Pleasure in Sicily


Linda couldn’t stop shaking as she got into the cab, she was actually here and doing this, meeting Lorenzo after one year of internet chatting. She flew here from the UK, here “oh my god! I’m actually in Sicily” she thought. They had decided that is what time to meet; Lorenzo had promised he would meet her at the hotel, room booked and everything organized. “Oh! Dear I am actually here!”

“The Avalon Hotel, per favore.” she said to the cab driver.

Her heart thumping like beating drums. Inhaling deeply she closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down.

“The Avalon Hotel” the cab driver said as he pulled up to the front entrance.

“Grazie.” whispered Linda as she paid him off and stepped inside the hotel with her belongings.

“Hello, my name is Linda Carrington; I think I am booked for by a Lorenzo Segir.”

“Ahhh, si si, we have been expecting you, your room is ready and Mr. Lorenzo said he would be here soon to greet you.” he said as he handed her the key to her room.

She was still shaking all over as the porter led her into her room minutes later, then suddenly she gasped, the room was full of red roses, everywhere!!!! A beautiful four poster bed with light cream coverings stood at the side of the room, it was beautiful.

Closing the door quietly she quickly opened her suitcase after smelling the roses and fetched out some lingerie to wear, she needed a shower badly before Lorenzo arrived. Dropping her lingerie on the bed she hopped into the bath.

Lorenzo snuck into the bedroom, he heard the shower running and smiled, happy his plan was working as he wanted, he quickly retrieved a basket from under the bed, full of red rose petals, and quickly he sprinkled them all over the bed and to the bathroom door. He then noticed the lovely deep pink lingerie set on the bed, lifting it up he inhaled it.

“She won’t need this.” he smiled to himself and quickly hid them in the closet.

Sitting on the bed he took off his shoes and socks, unbuttoning his white shirt which hung over his tight light blue jeans. He wanted to be as she always liked him, messy!

Linda stepped out of the shower, beads of water dripping down her beautiful bursa escort body, quickly grabbing the hotel robe she slipped it on, now for the lingerie she thought to herself. She turned to step out of the bathroom and was shocked, red petals were everywhere.

“Oh my god! He is here!”

As she turned towards the bed she saw him standing there, sexy, too sexy in fact, watching her. “oh my god! He is handsome!”

“Lorenzo.” She whispered.

“Linda.” he said as he approached her slowly, his eyes never leaving hers.

Then suddenly he was standing too close, his lips barely away from hers, his scent engulfing her. Then she felt it, the touch of his lips as they caressed hers slowly, his hands holding her waist gently. Her hands having a will of their own creeping up his bare chest, caressing him and feeling him.

It was as if they were lovers reunited, no words needed, just the pure need to love, feel and touch.

He moved her towards the bed, she looked at him shaking her head, her hand slipping him out of his shirt, the down to his jeans unbuttoning it and gliding it slowly down his muscular thighs along with his boxers.

Lorenzo inhaled sharply, her touch was magnificent!

She pushed him back slowly till he lay upon the bed; sitting astride him still in her robe she begins kissing his forehead, his nose, his jaw, his neck down to his chest. Tracing her tongue along his nipple she sucks on it gently, turning her attention to the second one. Then lower to his navel, then lower till she reaches his magnificent shaft, her petite hand reaches to hold its base gently as her tongue laps around its tip, tasting him ever so slowly, till she has him fully in her mouth.

His hand reaches to her hair, stroking lightly through it pushing her gently more downwards against his shaft. His moan heard, as he bucks his hips slightly, but he does not want it over too fast. Quickly he reaches down and grips her shoulders pulling her up to him, his lips once more claim hers, his hands stroking her sides.

Then in a swift second she is turned over to lay on her back and Lorenzo is above her, his naked thighs caressing her feet his body bursa escort bayan covering hers, the heat felt through the thick robe. As his lips descend upon hers his hands begin untying the robe, opening it up. His eyes light up with excitement as he sees her magnificent body, nipples erect, smooth skin and amazingly flawless all over.


is lips reach for her nipple as he begins sucking on then gently while his second caresses her other breast slowly.

Her hands sneak to his shoulders caressing him with urgency as her desires builds up.

“non.” is all is said .

Then the sash that was once on her robe is tugged from her and wrapped around her wrists binding them together, lifting them back towards the headboard, tied and secured.

“Trust me.” he whispers as he gives her a brief kiss.

He sits back, admiring the view of her, laying there helpless, the white robe beneath her, petals around her and moistness glistering between her thighs.

Leaning down , his lips kiss her hip bones as his hands once more caress her delicate skin, lower he kisses till his lips are fastened upon her clit, his hand grabbing her button lifting her to his lips, securing her, as his tongue licks and laps her nectar.

Her breathing increases, her body shivers, her whimpers heard as he gives her more and more pleasure. Building up the need within her to cum and scream out.

“Lorenzo.” she whimpers, tugging at the restraints gently, the urge to touch him strong.

“Yes, my love, let me taste you. Cum for me.”

One hand leaves her bottom and he slips 2 fingers within her, his lips fastened on her clit as her probes her and pushes her further to her release. He can feel it, he knows she is close, she’s bucking and whimpering beneath him, the suddenly he feels it as she lets out a moan; her walls tighten around his fingers and a gush of wetness. Quickly he removes his fingers and fastens his lips in their place, tasting her, wanting everything from her.

“Lorenzo, come to me, come I want you inside me now please.” she whimpers. Her voice husky and thick.

Kissing his way back up her body, till his lips reach hers, bursa bayan escort kissing her. She can taste herself, taste him, and taste them!

His shaft probing gently between her thighs, he teases her, his hand reaches down to nudge lightly at her opening not pushing in, yet just barely pushing the tip in then out.

“Please.” she begs as her hips rise trying to get him in further.

Biting her neck gently he pushes in slowly, till he is deep within her, filling her, amazed at her tightness yet her moistness allowing his smooth entrance.

Looking into her eyes, he whispers, “this is more than I have ever imagined, it’s fantastic, you feel fantastic Linda.”

His hands creep up to hers unfastening them yet holding them above her head as his body begins its slow sensual assault on her.

Their eyes locked on each other as he slowly thrusts into her, gently, making her ache for more and more.

She tugs at his hands, trying to get hers free, wanting to touch him, to urge him on.

“My Linda!! You feel so good.”

He lets her hands go to cup her face as he kisses her lips.

Her hands reaching quickly down to his body caressing his skin, his back his buttocks. Urging him on, her legs wrap around his waist, pulling him in deeper.

Then in a swift moment, their body still joined. Lorenzo kneels on the bed pulling her up sitting her astride him, thrusting up into her, deeper and deeper, faster and harder …

Throwing her head back as her gasps and moans increase, Lorenzo fastens his lips on her neck, nibbling her shoulders, her collar bone. Then he feels it, the urge to explode nearing, he screams out her name as his body slams harder up into her.

Linda’s moans and screams of pleasure increase, “yes” she screams, “yes now!!”

He feels his shaft thicken and her walls tighten around him, then suddenly the explosion of pleasure rips through him, filling her…..


“Yes Lorenzo.”

“Ti amo.” he says.

“Me anche.” she replies.

Kissing her lips he lowers her gently back onto the bed, their bodies still joined. Hugging her to him, he lays on her chest, his head between her breasts, listening to her rapid heartbeat…he smiles.

“Lorenzo? You know I think we should start to get to know each other now.” she laughs out.

Tickling her, “you think so?”

Then once again their lips touch each other and the getting to know each other part is left for later…

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