Pleasure in Denial Ch. 12


A continuing story of lesbian seduction, awakening, control, and intense edging. In this final chapter, the two women argue and negotiate.


I woke suddenly when my phone rang. I grabbed it and answered without looking at the time on the screen, but I noticed it was a number not in my contacts list.

“Hi this is George from Harbour Light Phones. Do you have a niece called Felicity?”

“Yes I do, she’s staying with me for a few days. She’s asleep in the next room, why?”

“Actually no she’s not. She just collected her phone. She told me you’re her Auntie and to ring you to get payment.”

“Oh, yeah, OK that’s what we agreed. How much is it?”

“Fifty Five Euros if you pay by credit card, or thirty five for cash.”

Typical Greece. I fumbled in my bag and read out the numbers off my platinum credit card.

“Thanks for the payment, that’s gone through. But there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Go ahead.”

By law now we have to check all phones for illegal content, you know, like underage porn, drug deals, that kind of thing. Your niece had a lot of videos that appeared to show her engaged in oral sex acts with males. In my opinion she looked like she could possibly have been under the legal age of consent in Greece at the time they were filmed. I don’t need to be certain, I just to have a suspicion, so by law I was obliged to delete them. She didn’t mind, she said ‘I’ve moved on from all that now and I’m on a different path’ whatever that means. You might know.”

“Remind me, what is the age of consent today in Greece?”


“OK. what time did she come in?”

“Well she was here a while whilst I sorted her phone settings. I know she left at 2:10 because she wanted plenty of time to get to some boat that left at 2:30.”

“OK, thanks, bye.”

I clambered out of bed. It was now almost 3 pm. That meant I’d slept for 9 hours solid and had slept through Felicity leaving the apartment. She would already be on the boat by now, disappearing into the distance on some new adventure. I looked in her room and sure enough it was empty except that on the bed she’d neatly laid out all the clothes I’d bought her. Nothing seemed to be missing, except a big white tee-shirt and some panties. Both pairs of shoes were there too. So were the ripped leggings and ragged top. I fought back tears as I walked through to the kitchen. Every muscle in my body ached and my pussy was sore. My hair was a complete mess and the living room was strewn with discarded clothing, sex toys and other stuff. I felt drained and empty.

On the kitchen counter I found a note. It read:

Dear Julia,

Thank you so much for everything. You have been bağcılar escort amazing. I’ve had such a fab time with you and I’ve learned so much. I’ll never forget you after what you’ve given me, and what you’ve taken.

Sorry but I’m going to have to land you with the phone repair bill, I hope it’s not going to be too much. And thanks for all the meals and drinks too. I don’t know what I would have done without you Julia. I hope you feel I’ve more than paid you back and that you’ve done OK out of the deal. Please don’t try to contact me, but maybe one day I might give you a call, see how you are. Don’t forget me Julia. From your loving obedient slut, Flix

Tears welled up in my eyes, so much that I couldn’t see the video security screen clearly when the downstairs entry-phone buzzed.

“Who is it?” I asked, curtly, annoyed that someone would dare to intrude into my private moment of anguish.

A familiar cheery young voice chirped back on the speaker: “Hi it’s me. Let me in please Auntie.”

Now I was conflicted between two powerful yet opposing emotions. Was that note some kind of joke, to upset me and play with me feelings? Or should I just be glad she was back. Maybe she just forgot something, or had an issue with her phone. Or maybe she …

“You know how to use the lift, and you don’t need to take your clothes off this time” I joked thinly as I pressed the Door Open button to let her into the building.

We hugged when she arrived, dragging a rucksack and a shoulder bag into my temporary home. She asked for a beer and assured me she now had a little money and could pay for it and. as she drank it straight from the bottle, she began to explain.

The upshot was she’d got lost in the maze of narrow streets and arrived too late for the boat. It was several hundred metres away from shore when she’d stumbled, out of breath, onto the quayside. Fortunately, they’d offloaded her bags, she explained – I assumed they’d imply left them on the ground.

“So here I am, with nowhere to stay tonight, again. Could you, would you, maybe?”

I slapped her bum as I followed her across the living room. “Hey, not so fast. I haven’t agreed to anything yet,” but Felicity was already half way to the spare bedroom. Turning to face me she pleaded: “Just one night? I’ll call the hostels myself in the morning and get a room.”

As I looked at her standing there, thinking about what we’d done the last 3 days, and seeing her in that long shirt, obviously no bra underneath, her long slender legs … I had to regain my composure long enough to say: “Yes, OK, but just one night. And there will be conditions, Firstly …”

Felicity interrupted me by merter escort throwing her arms around me and burying her head in my cleavage.

“Oh Julia I’m so happy. Can I have my bedroom back?”

