” he said.I hesitated, just standing there frozen in the moment.”NOW!” he said forcefully.I slowly got down on my hands and knees and crawled over to him stopping at his feet.”Good girl,” He said, bakırköy escort “Now pull my dick out and stroke it.”I hesitated again but not long enough for him to tell me again. I opened his jeans and was surprised to find he was completely shaved. He was still soft but he was large really large, I grabbed his cock and started slowly stroking him up and down. He moaned a bit and I could feel his cock coming to life in my hands. I continued with my slow stroking until he was almost fully hard. He was definitely big maybe 8 inches or more, but I didn’t get a chance to measure him. He sat there watching me stroke him for a few minutes before he spoke.”Suck it slut,” He breathed.I obeyed licking my lips before taking his tip into my mouth. I traced my tongue along his shaft as I lowered down taking as much of him into my mouth as I could. He gasped and leaned his head back and I started bobbing up and down. I used my tongue to trace his shaft then swallow his cock as deep as I could, repeating this over and over until he grabbed my hair and controlled my movements. He made me bob up and down sucking him faster and faster.”That’s it, you’re gonna make me cum bitch,” He grunted, “Swallow it all!”He came as he said it, flooding my mouth with his hot cum. I swallowed as much as I could but it was too much and some dripped out the sides of my mouth. He continued fucking my mouth until he was completely spent. He pushed me off his cock and I fell back. I sat there coughing and trying to catch my breath.”Oh that was good slut,” He said out of breath, “You’re a real good little cocksucker.”The compliment made me feel good and I looked away to hide my blushing. He stood up and walked to his kitchen and poured himself some water. He brought me a glass and I drank it down quickly trying to get the taste of his cum out of my mouth. Soon as I was finished he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet.”I hope you don’t think we’re done already.” He said, “We’re just getting started.”He dragged me to his bedroom, it was dark and had a large queen sized bed in the middle of the room and not much else other than another wall mounted flat-screen TV. He stripped down to his boxers and laid back on his bed.”Strip for me slut.” he said as he pulled out his phone.”Please don’t record this” I begged.”Because you asked nicely I won’t,” he said, “But you better obey my every command from here on out.”I just nodded.”Good girl” He said, “Now strip for me.”I started to unbutton my top and he stopped me.”No, do it sexy,” He said, “Tease me with your body.”Unsure what to do I slowly started swaying my hips to some unheard music. A slow steady rhythm. I unbuttoned my top slowly, then pulled it down exposing my black bra. I slid my hands down my body and moved to my pants, unbuttoning the top and undoing the zipper. I moved my hips and turned around bending over slowly as I took my pants off giving him a view of my ass in a black thong. He moaned when he saw my ass, and I gave myself a good slap on my right butt cheek as I stood up.I stood back up and looked over my shoulder at him. I was starting to get into it as I reached back to unfasten my bra. I let it fall away from my shoulders catching the cups and holding them to my tits. I beşiktaş escort turned around and hesitated, looking him in the eyes when I let it fall. He bit his lip and stared. I grabbed my tits and squeezed them before taking my right nipple between my fingers and twisting it till I gasped.I stroked and rubbed my tits for a bit before sliding my hands down my belly and tucking my thumbs into my panties. I turned again and bent over bringing my panties down my thighs, and giving him another look at my ass. I stood back up slapping my left butt cheek this time before I turned around. He was lying there watching me his hard cock making a tent of his boxers. He stood up and came over to me.”I’ve wanted to get my hands on these from the moment I saw you.” he gasped as he roughly squeezed my tits, “They are amazing.”I blushed again and gasped as he played with my big tits. He buried his face in them and bit and sucked at my nipples. The whole time sending waves of pleasure through my body. He knew exactly how to play with my tits. He pulled his face from my tits long enough to tell me to get on my knees again.”Get it wet.” he said as he pressed his cock against my lips.I obeyed taking his cock in my mouth again, sucking it sloppily getting it wet with my saliva. He pushed me away and laid his cock between my tits.”Push them together for me whore,” He said.I brought my arms closer together making my tits squeeze his cock as he slid it back and forth the tip of his cock peeking out between my cleavage as he pushed forward. He used a slow steady rhythm and there was a gentle slapping sound as he used my tits.”Fuck this feels amazing,” He moaned, “I fucking love your tits.”He used my tits a bit longer before making me move