“That’s one of the conditions. You sleep in your own room. And there will be no nudity and no sex. And no cheek from you, little miss.”

“Awww, but Julia you’re so mean!” she complained. Cheekily. But she was delighted to see all the clothes were still where she’d left them although she proceeded to unfasten her rucksack on tip the entire contents out the bed. “You can see me in different clothes now if you like. We should do another fashion show later, Julia, unless that’s another one of your ‘conditions’ … Julia? Something wrong?””

She realised I wasn’t really listening. I was looking out of the window and at the time on my phone.

“You missed the boat, huh?”

“Yes, it left at 2:30 and I missed it by 5 minutes”

“And they left your stuff on the quayside?”

“Well yes, more or less.”

“More or less?”

“They’d put it in this small wooden office place down there at the harbour. Why?”

“Felicity, look out of the window.”

“What at?”

“The boat. Your party boat. It’s still there, It’s now 3:15 and it still hasn’t left yet. You could easily have caught it.”

Felicity looked down at the floor and then at me, looking really awkward.

“I know. Please don’t be mad at me. I … I …”

Unusually, Felicity was lost for words. She looked out of the window, then back at me.

“Oh Julia, I simply didn’t want to leave. I just couldn’t. I didn’t want to leave YOU Julia. I just collected my stuff then came straight here.”

“So you lied to me.”

“Kinda, yeah, right, I did. So? Aren’t you pleased I’m here? You’re being all that bossy bitchy thing again. Stop it Julia”

I slapped her bum again. “Don’t be cheeky” I carped, then realised the irony.

“I don’t want I liar in my home. Pack your bags and fuck off out. Now.”

Felicity looked out of the window again, with her arms wrapped tightly around her as though she was weighing up her options, then started to argue.

“Anyway, bitch, so what. You lied to me too.”

“Oh? How come, little miss always-right arrogant slut?”

“Because, you scheming bitch, you told me the boat company couldn’t bring my bag here until today but when I asked at the office hut thing they said they brought it on Wednesday and it’d been sitting here waiting for me for 2 days AND they’ve called you twice to tell you it was here so fuck you don’t call me a liar! You tricked me into moving in and staying with you so you could letch at me and feel me up eskort and, and, well, you know what happened. I was just a part of your exploitative little game.”

I grabbed her wrists and told her to shut the fuck up but she continued:

“AND you told me the phone shop was closed all day yesterday but it wasn’t it had been open and I could have collected my phone but no, it suited you that I couldn’t make any calls ‘cos that made me vulnerable and under your control and then you used me like a toy for your own pleasure and I was at your mercy and ..”

“Yeah,” I interrupted her, “you lied to me too.”

“Oh yeah?”

“You told me you could pay me back for the clothes then you said you have no money. And you said you like a nice stiff man-cock inside you then you said you were a virgin. Oh, and I’ve fed you, kept you in beer, kept you safe, bought you clothes that you could have taken with you when you left, and I let you breast-feed off my tits like a helpless baby, taught you to do things you might never have learned and I’m not even sure I believe this ‘I’ve got no money’ thing I think you’re just spinning a lie just to get free lodging in return for sex. You’re no better than a common whore.”

“Oh yeah? So you never enjoyed anything we did together? You didn’t enjoy my body? I saw the way you looked at me, with lust in your eyes. And you didn’t get off on all the things I did for you? Licked you, fingered you, fucked you. Dressed like a slut for you? Did that mean nothing to you, Miss-tress Julia? Nothing? I don’t think so.”


“How long?”

“How long what?”

“How long do you want to stay?”

“How long would you allow me to stay, I mean, I could…”

“After what you just said I assume you’ll want to get out as soon as you can?”

“A bit longer than a day would be nice. Til Tuesday?”

“Only if you apologise.”

“If I say sorry and agree to make it up to you, how about a week? … and with no conditions?”

“Let’s start with a month and see how it works out. That’s when my contract on the apartment runs out and I may not stay here after that.”

A broad smile spread across Felicity’s face. I let go of her wrists; she held my head between her hands and kissed me.

“There is one condition though.”

“Which is?”

“You’ll be welcome to share my bed, but only so long as you don’t keep me awake all night.”

“I promise. How about half the night?”

“Get changed, you horny slut. We’re going out to celebrate.”

“Shall I wear my purple bikini … and stand at the back of the beach looking young, lost and alone, waiting to be ‘rescued’?”


Well that’s it, for now at least. I hope you enjoyed reading about my fictional encounter with the lovely Felicity. I may write more one day, or not. Who knows?

Please rate and comment, and ladies, do write to me and share your thoughts. Especially if you’re young and plan to be vacationing on a Greek island one day soon. I will reply.

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