to the bed. He pulled my hands above his head and he handcuffed me to his headboard. I started to panic and I struggled to get away. He grabbed a handful of my hair and told me to calm down.”You’re my slut and I’m going to use you as I want.” He said, “I’m not going to hurt you.”I whimpered in response and he moved away. He came back with what looked like a large satin scarf. He wrapped it around my head and blindfolded me with it.”We’re going to have so much fun.” he whispered in my ear.I felt him climb on the bed and straddle my chest. He pressed his cock past my lips and he slowly started fucking my mouth again. After a few pumps he pulled back then placed his balls against my lips.”Suck my balls bitch!” he grunted.I sucked his balls gently at first, then more forcefully as he moved. He pulled back and his balls made a popping sound as they escaped my lips. I licked his balls while he dragged them across my lips. Suddenly as I had my tongue out lapping the the bottom of his balls he jumped forward and pressed his asshole to my mouth. I pulled my tongue back.”Don’t stop whore!” He said, “Eat my ass!”I stuck my tongue out again and lapped at his asshole while he groaned and moved back and forth. I could feel his movement and I could tell he was stroking his cock while I did it. As sudden as it happened he pulled away and he lowered down again. He squeezed my tits around his cock and started sliding back and forth. I heard him grunt and I felt a hot splash across my chest and up to my chin.Before beylikdüzü escort I could react he’d moved down between my legs. He pressed the head of his slimy cock to my pussy.”You’re so wet!” he moaned, “It looks like your ready for my cock.”He shoved his cock deep inside me as he said it and I gasped. He started fucking me deep and hard right away. Long full thrusts from tip to base over and over. I was moaning and gasping as he plowed my cunt. It felt so good after all that build up. I knew I was going to cum fast and already felt the initial waves of pleasure pulsing.”Oh fuck! Oh God!” I moaned over and over, “Oooooh fuuuuck.””Do you like that slut?” He grunted, “You like the way I’m pounding you?””Oh oh oh ooooh!” Was all I could say, “I’m cumming!!”My pussy clamped down around his shaft and he slowed a bit but continued pumping his cock into me.”Oh god oh god!” I moaned.”That’s right bitch” He moaned, “Cum on my dick!”He fucked me deep then held his cock inside me while I spasmed on his shaft. He used short fast thrusts keeping his cock buried inside me but still fucking me hard. He suddenly stopped and pulled out and I felt him get up off the bed for a moment when he returned he pushed his cock back into me I gasped and moaned as entered me again. Now he was fucking me slowly like. He would slide into me deep before pulling back leaving just the tip in and then pushing back in deep. He did this slowly over and over again till I was gasping and whimpering. It felt so good and I was really getting into it.”Oh yes,” I moaned, “Fuck me deep.””You’re such a fucking slut.” he grunted.”I am.” I grunted, “I’m a slut that loves being used.”I came again the pulse hitting me suddenly as I grunted and moaned. He picked up his pace and pounded me deep and hard growling and grunting as my pussy clenched and milked his cock.”I’m gonna cum bitch!” he grunted, “and I’m not pulling out!””Do it you asshole I’m on the pill!” I moaned, “Fill my cunt with your hot cum!”He groaned and slammed fully into me as I felt him pumping his cum deep inside me. He pulled back and pumped his cock into me a few more times before pulling out and getting off the bed.He uncuffed me and let me stand up.”Get dressed bitch,” he said.I got dressed and he walked me to his car. As we drive back to his car he pulled his cock out.”Suck my cock bitch,” He spat, “If you make me cum before we get to your car I’ll give you a surprise.”I leaned over and started sucking his cock sloppily. I was trying to make him cum unsure of what he meant by a surprise. He was moaning and grunting and thrusting his hips up, but he hadn’t cum by the time we got to the Starbucks parking lot. When we parked he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. After a few minutes he grunted and filled my mouth with another load of his cum. He held me there till I sucked up every drop. I gasped when he finally let me go live. I got out and started to walk away.”Hey” he yelled from his car.I turned and looked back at him.”It was good seeing you again,” He said as he held up his phone and showed me a picture of me blindfolded and handcuffed to his bed.”I’ll be in touch.” He said.He laughed and drove away. My stomach dropped and I walked to my car in a daze, when I got home I looked at the time and realized I was home too early. I ended up sitting in my car for 2 hours before I could go upstairs so my boyfriend would think I was at work and not being blackmailed and used like a slut. As I sat in my car writing this I could still feel his cum slowly dripping out of my pussy.

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